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  1. Hello! We can't reproduce the issue... Please upgrade to Eddie 2.3, or 2.4 beta 1 and test again at your convenience. Also, do not enter custom directive "block-outside-dns": that's a directive implemented only on OpenVPN 2.3.x and higher version for Windows, which is a system with incomplete DNS implementation (lack of global DNS). Kind regards
  2. Hello! You can't at the moment: please generate profiles directly with Eddie Android edition, or use the following directives to connect from different platforms (remember that only OpenVPN 2.5 beta and OpenVPN 3.3 AirVPN support ChaCha20 on Data Channel): ncp-disable cipher CHACHA20-POLY1305 Kind regards
  3. Hello! That's correct. You can start Eddie and have it connected to an experimental server with ChaCha20 during your device bootstrap by using a profile. Remember that you can generate a profile from inside the app, you don't necessarily have to rely on the Configuration Generator. Go to "Settings" > "AirVPN" and make sure that you have selected "ChaCha20-Poly1305" as "Encryption algorithm" Open "AirVPN Server" view Locate your favorite experimental server Long-tap on it and select "Add to OpenVPN profile", then confirm Go to "OpenVPN Profile" view, tap the generated profile and confirm When the connection is established, reboot your device. Eddie will start and connect to that experimental server during your device bootstrap Kind regards
  4. Hello! Message edited properly to show how you can do that. Thank you very much for your remark. Kind regards
  5. Hello! AirVPN is very proud to introduce for the first time ever OpenVPN 3 support for ChaCha20-Poly1305 cipher with Eddie Android edition 2.4 beta 1. The new implementation means remarkably higher performance and longer battery life for your Android device. CPUs that do not support AES New Instructions, typically ARM CPUs mounted on most Android devices, are much faster to encrypt and decrypt a stream of data with ChaCha20 than AES. At the same time, ChaCha20 offers the same security when compared to AES. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salsa20#ChaCha_variant You can test right now the new cipher. We have prepared three test servers running OpenVPN 2.5 and supporting ChaCha20 in Canada and the Netherlands. When you pick ChaCha20 as cipher in Settings, Eddie will filter properly Air VPN servers to let you connect to them. You can participate to testing by joining the beta community in the Google Play Store here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.airvpn.eddie You can also download Eddie Android 2.4 beta 1 apk directly from our repository: https://eddie.website/repository/eddie/android/2.4beta1/org.airvpn.eddie.apk The outstanding feature has been made possible by AirVPN implementation on "OpenVPN AirVPN" of new directives, never supported before by OpenVPN 3, as well as a brand new, rationally re-engineered class for AEAD ciphers, which currently includes both AES-GCM and ChaCha20. Development of OpenVPN 3 will go on during the next months. Here's the current status: Eddie Android edition available languages are: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish. Eddie for Android is free and open source software released under GPLv3. We invite you to check from independent 3rd parties lack of trackers code signatures, for example here: https://reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/en/reports/search/org.airvpn.eddie Please feel free to report any bug, glitch etc. in the thread. Also, it would be great if you can report a comparison between performance from your Android device with AES and ChaCha20, on equal terms when possible (same experimental server, same load on your Android device...), including your Android version and device specifications if possible. New in version 2.4: Updated native library to OpenVPN 3.3 AirVPN ChaCha20-Poly1305 support on both OpenVPN Control and Data channels Support by OpenVPN 3 AirVPN of ncp-disable directive integrated in the app according to the cipher suite picked by the user For new features complete list, please see the changelog at the bottom of this post Main features: Free and open source OpenVPN GUI based on "OpenVPN 3.3 AirVPN" The only Android application officially developed by AirVPN Robust, best effort prevention of traffic leaks outside the VPN tunnel Battery-conscious application Low RAM footprint Ergonomic and friendly interface Ability to start and connect the application at device boot Option to define which apps must have traffic inside or outside the VPN tunnel through white and black list Localization in simplified and traditional Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish Full integration with AirVPN Enhanced security thanks to locally stored encrypted data through master password Quick one-tap connection and smart, fully automated server selection Smart server selection with custom settings Manual server selection Smart attempts to bypass OpenVPN blocks featuring protocol and server fail-over Full Android TV compatibility including D-Pad support. Mouse emulation is not required. Enhancements aimed to increase accessibility and comfort to visually impaired persons AirVPN servers sorting options Customizable "Favorite" and "Forbidden" servers and countries OpenVPN mimetype support to import profiles from external applications Multiple OpenVPN profile support. The app now imports and manages multiple OpenVPN profiles Support for custom bootstrap servers Support for favorite and forbidden countries AirVPN broadcast messages support User's subscription expiration date is shown in login/connection information The app is aware of concurrent VPN use. In case another app is granted VPN access, Eddie acts accordingly and releases VPN resources Optional local networks access. In such case, local network devices are exempted from the VPN and can be accessed within the local devices Localization override. User can choose the default language and localization from one of the available ones Favorite and forbidden lists can be emptied with a single tap VPN Lock can now be disabled or enabled from settings VPN reconnection in case of unexpected OpenVPN disconnection. (It requires VPN Lock to be disabled) User can generate an OpenVPN profile for any AirVPN server or country and save it in OpenVPN profile manager Server scoring algorithm implementing the latest AirVPN balancing factors in order to determine the best server for quick connection Network name and extra information are shown along with network type Device network status management Kind regards & datalove AirVPN Staff Changelog 2.4 beta 1 (VC 24) - Release date: 19 July 2019 by ProMIND [ProMIND] Updated native library to "OpenVPN 3.3 AirVPN" supporting CHACHA20-POLY1305 cipher and ncp-disable profile option (forked from OpenVPN:master 3.2 qa:d87f5bbc04) [ProMIND] Updated default manifest to V256 airvpn_server_listview_item.xml [ProMIND] added a new layout for showing server's warning_open field AirVPNServerProvider.java [ProMIND] Added cipher filter according to user settings AirVPNServerSettingsActivity.java [ProMIND] Added encryption algorithm option for AirVPN servers AirVPNServer.java [ProMIND] Added class members to comply to Manifest V256 AirVPNServerGroup.java [ProMIND] New class for manifest V256 handling AirVPNUser.java [ProMIND] getOpenVPNProfile(): profile generator uses "cipher" and "ncp-disable" according to the user settings [ProMIND] getPasswordDialog(): soft keyboard is shown by default [ProMIND] loginDialog(): soft keyboard is shown by default CipherDatabase.java [ProMIND] New class for manifest V256 handling ConnectAirVPNServerFragment.java [ProMIND] Show a warning in yellow in case server has a warning_open status [ProMIND] Servers are now filtered according to selected encryption [ProMIND] searchDialog(): soft keyboard is shown by default ConnectionInfoFragment.java [ProMIND] Added cipher name and digest to info box OpenVPNTunnel.java [ProMIND] Added method getProtocolOptions() QuickConnectFragment.java [ProMIND] Show user selected encryption in status box SettingsActivity.java [ProMIND] Added encryption algorithm option for AirVPN servers SettingsManager.java [ProMIND] Added methods getAirVPNCipher() and setAirVPNCipher() SupportTools.java [ProMIND] Changed AIRVPN_SERVER_DOCUMENT_VERSION to 256 [ProMIND] editOptionDialog(): soft keyboard is shown by default VPN.java [ProMIND] Added class members cipherName and digest
  6. Hello! On server side, we use OpenVPN 2.5 to support ChaCha20 on the Data Channel, so any server with OpenVPN 2.5 will be marked as "Experimental", to make clear that the OpenVPN running in it is a beta version. As soon as OpenVPN 2.5 stable is released, all the servers will be upgraded to support ChaCha20 on the Data Channel without the "Experimental" warning. Our next, imminent step is releasing Eddie Android edition with OpenVPN 3 supporting ChaCha20-Poly1305 to allow immediate testing from those devices based on Android that need ChaCha20 most, for performance and load reasons (such as any Android tablet, smart phone, Amazon Fire TV and any other Android based mediacenter using a CPU that does not support AES-NI). Kind regards
  7. Hello! In addition to what HannaForest wrote, use end-to-end encryption in any case. Kind regards
  8. @prebrov Please see also here to avoid conflicts: https://airvpn.org/forums/topic/26209-how-to-manage-client-certificatekey-pairs/ Kind regards
  9. Hello! We see now that the web site you mention also blocks some Tor exit-nodes we tested. This fact alone puts an end to your insinuations: go trolling somewhere else. Kind regards
  10. A user can be sure that we do not infringe end-to-end connectivity principle and draw his/her own conclusions. It makes a world of difference and raises various questions, for example why does a service want to know your real IP address? Kind regards
  11. Hello! The final web server and/or firewall on the final service machine blocking our VPN servers exit-IP addresses on ports 80 and 443 explains your observations. Kind regards
  12. Hello! We do not block any outbound port except 25. We are forced to do it to mitigate mail spamming. Outbound ports 80 and 443, as well as any other port except 25, are not blocked for any destination. Kind regards
  13. Hello! We are very glad to inform you that our OpenVPN 3 development is progressing swiftly. Today we implemented directive ncp-disable which was still unsupported in OpenVPN 3. https://github.com/AirVPN/openvpn3 The directive is instrumental to allow clients Data Channel cipher free selection between those available on server, when ncp-ciphers is declared on server side, and keep at the same time total backward compatibility. Since when we implemented ChaCha20-Poly1305 https://airvpn.org/forums/topic/43850-openvpn-3-development/ on OpenVPN 3 Data Channel, "ncp-disable" has become a priority to provide servers and clients with maximum flexibility. We can therefore leave total freedom to clients to pick between AES-GCM, AES-CBC and ChaCha20 while preserving full backward compatibility. Clients with AES-NI supporting processors will prefer AES, while clients running on CPUs without AES-NI, for example most ARM CPUs, will of course tend to prefer ChaCha20. We are working hard to bring you first and foremost a new Eddie Android edition beta version to let you test ChaCha20-Poly1305 on your Android devices as soon as possible. All internal tests both with ChaCha20 and ncp-disable have been fully successful so far. Fingers crossed, maybe you will see a beta release as early as next week. https://github.com/AirVPN/openvpn3 Changelog 3.3 AirVPN - Release date: 13 July 2019 by ProMIND - [ProMIND] [2019/06/02] Forked master openvpn3 repository 3.2 (qa:d87f5bbc04) - [ProMIND] [2019/06/06] Implemented CHACHA20-POLY1305 cipher for both control and data channels - [ProMIND] {2019/07/10] Implemented ncp-disable profile option Kind regards and datalove AirVPN Staff
  14. Nonsense. The tags were meant to make the review easier and in the subsequent commit they were removed as required. Kind regards
  15. Hello! The problem doesn't occur anymore, but if you still experience the issue, probably Eddie won't open again for a corrupt configuration file. If you use Windows version, download and launch this hotfix . Otherwise, please delete default.xml file (on Linux and Mac it's located in ~/.airvpn/default.xml). At the next run, Eddie will re-create a configuration file with default settings. You will need to enter again your AirVPN credentials.  Kind regards
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