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  1. Hello! Username and password are encrypted, and not simply obfuscated, before they leave your system in Eddie desktop editions as well. However this thread is reserved to Eddie Android edition: please report your evidence on the threads dedicated to Eddie desktop edition at your convenience for thorough investigations. Kind regards
  2. Hello! On Eddie Android Edition it is impossible. We need evidence as username/password pair is encrypted BEFORE leaving the system (check yourself on the source code and through deep packet inspection tools) so at the moment we must rule out what you say, in Eddie Android edition. Kind regards
  3. Hello! Thank you for your suggestions. First and second ones are clear. We would like to clarify the third one. Your username, e-mail or password are never exposed, during any interaction with our "auth" or "bootstrap" servers, while with the VPN servers they are not even sent out (they are not necessary to connect to our VPN servers). Also, you can prevent Fortinet to understand that an OpenVPN tunnel has been built by using "tls-crypt", which is anyway the default Eddie setting. tls-crypt mode encrypts the whole OpenVPN Control Channel, so it is actually a pure TLS connection. It is available to entry-IP addresses 3 and 4 of our VPN servers. Please feel free to clarify what you mean with "changing headers for the VPN" at your convenience, we're afraid we don't understand. Kind regards
  4. Hello! Does anyone experience the following problem with "OpenVPN over SSL" connections in Linux, or similar issues in other systems? We have been asked to post it here by one of our customers. Can you please test on your systems? Hello, I have just installed your new Eddie client (2.18.2 beta) to try out i was on the previous (stable) version until now.Operation system is Debian based with latest update's However SSL protocol connections do not seam to work for me now thay did work before the Eddie update, and ssl works with the previous Eddie version on a windows client. I have attached logs for each connection attempt all are successful except for the SSL option. All UDP SSH and other protocols/servers connect fine except when using SSL Is there any issues with ssl at the moment. Please let me know how to proceed or if any further information is required. Thank you for your time. SSL I 2019.09.13 14:05:58 - Checking authorization ... ! 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - Connecting to Lacerta (Canada, Montreal) . 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - Routes, added a new route, for gateway . 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - SSL > 2019.09.13 14:05:59 LOG5[ui]: stunnel 5.55 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu platform . 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - SSL > 2019.09.13 14:05:59 LOG5[ui]: Compiled/running with OpenSSL 1.1.1c 28 May 2019 . 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - SSL > 2019.09.13 14:05:59 LOG5[ui]: Threading:PTHREAD Sockets:POLL,IPv6,SYSTEMD TLS:ENGINE,FIPS,OCSP,PSK,SNI Auth:LIBWRAP . 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - SSL > 2019.09.13 14:05:59 LOG5[ui]: Reading configuration from file /home/unknown/.config/eddie/33e6d2ca44d2221880152d327a2db718cd5ffb8384b6377c13b1ffe5fb94550f.tmp.ssl . 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - SSL > 2019.09.13 14:05:59 LOG5[ui]: UTF-8 byte order mark detected . 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - SSL > 2019.09.13 14:05:59 LOG5[ui]: FIPS mode disabled . 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - SSL > 2019.09.13 14:05:59 LOG6[ui]: Initializing service [openvpn] . 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - SSL > 2019.09.13 14:05:59 LOG4[ui]: Service [openvpn] needs authentication to prevent MITM attacks . 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - SSL > 2019.09.13 14:05:59 LOG5[ui]: Configuration successful . 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - SSL > 2019.09.13 14:05:59 LOG6[ui]: Service [openvpn] (FD=9) bound to . 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - SSL > 2019.09.13 14:05:59 LOG3[ui]: Cannot create pid file /var/run/stunnel4.pid . 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - SSL > 2019.09.13 14:05:59 LOG3[ui]: create: Permission denied (13) ! 2019.09.13 14:05:59 - Disconnecting
  5. @amilino Older than 2.18 Eddie version stored a profile in ~/.airvpn with the name "default.xml". Eddie 2.18.2 stores the profile in ~/.config/eddie and names it default.profile. So default.xml comes from some older Eddie that you were running with user "root" (and NOT with a normal user in the sudoers). What does su have to do with sudo? Just to verify whether Eddie has at least created the proper directory, can you tell us whether the following directories of your regular account: ~/.config/eddie ~/.config exist or not? Kind regards
  6. This folder does not exist. Hello! That might be the problem. If you have removed ~/.config for your account please re-create it and try to re-run Eddie. If you are connecting to your Raspberry as superuser please switch to a normal user and then run Eddie. Another potential cause which may explain the error message you reported might be when your user is not a sudoer. In this case Eddie UI can't launch Eddie backend (another binary file) with root privileges from the account itself, so it will try to do it from root account, if possible (on some systems like Ubuntu root account exists but is disabled by default). Kind regards
  7. Hello! What problem do you experience? Default location for Eddie's default.profile file is ~/.config/eddie Kind regards
  8. Hello! OpenVPN is correct: 19700101 00:00:21 N VERIFY ERROR: depth=1 error=certificate is not yet valid: C=IT ST=IT L=Perugia O=airvpn.org CN=airvpn.org CA emailAddress=info@airvpn.org Our certificate is not valid on 01 Jan 70. Setting the correct date and time will solve the issue. Kind regards
  9. Version 2.18.2 beta (Thu, 12 Sep 2019 15:59:45 +0000) [change] Linux - FIxed a Lintian error on some distributions [bugfix] Linux - Netlock issue if IPv6 is disabled via GRUB ('Address family not supported by protocol' error) [bugfix] Linux - Sometimes Eddie doesn't close [bugfix] Linux - Arch issue with elevation, also restored .xz packages [bugfix] Windows - Issues with username with spaces [bugfix] macOS - Dump PF output and file in logs in case of failure [change] macOS - Notifications, better layout with icons [change] Added Boost in Libraries [bugfix] Minor UI changes
  10. Hello @Blimeychum we are very glad to know it. Eddie's default settings are fine in most cases: you can fine tune Eddie from the "Settings" view but if you are comfortable right now there's no reason to change settings. A new Eddie Android edition guide is almost ready and will be published soon. Kind regards
  11. Hello! Yes. it might be the problem we underlined. What happens if you run Eddie Android edition in your FireStick? Eddie Android edition is available in the Amazon Appstore too: https://www.amazon.com/Eddie-AirVPN-official-OpenVPN-GUI/dp/B07KTD6DH9/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=eddie+airvpn&qid=1568227286&s=gateway&sr=8-1 Kind regards
  12. Hello! What is the browser you used to download the generated configuration files? The error you get is usually caused by the fact that the browser downloads the whole HTTP page instead of the actual file. This happens for example with Chrome for iOS and the old "Android browser". We are looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards
  13. Hi! Please feel free to be specific on those texts: fixing errors is the main purpose of beta testing! Kind regards
  14. Hello! We're very glad to inform you that a new Eddie Air client version has been released: 2.18beta. It is ready for public beta testing. How to test our experimental release: Go to download page of your OS Click on Other versions Click on Experimental Look at the changelog if you wish Download and install Please see the changelog: https://eddie.website/changelog/?software=client&format=html In this release, we changed all source code from the ground up, to separate what needs superuser privileges and what not. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS A BETA VERSION. Don't use it for real connection, it's only for those who want to collaborate to the project as beta-tester. We hope to raise now the frequency of feedback replies here and Eddie releases.
  15. Hello! That must be seen and evaluated. While Eddie reconnects traffic leaks are of course expected, unless you have activated the proper options in Android 8 or 9 (or you enable VPN Lock in Eddie). Can you open a ticket and send us a complete log? Kind regards
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