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  1. Hello! Logs are usually always help. From top to bottom, in spoilers. Are you torrenting? If so, remember to port-forward. It depends what scenario you're looking at speed in .
  2. Hello! It does happen that the Eddie UI disappears - I've had it happen many times. But just know that this doesn't necessarily mean you were seeding out in the open, as the firewall rules might've still been in effect. Which I'm actually very confident they still would've been, in your case and that would've been why you were still seeing the seeding going on, because the Network Lock rules were still in effect. Even though I of course can't say with 100% certainty. This is also why it's a good idea to ensure the torrent client is bound to the VPN tun. I don't know if this is still an option in uTorrent, but if not, you can use the FOSS qBittorent client. You could download the testtorrent from ipleak.net in cases like these, in order to check your IP. My first suggestion would be to try the experimental client, as one is available. For details regarding how-to, please refer to the guide in my signature.
  3. In the sense that they appear around the same time every year, yes.
  4. I second that Hello! Probably January 1st.
  5. Hello! Suggestion: Staff do you think it would be reasonable to include the load and ms for the currently selected server, on the Overview page, instead of in the Servers tab, where one first has to find the server in question? The ms could go underneath Connection and perhaps a third box for load could be under the two existing upload and download boxes, in the middle. So it's still symmetrical .
  6. Hello! This is a huge thread necro my friend. This thread is from 2012 and things were quite different then . It has already been established multiple times, mainly in the Blocked Websites forum, that certain companies are very good at blocking VPNs and that a lot of it is outside of Airs control, despite best efforts. So yes it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. I hope you can appreciate why locking this thread is probably for the best . For reference, the feature Staff is referencing in the OP is usually called micro-routing. To use it, just use the Eddie client, as it automatically makes you use Air's DNS. Obviously, success isn't guaranteed. Hence the aforementioned forum and your own experience of blocked IPs, which Air also mentions in the link .
  7. Because it's relative. The VPN industry is unregulated and so it must necessarily be in relation to what is the norm. The norm, from all that I've seen, is: Using some closed-source client. Sometimes with several attendant bad practices, in the form of bloat or tracking or other things.Using several trackers on the main website. Usually social buttons.Using an array of world flags to seem impressive, but without detailing them much more than this, because the locations are fake and the performance isn't something to brag about.Using unknown standards for choosing locations and so opening new locations without concern for security, privacy or quality.Using all sorts of marketing gimmicks to seem more impressive than they are, which obscures things further. What's a "3D Stealth Server" for example?Possibly not even having a forum in order to discuss issues openly.Possibly not even having owners with a good technical understanding and therefore leaving customers with a knowledge blackhole.So in relation to things like the above, I think it's accurate and true to say that Air has high transparency by comparison. I didn't say total transparency and I was therefore still pleased with their idea . The only recent audit I'm aware of, is the funding provided to help audit OpenVPN and do a bug bounty. I was trying to find a post I read earlier about this. But now Staff has answered, so hopefully that's sufficient. As Staff stated, there's compelling security and business concerns to take into account and if (perhaps especially in a VPN context) security is not done properly and transparency simply becomes another way of virtue signalling, then the security it was meant to foster will be undermined. Or put another way: if Air offered to share something meant to be secret, in the name of transparency, with the added explanation that it would undermine security for users, would you want it? We should definitely start saying "closed sauce" instead, that'll spice things up . I understand what you mean. In regards to trust, I think it's also relevant to remember that AirVPN at least, actively encourages "partition of trust" for some of those reasons. Because trust is a weakness in this scenario. So if you/I/we don't *need* to trust AirVPN in order to use it or at least won't be completely compromised if Air was, then we all benefit. While the Openly Operated model, while great in so many ways, still makes users rely on the service and therefore trust it. While if they had more anonymizing features it would be more compelling.
  8. Hello! I think it's an interesting concept and I've often imagined something like it, so in overall terms, the idea or intent is good I think. To me, it does seem like there's many many things buried in their methodology, which seems somewhat suspicious. In a sense, turning everything into an exercise in transparency is a gimmick. Because it needs to be followed up with real technical know-how and integrity in order to actually mean something. So perhaps ironically, the only ones who will probably use that stuff, are the gullible customers whom can't utilise the apparent transparency to make informed judgments. While the technical crowd can and will raise the necessary and hard questions and resolve to stay away. But of course, I hope they keep developing. Some things I find less likable about it: They've essentially made their own framework and then branded themselves as the first to follow it. That's cheap enough, but their standards are essentially what Air has been doing since the beginning. Except Air didn't make it a central theme in this way and yet still has FOSS software, high transparency infrastructure, closed-loop systems and so forth. Simply being open, does not in itself ensure that high security and privacy standards are followed. According to their audit, they seem to mainly use IPSec tunnels. The audits seem a bit worrying too. While it's fantastic they don't use social media or buttons on their website, they still pin things to some of the worst privacy offenders, so there's no .ovpn files or similar flexibility for example: I get that it's a small company, but I hope this will change: In their quest for security through openness, they may be exposing themselves to danger, by assuming that everything must be publicly available. But there are things that even a VPN would probably be wise not to be sharing and assuming this is true, the quest for transparency undermines the very security it was meant to create. Why? They may be into transparency, but there's issues with their Privacy Policy, where Air by contrast at least allows the use of Bitcoin without any middlemen:
  9. Yes, the TCP test for instance. It should be green. I'm not familiar with that software, but do check if it can listen on specific ports and is doing so on the ones you specified in port forwarding.
  10. Hello! Just enter your required port into the "Local Port" field and then, unless you need a specific protocol or wish to "name" the port in the DDNS field, click generate. Then the number at the top will be the port number automatically generated for you, based on what was available. Thus not requiring you to guess. That should work. Otherwise yes, ports for each user are reserved across the service .
  11. Hello ! That's some very strange errors that I haven't seen before. You almost might want to submit that to support so they can see it. But you can try: going to Eddie>Preferences>Uncheck "Check Air DNS" & Preferences>Advanced>Uncheck "Check if Tunnel works". If that doesn't do it, then I do recommend trying the experimental client. There's instructions in my signature if you're unsure how. Please take a look here, as there's multiple possible workarounds.
  12. Hello! That's unfortunate . I don't think it's possible to get any information about resolution. It's resolved when it's resolved, if you know what I mean. But do keep in mind that if it's a question of accessing certain content from the location in question, that you may still be able to do so, if you use the micro-routing feature. Which is used automatically, when using Eddie.
  13. Hello! I don't know much about it, but it's usually not recommended using network manager with AirVPN, if some of the others are to go by. So using Eddie or OpenVPN directly is generally encouraged I think.
  14. Hello! Could you please try re-installing? Remembering to install all the drivers as prompted. You could even try the experimental client then. Instructions in my signature. Let us know how you get on .
  15. Hello! Did you blacklist those unwanted servers and/or un-check the option (Preferences>General) to reconnect to the last server? I think if it happens despite black or whitelisting, that it's worth looking into . Otherwise Eddie will just be picking what appears to be the best at the time. It's known that there have been similar-sounding cases to yours, but nothing recent of exactly like this I think. You're also welcome to share your logs, so that we can see what's happening when you disconnect. Do also ensure you're using the latest client, so you get all the latest features and fixes.
  16. LZ1

    Free Trial

    If you want to. But it appears you already have a subscription. You've just missed the sales unfortunately.
  17. Hence why you ought to try the solution suggested by Support and relayed here by Staff, as it may circumvent such blocking.
  18. Hello! You can try updating your client to the latest stable release. Sometimes that sorts the issue, as well as leaving you with an updated client . Otherwise you can also try going to Eddie>Preferences>DNS>And unchecking "Check AirVPN DNS". As well as Preferences>Advanced>Uncheck "Check if tunnel works".
  19. It would also be good to see the log from the other clients you used. Did you also try the Layer 6 thing another member referred to?
  20. Hello! We'll need to see some Eddie logs. Guides to how to share those can be found in the link in my signature.
  21. Please try downloading the latest stable Eddie release . If that doesn't work, then you can try out the experimental client.
  22. Hello! There's no log. There's some stickied threads regarding conflicts with certain AV programs which you might look at.
  23. Hello! I understand the pain of that situation . Have you tried installing the experimental Eddie client? Details for how can be found in the link in my signature. Otherwise his complete Eddie log would be beneficial being posted. Ideally in spoilers if possible. It may also be best for your privacy if you don't list your country/city, so I edited your OP just in case .
  24. It's always best to list the log from start to finish . You can use a spoiler tag for the logs too. If it's just a case of hiding that bootstrap message, then please try going to Eddie>Preferences>UI>Hide Bootstrap failure window.
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