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  2. I'm sorry to bother you again but 1) the protocols settings are in automatic mode 2) when I turn it on manual mode it's just impossible to modify anything in this window ... ☹️
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  4. My knowledge of Linux is average but l tried to discover what may be causing the problem when you mentioned "The problem could be the configuration of the graphical sudo frontend application". I recalled that I had installed Gnome Flashback Metacity and Ubuntu on Wayland desktop environments in Cinnamon, but have rarely used them. I uninstalled Gnome Flashback and rebooted but the problem persists. So it may be possible that the Ubuntu environment may be the root cause, but I am leaving that installed as it appears that it's removal could lead to further problems far worse than the issue of timing out. AirVPN in my case, is not really broken, so I am not going to attempt a fix, as I am using this machine for daily work. It works just fine otherwise. Further Note; Off topic. Having said that, the further issues I am having with my Windows 10 machine and AirVPN are horrendous at the moment, as I am loosing both wireless and cable connections when closing down the VPN correctly. Obviously, this thread is not about the issue above, but I thought I'd mention it all the same, because the broad claim, "Works Everywhere" is a tad misleading. The word "almost" is missing. Basically, I have no problem with my subscription to AirVPN, it's good for Linux, afaic. But, the problem between Windows 10 and AirVPN are very apparent across the forums I have read, and really need looking into to resolve the matter of exiting the programme cleanly. I am of the opinion that AirVPN would be an ideal solution for both OS's, however, at the moment it's not. And that may be the deciding factor at the end of my subscription with AirVPN. Other than that............... Happily using AirVPN on Linux, for the time being. 😉
  5. @ProphetPX Hello! The "graduated response" in the United States (aka "three strikes") was a voluntary agreement between ISPs and copyright holders to terminate the line of an alleged copyright infringer for several months or one year, without court order and inaudita altera parte (no right to defense ex ante) and put him/her in a black list so that he/she can't re-connect to the Internet with any other provider while he/she serves his/her sentence for the alleged, unproven behavior. The agreement was followed by most if not all ISPs from 2011 to 2017, causing tens of thousand of controversial disconnections. However, it had no impact at all on on the amount of copyright infringements and it was abandoned in 2017. Sony attempt might aim at transforming the abandoned voluntary agreement into an obligation by law as it is in France, New Zealand and South Korea for example, by eroding, through a legal precedent, the safe harbor liability exemptions in the USA for ISPs. The graduated response is totally ineffective against those who protect their traffic behind serious VPN services. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graduated_response https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_Copyright_Infringement_Liability_Limitation_Act Kind regards
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  7. Yeah, you need to share it with the appropriate app that can handle such text, like a text editor for example. It's also not the complete log file, so what you posted doesn't help much. You could disable VPN lock in the settings and make it possible for Eddie to reconnect.
  8. I am staying the summer at college and I only have access to the edu wifi. I have tried downloading a VPN to access Netflix, but it seems that all VPNs are blocked from usage on the WiFi. Is there a way around this? Can AirVPN get around the network's blocks or is there a different VPN I should try? (I have tried Nord and it doesn't work on the school WiFi)
  9. I can't seem to find a way to export the whole file. I hope the attached files help. Thanks.
  10. If you could help everyone just trying what I asked you to try and communicate what exactly the results of those tries are it could help us on the other hand. And I asked you to try different connection settings to help narrow down the problem. You can change these settings in Eddie Preferences > Protocols.
  11. Hi ! Here I'm again. It works some days and after ask me again for the password in a prompt window. So I decided to let it down ... until today. I try with the 2.19.7 version and have the same matter. Then I try with the 2.18.9 version and it doesn't ask me the password. Very strange isn't it ?
  12. Hi ! I'm sorry but I'm using the default settings. You ask me questions and I don't have the answers ... If you could help me just saying me what's wrong and what exactly I have to do it could help me a lot. Thanks
  13. This can be very deadly to the system! NEVER simply replace an existing version of a fundamental librarly like libc only because one program wants a newer one! If you really insist on it, find out which libraries OpenVPN needs (ldd openvpn), then download and extract all those libs from the packages containing them into some location, download and extract the new openvpn binary, too, and then launch it with LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/the/path/to/that/directory /path/to/the/new/openvpn <arguments>. In case of OpenVPN this isn't even needed, as v2.3 can be used to connect to AirVPN still.
  14. Hi, I wanted to connect my Router "Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway 3" as a client to an AirVPN server. Sadly the stock firmware serves Openvpn 2.3.2 only, which is not capable of TLS1.2. Now i was finally able to install OpenVPN 2.4.0 on the USG. I wrote up all steps in the Ubiquiti Forum, see the link below. Note: You have to connect with SSH to the router and update some critical common libraries, like libc6. As the USG has a USB thumbdrive inside, where the filesystem is stored, a recover in case of a failure is very easy. Just be prepared for this Link to my post in the Ubiquiti Support Forum.
  15. Why does it disconnect? Knowing the cause will help identify a solution. Randomly clicking on buttons without knowing your tackling the root cause is not likely to result in a positive outcome. Depending on why Eddie is disconnecting may indicate other clients will behave similarly.
  16. This is the fourth or so thread by you with this exact problem. If in the other threads you didn't get a quality answer that satisfies you, and if even the Lord (as in, support) doesn't have an idea, the only real thing you can do is sort out what does not work for you. Sometimes you gotta go one step back (leave the "most trustworthy VPN team on Earth") to keep going forward, it is what it is.
  17. You must query the routes checker with the exact URL you want to reach. pionex.com will make your browser redirect to www.pionex.com, which in turn will redirect to the regional subsite depending on your preferred content language. It is.
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  19. This is a last ditch attempt to find a solution to problems I am having before I will be forced to leave AirVPN, which I REALLY do not want to have to do. I have had this issue for many months. Support appears to have given up and can't help. I am posting this in case any users have suggestions or maybe have suffered the same thing and found a way around the problem. I am running Mac OSX Mojave (10.14.6), and Eddie V2.20. My hard drive has encryption on it and I am running two user accounts. Eddie only runs in one of those accounts, but both accounts benefit from the VPN connection as the main account is always logged in first. Most times I leave my machine for more than an hour or two (sometimes only 20 minutes but it happens more often after long periods away) I return to the desk, unlock the machine, and see Eddie has disconnected. Today for example it did it and I had 1,139 notifications from Eddie, attempts to reconnect (which fail). Eddie will not reconnect after I unlock the machine, and it freezes too. It then shows an error which reads: "Unexpected crash of elevated helper: Connection timed out." If i force quit the app (which I have to), and then run it again, it never manages to "obtain elevated privileges" again. Every time giving an error "failed to obtain elevated privileges". Even if log the user out, and log in again (which I would think should reset the privileges thing), it still fails to obtain privileges. The only cure is to reboot the whole machine. This is a huge pain, as I have lots of programs running in both user accounts and I have to enter lots of passwords to unlock disk, then user accounts, then my backup drives which are encrypted. The whole process usually costs me 30-45 minutes EVERY time I sit back down at my machine. It's costing me so much time, I simply can't tolerate it any longer. I opened a support ticket and sent all logs etc. Support has no ideas and can't help, other than to suggest I use Hummingbird which is no good for me. I need GUI, I am not a CLI competent person and I need to change IP many times each day so going to CLI every time would be a real pain and just not viable. I am now faced with uninstalling Eddie and going over to another VPN provider. I really hate the thought of doing that, but I have no choice now. Before I do that, does anyone have any ideas? I have tried changing many preferences in Eddie, changed it to install a launch daemon to obtain privileges (avoiding need for password when starting Eddie), this makes no difference. I have tried every other setting adjustment I can see and again, no solution found. Grateful for any ideas before I leave what I still believe is by far the most trustworthy VPN team on earth. :(
  20. Hi Staff. I do not fully understand. 1. Why does a call to https://airvpn.org/routes/?q=pionex.com show me a direct connection then (even when observing this behavior)? 2. I thought this double-hop feature is only being used for selected sites. Thank you very much for sharing your expertise. Kindest regards, yatt.
  21. France TV channels has always been blocking foreign IPs, even non-VPN ones. You probably only found a hole on their filters for a little bit.
  22. 3G of RAM is not the norm in a 2021 Android device but for Android 6 it should be decent. Heck, until recently I was using a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 with LineageOS 17.1, Android 10, and it worked flawlessly in regards to its 3G of RAM. If you're stuck with Android 6, which is a different problem, you should either look for aftermarket firmwares like LineageOS for your device or get a new phone as running old software versions is always a risk, especially if it's Android itself. Having written that, you should know that all apps which are not in the foreground remain in a cached state in the background with unneeded parts of that app "trimmed" to save RAM – no one needs all the UI activities of an app in RAM which are not used by the user, for example. So I'd guess, 300 MB are probably only used when it's in the foreground. My quick tests on LOS 17.1 (Android 10) seem to show that Eddie uses about 270 in foreground, confirming your findings, but, with some margin of error, as little as 15-50 in the background, seems to be dependent on whether it's idle or connected. With 270 max, it's not even the most hungry app on my device, FairEmail is heavier for example, and it's supposed to be a more or less simple mail app. Linux != Android. Also, the Linux suite doesn't boast with a graphical user interface (at least not yet). Android apps are also packed with all external libraries they might need at runtime, so Eddie and OpenVPN for Android for example both may come with the same version of openvpn, openssl and others. Since Android executes apps in a sandboxed manner, the concept of shared memory is not applied as it is done on Linux. In case both apps are used simultaneously they will both load their libs into RAM, even if they're identical. So in essence, RAM contents might be duplicate, but again, Android sandboxes apps from each other. On Linux, a library like libssl (OpenSSL) may be installed once for all programs and loaded into RAM as a shared resource to be used by openvpn and openvpn3 at the same time, reducing RAM usage. Actually no, it doesn't.
  23. My phone is kind of a piece of shit(android 6.01) with 3gb ram. Lately its been a bit more of a piece of shit. And i noticed the eddie gui was using 290-300mb of ram which seems high. Is this normal memory usage? The airvpn linux suite doesnt use this much ram and also uses the openvpn 3.3. Ive reinstalled it from airvpn and google play and its still the same ram usage. Android sucks i know.
  24. Sorry to reply late on my own post but i rarely log in here. In qubes and freebsd this worked in their debian and fedora templates. Until recently. I think something happened in both(3, counting qubes) recently because qubes templates became suddenly unworkable with the modem. Debian and fedora as native installs require configuring to mbim now as well. Not really sure what the issue is. I need the modem to work more then I can diag what happened. Ill keep poking at it when i have the time.
  25. Post the complete log. Keepalive timeouts can have a multitude of reasons.
  26. Hi Log shows [Error]: OpenVPN3 KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUT: Eddie Library Session invalidated. Paltform: Android This happens every day, several times a day. What can I do? Thanks
  27. Please try the mentioned configurations first.
  28. Netflix gets redirected over US on all servers, could be the reason the registration form doesn't display, but no exact idea. Thanks for the reports on Waipu, Joyn and Disney+, though.
  29. Then you should use other services probably if you need this feature and can't be bothered to set up your own. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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