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  3. Unrelated to the op but I've given Mullvad a try after I had payment problems here with Avangate late last year and to say I'm unimpressed with them is an understatement. One month in with frequent disconnects and packet loss and I've thrown in the towel to be back here. Live and learn....
  4. Other than the "small issue or bug" thread(above)which was an UDP session. TCP session a few disconnects noted. Stunnel session(SSL-443) did not encounter any disconnects. Plink not tested yet.
  5. On that I agree with you. Some say it doesn't work from their perspective. Q:Is it working for you a.k.a does it block porn websites? Just check.
  6. but things can change in the route. it's likely that your ISP lost a route that was used. maybe it'll come back after some maintenance or maybe they found a cheaper network to use to reach the network that the VPN servers use.
  7. Well, what is your ping with those servers? As you can see the other servers have way lower ping. And as I said it was very different for the Netherlands a few months ago. I neither changed any settings, nor isp, nor hardware.
  8. I have been unable to connect to servers besides "Telescopium, Vancouver, Canada" for months now. I have used AirVPN for years, and I used to be able to connect to various different servers. Now, I can only connect to Telescopium, with all other servers staying stuck on "Checking DNS," trying three times, and disconnecting and restarting, only to attempt again with a different server. It fails every time, unless the server is Telescopium, in which case it works fine. I haven't checked every server, but so far, after testing a myriad of servers, only Telescopium is working for me. I have tried internet connections from my two ISPs, but nothing works. What can I do to resolve this problem? I am willing to post logs, if necessary, although I would like to know which folder the relevant AirVPN logs are kept in.
  9. Yesterday
  10. manjaro plasma with Eddie 2.18.6 Portable, works fine
  11. I have been using eddie-ui for years. And it worked on my two RPi machines at the same time. 2 connection slots at the same time. Since I upgraded eddie-ui to version 2.18.6 it doesn't work on two RPi devices at the same time no more. It is working if I am using eddie-ui on one RPi and for example OpenVPN for Android on my phone. So it means that connection slots are working. However I will open a ticket and hope that hey will not say to me that I am using experimental version. By the way when do you plan to release new version? It has much more faster network locking feature then previous, that is the reasion why I do not want to revert to standard.
  12. A change at the server level (which most likely didn't happen) cannot affect latency from your location. Also, if Air did something to cripple their Netherlands servers, as you propose, you would not be the only one to notice and complain.
  13. On 2.18.6 I get a message saying "update available" even though there is no update. Clicking it takes me to eddie.website/$platform, which is functionally useless, I'd at least expect it to take me to a .exe download prompt in my browser.
  14. Hello I've been using Airvpn for two years now and been using the Netherland servers primarily because of their good connection to my location. The last two years the servers in Alblasserdam were on average like this: Ping: 15-35, DL Speed 30MB/sec (maximum), UP speed 8MB/sec (maximum) But for about a month now this slowed to so much that online gaming is impossible with a ping of 100+ and download speeds drop to 1MB/sec. I attached a screenshot where you can see the current ping of the Netherland servers. Since the issue is only when using those servers the problem is most likely caused by some recent hardware or connection changes by Airvpn
  15. Hello! Thank you, sending to devs right now. Kind regards
  16. Hello! Can you give us the exact Android version, as well as TV brand and model? EDIT: if you have a way to extract Eddie log from the TV, please send it to us as well (taken after the problem has occurred). Check whether one of the sharing modes in the "Log" view of Eddie is appropriate. Kind regards
  17. hi, i dont use discord too. most options have a tool tip. just go through all options slowly. a lot of stuff you can ignore. download folder, connection settings with speed and ports, connection category for the vpn adapter are the important things to change. my personal opinion is, to not use DHT or the mainline DHT. i only activate it for a short time, when i have no other choice. For emule, KAD is essentially. BiglyBT is like Azureus from years ago. After Azureus it changed into Vuze and later into BitTyrant
  18. So I treated myself to a new 4k TV with the latest version of Android TV. I though is try displaying the Eddie APK, did so successfully, entered all my details, tapped connect and the TV indecisive lost its internet connection. A notification pipes up saying the Ethernet was disconnected but it wasn't. Am I doing something wrong?
  19. Just upgraded from 2.18.5 to 2.18.6 Always fails to start. - "Raise system privileges" windows appears. - I enter computer password - "Collecting Network information" - Crash - Tried a couple of times, also restarted the computer. - Installed 2.18.5 again. Now crashing on launch as well. - Uninstalled everything with iTrash (cleaning some preferences & other data) - Installed 2.18.6 again to try if it works now with cleaned up system. Doesn't work, crash again. - Uninstalled with iTrash, and installed 2.18.5 again. This works now Crashlog attached. eddie crash.txt
  20. Hello! Connection slots are service related, not Eddie. Please open a ticket at your convenience (if you haven't already done so) describing what you do exactly and the different behavior you see between Eddie 2.18 beta 6 and the the previous version you used. Kind regards
  21. Hi, did some more testing and realized that I cannot establish more than one connection to VPN with latest version. It should be possible to have 5 connections. Are there any new options in version 2.18.6 that are preventing this or what is different compared to 2.18.5?
  22. I don't use Download Station. I use Cloud Station on my NAS for local backups only, I don't access that over the internet. Locally it works fine.
  23. hummingbird woks inside eddie 2.18.6 portable on plasma manjaro
  24. Last week
  25. I read in another post that restarting Eddie resolved this problem for another user. I decided to re-install 2.18.6 and see if this worked for me, and it did. Now running the new version with no problems.
  26. Two excellent responses above, thanks both of you - A few replies: Owl - TAP etc - sounds like you're talking about Windows. I do'nt run any windows machines, only Mac, and I am unsure from your explanation whether what you say applies on Mac too. I thought that if Eddie wasn't running, the machine can access the web. I assumed (having used inferior other VPN providers!) that the network lock runs inside Eddie, therefore without Eddie running I have nothing running to prevent traffic flow. I have just tested on my Mac and WOW, you're right and it applies to Mac too! How brilliant is that?! Shit, Air kicks ass . Even after quitting it, the machine has no connectivity. That's so impressive. I won't ask what I want to "how the f*ck does that work if Eddie is shut down?!" because I won't understand the answer!! I will just remain stupidly impressed!! Great news, I can chill out as you said! Logs - Ok I understand, I will paste them here tomorrow Staff - Ok, you're right, I don't understand enough to know what this really means in terms of risk. I will follow your advice there. The ONLY reason I wanted it is because I assumed network lock couldn't work when Eddie wasn't running. So thats no longer an issue anyway. I will try beta tomorrow and let you know. Thanks so much for the great support here.
  27. Hello, Been using Air for a few years now without any problems. Except for recently updating to windows 10. Everything ran smooth on win7 but since I've changed to win10 it doesn't start with the system and I have to manually start Eddie up. Everything is checked proper in the configurations, i.e. start with system, connect at startup. But nothing happens. Did this with 2.18.5 and now with 2.18.6. Doesn't matter on my end if I ran with administrative rights or not. Deleted everything I could find prior to installing 2.18.6 in hopes that it would change but Nada. I've looked on the forums to see if anyone else had a similar situation, found one, I think, in this thread but I don't think anything was resolved. If any one has any ideas, would be much appreciated on my end as I'm a little concerned to load up in a regular IP connection than a vpn. Windows 10 Pro 1909 BTW. Attaching log files if that's any help....Not sure which ones so I've uploaded all that were in the folder. Thanks. default.profile Recovery.xml Eddie_20200121_052443.txt
  28. How to go back to 2.18.5. I cannot have 2 concurrent connections on two Raspberry Pi 4 with version 2.18.6. Please help.
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