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  4. Thank you for your explanation, I was really hopefully but sadly still does not work Here is my port forward setting on pfsense, pretty sure its exactly as you describe (see attached image) . All the port number fields i covered up are the same, and same as what i specified on AirVPN client area. Do you have any other ideas? I have a feeling that it is something to do with how WG is set up on pfsense, it's got to be something in that guide, but i just can't spot it, and I'm seeing doubles by now... Thank you!
  5. Provide a system report:Preferably right after you encounter one of the problems.
  6. You misunderstood what the FAQ was trying to say. It's saying that if you use an AirVPN app (like Eddie) you don't need to forward ports on your home gateway/router because everything takes place inside the encrypted VPN tunnel so the router can't manipulate it anyway. However, with the VPN client actually on your router/gateway, such as yours, you do need to forward ports on said router/gateway. In pfsense go to firewall>nat>port forward tab. Make a new rule with [your wireguard interface] being the interface, the destination being "[your wireguard interface]address", the destination port should be whatever the local port is in the port forward rule you created on this web site, the redirect target IP is the IP of your NAS, and the redirect target port is whatever port your NAS server is listening on. Finally, be sure to select "create new associated filter rule" at the filter rule association setting. Save it, and you should be good to go.
  7. Is this still a feature supported by AirVPN or is it dead? No websites updated added since 2016 as per https://airvpn.org/forums/forum/10-websites-support/
  8. @Visentinel According to a preliminary and very quick legal analysis the Act can be used to charge USA citizens and any company operating in the USA (even non-USA companies, of course) with civil and criminal liability for using Tor, VPN, proxy services, Bitcoin and various open source tools which facilitate encrypted communications to bypass any kind of censorship. Apparently, the language picked for the Act allows to enlarge and broaden the scope of the Act at will. Should the Act be approved as it is, and should the will to enforce it in the broader sense is strong, it is possible that there is no future for the Tor Project and consumers VPN in the USA, if not underground. Simply accessing the Bitcoin blockchain to transfer coins may be easily included as a forbidden action by the Act scope. We underline that all of the above is based on a preliminary legal analysis, which may change after more thorough examination. Sources. Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RESTRICT_Act Vice: https://vice.com/en/article/4a3ddb/restrict-act-insanely-broad-ban-tiktok-vpns Decrypt: https://decrypt.co/124892/coin-center-restrict-act-ban-bitcoin Official current draft: https://www.congress.gov/bill/118th-congress/senate-bill/686/text?s=1&r=15 We're open to more discussion, opinions and legal analysis. Kind regards
  9. Last week
  10. Hi There I just watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xudlYSLFls8 Now what this looks like is AirVPN would not be able to continue to provide VPN services in the US because both the provider and the customer are liable to massive fines and Jail time for in any way facilitating access to banned services. Also holy shit if the U.S could do this then the future of VPN's in general is Fucked.
  11. Hello, Hopefully this is an easy fix, I tired port forwarding options in the best ways I could to no avail I need to temporarily port forward to my synology nas. I am also running a WireGuard client on pfSense so that my entire home network is always behind a VPN and I don't have to run AirVPN clients on my machines. This is the guide I followed to set up the WireGuard client on pfsense: https://www.comparitech.com/blog/vpn-privacy/pfsense-wireguard-setup/ I have a feeling that the WG setup is what is breaking the port forwaring. I followed the simple guide to port forward on the web interface Client Area of AirVpn as specified here: https://airvpn.org/faq/port_forwarding/ AirVPN guide states to not set up the port forwaring on the router when it is done in Client Area, unfortunetely the port is still inaccesible as checked with https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ I tried to do standard port forwarding set up on pFsense but that still did not work. Does anyone have any ideas? Are there extra steps required when my pfsense sits behind AirVPN Wireguard? I tried searching the internet far and wide to no avail.. Thanks!
  12. Hi, Almost every time I reboot my computer I have issues with Eddie running. I end up having to do a variety of things to get it to work, ranging from rebooting to logging out to uninstalling Eddie and then reinstalling it. Eddie either can't complete IPv4 test or Eddie becomes unresponsive when I turn on the Network Lock (I have to open System Monitor and kill mono to get the program to close). I realize that the IPv4 and the Network Lock issues may not be related, but it is always one or the other. Here's some system details: Eddie version: 2.21.8 Eddie OS build: linux_x64 Eddie architecture: x64 OS type: Linux OS name: Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS I'm happy to look in the logs if someone can point me towards what I should look for. Thanks!
  13. It's not like the intention to add this is "developing", or "growing naturally in the forest", and has an ETA. If a Staff member feels like it, it will be added. It's also not like there's a threatening dependence on that list being available, so it'll have to wait, probably.
  14. I have also had this issue for quite some time. The steps provided by OpenSourcerer also performs the exact same way on my system. X11 KDE Plasma 5.27.3 Eddie 2.22.2 Qt version 5.15.8 (Currently installed, I'm not sure if this was used upon building) Arch Linux 6.2.8-arch1-1 Mono/.Net: 6.12.0; Framework: v4.0.30319
  15. It happened when I started up my system today (With Eddie autostarting after boot). However this time it was stuck on "Checking route IPv6" instead of "Checking route IPv4". I still think it is the same issue though. Disabling Network Lock does NOT solve the issue. I can usually get it working by killing both eddie-cli-elevated and eddie-ui, and then manually starting Eddie again.
  16. Hello! The speed measurement seems correct and it is expected that different measurements are... different, as far as we can see from @sebi clip, since you must discern the total throughput from the throughput of each network interface. The inability to establish a connection before the WiFi card is configured might be a more complex problem related to how OpenVPN and WireGuard work and it needs additional investigation. The whole issue will be brought under the attention of the developer. Feel free to report on GitHub too, if you prefer so. Kind regards
  17. Thanks for testing this, do you know when it will be added to AirVPN please if deemed ok?
  18. Thank you for the clarification. What about the problem that Eddie is not able to establish a connection when it is started before the main network connection (e.g. WiFi) is established? And what about the speed measurement bug?
  19. Hello! At least this behavior is exactly as intended. If you cleanly shut down Eddie, it is assumed that you don't want Eddie service anymore. On the contrary, if Eddie crashes or receives a SIGKILL then the firewall rules of the Network Lock feature remain in place and prevent any leak. If you want a permanent disconnection from the Internet even when Eddie is not running, and/or even while the system is bootstrapping, you need to set proper firewall rules and make them permanent. In this way you may have leaks theoretically only before the firewall comes up (a very short moment when the network interfaces come alive and get configured but the fw is not yet operational - immediately after that, the firewall is brought up and the packet filtering table populated), and only if some system process is incredibly quick to start and create a socket even before the firewall is fully operational. Kind regards
  20. @cheapsheep Hello! Under investigation. We will keep you informed. Kind regards
  21. I have the same problem on Mac OS. It takes almost 2 minutes to cancel the connection attempt when it is in progress of checking routes.
  22. Hello @Staff, i have to come back to my prior toping regarding the network lock.I have just noticed that the above reported behavior happened again. Although i am using the networklockpersist directive, my IP leaks when the router crashes/reboots and all connections are maxed out at that time. AirVPN tries to reconnect and responds with a AUTH_FAILED message and therefore restores the old network filter. I am not using NetworkManager or any other interface management tool.
  23. Thanks. Disabling route and dns checks did not work for me either and i have just reproduced the network lock issue. It gets deactivated when Eddie quits. So, even after a reboot it is not active anymore. It only get activated once Eddie starts and it only stays active when Eddie crashes or is forcefully killed.
  24. Additionally, I noticed that Eddie deactivated the Network Lock when quitting (and I wonder if it always did..). Consequently I cannot establish a VPN connection without a time window during which non-VPN connections can leak 😟
  25. Hi, I've seen the connect-eddit-before-wifi issue too, many times, and just reproduced it. Turning off routes and dns checks will supposedly connect but *will have a nonworking connection*! I hadn't noticed but just reproduced the speed indicator issue as well, see attached short screen recording for download speeds. I have no objective info about the actual download speeds or if the data shown by the applet absolutely precise. However I believe it's rather unlikely that your source for that suspicion and my tool are both wrong than Eddie being correct. Screen Recording 2023-03-28 at 22.59.30.mov
  26. Hello, please open a ticket and make sure you mention the account name! Alternatively write to support@airvpn.org Kind regards
  27. I tried to login with airvpn.org. I got an error. I was banned when I entered my email address and password again. I can still connect to the VPN with the same email address and password, so the email address and password are correct. How can I login to airvpn.org again?
  28. Hopefully AirVPN does not record the time when a port was reserved by the user. Any request for information would have to come days or weeks after the use of that port was observed. The question they asked would have to say when they saw the port being used. If AirVPN does not record the time when the port was reserved, then it seems to me that they in honesty could not answer the question. And they could just explain that to the inquirer.
  29. If I recall correctly, changing NetLock did not solve the issue. But I am not 100% sure about that. I've changed Eddie back to automatically starting on system boot (so that I can test if disabling NetLock does anything). I will reply once I experience the issue again, which feels like a 50% chance on each boot. Disabling autostart of Eddie on system boot, is a working temporary fix. I have a slight suspicion that it's due to a race condition somewhere, since manually starting Eddie means starting it later compared to before.
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