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  3. When you think in the future about maybe moving to a new BS dd-wrt build, be aware that DNS handling for OpenVPN client users is much improved now. By default it will prioritize use of the DNS server pushed by the VPN server. With Air you'd make one small config change to be sure access of that server is routed through the OpenVPN tunnel (necessary to reach Air's DNS servers). Your configured Static DNS servers would effectively be backup. And you decide whether to allow -- there's a check box -- the ISP's DNS servers to be the ultimate backup behind it all. The whole setup has come a long way. There's also a solid wireguard client in dd-wrt now, one that can even support multiple tunnels, so we are ready for Air's much hinted at forthcoming wireguard option. For those with such inclinations, it's not even hard to route one tunnel through another. As an experiment, I've run a wireguard tunnel to another provider's server through the OpenVPN tunnel to an Air server. Worked fine.
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  5. @StaffOne question in a triple session scenario: When connected to https://airvpn.org/ (server1:port 443) New Tap Connected to https://ipx.ac/ or https://ipleak.net/ (server2:port 80) New Tap Connected to http://www.utrace.de/ (server3:port 2018) Is this correct?
  6. "AI" It's more like an evaluation of simple data points to connect to the server with the best resulting number. A simple algorithm to determine it for all servers and a comparison or even sorting operation, really nothing special. Do this, and please report if anything comes up.
  7. @ProChemistThis is your choice and whichever DNS provider you pick is up to you. Cloudflare or Google DNS NOT recommended. @SurprisedItWorksWhy don't we let the OP here make his own decision. BTW: The first dd-wrt router flashed and setup some years ago was by following your guide. Thank you for that. Lets not turn this topic in another DNS diverse opinion battle.
  8. I have left eddie connected for over one day......doing all the bits and pieces that I usually do...screenshots, forum work, social media, firefox browser news pages nightingale music player/organiser, imgur, thunderbird mail, qbittorrent, libreoffice writer, Timeshift, catfish file search, .......I have used those apps and screwed around in such a way that they have all been used, downloaded movies etc at the same time, paused those downloads, turned them on and off, used Terminal, installed updates for bits and pieces via the update manager blah blahh blah....and Eddie just refuses to to freeze/stop/...etc etc Throw this topic in the bin.....I will simply continue to watch/monitor for weirdness. I do note that when I select "connect to a recommended server, the selection is in Canada This does not worry me at all, but until rfecently the recommended was almost invariably in Netherlands.........and now AI think about it the 'freezes' took place when I had selected a server myself in Netherlands Probably not significant ?
  9. As Flx's referenced page suggests: as primary. Then add a secondary beneath it. The linked page suggests one of the opennic choices. Personally I'd pick from the major, well-known, fast ones, like Cloudflare at, Quad9 (see quad9.net) at, or even google at The choice is not terribly important, as you'll only be using it when Air's DNS server is not responding, which should be rare.
  10. On how to address/resolve this issue/problem of yours go to DNS section.
  11. Ha, I do have set as the static DNS. Any suggestions on what I should change it to? I'm a noob user so it took me a while to set up AirVPN and I try to not to mess with it once I get it working. It's all above my simple brain. 😵
  12. That appears to have fixed the issue, thank you very much!
  13. Hm. I've got no real lead here, but reinstalling might not delete the profile file found in your user directory. Maybe Eddie configuration breaks it? You could try renaming the default.profile file and retry launching Eddie, it's usually in C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Eddie.
  14. Be advised that this forum is English only, even if you are from D/A/CH. @everyone, rough translation: user gets the bootstrap error on a freshly installed Windows 10. Are you on vacation somewhere or at home? If the latter, which ISP are you subscribed to? Are you using some internet security software? Maybe a firewall? Anyway, in the cURL answer there's the following; AirVPN bootstrap servers seem to be blocked for you: <title>hinweis:Die Internetseite ist gesperrt.</title> .
  15. Hallo, beim einrichten des Clienten über Eddie UE kommt eine seltsame Fehlermeldung, die ich nicht zuordnen kann. Vielleicht könnt ihr helfen? (Laptop war frisch eingerichtet mit Win10). siehe Anhänge(Screenshot Fehlermeldung + Log), Grüße Eddie_20200808_103555.txt
  16. ~2-3 days ago was the last time I could view the main window, I'm not entirely sure what I could've done to break it, but reinstalling the program doesn't fix anything. My server is running all of the same software, including Eddie version, and still works fine.
  17. When was the last time it worked? When did it cease working?
  18. I have honestly no clue, I'm using Windows 1804 so nothing's been updated. VPN works on my server as intended still.
  19. Mr Nobody posted a nice read in "Off-Topic" - probably more relevant in "General & Suggestions"
  20. In case you did not manage it already - it's the same as installing any other app. go to "Download" (top bar of this Website next to "Buy") select macOS -> DMG -> Download Double click on Eddie.dmg in Finder and follow the instructions displayer in the emerging window
  21. Hello! It is possible. About two or three years ago, as a consequence of two requests by very advanced customers, we changed completely OpenVPN daemons subnets to make them unique across the whole infrastructure. That deep change main purpose was making multiple connections from the same system easier by preventing any chance of address conflicts. Connecting the same machine to multiple VPN servers is very beneficial for load balancing, failover and bandwidth aggregation. Please check for example the following, excellent guide: https://nguvu.org/pfsense/pfsense-multi-vpn-wan/ Kind regards
  22. Network Lock has nothing to do with DNS. The former is just a bunch of firewall rules. Some logs would've been nice
  23. Bit off-topic, but still: What do you mean? Are you combining connections to reach more throughput? Is that even possible with OpenVPN?
  24. This statement actually matches exactly what NetLock is supposed to do: If you're not connected, nothing on the computer should be able to communicate. Except for that "exposed" part which is illogical in this context. Of course it's an option. What is not one is to have NetLock enabled when you close Eddie; it disables NetLock on termination, and this is intended.
  25. No, it seems to be local. Eddie doesn't seem to be able to open openvpn.exe for some reason. You could try vanilla OpenVPN from openvpn.net, then in Eddie Preferences > Advanced, select the newly installed "original" openvpn.exe and try connecting with that.
  26. Sounds like it worked at some point. So what happened, Windows Update, maybe?
  27. The Hong Kong server has been removed. Politically sensitive AirVPN. Please select Singapore or Japan as the server in East Asia.
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