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  1. Hello! Please check here for a very quick solution: https://airvpn.org/forums/topic/53004-openssl-error-restart-every-3-seconds/?do=findComment&comment=187787 Kind regards
  2. Hello! Do you declare an MTU size on the WireGuard conf file? Relevant for this discussion: https://superuser.com/questions/1537638/wireguard-tunnel-slow-and-intermittent Different networks may require different sizes. This is probably the reason for which WireGuard developers opted for the smallest allowed size in Android, 1280 bytes. Of course if it's possible to set higher sizes the performance will improve. Kind regards
  3. Hello! For your information, the official WireGuard Android user app forces MTU to 1280 bytes (in our Eddie app, we also had to force 1320, although MTU remains customizable in Eddie settings). Higher sizes cause malfunctions, timeouts, line breaks or snail throughput on virtually any device and network we tested, almost surely because there is (often) no room in the frame. Even the Linux client forces 1280 bytes (if it doesn't find anything else in the profile) if our memory is correct. Thus your findings are consistent and hint to the necessity to keep a low MTU size. Kind regards
  4. Hello! The promotion is now over. Many thanks to all of our customers. Kind regards
  5. Hello! From the screenshot we can see that you did not enable Network Lock. Please enable it to prevent any possible traffic leak, including leaks caused by configuration errors like yours. In general you must not bind programs to the physical network interface: since the original gateway is not deleted in order to allow connectivity after a VPN connection is closed by the user, by binding to the physical network interface a process may bypass the VPN tunnel when Network Lock is not active and incoming connections arrive. Note that wrong binding will arise even from UPnP, NAT-PMP and any other "automatic port mapping" methods so make sure to disable such options from the torrent program. Anyway Network Lock will prevent traffic leaks even in this case. Check your torrent program settings against the following guide available in the FAQ section: https://airvpn.org/faq/p2p/ Kind regards
  6. Thank you, this is a relevant information. You can stop sending us reports, we have collected enough data. Now you should tell us, if you can, and this is very important too, the exact name and version of your phone custom ROM. Kind regards
  7. Hello! Local network exclusion is not possible when the connection is on LTE/mobile, so it's irrelevant, don't worry about it. Please review our previous questions and reply when you have time to do so, because we have some ideas and we need confirmations (or denials) from you to fully understand the issue. Kind regards
  8. We released a new experimental version, mainly to fix some failure related to network adapter not related to OpenVPN/WireGuard.Other issues still under investigation. Version 2.22.1 (Thu, 15 Sep 2022 12:54:46 +0000) [change] [all] OpenVPN 2.5.7 [change] [Windows] Fix detection/conflict with some unusable VPN network interfaces
  9. Thanks a lot. Now, about point 3 and 4, can you please check? Turn on the screen, and wait some time, until the network is up (check Android indicator), Also try to access the Log via the side panel (the drawer which you can access settings etc. from). Note whether the log view opens or not (it should be accessible regardless of network and Eddie condition). When the network is up, go to Eddie and check again whether Eddie still does not reconnect by itself (big button still unresponsive or not? does Eddie report "disconnected" status in spite of network up?). If the network never comes up (wait at least a minute or two after you have turned the screen on, and keep thee screen on, do not allow it to go off again) try to switch off your LTE connection (from Android settings (*) ) and then on again, and check what happens both to your device and Eddie. Thank you in advance for all the additional tests. (*) IMPORTANT: If your device connects via WiFi to an LTE router (and not directly by using a SIM in itself), and your switching on/off the WiFi card doesn't change Eddie status, reboot the router (or press the activation button which is available on certain LTE routers) and check whether Eddie status changes after the router has re-established the LTE connection. Kind regards
  10. Hello! It will end on September the 21st. Kind regards
  11. Hello! Can you please tell us the exact system you run in your phone? We see Android 13 from the report but probably you have a custom ROM since you have a Pixel 6. We would like to know what it is to check whether the malfunction is specific. We need to understand this part fully. Please check below and confirm or deny that each step is right: You leave the device unattended After some time, you find the device with the screen off You turn the screen on and you find Eddie disconnected. At this stage, check on Android bar whether your network is up or not (according to Eddie it's not) and tell us what you find (do not test with a browser because your leak prevention Android settings will not allow traffic) You can't access Eddie's log view at all (please make sure you can confirm or deny this for sure). What happens when you tap the "Log" entry in the side drawer? Is it totally unresponsive? Note that it is normal that the Log button on the status tab is missing when network is off. The big button for quick connection and disconnection is unresponsive too You force a connection by selecting manually a server and immediately the log view is again available and Eddie connects to that server instantly. Kind regards
  12. For your comfort and peace of mind, check with traceroute (tracert in Windows) or mtr, and/or access various end points which tell you the IP address your packets come from. Typical speed tests sites and "what is my address" web services are perfect. Compare the IP address you get with the supposed exit-IP address of the VPN server you're connected to and verify they match. Finally, query the IANA database (with whois) for a final cross-check. Repeat multiple times for each server to minimize the likelihood that you end up to services which are accomplices of the attackers and therefore mask your IP address making you believe that you have a perfectly fine IP address while in reality your packet has come out from inside the evil Russian network. As a welcome and smart side-effect, while the attackers could do nothing with the data in transit inside their nodes because of end-to-end encryption, a re-routing of such a kind which would add an additional exit node would turn infringement notices against us exactly to zero, and alas this is not what we observe, not at all 🙄. We have never met such kind and gentle attackers, unfortunately. Kind regards 😋
  13. Hello! OK, as soon as we have the exact version or image of the distribution you experience this problem on, we will investigate thoroughly. Kind regards
  14. Hello! You should have the identical behavior. Can you open a ticket and send us a report as usual while you're connected with OpenVPN, with some "excluded" app? Kind regards
  15. Hello! We're very glad to announce a special promotion on our long term Premium plans for the end of Summer or Winter, according to the hemisphere you live in. You can get prices as low as 2.06 €/month with a three years plan, which is a 70% discount when compared to monthly plan price of 7 €. If you're already our customer and you wish to stay aboard for a longer period, any additional subscription will be added on top of already existing subscriptions and you will not lose any day. Please check plans special prices on https://airvpn.org and https://airvpn.org/buy All reported discounts are computed against the 7 EUR/month plan. Kind regards & datalove AirVPN Staff
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