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  1. Hello! If you or someone made a guide for something, then feel free to post a link to it here. Then I will be able to add it to my own FAQ guide. This is good because: The guides will be easier to find after they have disappeared from the front page. People who did not write the guide, can help those who did write them, by posting a link to the guide here! It will be easier for me to add those guides to the FAQ. People will not have to PM me personally. Which is more convenient for everyone. Guide makers can get the recognition they deserve for helping the community .
  2. Hello! TL;DR: Likely no, nothing will be shared and never has been up to this point. But if you're extremely concerned, then apply the partition of trust as shown at the end. I believe this question may already have been answered in my guide, in the First Questions section about logging and tracking. Here's what likely most satisfies your question: No. Kind regards Hello! We can't do that ex-ante. Ex-ante = before the event. (Contrasted with a different point further down as ex-post = after the event). There's also a much more detailed reply further down, to some hypothetical scenarios about specific situations. There's also a thread related more closely to how DMCA and torrent-related things are handled. Here's some of the most relevant ones for this thread: Do please pay attention to the dates of those threads, as some minor things may have changed - such as how Air now provides even more payment options. And then there's about logging in general in a different thread; WebRTC, website IP, the AirVPN Privacy Notice. Not super relevant for this thread, but maybe still of interest to some. As for "If police brings court order (to whom actually? to airvpn staff in italy or in bulgaria?" I would bet on Italy, since all AirVPN staff live in Italy - but please don't quote me on this. If you're still uncertain, then do also please keep in mind that AirVPN routinely tells people that they do not need to trust AirVPN - as shown by the first links in this thread by OpenSourcerer: More on partition of trust. I hope that answers your questions, but if you have more, please feel free to post them. Ultimately, we're just moderators, so if anything hasn't already been answered and is about Air policy, then we defer to the official Staff account or the support team (run by the same people), as stated before by OpenSourcerer.
  3. LZ1

    Tor Project Membership

    Hello! I'll just correct this thread and close it, by underscoring that Air already supports Tor and will do so indefinitely: https://airvpn.org/mission/ Case closed .
  4. Hello! It's also worth noting that in Eddie's settings > UI > You can enable or disable promotional messages in general.
  5. Good to hear. You're always welcome to provide your thoughts on possible enhancements however, in the appropriate forum. It has been brought up a number of times. However it's not something they talk much about in long articles of text, it's rather just something they do. Therefore it's like the KISS principle. So perhaps it's a positive that there's only little detail, in the context of this specific case . You can find other links about other aspects of their operation, in the link in my signature. Under the First Questions section, the question "What does AirVPN do to make it safe to use and does it log or track people?" contains numerous links in point form.
  6. Hello! Are you using the latest version of Eddie?
  7. Hello! Are you using the latest version of Eddie?
  8. Hello! Welcome. Perhaps not so surprising, since Air has a philosophy of not trying to actively market itself in any other fashion, than by following some strict principles and technical standards, that not everyone can equally appreciate - except for those who then do experience it . I wouldn't say that it's necessarily a waste that you've used other VPNs. If anything, that only gives you perspective. I'm glad you like it.
  9. It seems you didn't turn this feature on . It'll also still be perfectly possible to torrent with this turned on. On ipleak, you can similarly download a test torrent to confirm this.
  10. Hello! You can start by considering updating your client from mid-2018 to 2020 .
  11. Hello! You're welcome to read this: And then this about the current discount: https://airvpn.org/buy/ Although I will say this: sales don't always come with a defined end date and this particular birthday sale must so far be the longest sale that Air has ever had .
  12. Hello! I believe he's referring to TCPOptimizer .
  13. Hello! Yes, it absolutely is. Just ensure you're connected to a location which is good for your specific situation/location and perhaps even using the UDP protocol.
  14. Hello! Thanks for using the new format, Staff .
  15. Hello! It's normal and is the default screen for when this website is unavailable due to something. Whether it's a poor connection somewhere, DDoS or whatever else. It usually clears up within a couple of minutes and is nothing to really worry about. It's just an inconvenience . Community Mods like myself, Zhang and Giganerd don't do work on the forums that could create such downtime.
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