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  3. Non riesco ad entrare in nessun server, utilizzo solo il computer e sempre un solo server
  4. Hello! Settings>UI>Uncheck UI Confirmation Prompt.
  5. Hey there, minor question - Is there a way to stop the client from asking me if I want to quit? When I shut down windows, this feature forces me to linger around as it overrides the shut down command, I have to tell it - yes I am sure that I want to quit. It's a minor thing, but quite irritating. Thanks.
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  7. This sounds like a geoblock which AirVPN can cater for. @Staff may help.
  8. fantastic - i rate Orbitar highly - currently with British Telecom - NOT BAD !!
  9. I am trying to access the following website - https://www.efl.com/iFollow/ . The video will play if I access from the UK or if I access from a physical server in Canada but not via AirVPN. I want to access whilst in the UK via a VPN connection from any other country. I am guessing that there is some kind of blocking being used and I have tried all of the protocols without success. Does anyone have any ideas I could try?
  10. sounds like the route to the server your using gets relegated to limited bandwidth and non-priority at times. your ISP at fault. See if it happens when you use servers that use different routes.
  11. Yesterday evening I had this problem multiple times. If I do a speedtest on my regular LAN the speed was at it's max.
  12. Also if you have a router make sure that UPn'P is switched off in its settings. I found that that was causing some of my problems with qBittorrent/AirVPN/Port Forwarding in my set up Win10 latest update Eddie v2.18.5
  13. Your firewall has nothing to do with overall throughput. Eddie and qBittorrent have been allowed to receive / transmit through your firewall. Otherwise, you wouldn't be connected to any torrent at any speed. Your issues are based on your configuration of Eddie and qBittorrent settings. I'd start by upgrading Eddie to the latest beta, 2.18.5; Eddie 2.16.3 was released in August of 2018, which may be okay for LTSB or LTSC versions of Windows. Windows 10 versions 1903 or 1909 should probably be updated to the latest beta. Also, if you haven't taken steps to tame your Windows setup, apps / services / updates / telemetry etc. can be chewing up your bandwidth in the background. If UDP in Eddie is giving you problems, try TCP Port 443 first. If you still have issues, try TCP Ports 1194 or 2018. Search the forums for pointers about setting up qBittorrent; there might even be a guide buried somewhere, albeit a bit dated. In qBittorrent Connection settings, choose Enabled protocol: TCP, make sure UpnP / Nat-PMP port forwarding and Use different port are both unchecked; Set Global maximum number of peers at 1000 and lower the Maximum number of peers per torrent to 50. In the Speed section, make sure the three boxes under Rate Limits Settings are unchecked. Particularly the first box - Apply rate limit to μTP protocol must be unchecked. In the Advanced section, check your Network interface. In my Linux desktop it's tun0; I don't know what it is in Windows, but the "Optional IP address to bind to" under it should be pointed at a specific AirVPN DNS server address, e.g., 10.xx.xxx.x. Once you've played with settings in Eddie and qBittorrent, try different DNS servers. The servers with the lowest latencies may not always give you the best torrent speeds. There's a lot of searching, reading, and trial / error to get things working well; sometimes speeds are not going to be great, especially on weekends when there is heavy Internet traffic even though your ISP may offer 100 Mbit/s or higher connection speeds. In the future, upload logs by enabling Logging in the Eddie client.
  14. Access to it will be encrypted between AirVPN and your server host but not between you and the AirVPN server. If you also want to encrypt this part of the way, you need to connect to AirVPN, too. If you connect to the same server (using a different key), the traffic will stay almost truly end-to-end, I think. No. As the part between you and the AirVPN server is unencrypted, it's strongly advised. It'd even be advised if you decide to connect as well. I think, if only organizr accesses them, it'd be superfluous as they're hosted on the same machine. If you on the other hand are accessing them from the outside, too, see answer 3.
  15. I started hosting organizr on my PC along with sonarr, radarr, lidarr, plex, etc. If I use airdns.org to access organizr remotely which also pulls up all the other services in iframes as I understand it.... Is that secure while the VPN is running? Do I need to enable SSL from within Eddie? Do I need to ALSO enable SSL for organizr or just one or the other? Do the services organizr accesses need SSL as well? (i don't believe so? correct me if I'm wrong) TIA!
  16. Last week
  17. Well, pity. Let's see what the future brings us server-wise.
  18. I have a pretty decent pfSense box. i5-5250U with 8GB of ram. I don't have any IDS, Snort etc running and CPU is idling at 2 - 5% I have configured AirVPN with this tutorial: https://nguvu.org/pfsense/pfsense-baseline-setup/ Everything seems to be working and most of the times I'm getting (almost) full speeds. But a few times a day I notice lag and when I do some speed tests I'm maxing out at 20 mbit. The speed of 20mbit is everytime I'm lagging out. I have tried dfferent servers of course and also different ports but same problem. A few times a day it's capped on 20mbit. Sometimes I do see some packetloss (1 or 2%) on the VPN gateways as well. But my regular WAN (ISP) does not have any loss. Does anyone have a clue what this issue could be?
  19. нет у нас не работает IPv6, к сожалению no, IPv6 does not work for us, unfortunately
  20. You give one question, we answer with many more. What's the throughput you're expecting? Which server are you connecting to, which port, which protocol? LAN/WLAN? ISP? Basically, where's the OpenVPN log? We need that, we cannot do troubleshooting without knowing your setup. qBittorrent settings? Which options did you explicity change? Specifically, is uTP disabled? Did you try a Linux torrent? They're among the best seeded public torrents.
  21. Now I did. Have patience, here we all have a life beyond the AirVPN forums. M247 sounds like a more or less valid choice of providers - AirVPN is using it already in some countries. We do have a German server hosted by Contabo - Mesarthim. It's not in your posted v4 range, though. Is IPv6 an option?
  22. Beta 2.18.5 seemed to do the trick... I uninstalled the problematic 2.16.3 and the TAP driver, rebooted and installed 2.18.5 beta. It connected much faster and to the server of my choice. Ran a speed test at 35mbps up and 6mbs down 36ms ping. Ran a DNS leak test and no leaks detected. I definitely see some positive changes in how the new Eddie runs... so far so good.
  23. Similar issues here... only recently started having problems with Eddie UI + Win10. It fails to connect to any other US servers and always fails back to Acamar. Whats worse is that server is widely blacklisted on many sites due to some unsavory users, making it not so useful. It is unusually slow connecting. That said, once I finally do connect, the speeds are very good and the service is very stable. Might try the new Beta.
  24. 2. Never seen it on prosumer router, pfsense would be better. OPNSense also would work.
  25. I am a rookie to the world of VPN'ing. And certainly not technical! However, I have got as far as using Air VPN and am now able to bypass my country's restrictions.... to an extent. What I am having a problem with is that when using a streaming app with Air VPN, I can watch the content with subtitles on my android device. BUT ... I cannot cast the content with or without subtitles to the Chromecast. Of course, the Chromecast is still set as being in my country and I have NO idea how to get around that. I am reading and researching the problem but just wondered if there is a kind person in these forums who have an immediate answer to solve my problem?
  26. Thanks for the reply, indeed I forgot to attach the report, will do with the support ticket.
  27. Вы прочитали мой последний пост? Did you read my last post?
  28. You have a config issue from your side. OpenVPN, SSL 443, tls-crypt and having no throttling issues. Have you increased the send/receive buffer size to 512kb? This helps with the high latency from UAE.
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