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  1. Hello! May we see your logs? Are you using the latest stable release? There was an added setting to ignore those messages.
  2. Hello! I'm not exactly sure - it's been a while since I had to make a new account . But as this is related to privacy concerns, the thing to do in any scenario involving a necessary email address, would be to create a new and/or fake one, using any of the many services out there. Whether that's a protonmail account or something from a throw-away provider. In light of this, it's not considered personal data I suppose, if an email were initially needed during some stage of the sign up and so need not be a contradiction, no. While if your real name or phone number was requested, then we'd be in trouble . It is however fully possible to use the service without Air knowing anything about you. But of course it depends to what extent you want to take it. Just paying with Bitcoin is one thing. Actually ensuring Air never sees your real IP, network traffic and so forth, another.
  3. Hello! This is next to never the cause for anything, save actual rule violations. Nothing controversial was even said in the thread. Not difficult. Yes you've had difficulties in your case and the solution hasn't presented itself yet and so some persistence is required. In reality, if you've had problems with every VPN, which do you think is more likely: Every VPN is legitimately terrible despite thousands of other users doing well or extremely well or, through no fault of your own necessarily, the error is on your end of the line? But nothing has been swept under the rug, that is false. Certainly not when the thread in question is still visible. You're entitled to your opinion. You're also entitled to do as you please. I don't see why it was deemed necessary to use such explosive language and then start a new topic about something as minor as this. It's completely understandable that persistent networking issues can be extremely frustrating, but it does not warrant this kind of reaction. The community is always trying to assist people facing problems. But some problems require a bit more patience and experimentation than others. The OP in that thread even partially solved their problem. The thread in question wasn't even started by you, it appears. Maybe you should start your own thread next time? For all we know, it could've been moved by a mistake and I'll review to see if that's the case. At any rate, this topic doesn't belong in the troubleshooting forum - so it'll be locked and itself moved to the off-topic forum. Have a good day.
  4. Hello! Is this happening while using Eddie with Network Lock enabled?
  5. LZ1

    Just Great!

    Hello! If at all possible, I'm sure you can see the usefulness of sharing what you did or think may have contributed to the increase, if at all possible . It's also great if you mention if you're torrenting or whatnot. Thank you.
  6. Hello! Welcome to AirVPN! Please refer to the link in my signature, at the bottom of the First Questions section . We can base our knowledge on what has happened the last time, but each sale has some minor variations. Expect sales to last 1 to 2 weeks. As answered elsewhere, the current Black Friday sale will likely end on the 30th of November.
  7. I agree. I should actually add that to the FAQ sometime, as it makes sense to explain why a given location is desired.
  8. Hello! We're not usually told in advance, but making requests is fine. For more information on how Air deals with servers, please refer to the link in my signature, in the First Questions section.
  9. Hello! New servers depend on pricing, availability, quality and other metrics. You can read the guide in my signature for more information, in the First Questions section. We're not usually told in advance, so besides making a request, it's usually futile to ask for when's and where's .
  10. Hello! Please append your Eddie logs, from top to bottom, whenever you need help. Also, Network Lock is (still, I believe. But there was talk of a potential change down the line sometime) not able to work with Tor, because they're mutually exclusionary. Network Lock wants to force you to only connect to AirVPNs network, while Tor is directing you to a Tor circuit and so it doesn't work. So if you disable Tor mode, it should work.
  11. As we discovered, the sale made a return. But with the added twist that Staff listened to the community suggestion of adding a 2-year plan, which has consequently proved very popular. I am sorely tempted into inserting the <one does not simply...> meme here. Eddie is one of the best VPN clients for circumventing restrictions, as this is a core feature. Blocking these sorts of technologies is very complex work and not necessarily for very much reward. It may be instructive to look at countries like China, where the environment for VPNs is quite a bit more hostile than even the Australian government is willing to venture into and yet VPNs continue to be used - even if sometimes with difficulty. Air also prides itself on being able to help those who live in countries with extremely strict censorship laws - so despite what are the presumably best efforts on behalf of the Australian government, they're not quite number one in that department yet .So I don't think you'll waste a year for nothing, by any means. Besides, where there's a will there's a way . But I'm biased regarding this question - so I'll say if you're unsure, then by all means wait. Sales will come again later and then you can simply renew then, when and if you wish. It all gets added to your total number of days anyway. AirVPN sales are never on for just one day. Until Staff confirms the end date for this particular sale, I've previously stated that it'll likely end on the 30th, give or take a few days, like last year. As this thread has served its purpose and we don't want to clutter the forums more than necessary, I'll be locking this thread. Please direct any other sale-related questions in the Black Friday sale thread itself. Thank you.
  12. The sale will likely end on the 30th of November. Staff you might as well add one of those countdown timers for sales like this, as the Borg demand it. Resistance is futile!
  13. Hello! I liked it better when you said it was 35% Staff - but sixtyseven and a half% sounds sufficiently nerdy as well
  14. Hello! You can check the link in my signature for guides on how to configure torrenting correctly so that no accidents happen. Network Lock (set it to turn on at startup) + A good FOSS client like qBittorent + Setting the torrent client to use tun0 or the equivalent VPN tunnel + always starting Eddie before the torrent client + downloading the testtorrent from ipleak.net is a good combination of actions to help ensure nothing leaks . Also, just to be pedantic: there's nothing wrong or illegal with torrenting itself, as Bittorrent is just a protocol. It's *what* you torrent that has a risk associated with it.
  15. Yes. If the Eddie client is running on your PC, you don't need to change anything on your router . Interaction with the router in this context, is normally done in order to: Increase the device limit. Currently you can connect and use 5 devices with your AirVPN account. But if you put the Air software on the router, this number can increase.Make all devices that connect to the Wi-Fi, run through AirVPN. Which is useful, if you can't or won't want to install Eddie on each individual device.Play around, for the sake of performance. But people who do this, know that consumer routers don't offer the absolute best VPN performance, as running a VPN directly on a consumer router, is quite taxing. An example of a non-consumer router, is the Turris Omnia, which has features meant specifically for high performance VPN use.By the sound of it, you're using 1 PC daily and to torrent from. So unless you wish to tinker for the sake of it, there's no real need to touch your router, in connection with VPN-usage. (Barring any would-be changes in settings that could improve performance in ISP-related issues, as per my first post, which turned out to not be relevant to your case.) No worries. It's one of the reasons we've got these forums .
  16. I don't recall any guide for that, no. There's guides in the How To forum, but that's if you install different router firmware; which doesn't appear to be supported on that Linksys router, as far as for example DD-WRT firmware. And just to be clear: if you run the AirVPN software "Eddie" on your computer, then you don't need to make AirVPN run on the router directly, if that was your intent when you wrote "connecting AirVPN to the router". As for protocols, did you try SSL or SSH too? While remembering to re-connect to a server each time, for the change to take effect?
  17. Hello! Please check this guide and see if it helps you. Other guides may be found in the link in my signature.
  18. Hello! You've been around since 2016. Have you remembered to update your Eddie client?
  19. Hello! Servers show up automatically in Eddie and Lacerta shows up correctly in my version, which is the same as yours. Please consider trying: Un-check "show all". Go to the "Countries" tab. Select Canada and click the green checkmark in the top-right corner. Then go back to the "Servers" tab, where you'll then much more easily see all Canadian servers displayed. Lacerta should now be visible.You'd be surprised how easily new servers can hide in those long lists . Failing that, you can try upgrade to the experimental client and see if it fixes anything.
  20. LZ1

    Thanks AirVPN

    Hello! I moved your thread to the Reviews forum. I'm glad you've had a good experience . Relevant reminder: keep an eye out for the upcoming Black Friday discount this month if you want more, as it's the biggest discount Air offers.
  21. Hello! Did you try resetting DNS specifically and were you using Eddie with Network Lock enabled?
  22. Hello! The vast majority of users torrent just fine using AirVPN. Given this and given the access to infrastructural information, it's a very big leap to then state that the issue must then lie with AirVPN, based only on your own case.I can't speak for the other service. But there's other important aspects to consider, such as security of the torrenting, the kind of privacy offered by the VPN in question and what is allowed to be torrented. Air for sure excels in those aspects.You make no mention of having configured or tried to troubleshoot anything and this is most certainly where the error is to be found in most cases like this: faulty configuration of your torrent client and/or port-forwarding. You could for example follow some of the torrenting guides in my signature and tell us more about your setup. Opening a support ticket is also possible. Finally, it can be worth downloading the test torrent on ipleak.net if you want to check for any leaks with either AirVPN or another VPN.Also, assuming that the fault lies with a mis-configured torrent client for example, it won't matter how many Air servers you try. In the end, all we can really say for sure, is that for 99% of other users, torrenting is working perfectly with AirVPN. But of course if Air isn't for you, then that's fair as well.
  23. Hello! Absolutely. Please refer to the guide in my signature, which contains the full details of the sales we normally have here. It's the last question at the bottom of the First Questions section. Black Friday is the biggest AirVPN discount. Take care .
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