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  1. Hello! You weren't hacked most likely. You can read more about security in the 2nd question of the First Questions section of the guide in my signature. If you want your account acted on, then I recommend submitting a support ticket and letting things be handled at Staff's discretion. I'm locking this, so as to stop the spread of unnecessary FUD.
  2. Hello! Please start by downloading the latest Eddie client and then re-submit your logs if the issue persists .
  3. Hello! Please append your Eddie logs and tell us more about your setup. You may also, as a preliminary solution, go to Eddie>Preferences>Protocols and select TCP and see if that helps. You can check the Status page to see Airs infrastructure. You may also check the guide in my signature, for explanations for the Status page.
  4. Hello! You're not likely to get an answer that contains specifics, as Staff don't tend to tell the community beforehand. New locations or additions to existing ones simply appear, when and if they're needed and meet the location requirements that Air specified at the outset. It wasn't long ago that there were no Japanese servers at all, mind you .
  5. Hello! This is an unfortunate aspect of being in this business. One has to trust that despite the reprehensible actions of what is likely a small minority, the larger aims are held to be more important still. Yeah, I thought of that. I guess I hoped that if they did they would eventually get found out and have their account cancelled by AirVPN (it's against the user agreement right?). I don't know the solution but it is disturbing. Not only because it's an awful thing, but it just invites authorities to come sticking their noses into everything...seize the servers or get some kind of warrant to make logs... Maybe I'm just paranoid. Does it not concern anyone else? Anyone have any ideas? Would using IvP6 only help (make it less likely to share an IP address with a CP distributor?) As good as this sounds on the surface, this is simply a risky thing for a company which markets itself as offering protection. Many competitors actually fall into that trap: they say they won't allow XYZ to be done on their servers and then (perhaps) inadvertently out themselves as really being in the business of closely monitoring their customers for any wrongdoing and therefore undermining their business and the trust others placed in it. But of course on an official, legal level, it's in Airs interest to protect itself from things such as CP. Yeah, I thought of that. I guess I hoped that if they did they would eventually get found out and have their account cancelled by AirVPN (it's against the user agreement right?). I don't know the solution but it is disturbing. Not only because it's an awful thing, but it just invites authorities to come sticking their noses into everything...seize the servers or get some kind of warrant to make logs... Maybe I'm just paranoid. Does it not concern anyone else? Anyone have any ideas? Would using IvP6 only help (make it less likely to share an IP address with a CP distributor?) I guess that is the thing with using a VPN service like this. If you can be anonymous, everyone can, including these kinds of people... Except those kind of people will put all of our privacy at risk. This case sure made a lot of IPVanish users nervous: https://torrentfreak.com/ipvanish-no-logging-vpn-led-homeland-security-to-comcast-user-180505/ Well besides how there's already lots of laws which negatively impact your privacy regardless of if anyone engages in criminal activity or not, as well as how just using privacy-respecting products casually can put you on a watchlist, it's unconvincing using an example like that, since there's many cases in which using low-quality products is itself a greater risk to privacy in many cases: If and when an authority on something comes looking, it's therefore all the more important that the product and company behind it are robust in their offerings. For example, in the link you posted, they stated they follow a "No Logs" policy. But as Air has outlined many times, that is in fact quite a vague statement. So, instead of relying on just 1 product for your privacy, there's really a lot more you could be doing to minimize the risk, such as partitioning of trust and other good practices. I don't think you should worry about "being associated" with the IP in question either, as it's deliberate that many users share a single IP when they connect to a location, precisely so that no one stands out, purely in terms of IP alone. But I of course understand that it doesn't feel especially pleasant to consider who else is using the same IP. Air addressed this before as not being possible. I hope this somewhat addresses your concerns. TL:DR; We shouldn't let a minority spoil things for the majority and if you're worried about the consequences for you, then mitigate the risk by for example using more than 1 VPN or "partitioning trust" by using Tor + Air, so that neither party sees all you do in case one is compromised. You can find lots of links relating to these things, in the link in my signature. Including, in the "First Posts" section under the question: "- What does AirVPN do to make it safe to use and does it log or track people?" A list of things Air does to uphold security and privacy.
  6. Hello! Yes, on many occasions. But it has always been ruled out as an option; usually, as you alluded to, with administration being cited as at least one of the leading reasons for why. Note also that Air doesn't quite care if others are doing X, as they don't inherently worry about following the pack. Often because it turns out they're ahead of the pack anyway, as many competitors only do things for reasons related to marketing and not because that thing will necessarily increase security or privacy in real terms. So for example, many a competitor may say they accept Bitcoin and say no more. While Air recently cut out the middleman for Bitcoin transactions and remains one of the few, if only, to do so I think. When this sort of thing is taken into account, you may see how sending cash physically may seem wholly unnecessary from Airs standpoint, besides just unfeasible practically .
  7. Hello! Then please share your Eddie logs . If you don't know how, you can refer to the FAQ link in my signature.
  8. LZ1


    Hello! To add to Staffs post, you can also check the FAQ in my signature, where the First Questions section will supply you with plenty of links; including a rather large amount about what Air specifically does, feature-wise, to enhance its security and privacy.
  9. If you mean to ask if there's changes being made to 60% of servers, which could be causing issues, then I can only say there would be many more posts in the forum about it . Any new changes are announced in the announcement forum. Lastly, we don't know what's going on in your case if you don't append any logs.
  10. Hello! Please try upgrading to the latest experimental client first of all: 2.16.1. If you don't know where to find it, you can check the FAQ listed in my signature. Changelog. As for not being able to connect when Eddie crashes with NL on, that's because it can't restore the original firewall rules. But you can do that yourself too.
  11. Hello! Did you try connecting to different locations? According to route checking, others should work.
  12. Hello! Thank you for your suggestion. Ideas are always welcome . Good going getting more people unto the Air(ship). Remember to use your personal referral link . . There's sales around 3 times a year, where one can enjoy discounts approaching 40%. You can find the details in the first section of the FAQ in my signature. So I recommend spreading the word, around that time. Otherwise there's not going to be such a 2 year plan most likely. Perhaps partly due to being unnecessary, partly due to being untenable income-wise and partly due to sales already being present, which discount all plans. I'm quite sure that Air Staff, in prior posts, argue that Air is one of the cheaper options out there, when you take into account all the many features you get, which you often don't get at all with many competitors. Perhaps your sales strategy should include more feature-by-feature comparisons, when making the case for Airs current price point? For example: How many of those competitors supply a native FOSS Linux client; which also runs on many other operating systems and works out of the box?How many of those competitors can switch seamlessly between not just TCP, UDP, SSH and SSL, but also TOR?How many of those competitors employ just half of the security measures Air does, from tls-crypt to Perfect Forward Secrecy?
  13. Please also try unchecking "Check if tunnel works" under the Advanced tab .
  14. Hello! When installing it manually, did you try right-clicking it and trying to install as administrator? Note there's also a new experimental release you can try if you wish.
  15. Hello! It would be helpful if you shared your logs. If you don't know how, then please check the link in my signature, as the New User guide shows you how. As per your image, I would recommend going to Eddie's Preferences>DNS>Uncheck "Check Air DNS"> Then Save. Other than that, please ensure you're using the latest Eddie release.
  16. Are you using the latest Eddie client? There's also an experimental release yet again.
  17. That's merely the profile of a lot of users here, which was what I was suggesting. Assuming you're using Windows, you can reset the firewall rules to default using these brief instructions. That would and should fix anything related to Network Lock. Understanding protocols is quite technical. But in the Air software you were using, you can go to "Preferences">"Protocols">Find "TCP 443" or "SSL 443" and select one>Then Save>Then connect to a server. The result can often help fix speed issues. As for logs, that's in the "Logs" tab and is a list of what the Air software is doing. If you want, you can go to the guide I linked to in my signature below, to see further instructions on how to share them. When these aren't shared, then no one, including Air support, can help you that much, as no one knows what's happening on your computer. Which perhaps explains why your earlier support requests weren't a good experience, as support probably requested your logs and you didn't know where to find them; which is understandable. Everyone has different needs and priorities. Best of luck in your search . Locked.
  18. Hello! Something which defines this community is the willingness to experiment and tinker, to obtain maximum performance. Some also buy hardware specifically meant for it; such as a good router with custom software. That's not to say you can't get good performance without those things, but just that this is what is usually true for those at the top. To troubleshoot this, it's usually necessary for you to share your Eddie logs with either the community or Air support. This is because you probably enabled Network Lock and it's working: no communications allowed from your computer, unless it can go through Air. Either disable Network Lock or update your client, as older clients had some bugs relating to this. One feature with Air is the micro-routing. Which means you don't need to connect to, in this case, a location in Germany, to access German content. Connecting to any location would work usually. No one is expecting expertise or commenting on education. Most would probably say that patience, experimentation and general curiosity matter more . Maybe you should try again. Upgrading to the latest client. Just download it again from the download page. Going to Eddie preferences>Protocols>Trying different protocols such as TCP and SSL 443. Remember to re-connect to a country after each change, for it to take effect. Sharing your Eddie logs, when something doesn't work right; otherwise we're clueless to what's going on. As a rule, we need to know more about your system. 3rd party security software for example, can cause issues. So you can try disable any of these that may be installed.
  19. Hello! Thank you for making a contribution like this to the forum/community. I'm sure it'll be useful and to help ensure it's not lost, I will add it to my list of forum guides, if that's alright with you . As for MTU, there's a great post and link on just that, which takes the guess work out of it, using the mssfix.
  20. Hello! Which release client are you using? If the problem persists in the latest stable, that would be interesting.
  21. Hello! You can always check the status here. Otherwise it's good if you share your entire log .
  22. Hello! In addition to what Staff said, please do also consider updating your client, as it's extremely out of date if you're using 2.9.2(!). Changelog.
  23. LZ1

    Eddie 2.14.2

    Hello! Absolutely. Simply go to the download page in question and click the other versions button. There you can also find experimental clients. If the specific number isn't there, you can naturally try a still earlier release.
  24. Hello! You go to the servers tab and double-click on the one you desire. In the countries tab you can choose which countries should be in the servers list, through white or blacklisting them.
  25. Hello! You can also experiment with using older Eddie clients. Simply click "Other versions" on the download page. You could try 2.13.6 for example or 2.14.0 to see if that changes anything, as I think the newer 2.15 clients are experiencing some issues at times. Outside of that, it's still good to show us your logs . But more to the point: are you using any 3rd party security software, such as Kaspersky? Do also keep in mind that it's possible to submit support tickets, for Official support.
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