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  1. Hello! One could say, that the real high stakes power move is to recommend that he switch to PIA, to find out why AirVPN is better .
  2. Hello! No. As per my guide, you'll also see it explained that future placements are not announced ahead of time.
  3. FYI, we can now see that it lasted from the 30th October until the 4th of November.
  4. I got it as well. But I'm certain there's going to be those who find it annoying. Perhaps Staff should just add a "Notifications" tab underneath "Logs" or "Overview" and just let a red 1 appear - much like the forum notifications.
  5. Hello! Haha, this sudden orange onslaught did provide a slight scare, I must admit. But this is new: you're now doing Halloween celebrations. Staff, I suggest you also do Chinese New Year celebrations around January/February. That, coupled with the Black Friday, Christmas/New Year and Birthday celebrations, will ensure you've got the VPN market cornered from November to May. Leaving only a few months of summer for the competition, where in many places of the world, it'll be too hot to be sitting inside using a VPN anyway . At any rate, I think you've used up the last 9 years of marketing budget getting that font to work .
  6. Hello! Then please submit your feedback with the appropriate logs in the corresponding beta thread:
  7. Hello! This is excellent news. But you added an unusual warning at the end, which seems unusual. Wondering if it'll spread more FUD than necessary and perhaps not get you the same amount of feedback, in return. Anyway, it's working for me so far. The only minor errors, are UI texts. Not bad Staff :). Here's the changes, for anyone who doesn't want to follow the links:
  8. Hello! That has already been addressed many times before . In short, Air already does. I would recommend that you read some of the questions and answers in the guide in my signature, as you'll be able to find many links to other security and privacy-related features.
  9. Hello! I've already addressed that line of questioning in the guide in my signature. Please look under the First Questions section. Among the answers, one answer is that Air has on many occasions stated how it's not required that you trust AirVPN, if you follow the "partition of trust" way of doing things.
  10. Hello! Didn't you see the Brazilian server that was just added?
  11. Hello! That's answered here.
  12. Hello! Please read the First Questions section in the guide in my signature. TL;DR: No service can guarantee such a thing, not least because even the best security can be undermined if the user isn't careful. But in certain scenarios, yes a VPN will help - such as if you're connecting to a WiFi network while connected to AirVPN - then would-be eavesdroppers on the network will have a much harder time. Practically, you can start with using Network Lock, then go about checking how private your browser is, such as through the EFF panopticlick website. From there, experiment with privacytools.io for example.
  13. Hello! I note the change: So everything below the 1 year plans, do not get the discount anymore. It's still weird to me, that the birthday celebrations still aren't the ones with the biggest and widest discounts. Seems more worthy to me . Happy birthday.
  14. Hello! It depends on the latency and/or what IP you want at the time. Otherwise they're all essentially the same. Boredom? Otherwise not really - usually not for new users at least. It's considered a superior choice to pick one outside your home country - use the black/white lists. Do note that a VPN isn't a silver bullet for privacy though. Normally no. If you're using Network Lock, you won't be able to browse until the connection is reestablished. But just verify through ipleak.net what IP you've got at any given time. Yes if you use Network Lock. No? ???? No? You may also read the guide in my signature.
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