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  2. Nope, not leaking, not from the UK. Probably the first problem than. Thanks
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  4. @lex.luthor Hello! Unfortunately your system does not support a 2 years old glibc library (2.28), which for ARM architecture is the oldest library that Hummingbird supports. The version in your system (2.24) is more than 4 years old! Is any update to your system distribution available? Kind regards
  5. Agree and confirm. My experience with the Kustbandnet servers in Uppsala is much worse than with the ones in Stockholm, unfortunately. I don´t understand why they distributed the servers like this considering the huge difference in usage.
  6. You can ignore the warning in this case as the HTTPS certificate is valid for the clearnet domain only but allowing HTTP (.onion traffic) creates issues with some of Air´s settings. Your connection is still end-to-end encrypted though. I hope that they will try to fix this. Receiving security warnings in tor browser does not really encourage users to use the .onion domain.
  7. I recently started having some trouble with and older version of Eddie, 2.16.something, where it would randomly crash my computer. It's not the first time an older version started having problems, so I upgraded to the latest version, 2.18.9 and now on the server list it doesn't show latency and scores for any servers, it only shows load and user counts. I've tried refreshing the list but it makes no difference. One this particular PC I have a somewhat older version of Windows 10, 1803. I recently updated to the newest Norton, but everything else is working so I don't think that's the issue. Any ideas why scores and latency are not showing?
  8. Yesterday
  9. I did but on my Tinker Board S I got the following errors: a) with the portable version /opt/airvpn/eddie-cli_2.18.9_linux_armhf_portable/eddie-cli$ sudo ./eddie-cli -login=lex.luthor -password=********** -connect -netlock -server=Taurus exception inside UnhandledException handler: (null) assembly:mscorlib.dll type:TypeInitializationException member:(null) [ERROR] FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Eddie.Core.RandomGenerator' threw an exception. ---> System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'System.Random' threw an exception. ---> System.DllNotFoundException: libmono-native.so at (wrapper managed-to-native) Interop+Sys.GetNonCryptographicallySecureRandomBytes(byte*,int) b) With the mono version: /opt/airvpn/eddie-cli_2.18.9_linux_armhf_mono/eddie-cli$ sudo ./eddie-cli -login=lex.luthor -password=********** -connect -netlock -server=Taurus Unhandled Exception: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'Eddie.Platform.Linux.Platform' from assembly 'Lib.Platform.Linux, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. c) hummingbird /opt/airvpn/hummingbird-linux-armv7l-1.0.2$ ldd hummingbird ./hummingbird: /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.28' not found (required by ./hummingbird) linux-vdso.so.1 (0xbeece000) libstdc++.so.6 => /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libstdc++.so.6 (0xb6e1c000) libm.so.6 => /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libm.so.6 (0xb6da4000) libgcc_s.so.1 => /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libgcc_s.so.1 (0xb6d7b000) libpthread.so.0 => /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libpthread.so.0 (0xb6d57000) libc.so.6 => /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libc.so.6 (0xb6c69000) /lib/ld-linux-armhf.so.3 (0xb6f3b000) And it won't let me install it: sudo dpkg -i libc6_2.30-8_armhf.deb dpkg: regarding libc6_2.30-8_armhf.deb containing libc6:armhf: libc6:armhf breaks locales (<< 2.30) locales (version 2.24-11+deb9u4) is present and installed. dpkg: error processing archive libc6_2.30-8_armhf.deb (--install): installing libc6:armhf would break locales, and deconfiguration is not permitted (--auto-deconfigure might help) Errors were encountered while processing: libc6_2.30-8_armhf.deb
  10. I've setup AirVPN on pfSense years ago, all forcing ipv4. Blocked all ipv6 on pfsense. I'm changing all that and want to move to ipv6. DHCPv6 is up for a while now but ipv6 only works on my internal network. My ISP doesn't support ipv6 yet so I was wondering, can I tunnel my local ipv6 over AirVPN? If so, can someone point me to the resources to help me set that up? I would probably have to change my 5 connections, maybe switch servers that support ipv6 and set up some kind of routing on pfsense? Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  11. Probably a geolocation error, unless you're from the UK yourself which could mean that you are leaking.
  12. Can confirm. The certificate is only valid for airvpn.org, not for the .onion domain. I find the Onion Names a bit more interesting. One can actually use Tor just like one would browse the web now, without these cruel heaps of random alphanumeric characters comprising a domain name.
  13. I believe Eddie and Hummingbird are available for ARM CPUs, did you try them?
  14. I'm using NL based servers but websites I visit (YouTube, dnsleak, speedtest.net etc) think I'm from the UK, based on my IP address. Can someone explain to me why that is happening?
  15. Your m247 servers are great. With one exception. Sweden. My suggestion is to add more swedish servers that are not m247 or switch some to Altushost. The four Altushost ones work great. I'm often getting only a couple of mbit/s from the m247 servers while getting 100s of megabits from the four Altushost servers. It does seem like I'm not the only one to notice that the m247 ones somehow suck. There are about 5x more people connected to the Altushost servers than the m247 servers Lupus, Norma, Ain and Capricornus pretty much always have 100-150+ people connected. And then of course they get more than their share of the heavy load/traffic. Compare this to the m247 ones. They have 15-30 people connected at any time. I realized after writing this and connecting to some of the other servers that the slower ones are not m247 company, but Kustbandet
  16. @Hellegat Not reproducible, can you open a ticket for additional investigation? Kind regards
  17. I can confirm that Eddie v 2.18.9 does not perform Network Lock the same as previous versions. I am using the same machine as previously installed versions of the app and have never had to add or edit additional settings (either inside Eddie or on my computer) to make Network Lock serve as a "kill switch" for all connections. However, on version 2.18.9, Network Lock seems to let me continue to browse the internet as normal when it previously did not. I'm going to revert back to previous stable version until this is sorted.
  18. Last week
  19. Hi everyone, I have 2 remarks about the .onion website of Airivpn: - First of all, I can't access to the .onion Airvpn website (https://airvpn.org/). I got a warning message which says that Tor has detected a potential security threat and will not continue to this website. It is also written that the websites's administrator should be contacted. - A new feature has been introduced in Tor Browser 9.5: the Onion location. With it, the website publishers can now advertise their onion service to Tor users by adding an HTTP header. This feature looks to be not yet in use in the clearnet Airvpn website. For more info, you can read the Blog Post from Tor Project: https://blog.torproject.org/new-release-tor-browser-95 Best regards
  20. I know the post is old bit ss there any update for Eddie AirVPN client for ASUS Tinker Board?
  21. @c3p0 Do you still have the old profile? If so, would you send it to us? It is probably corrupt and we would like to see what happened, if possible. You might send it to us via a ticket. Thank you in any case. Kind regards
  22. ok i found it rename C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Eddie to Eddie.old then restart and works fine Thanks
  23. Do we know where the settings are held in Appdata then? I could target that folder only
  24. since this appears isolated to you. I would create a new user profile on your PC>. and see if the icon appears. if it does it sounds like your original windows profile is corrupt
  25. I did ask support and they concluded that it must be the ISP has de-prioritized UDP packets, meaning they come in on a delay. I do believe there is a setting to increase the delay time. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get IPv6 routing working either, so until I fix that I'll leave this as is and pick it up later. In the meantime I'm on TCP and the best I can hope for is a fraction of what my line can handle.
  26. Hello! Please check whether Eddie starts minimized. Look for Eddie's tray icon in the system tray. It's a tiny cloud in a circle. Please make sure to click the "up" arrow to see even hidden tray icons. If you find the tray icon, double-click on it to raise Eddie's main window. In "Preferences" you can tell Eddie whether to start minimized or not. Kind regards
  27. Hello! Just to point out that since Network Lock is a set of firewall rules, no traffic leak is possible if Eddie crashes. Kind regards
  28. Hi i am using eddie-ui_2.19.2_windows-10_x64 and the UI has stopped working or appearing. Eddie connects in the background however i havent got any control over it. I tried to downgrade to an older version and it does the same. Can support look into it please? Thanks
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