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  1. Hello! You "can use" ad-blocking with Air, yes. But if you mean Air implementing a feature like Nords, then no, because that's not Airs job to do and is more of a marketing gimmick to insinuate more features, rather than something which is actually crucial for security. If you want ad-blocking, then simply add the appropriate software or hardware. Whether that's a pi-hole or a browser plugin such as uBlock Origin.
  2. Hello! It's fine to use a different DNS. The most recommended one would be OpenNIC, as that's a project Air directly lends funding to. In my opinion you could let a browser plugin like uBlock Origin do the ad-filtering, if that's the case. By not using Air DNS, some features like the micro-routing may not work as intended though. Do also remember to check ipleak.net on occasion.
  3. Hello! Air usually considers new placements at the end of the year and then puts them in place throughout the next year. But they do not tell us beforehand which locations they intend to either add or augment; perhaps because there's many things which can obstruct their plans and they don't want to disappoint their customers. It's not likely that Italy will be added though, since it was in 2014 that it was taken off-line, due to the legal situation associated with working in Italy:
  4. I understand your frustrations. But as I said before, we need all of your logs too and not simply one line of it, since that's only one small part of the picture.
  5. LZ1

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    It can't hurt to ask. Do remember though, that for only 1 euro you can get 3 days too.
  6. Hello! Errors happen. If you want help from the community, then please post those same logs here too, as we otherwise don't know what's going on. Support requires time to analyse an issue before reporting back. Naturally, if there's either a huge amount of support tickets or the issue is somehow complex, you may need to wait slightly longer for a reply. Until you supply your logs, it would be nice to know if you're using the latest Eddie Stable release or not, as well as more information about your system, such as whether or not you use 3rd party firewall software. . Thank you.
  7. Hello! Welcome to AirVPN! First of all, the forums are only one way of getting support. There's Official Air Support too. The first thing you can try is to restart the client entirely and let it go through the process again. Sometimes this helps. Otherwise you can also go to the download folder that Eddie was downloaded into and go to the tap.exe file, click it and run through its install yourself. If there's any other issues, then do please paste your entire log for us to see, thank you. That you fix it.
  8. You can check their policies. If it's a human right, then why aren't they respecting the human rights of non-customers who go to their site to not be tracked/registered/analyzed/whatnot by the likes of Facebook/Google/? Likewise, once an OVPN customer disconnects, they will simply be affected by the same analytics/ad networking as non-customers. Unless OVPN can identify customers after they disconnect, in which case the whole scheme falls apart anyway. I think this is a strange arrangement to say the least. Email isn't mandatory - which I think some people see as a privacy enhancement - yet they use Facebook tracking and penalize those who do use email. Maybe they should just recommend people to not use email in the first place then, as it's apparently the way to go. But at this point: Their support is outsourced to a US company. Intercom.Their primary payments handler is a US company. Braintree.Their website analytics consists of 3-4 US companies. Including Google and Facebook.Their email marketing uses another US company or two or three. Mailgun and EmailOctupus; the last of which runs through Amazon.At this stage I would ask: does it really matter to be "based" in Sweden? Mailgun alone has this wonderful piece, which may say something of import, who knows: EmailOctupus put it best really: I don't get it, honestly. Piwik, Google, Facebook, Adrecord & CJ, Mailgun and EmailOctopus. Why so much tracking? One would think 1 would be enough. Despite how OVPN may not be letting all customer data flow to the aforementioned companies, I think it's enough that there's doubts about exactly what goes where and when, simply due to how many ToS and other policies are employed by all the different companies when put together. It seems quite pointless to me to say you don't log and don't store anything, if you really just send it to 3rd party companies and let them do it for you, so you can earn some cash from the data (I presume that's the arrangement). I must say I also wonder how they manage to deal with handling physical payments, but apparently need to outsource their support. Air Staff seemed to go with the notion that the logistics of handling physical payments would be too much work. So I wonder how they handle that. I assume it's an option that will go away once they grow bigger.
  9. Hello! AFAIK Staff say they use RAM. But I don't know what the point of such seemingly fancy measures are, when they use Facebook on their site and in connection with their product marketing.
  10. Ah well there you go. I assume there's nothing that support told you, that you feel is in need of sharing. Not a problem, that's how we do things in this community . Take care.
  11. I agree it could be much clearer. Username I think, as that's what the sender field shows and is the most logical. Yes they must be registered users, as there's no other way of identifying them, that I can see. Except perhaps if it's through email. On mine it automatically shows LZ1. But there could be reasons for someone wanting to use a different senders name. Staff hasn't commented on this AFAIK, but the email field is mandatory if you select "email". I don't know. I don't know that either. But thanks for bringing it up. It might make for good feedback for Staff. It's possible they'll reply to this thread at some point too.
  12. You're welcome . Hm, then it could sound like you're in a spot of trouble, which only support can fix. Unless it's yellow and says "Pending" in the invoices section. If that's the case, you can click it and cancel. Or does it say "Paid" ? As you're in a hurry, you could ostensibly order another gift and this time enter all the appropriate details (including email if possible) specifying the recipient. At worst, one transaction will be "wasted" and at best, the person gets 2 gifts .
  13. Hello! You can use the DDNS field for this. It's not ideal, but it's something .
  14. Hello! I don't know how they work in detail, but didn't you enter the recipients name and/or contact details, as the gifting page states? In which case the recipient would obtain a code which they can then redeem from the same page you initially used to buy the gift. Therefore there may not be anything for you to "see" as such, besides the confirmation.
  15. Hello! Which release of Eddie is this? The Stable or Beta?
  16. For support, the forum is the way to go.. The team is busy, and if there is a hardware problem, you can be sure they are aware of it. For everything else, the forums work fine. I read a lot of reviews and shootouts on VPNs before checking out Air and this was mentioned in a few of them. That support came mainly from a community forum, but was great. That was one of the things that made me choose Air in the end. There were plenty of VPNs that allowed the same access features I wanted, but I don't like dealing with company tech support generally. If theres something going wrong with it, its usually something on my end, not the servers. Not every TS employee is the brightest and most knowledgable employee, and here there are plenty of folks in the know hanging out, that can often go above and beyond and help out, where a TS employee might just reach the end of his script and either not know, or not be allowed to troubleshoot any further (worked at plenty of places where this is how it we did it). Im a Mac user on top of it, is the general TS employee even familiar with the Mac OS beyond the canned answers TS often gives out for issues? Why bother when I can find a Unix guy that might be able to help, and actually likes figuring stuff out instead? Incidentally, what you're talking about is often the result of using outsourced Tech Support, who do as you describe; pre-packaged answers, scripts and lack of knowledge. Air is again different in that regard.
  17. Hello! If it's happening with the experimental client then you can post about it in the experimental clients own thread in the announcement forum, so it'll get seen.
  18. Hello! You can find some links to it in the Guides Section of the link in my signature. Although it's not recommended to disable such permissions features, as it's a pretty small "gain" for a potentially larger security risk.
  19. Hello! That is quite dramatic indeed. Did you try with SSL 443? Sometimes there's a good boost to be had, due to ISP shaping being absent. Did you try Eddie>Preferences>Networking>Increase buffer sizes to 512kb? (256kb became the default a few releases ago)
  20. Hello! Did you experiment with different locations and protocol combinations? It's important to try connecting to locations outside your own country as well.
  21. Hello! Nothing to worry about most likely - but this is why we often ask if there's any third party security software, such as Norton in your case, on your system, when people ask why something doesn't work. Because they may interfere . Some security warning, because Norton detects changes being made by (I assume) Eddie. If it's because of Eddie after you just started it, then it's fine and can be allowed. Most certainly nothing to do with hackers. You could always uninstall Norton and see if you still get the same warning
  22. There's new betas released routinely. Betas end when Stable ones release and then it repeats. Look at the changelog. We don't know, but the next Beta release is coming quite soon. I don't know if they didn't answer you at all. Maybe they're busy; I don't know how long you waited. But they couldn't tell you anything more than a rough release date anyway..Edit: Welcome to AirVPN by the way
  23. I'm confused. How do you use smartdns with Airvpn? I tried unlocator to unblock Major league baseball and that worked but all the servers I tried with Airvpn were blocked. Hello! Normally it's done by using the Air Eddie client, which handles things like DNS and therefore micro-routing automatically.
  24. For DNS3 after airvpn dns in the list Use a DNS such as https://blog.uncensoreddns.org/ Forget about OpenDNS/Google DNS. Hello! It's worth mentioning OpenNIC, which Air officially supports.
  25. Hello! There hasn't been any news on any mobile themes for the site. As you probably know, the easiest option would be to use Tapatalk, which a fair amount of members seem to do .
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