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    How to use wintun driver in Windows

    The problem with OpenVPN2.5 rc2 (or rc1, or beta5) with Eddie is caused by recent changes in OpenVPN that produce a compatibility issue. Please be patient, both errors above ("Object reference not set to an instance of an object." and "ERROR: Wintun requires SYSTEM privilege") will be fixed in the next Eddie release, please wait. We plan to release version 2.19.5 in a few days, and another one (or maybe the same) in bundle with OpenVPN 2.5 STABLE when a stable version is released.
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    Hey all! I ran into an issue the other day when setting up AirVPN where I found alot of the AirVPN IP's appear to be blocked by my ISP. In my quest to resolve this issue, I ended up creating a script that uses fping and dig to get all the IPs for a region, check that they work, and add those to your AirVPN configuration. I figured this script might be helpful to some, so I'd share it here. You can download it here: https://gist.github.com/zikeji/144247cb20793a5a7c65653e5f7c572b A simple one line to download it and set the executable bit: wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/zikeji/144247cb20793a5a7c65653e5f7c572b/raw/a414cc4f6828904992f18e0a0bdecf6cf5e4f85c/airvpn_remotes.sh -q -O airvpn_remotes.sh && chmod +x airvpn_remotes.sh Warning: Remember, for your safety ALWAYS review a downloaded script before executing it! The command's help output: airvpn_remotes.sh Description: Use dig and fping generate multiple remotes for an AirVPN config, replacing existing remote(s), and ignoring IPs that aren't responding. Remotes are placed in order of lowest ping to highest. Usage: airvpn_remotes.sh [--port=<int>] [--query=<fqdn>] [--ipv4] [--ipv6] [--remote-random] [--in-place] [input-file] airvpn_remotes.sh -h | --help Options: -h, --help Show this screen. -p <int>, --port=<fqdn> Override the port supplied on each remote line [default: 443]. -q <fqdn>, --query=<fqdn> Supply the DNS record you wish to query to use the IPs from [default: ca.all.vpn.airdns.org]. -s <ns>, --server=<ns> The name server you wish to query the records against [default: ns1.airvpn.org]. -c <int>, --count=<int> Change the amount of pings ran by fping for more accurate ping sorting [default: 4]. -4, --ipv4 Only query IPv4. -6, --ipv6 Only query IPv6. -r, --remote-random Add remote-random to the AirVPN config (this will cause OpenVPN to randomize the server order when connecting). -i<ext>, --in-place=<ext> Edit the file in place (makes backup if extension supplied), ignored if no input file is supplied. The first non-option argument is the name of the input file; if no input file is specified, then the standard input is read. All other non-option arguments after the first are ignored. You'll need to ensure dig and fping are installed on your distribution before you can use it. Additionally, if your system doesn't support IPv6 it'll only return IPv4 be default (because naturally pinging the IPv6 addresses will fail). And finally, I've only tested the script on Ubuntu 20.04, but hopefully you don't run into trouble. By default the script checks the DNS record AirVPN maintains for all of CA's servers. You can find out more about the records option here: https://airvpn.org/faq/servers_ip/ The help file should be pretty clear as to how to use the script, but I'll provide an example. I want to update my AirVPN.ovpn file with new remotes that'll be executed randomly and only include IPv4 remotes, and I want them from the Netherlands. Additionally, instead of connecting in order I want it to connect to a random server defined in the config. Since I use port 1194 instead of port 443, I also want each remote to use port 1194 instead of the default. I also want it to backup my original config before overwriting it. I would run: ./airvpn_remotes.sh -r4 -qnl.all.vpn.airdns.org -p1194 -iold AirVPN.ovpn Which would remove any lines from my AirVPN conf that are a remote or a remote-random and add the new remotes, sorted by lowest ping first (which is irrelevant because we're also adding remote-random). Hopefully this script might be useful for someone else as well!
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    Hummingbird 1.1.0 released

    Hello! We're very glad to inform you that we have just released Hummingbird 1.1.0, featuring: both SystemV-style init and systemd support for Linux update to the latest OpenVPN3-AirVPN and asio libraries Hummingbird is AirVPN's free and open source OpenVPN 3 client based on AirVPN's OpenVPN 3 library fork. Hummingbird is available for: Linux x86-64 (reasonably recent distribution on par with Debian 9 libraries and kernel is required) Linux ARM 32 (example: Raspbian for Raspberry Pi) Linux ARM 64 (example: Ubuntu 19 and 20 for Raspberry Pi) macOS (Mojave or higher version required - please read important notes for Mac users at the end of the announcement) Main features: Lightweight and stand alone binary No heavy framework required, no GUI Tiny RAM footprint Lightning fast Based on OpenVPN 3 library fork by AirVPN with tons of critical bug fixes from the main branch, new ciphers support and never seen before features ChaCha20-Poly1305 cipher support on both Control and Data Channel providing great performance boost on ARM, Raspberry PI and any Linux-based platform not supporting AES-NI. Note: ChaCha20 support for Android had been already implemented in our free and open source Eddie Android edition robust leaks prevention through Network Lock based either on iptables, nftables or pf through automatic detection proper handling of DNS push by VPN servers, working with resolv.conf as well as any operational mode of systemd-resolved additional features For a thorough Hummingbird overview please consult https://airvpn.org/hummingbird/readme/ Hummingbird 1.1.0 adds support to Linux systems based on SystemV-style init https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Init#SYSV too, while the previous versions supported Linux systemd based systems only. Therefore, we gladly achieve compatibility with 35 additional Linux distributions: https://distrowatch.com/search.php?ostype=All&category=All&origin=All&basedon=All&notbasedon=None&desktop=All&architecture=All&package=All&rolling=All&isosize=All&netinstall=All&language=All&defaultinit=SysV&status=Active#simple We think it's important to support Init Freedom: https://devuan.org/os/init-freedom because systemd is POSIX incompatible and because, as the UNIX Veteran Admin collective noticed in 2014 when they announced a Debian fork: This situation prospects a lock in systemd dependencies which is de-facto threatening freedom of development and has serious consequences for Debian, its upstream and its downstream. You can download Hummingbird for Linux (all flavors) and macOS respectively here: https://airvpn.org/linux and here: http://airvpn.org/macos Important notes for macOS users From now on we provide both a signed, code-hardened, notarized version and a non-notarized version of Hummingbird for macOS. The notarized version is available essentially for those users who prefer it, but it is not recommended. The notarized version will run without blocks by Apple's Gatekeeper, but will let Apple correlate your real IP address, Apple ID and other data potentially disclosing your identity to the fact that you run, and when you did it for the first time, an application by AirVPN. If that's not acceptable for you, just download the tarball package .tar.gz (it is NOT notarized and NOT signed with our Apple developer ID on purpose) and include it in the exceptions to run non-notarized programs. In the future this could not be allowed anymore, but at the moment it is. For a more thorough explanations on important privacy issues caused by Apple and notarization please see for example here https://lapcatsoftware.com/articles/notarization-privacy.html and here https://lapcatsoftware.com/articles/catalina-executables.html Kind regards & datalove AirVPN Staff
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    It's there. The curious thing, though, is that there apparently are routes for what appears to be old connections. You could try a reboot to see if that resets the adapter. If that doesn't work, remove it via device manager, and if it's not there, use the tapctl.exe program in Eddie install directory. Open a command prompt or PowerShell (as admin) and type: > ./tapctl.exe delete E1BD0300-221A-49CC-990F-06DA85B362C8 If it errors out like "interface not found" or something, try engulfing the ID in {}. Then reboot and let Eddie reinstall a new TAP adapter upon connection.
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    I apologize for the lack of precision I want all devices in my network without exceptions to use the VPN and AirDNS, this is where I seem to be missing something. Your reply is very helpful, it seems the problem is that I had option domain-name-servers, specified in my dhcpd.conf file. I changed these to, and now the wifi devices are also using AirDNS along with my Ubuntu machine. Cheers!
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    I used the OpenVPN app with the Air config ported to the TV via a USB drive. It's been too many months for me to remember the details, but it wasn't a horrible process. And the setup works well, once you figure out how to work the app, which is actually the hardest part.
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    ATT AT&T Connects but no data or traffic

    I had an issue with OpenVPN on my iPhone that had started months ago. I am NOT an expert and just had to hunt around online. I found nothing that would correct the issue- recently updated, verified isp connection... etc... I had even sat through over an hour with ATT support asking about port blocking for VPN's and they TOTALLY BS'd me about it, saying they DO NOT block vpn's. Today I had a minute and was tethered to my iPhone with ATT service here in central TX and when I changed to UDP port 80 via Eddie's Protocol settings, ALL became well. Further, I used the OpenVPN Config Generator, set to Advanced Mode and using protocol UDP 80, my iPnone on LTE will now connect AND send and receive data! UDP 443 IS blocked in my area... I posted this to help others who may be having this issue with ATT AT&T LTE 4G blocking AirVPN data transmission, but still showing connected and eventually stalling out- ot not... 😕
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    Server IP address change: Pisces

    Hello! We inform you that in the next days server Pisces will change IP addresses. We are upgrading server hardware and in this case IP address change is necessary. Server name, datacenter provider and transit provider will not change. If you run Eddie, the change will be automatically acknowledged. If you use some OpenVPN profile pointing specifically to Pisces, you will need to re-generate it when the switch occurs. Kind regards & datalove AirVPN Staff
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    sure here it is. Sorry the Option for that Option are in German
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    Hi @Staff, any updates on that matter? Stockholm seems quite loaded ATM. thanks!
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    Hi, I tried to get the Wintun driver to work in Eddie 2.19.4 Beta earlier, but was having the same error as other users have mentioned here. After that, I uninstalled Eddie and used Openvpn for a while, since Wintun was working properly that way. But I can't say the same for openvpn services, they worked when they wanted, disconnected at times, left connection exposed while dropped from servers. GUI was the only properly working way for me with Openvpn, but I think there's too many disadvantages to Eddie in many parts, so I thought to re-install Eddie and start to use it again, even if the Wintun wasn't working. I didn't uninstall Openvpn, just installed Eddie again. And what do you know, now the Wintun drivers work with it. So, I think the possible fix for this issue is, to install Openvpn first and install Eddie after that. If you want to try this, uninstall Eddie, install Openvpn and then install Eddie again. I don't think I changed anything else. I have Wintun enabled in advanced settings and windows-driver wintun, dev tun + persist-tun in OVPN directives, which I think are there by default, except the first one, after you enabled Wintun in advanced settings. I have now ran it for 24 hours without issues, and for now it's working perfectly. Also make sure that Openvpn services are not running at the same time with Eddie at Control panel -> System and security -> Administrative tools -> Services -> Openvpn services (3 of them). I have set them all to manual mode.
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    Superb I’ll check out Eddies app and give it a try!
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    ANSWERED DNS problems on NL servers

    I'm still facing the same issues. Has anything changed on your side? [UPDATE] The problems seems to be gone now. Just checked and all is working again.
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    Connection issue iOS 14 and OpenVPN

    Attached are additional logs. For myself issue continues to be when coming out of sleep or locked screen. Also still happens after OpenVPN update yesterday. text.txt
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    ANSWERED DNS problems on NL servers

    I have the same issue, airvpn has acknowledged the problem and is investigating
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    To everyone, I'd like to remind that AirVPN did lose one or two servers because of government intervention in the past. One very delicate example was Ukraine somewhere in 2015 during a politically even more delicate time: Euromaidan. The server was seized, but no one lost his or her head for it; AirVPN held its word back then. I can also vouch for this a bit – I read some of the code of the AirVPN library and Eddie for PC, even if, in case of Eddie, it's C# which I don't usually work with. Nothing suspicious was seen so far, but truth be told, I was not reading it like a novel. About the whole 5-eyes and 14-eyes thing: I think it's marketing slang. Somehow people get the notion that not being in 14-eyes is a plus while the horrible truth can be as simple as the company deliberately moving their HQ outside 14-eyes while the overlords are still chinese or NSA agents or something.
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    Ok the problem is that opnsense does not have tls-crypt as a feature listed in the GUI. What it shows for TLS settings is TLS-auth, which must be what the standard air entry protocol is. The fix, is also what someone here found worked for a DD-WRT. 1. Disable TLS authentication (Uncheck the box) 2. Under "Advanced" <tls-crypt> [your tls 1.2 key here] </tls-crypt> and then add all the other client config stuff like usual Its being worked on by the opnsense team but is slated to show up in the GUI for a later release.
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    The developer calls himself a "spy software expert"… go figure. Anyway, the feature overview looks like that app is seriously violating the EULA of WhatsApp (and possibly pays no respect to the privacy of others) with things like online time logging for all contacts, prevention of messages being deleted, sharing bigger files than possible, etc. Also, the dev knows that people get banned for using his app, so he advises to delete everything from original WhatsApp and also CLICK AWAY THE PLAY PROTECT RESULT. You shouldn't use this app, or any other apps from this dev, like for real. Especially because you start spitting on the privacy of others.
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    VPNs - Caught in Lying!?!

    @arteryshelby We do not log and/or inspect our customers' traffic. Since 2010 you can't produce any single case, and not even the slightest clue, in which the identity of an AirVPN customer has been disclosed through traffic log and/or inspection and/or any other invasive method. It means a lot, given that various younger VPN services have been caught lying (ascertained court cases) and that AirVPN is now the oldest still active VPN service, with the exception of a minor service which anyway changed ownership twice in the last 12 years. By the way we have never asked our customers to blindly believe in our words. We do not block Tor and we even integrate its usage in our software, so you can be even safer if you can't afford to trust us OR some datacenter. For example you can use Tor over OpenVPN, to hide Tor usage to your country and ISP, and at the same time hide your traffic real origin, destination, protocol etc. to us and the datacenter the server is connected into. Last but not least, we invest a lo of money in Tor infrastructure and in 2017, 2018 and 2019 more than 2.5% of global world Tor network traffic transited on Tor exit-nodes paid by AirVPN. It is an important achievement we're proud of, and it hints to good faith. Kind regards
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    Hello, As you might have noticed, there is a list circulating on the privacy related forums recently regarding VPN providers: Old chart (The author of the chart did not provide any credible info regarding his tests) </deprecated> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FJTvWT5RHFSYuEoFVpAeQjuQPU4BVzbOigT0xebxTOw/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=0 <deprecated> New chart: https://www.comparitech.com/blog/vpn-privacy/best-vpns-privacy-and-anonymity/ While this list might be useful to avoid some providers, it lacks (imho) key values like if the announced locations are real locations and not fake Whois+GeoIP tricks, if the servers are actual bare-bone servers with real internet providers and not cheap shared bandwidth resellers, and of course who is the team behind the VPN company and how they respond to critical security issues, privacy questions and "hard" questions regarding their service. I want to make it an open discussion, where the members that submit their thoughts "Why provider X is better than Air", where me, or other members, can explain why most of the times this is a lie. Since most of those providers oversell cheap VPS servers, and have GeoIP tricks with fake whois (HMA/PureVPN/Ivacy are a good example) to show you 50+ countries where in fact it is mostly NL/US location where you can put fake data in the IP, and open a ticket to Maxmind to update the location. And here you go, a fake country is ready for the gullible users to fall in. I would like to make a discussion where every member can post a "feature" where they think another provider is better, but as I explained, most of them only false advertize it in most cases. The only thing I cannot put up on this challenge is the price, however, being in the hosting industry I do know how much Air pays for their leased servers - this is not a cheap thing to run at all. There are about 100 providers in this list, I tried to find one that is at least honest about their infrastructure and their privacy policy, but I couldn't find anyone except Air. Now this is rather bad news than good one - I wanted to see more, but a fact is a fact... Feel free to throw competitive names here, in a nicely manner, and I will try as much as possible to show you why some points you believe in - are not exactly the way there are on this list. You can also try and point out some improvement points for Air, based on that list, and if they are interesting I am sure Staff can comment about them. Regards.
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    ANSWERED Hummingbird Errors

    Hello! It's a bug, we have detected it and it will be fixed soon. To resolve the situation in the meantime: open a terminal type the command sudo rm /etc/airvpn/* set your favorite DNS with your system utilities Now Hummingbird will be able to run properly again. Kind regards
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    ANSWERED Canada Servers are overloaded

    thanks! I´d like to agree here, the Stockholm servers are very crowded all the time, and I think most users would prefer them over Uppsala. So the server locations seem somewhat disproportionate. Best regards
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    Ladies and gentlement: Thanks to @Flx i was able to up the speeds a bit more: Using the new wintun beta of openVPN 2.5 I'm now at slightly above 500mbps. -Link to openVPN 2.5: http://staging.openvpn.net/openvpn2/ See here: Basically you just need to install the new 2.5 openvpn version, start openVPN as administrator (!) and add the following line to the conf file: windows-driver wintun - i some how had to put it as one of the last point or it would give me some cryptic errormessage, also it didn't work in combination with "auth sha512" as suggested in the forementioned post. So thank you again @Flx! EDIT: Completely Idle Frankfurt Mirfak delivered >570mbps: https://deutsche-glasfaser.speedtestcustom.com/result/7cea7f20-5c60-11ea-8fed-e3d7efa295ff Neat 😎
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    https://restoreprivacy.com/wireguard/ AirVPN has also chimed in over WireGuard’s implications for anonymity, as explained in their forum: Wireguard, in its current state, not only is dangerous because it lacks basic features and is an experimental software, but it also weakens dangerously the anonymity layer. Our service aims to provide some anonymity layer, therefore we can’t take into consideration something that weakens it so deeply. We will gladly take Wireguard into consideration when it reaches a stable release AND offers at least the most basic options which OpenVPN has been able to offer since 15 years ago. The infrastructure can be adapted, our mission can’t. In their forums, AirVPN further explained why WireGuard simply does not meet their requirements: Wireguard lacks dynamic IP address management. The client needs to be assigned in advance a pre-defined VPN IP address uniquely linked to its key on each VPN server. The impact on the anonymity layer is catastrophic; Wireguard client does not verify the server identity (a feature so essential that it will be surely implemented when Wireguard will be no more an experimental sofware); the impact on security caused by this flaw is very high; TCP support is missing (third party or anyway additional code is required to use TCP as the tunneling protocol, as you suggest, and that’s a horrible regression when compared to OpenVPN); there is no support to connect Wireguard to a VPN server over some proxy with a variety of authentication methods. Despite these concerns, many VPN services are already rolling out full WireGuard support. Other VPNs are watching the project and are interested in implementing WireGuard after it has been thoroughly audited and improved. In the meantime, however, as AirVPN stated in their forum: “We will not use our customers as testers.”
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    I keep reading reviews about great VPNs maxing out a user's connection, but I can't get anywhere close to what I'm reading about. After trying quite a few VPNs and being disappointed with the speeds I figured I would just go with AirVPN, since it gets such fantastic reviews, and I've seen people talking about maxing out their 50 and 100 Mbit connections. I'm on a 50 Mbit connection that usually gets around 54 Mbit, but the max I can get with AirVPN is 10 Mbit. I've tried different ports, their client vs. OpenVPN, numerous servers, and the results are the same, 2 to 10 Mbit. I'm in Vancouver, BC, and even when I'm connected to one of their Vancouver servers (Cetus, Gemma, Homam), I'm getting 2-10 Mbit speeds. It just doesn't make sense to me based on what I've read about AirVPN. Is it possible it has something to do with my ISP, Telus? Do they mess with VPN traffic? I would really like to start using a VPN regularly for privacy, but none of the speeds I've gotten will allow me to do so without being incredibly frustrated all the time. EDIT: I'm literally on AirVPN as I type this, with a download speed of 1.45 Mbit (using AirVPN's speed tester), connected to a 1 Gbit server/connection that's local, has a 29ms response time, and only has 11% capacity right now. It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. EDIT 2: It seems as though the issue is with one of the main network providers in my area. If I avoid local servers and use ones that are further away, where the problem servers are bypassed, my VPN speeds double. The speeds still aren't close to what other people have talked about getting, but it may be manageable now. Thanks to everyone who helped me troubleshoot this!
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    Bitcoin accepted directly

    Hello! We're very glad and proud to announce that from now on we are able to accept Bitcoin directly. Any intermediary acting as a payment processor is no more required. We feel that this is an important step, since some payment processors have taken or are taking steps which are not totally privacy friendly. Moreover, cutting out any intermediary is very coherent with Bitcoin spirit and unleashes the potential of the cryptocurrency. Kind regards and datalove AirVPN Staff
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    ANSWERED CBS Broadcasting Inc. (CBS)

    Website: http://www.cbs.com Watch CBS television online. Find CBS primetime, daytime, late night, and classic tv episodes, videos, and information. Status: OK Native: no servers Routing: all servers Updated: 03-Aug-18
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    I finally got this working for Netflix. Big caveat up front, I'm not a network expert, so there might be a better/safer way to accomplish this. Here's what I did... 1. Followed this guide to get everything running through the VPN first (https://airvpn.org/topic/17444-how-to-set-up-pfsense-23-for-airvpn/). I assume this is where you started as well. If not, my solution may not work for you. 2. Created an alias for all devices I want to bypass the VPN (vpn_bypass) 3. Added another NAT outbound rule at /firewall_nat_out.php (which is what it looks like you did above). This should be at the top of the list. * Do not NAT => not checked * Interface => WAN * Protocol => any * Source => Network, vpn_bypass/32 * Destination => Any * Address => interface address * Port => [blank] * No XMLRPC Sync => not checked * Description => "LAN to WAN bypassing VPN" 4. Added a new NAT rule to forward DNS traffic from vpn_bypass to a public DNS (Google in my example). This will allow traffic bypassing the VPN to access a DNS directly. Without it, your device will have access to the WAN directly, but won't be able to resolve the URL netflix.com, which is what I think was causing you problems. You can add this is at /firewall_nat.php * No RDR (NOT) => not checked * Interface => AIRVPN_LAN * Protocol => TCP/UDP show advanced * Source => single host or alias, vpn_bypass * Source port range => any to any * Destination => CHECK invert match, AIRVPN_LAN address * Destination port range => DNS to DNS * Redirect target IP => * Redirect target port => DNS * Description => "DNS for VPN bypass using Google" Make sure it also creates an associated filter rule. You may need to reorder the rules on this page as well. I put this near the top, so traffic wasn't directed through the VPN accidentally. 5. Add another firewall rule that allows the vpn_bypass group to create connections directly with the WAN. This is basically a clone of "AirVPN_LAN allow outbound" with a few tweaks. This should be put ABOVE the "AirVPN_LAN allow outbound" rule when we're done. * Action => pass * Interface => AIRVPN_LAN * Address family => IPv4 * Protocol TCP/UDP * Source => Single host, vpn_bypass * Source port range => 1024 to 65535 * Destination => any * Destination port range => wan_service_ports to wan_service_ports * Description => AirVPN_LAN allow outbound for VPN bypass SHOW ADVANCED * Gateway => WAN Hopefully this helps. Now, if I could get port forwarding to work correctly for Plex, life would be better
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    i have it working on the latest kali2.0 by doing the next steps : (Before installing airvpn) 1- sudo apt-get upgrade 2- sudo apt-get dist-upgrade 3- sudo apt-get update 4- sudo apt-get install monodevelop 5- apt-get -f install 6- dpkg -i airvpn_linux_x64_debian.deb ( you will get the error at the end but it still works, but in case it doesn't do again the step (5- apt-get -f install) and step (6- dpkg -i airvpn_linux_x64_debian.deb) This worked for me, hope i works for u guys, by the way if u want to avoid the Ipv6 leaks i recommend activating the network lock on Airvpn in the login screen u have the option. Stay Safe, Stay in the Shadows, Be Free.
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    Using AirVPN with Asus router

    About AsusWRT AsusWRT is a unified firmware developed by Asus for use in their recent routers. The firmware was originally based on Tomato-RT/Tomato-USB, but has since seen many changes. Asus started using this new firmware with their recent routers (RT-AC68U, RT-AC87U), but they also started moving other routers to this new firmware. Prerequisite Asus Router with AsusWRT (native OpenVPN support). Model tested: RT-AC68U but it should work for all Asus routers that have AsusWRT. see Official website for AsusWRT model support list. [Firmware Notes]: Please upgrade the router Firmware to the latest version. "New Asus Firmware supports 4096 bits key and will work with AirVPN." Steps 1. Create configuration files from our Config Generator. Select [Router or others] and choose a server you like. Tick on [Direct, protocol UDP, port 443] and click on [Generate]. Save the openvpn config file .ovpn (Ex: AirVPN__UDP-443.ovpn) anywhere on your computer. 2. Open the Asus router webinterface and click on [VPN]. Click on [Add profile], choose [OpenVPN] tab. Enter a "description", leave username and password EMPTY. Click on [browse] and select the downloaded openvpn config file (.ovpn). Click on [upload]. Click on [OK]. That's it now you can click on [Activate] to connect to AirVPN server. 3. Make sure to setup the AirVPN DNS this way: Click on [WAN] tab. Turn [DNS server] "off" (No) and enter AirVPN's DNS as first DNS IP address (it's DNS for Protocol UDP, Port 443 - see Specs for more details). About the secondary DNS entry, we recommend picking ones from the OpenNIC Project. The AirVPN DNS will enable you to access AirVPN geo-routing services to bypass discriminations based on IP address geo-location. 4. Visit https://ipleak.net and check whether it works. Every client (PC, Smartphone, Console, Smart TV ..) which is connected to the router now is secured by VPN and also has full access to the anti-geo-blocking service. Useful Info A custom firmware for Asus routers based on official AsusWRT called Asuswrt-Merlin is available. AsusWRT-Merlin retains all the features of the original stock AsusWRT firmware with added/enhanced features. More info on AsusWRT-Merlin website http://asuswrt.lostrealm.ca/features
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    TF1, TMC, NT1, HD1 - FR

    Website: http://www.tf1.fr Official site of French television channels (TF1, TMC, NT1, HD1) Status: OK Native: FR servers. Routing: All other servers.
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    Wilmaa - CH

    http://www.wilmaa.com For the best streaming television that Switzerland has to offer, there’s but one name, and that name is wilmaa. Status: OK Native: CH servers. Routing: All other servers.
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