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Found 294 results

  1. Hello 1. I have Eddie installed and configured (it's working) 2. I have Open VPN Gui installed and working (it's working) When I use connect to a server from Eddie it's working fine When I Use Connect from Open VPN it works fine as well but How can I connect a VPN and use a networklock simultaneously? IN eddie I can either choose to connect or to lock network - it confuses me a lot.
  2. I have included a link to the article regarding how the TunnelVision technique can be used to manipulate traffic away from the VPN tunnel. My big question is does Eddie support Network Namespaces in the Linux client. "It is not feasible to fix the issue by simply removing support for the DHCP feature because this could break Internet connectivity in some legitimate cases. The strongest recommendation we have is for VPN providers to implement network namespaces on operating systems that support them, similar to the method described in WireGuard’s documentation. Network namespaces are a Linux feature that can segment interfaces and routing tables away from the local network’s control, and other operating system maintainers should consider whether namespaces are feasible to implement. " https://www.leviathansecurity.com/blog/tunnelvision
  3. Hello everyone I've had a problem for a few days Unable to connect Eddie. He keeps trying to connect but can't do it. If anyone can help me, that would help me a lot. thanks in advance
  4. Hi, I'm on Linux Mint 21.1 and I've installed the Eddie client (version 2.21.8, installed via apt). When I open the Eddie window, I can use it to connect to the VPN, but if I close the window, it closes the VPN connection. I would expect the connection to stay up when the client window is closed. Is there any way to do that? I've looked it up and it doesn't seem to be a common issue. If this is a normal feature of Eddie, would switching to a CLI client solve the problem? Or would I need that terminal window to stay up as well? Thanks! Edit : I found the answer, im putting it here in case other people have the same question : simply right-click the tray icon and select "hide main window", very easy
  5. I'm on macOS sonoma, using Eddie with network lock and port forwarding set up in qbittorrent. I'm not getting any transfer activity. The interface list in the advanced settings doesn't have "eddie" like it does on pc. I've been trying them all, but nothing seems to enable transfers. I've attached a screenshot of the options available to me. I have a feeling it's one of the utun0-6, but I can't get it to work. Any help?
  6. Hi All I have been using AirVPN with the Eddie Client for Mac since moving from Mulvad. Mulvad allowed me to Print documents from my mac to my Networked printer however I don't seem to be able to find the printer when using Eddie and need to disconnect from the VPN to print. Is there a simple way to print on my Lan whilst connected to VPN? Thanks
  7. Hello, I recently got AirVpn. I can't connect to a server using the Android Eddie client. I get an error with quick connect. It gives me an error about end of the server list, no server available for connection. I set my default server to Japan in the server tab since automatic connection tries to connect me to Singapore which is extremely slow server for me. I'm using the latest Eddie client from Google play and Android 13 with March update on Google pixel 7. Thanks for your assistance.
  8. Hi everyone.😀 Sorry if the English is bad, I use google translator as a helper. My operating system is Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon. when I became a member on January 23, 2018, everything worked as it should. but not anymore, the problem has been there for a really long time. But I agree with this problem if no help is found. Eddie no longer starts when I press "connect to a recommended server," the screen just shows "waiting for latency test" and nothing happens. But I get Eddie to work, but when I press "cancel" and select the desired country from "server", Eddie starts without problems. This has to be done every time I start eddie. I would also like to ask if it is better to keep Deactive or Activate network Lock. I keep activated ?.! I've never been familiar with the settings, I don't know if they need to be changed in any way, if everything works otherwise? If there is something that should be done in the settings, I would be grateful for the information. Thank you very much..🤝
  9. Hi, I would like to set up split-tunneling by using the "routes" tab within the Eddie client (Windows). I want all traffic to be sent outside of the tunnel, except for my torrent client qBittorrent like it is described in this forum post. Unfortunately, the comment by the staff member did not include an explanation with steps how to do this exactly. I want to be sure that I am doing it correctly, so just guessing or trial and error is not an option, as I am worried about exposing my IP address if I do not set it up correctly. I was not able to find an explanation for this as all the other forum posts that I found only explained how to do it with using external software and not the Eddie client. My knowledge about networking is somewhat limited. So how exactly do I either exclude all traffic except from the tunnel except for the one specified? And how do I know which IP addresses I need to include for qBittorrent? are there multiple or just one? If someone knows how to see which one(s) it is in the "execution log" within qBittorrent please let me know. Adding these details in case they make a difference: I have port forwarding set up and use wireguard as a protocol and I have the Web-UI enabled to use with Prowlarr. I don't know if I am using IPv4 and/or IPv6.
  10. Good morning I installed Eddie on my TCL TV and I would like it to run when my TV starts up in order to avoid any leaks but I cannot find this option. Can you tell me how to do it? THANKS
  11. My knowledge is lower intermediate at best but let me explain myself. So I got the AIRVPN sub, setup port forwarding, setup port forwarding in qbitorrent and all seemed gravy. One problem the speeds are bad, like real bad terrible even. So I go on this forum and read a post about using wireguard with airvpn. So I download wireguard and generate a protocol thru this site and paste into the wireguard it connects. Speed much better and still says I'm in another country. Here's the rub: The torrent I'm downloading in qbitorrent is now saying "stalled" and I'm seeding nothing also Eddie is continuously saying "connecting" and "restarting". I read somewhere saying to go into protocols/ prefs/ uncheck auto/ choose wireguard/ and then save. No changes. I figured I did something wrong somewhere or didn't do something.... Now I'm wondering about something call DNS leaks? Basically any help you can give me would be appreciated.
  12. Hello! Firstly, I have a win10 PC, and at this time was running Eddie with qbitrorrent 4.6.0, and Eddie and qB are binded via the torrent clients settings. I normally seed overnight and leave my PC and VPN running. This morning when I went to check on my PC, I saw a notification that at 3:47AM it disconnected and then reconnected 2 min later at 3:49AM. I checked the logs, and I don't really understand what happened exactly, but through some key words it appears the server was Inactive, had to restart, and attempted to reconnect (successfully)? Here's a screenshot of just part of the logs when it first disconnected, starting at 03:47:03, but will also attach the full .txt file. Now for my question: Is there something I need to do to fix this or is just an occasional occurrence, and this happens here and there? Since I had Network Lock activated, my IP was not leaked during that 2 minute disconnection, right? I searched the forums for a bit and saw that someone had a similar inactive error, but their issue may have been due to using the same server+key(?) for 2 devices. At this time, I only had Eddie running on one device (this PC). I do have it on another laptop, but that laptop has been completely off since the last week, so I don't think that would be the issue? Thanks in advance for any answers or information. Love the client, and my questions may be dumb, but I'm very interested in learning what happened so that I have a better understanding going forward. Eddie_20231117_075642.txt
  13. When I whitelist one app, all the apps are now bypassing the VPN. This is not the definition of whitelisting. I mentioned this on the review I gave on the Google Play Store and I get a reply saying that I have this backwards??? Techtarget definition : What is a whitelist (allowlist)? A whitelist (allowlist) is a cybersecurity strategy that approves a list of email addresses, IP addresses, domain names or applications, while denying all others. Surfshark definition : VPN whitelist (aka Split Tunneling): Allows chosen apps and websites to bypass a VPN (Virtual Private Network) even when it is turned on Why is someone replying to my Google Play review that I have it wrong? What am I missing?
  14. I am using Eddie on Mac but it prefers to use OpenVPN instead of Wireguard for some reason. I want to use Wireguard when possible (my network supports it) for the speed and latency benefits. Please add an option to add a preferred protocol.
  15. Preface, I'm kind of dumb when it comes to VPNs and networking and all that. I'm gonna need the dumbed-down version. I have Eddie set to stay connected to one server and Always-On VPN is on in my phone. However, it keeps disconnecting. I get the alert attached. What gives? Is this just how Eddie operates? I'm really having a hard time with the UI and with it continually disconnecting.
  16. Is there a way to get my old Eddie settings file off my old OS drive and put it on my new OC install? I am having some serious issues with Eddie/Torrenting since installing my OS fresh and think it may be because I had some setting in Eddie before hand set different (I think it was a TCP or UDP setting, but I can't remember) and that is why I had such good speeds before. If I could copy my old settings over from my old HD with the old OS on it that may fix my problem. Here is my post in the issue I am having: https://airvpn.org/topic/29761-connection-issues-after-fresh-os-install/ There is something in Eddie that is chocking my speeds while torrenting that was never there before on my old OS install.
  17. I can't connect AIrVPN through the TOR browser. It gives the error UDP is not allowed with a proxy. Help pls
  18. I just reinstalled AirVPN/Eddie today, before I reinstalled, AirVPN did not work while Wireguard worked just fine. Now however I try and connect in Eddie with Wireguard and get an error and disconnected: WireGuard > Error: Failed to start: not running What does this mean? There is no other details in the log. This error is really vague and doesn't point me in any direction to solving it. If Wireguard is not running, how do I make it run? All I had to do was connect to Wireguard in settings, but since that doesn't fix it, I don't know what to do. Thanks
  19. Got issues with my ISP/router reg. Wireguard and UDP. How do I switch to OpenVPN and TCP in Eddie 2.21.8 Desktop? Can't find anything to do this in preferences. My OS: Ubuntu 23.04 Thx. Cilline
  20. I just today updated Eddie to latest 2.21.8 on Win10 Home x64 (21H2 build ID 19044.1706) and now i cannot connect - i am getting a netsh error 1 every single time I DID start logging after about 5 errors and i let it log the fails on run about 10-15 more times lol i am not able to connect to ANY AirVPN servers! Eddie and AirVPN BOTH WORKED GREAT last week or 2 weeks ago when i last logged in, BEFORE i upgraded. Should i DOWNGRADE Eddie? that is my next try... but i'd rather wait to have an expert read my logfiles here?? i did recently upgrade my network drivers, and i replaced a CPU and my video card, and upped my memory and added a new SSD drive -- could that have affected it? --- Log file attached what do i need to do? Thanks so much eddie_2022-05-27.log
  21. Hi all, I have a setup where I need to forward traffic from an interface (let's say eth1, with ip to the "Eddie" interface when -netlock=True. After the Eddie interface was up, I set these rule: iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o Eddie -j MASQUERADE iptables -A FORWARD -i eth1 -o Eddie -j ACCEPT It works with netlock off. This setup works on Wireguard environment (wg-quick), but not with eddie. When pinging from the subnet (, I get whenever netlock is on. Is there any other particular rules I needed? Much appreciate any help, thanks.
  22. Just wanted to post this in case anyone else ends up facing this issue and goes looking for help in the forums like I did. For awhile I was having the problem where if I was connected for a longer session (about 15 - 24 hours), after disconnecting the Eddie GUI would "freeze". The buttons would become unresponsive, and I couldn't click to deactivate the Network Lock or click on Connect. My only option was to use task manager to kill it, but then it wouldn't re-launch properly, and I still couldn't deactivate the Network Lock. So I was forced to shut down my computer to restore my network, and then Eddie would launch normally again. I took a screenshot to send to the support team about this, and I noticed the automatic generated filename included "GeForce Overlay", even though I had never seen an alert that the overlay was active on Eddie. So I uninstalled it and tested again, and now the issue seems to be resolved. Hopefully this helps somebody out! Cheers.
  23. I'm struggling to get Eddie to autostart and autoconnect on boot on a Fire TV 2 (Xiaomi). I have read that this should be supported in some other posts. Re-connect after wake from standby works as expected and flawlessly. If the TV is power-cylcled or fully rebooted though Eddie doesn't create a connection. I'm not sure if it starts at all because I don't really have found a way of verify the running state of the app without first opening it, which obviously gives me a running app but no connection. Even when manually opening the app no connection is made automatically. I went through all of the settings and everything I could find that seems remotely related looks correct (remember login, start VPN connection at device boot, priority to last connected, autologin sessions) Anything else that I might be missing or that I can check? Or is this a known limitation? Thanks for your support!
  24. Hi all, I've checked the forums, but this issue has never been really solved. I have 3 different media servers (DLNA) on my local home network. When Eddie is started, I cannot discover them from my PC. When I exit out of Eddie, it does work fine. I checked all my settings (within Eddie), and they appear to be fine (access to local network is allowed and works). To me, it appears as if Eddie blocks the multicast. Is there a known fix for this?
  25. I'm encountering a strange issue for the past few days where I'm unable to connect to the internet when eddie isn't running. Info about my system/software: Mac OSX 10.12.6 Eddie v 2.15.2 Eddie is setup to run with the network lock enabled by default. I have, in the past, faced these issues where the machine would refuse to connect to the internet when eddie wasn't running, and restarting the machine would restore connectivity [sic] Restarting the machine doesn't seem to be doing the trick for me anymore, and I'm stuck with the need to use the machine without the airVPN connectivity (because I need to use my employer's VPN instead) Attaching logs, and screenshots of my Eddie settings. Please let me know if there's more info I can provide. Eddie_20180809_114535.txt
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