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    Hello, Recently I have noticed that it looks like the Phoenix AirVPN servers (Bootes, Chalawan, Indus, Phoenix, Virgo) , Berlin AirVPN Server (Cujam) , and Barcelona AirVPN server (Eridanus) are not actually located where M247 claims they are located, and it appears M247 is misrepresenting the locations of these servers If you go to the status page of any "Phoenix" server for example https://airvpn.org/servers/Bootes/ you will see the latencies to other cities where AirVPN has servers, and it shows 0ms to Los Angeles, that wouldn't be physically possible if the Phoenix servers were truly located in Phoenix. This points to the Phoenix servers truly being hosted in Los Angeles Additionally, on a personal VPS server of mine which is located in Los Angeles, I get less than 1ms latency between my VPS in Los Angeles to the AirVPN "Phoenix" servers, which, again, points to the Phoenix servers truly being in Los Angeles, because this 1ms latency would not be physically possible between Los Angeles and Phoenix And if you go to the status page of the "Berlin" server https://airvpn.org/servers/Cujam/ It shows 0ms latency to Frankfurt, also not physically possible This points to the Berlin servers really being in Frankfurt And if you go to the status page of the "Barcelona" server https://airvpn.org/servers/Eridanus/ It shows 0ms latency to Madrid, again, not physically possible! This points to the Barcelona servers truly being hosted in Madrid M247 may say that if you do a WHOIS lookup on their Phoenix IP block, the description is "M247 Phoenix" but honestly this is not proof at all, as the network admins can set whatever netname and description they want when they're creating the inetnum object in their RIR's database. For additional proof other than the "Berlin" , "Barcelona", and "Phoenix" that Air has from M247, Here is M247's full list of locations according to their website You can see that neither Berlin, Phoenix, or Barcelona is on this list. https://m247.com/services/host/dedicated-servers/ From the website, their locations: Europe: Amsterdam, NL Belgrade, RS Brussels, BE Bucharest, RO Budapest, HU Copenhagen, DK Dublin, IE Frankfurt, DE London, UK Manchester, UK Madrid, ES Milan, IT Oslo, NO Paris, FR Prague, CZ Sofia, BG Stockholm, SE Warsaw, PL Vienna, AT Zurich, CH North America: Dallas, TX, USA Los Angeles, CA, USA Miami, FL, USA New York Metro Area, USA (Secaucus, NJ) Montreal, QC, CA Asia and Middle East: Dubai, UAE Hong Kong, HK Singapore, SG Tokyo, JP Oceania: Sydney, AU Based on this information it is clear to see that M247 is misrepresenting the locations of AirVPN's Phoenix, Berlin, and Barcelona servers, From being a customer of Air for as long as I have, I can tell that the Air staff are honest and they have provided and continue to provide a great and true service, this is extremely evident for example by looking at how AirVPN left France because of the concerning legal framework there, and why AirVPN does not operate in Poland or Italy for similar reasons, even though other VPNs gladly operate services in those countries. It's clear as day to see that AirVPN is not deceptive or untruthful at all, so I am absolutely not accusing Air at all of participating in this misrepresentation, it just seems to me like Air was duped by M247 into buying these servers that are reported to be in a different location than the one they are truly in. So given that the 5 Phoenix AirVPN servers , the 1 Berlin server, and 1 Barcelona server are falsely geolocated, it would be good idea for Staff to replace those servers with ones that are actually in the reported locations, or just change the reported location of those servers in Eddie to reflect the true locations.
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    Hello! We're very glad to inform you that Eddie Android edition 2.5 alpha is available. UPDATE 2021-09-14: Alpha 2 is now available. If you wish to test please feel free to do so and if possible report any glitch and bug you find. When you report, please specify your device brand and name, and your Android version. If possible include Eddie log and, if you know how to get it (if you don't, never mind), include logcat As long as Eddie 2.5 is in alpha stage, you can install it only and exclusively by side loading the apk we have prepared. You can download it from here: https://eddie.website/repository/Android/2.5-Alpha2/org.airvpn.eddie-2.5-Alpha2-Unsigned.apk SHA256 check: $ sha256 org.airvpn.eddie-2.5-Alpha2-Unsigned.apk SHA256 (org.airvpn.eddie-2.5-Alpha2-Unsigned.apk) = 52975a1a02bcb9bb761ec7c7ad73ce191d97f1294b39c978c58bc266ae572f8b What's new in Eddie 2.5 alpha updated to the latest OpenVPN3-AirVPN and asio libraries extensive native library rewrite and revision for higher efficiency (alpha 2) global objects enhanced instance handling (alpha 2) linked against OpenSSL 1.1.1k (*) full integration with VPN traffic leaks prevention by system in Android 7 or higher version full compatibility with Android 10 and 11, including ability to start and connect from a profile during device bootstrap VPN lock option off by default Opt-in Master Password which remains off by default (alpha 2) TLS minimum required version set to 1.2 by default option to select an OpenVPN boot profile in Android 7 or higher version VPN lock is forced to off and cannot be activated if "Block connection without VPN" is enabled in Android 8 or higher version system settings connection restore now allows re-connection during the device bootstrap from the last active or the default OpenVPN profile. It requires "VPN Always On" system setting active and Android 7 or higher version Force AES-CBC suite option has been removed compatibility with Android 5.1 and higher version has been maintained (*) Eddie 2.4 was linked against mbedTLS library. Such a major change has been adopted to offer TLS 1.3 and slightly higher performance both with AES and CHACHA20 cipher suites. Please do not hesitate to report any variation in battery life and performance in your device compared to Eddie 2.4. More changes will come before we reach the beta stage. Important note for Android TV users. In Android 10 and 11, a VPN application can start and connect during the device bootstrap if and only if "Always on VPN" option is active. Unfortunately the option is not available in Android TV 10 and 11. Therefore the ability to start at boot is lost. OpenVPN for Android and openvpn-connect applications are affected by the same constraint. For a complete list of Eddie Android edition features please see here: https://gitlab.com/AirVPN/EddieAndroid Special thanks in advance to all users who will test Eddie Android edition 2.5 alpha versions! Kind regards and datalove AirVPN Staff
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    Server replacement (UK)

    Hello! We inform you that all of our VPN servers in Maidenhead will cease operations on 03 September 2021. They will be replaced by servers in London featuring more modern hardware. Unfortunately, both technical and non-technical reasons force us to leave the current dc in Maidenhead. Servers in London are anyway located just 40 Km from Maidenhead and they will be announced and available in the next days. The new machines will keep the same names in order to support the old FQDN used by OpenVPN client profiles. Since the datacenter seems to have put offline already a server before the natural expiration date, we could put the new servers online before the mentioned 03 September date. When new servers are turned on, older ones with the same name will be disconnected from the infrastructure. This thread will be updated, if necessary, accordingly. The replacement servers are five, while the replaced ones are six. That's because we might be adding in the future another datacenter in UK in a different location. Kind regards AirVPN Staff
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    Thanks for posting about this. I never did get a response from the AirVPN staff about it.
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    Server replacement (UK)

    UPDATE 3 Sep 2021 Replacement has been completed. Kind regards
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    Tested: Eddie 2.21 beta 2 Windows Version: 10.0.19042 Build 19042
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    @airvpnforumuser Hello! No, never, because the investigations follow a different path. However, we received request for information several times. Such requests relied exclusively on data retention which we do not perform according to the legal framework of countries the servers are located in and/or according the decisions of the CJEU on blanket data retention. We do not inspect or log traffic content or metadata. No, we never received gag orders outside the scope of the aforementioned requests, i.e. prohibition to inform the final user that an investigation is ongoing about him or her in case we could identify the user, which never happened for the same reasons above. You don't, as we never publish private communications regardless of the entity or person sending them, no matter who they are. Kind regards
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    Server replacement (UK)

    The problem with M247 is that they are the most widely used server provider across VPNs (and probably one of the cheapest), they have POPs in many cities. Some sites already block access solely on IP ranges used by M247. I suspect that it's really hard to find a new hosting/datacenter that will match all the security criteria and be traffic neutral (because of torrent seeding - DMCAs). From time to time I've used the servers that are in replacement now, and they gave me good speeds. Let's hope the new ones will be as good as old ones Regarding the content blocking. I've tested some other VPNs and found one that is doing something innovative in this regard. From what I could find they are somehow faking the IP address when I visit sites like ipinfo.io (which provide API for blockers). I think that allows them to bypass many restrictions while still hosting their servers at M247. Still I don't think we'll ever have a 100% working solution. Once workaround is found a new mechanism will be implemented by sites like netflix etc.
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    @OpenSourcerer Hello! Out of curiosity, the current inbound forwarded ports/customers ratio is 1.1 Kind regards
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    PIA's dedicated IP feature

    @Maggie144 Hello! That's out of AirVPN mission scope as it would crumble the anonymity layer. Moreover it would put some additional legal duties on AirVPN as a hosting provider, so it's even outside AirVPN core business. We are perfectly aware that we could be offering valid VPS with one dedicated IPv4 address for less than 5 EUR per month (in an hyper-inflated business segment), but again that would be best accomplished by some partner company ad hoc created, in order not to mix different businesses with mutually incompatible purposes which, on the long run, would undoubtedly damage AirVPN good reputation as a privacy protector and a service capable to provide an anonymity layer of a significant degree. While competition increases, simply for the incredible amount of VPN services for consumers which are born every other day, in a world facing an economic crisis due to the pandemic and slowly progressing shortage of energy resources, it's somehow normal that each company tries to survive by innovating, or by adding different services, or sometimes, unfortunately, by betting on marketing fluff. Remember that when PIA controlling company was acquired by Kape, it had accumulated more than 32'000'000 USD debt which had to be covered by Kape itself, so it's normal that new services are added to increase much needed revenues in an attempt to make PIA profitable again, or anyway more profitable. https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/cyberghost-owner-buys-pia-for-dollar955m-to-create-vpn-giant In this specific case we underline once again that the service you mention is really incompatible with AirVPN Terms of Service and general mission, so you could find it only by some other company controlled by us and not in AirVPN infrastructure. Kind regards
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    Devices connecting to same server

    IMPORTANT CORRECTION TO THE PREVIOUS MESSAGE. If you define a "quick" connection mode at boot, Bluetit will consider and respect white and black list directives included in bluetit.rc during the connection at bootstrap. Therefore, the proposed solution is optimal and does not require Goldcrest: just remember to change connection mode to quick (and do not set it to country), and define white lists according to the conditions written in our previous message (i.e. three empty intersection subsets, one subset per device). Kind regards
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    The Eddie version currently on Play Store still has compression enabled by default. It's been a while since a vulnerability has been known (VORACLE if I'm right) I think it's best to disable and remove the option completely because practical gains from compression are negligible at best (most traffic is TLS or otherwise incompressible).
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    ipleak uses Google Maps

    I don't think I need to explain much here. The embedded map is fetched from Google, so Google potentially tracks all users playing with their VPN connection turning it on and off. Further I don't know whether this embed is violating GDPR or not: does Google set custom (not technically required) cookies? Either way, Chromium browsers send a presumably identifiable header to Google domains by default. The alternative is either OpenStreetMap, no map at all or only load the map after a click (user confirmation). I have only once wanted to view the map out of numerous times visiting ipleak.net
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    Sure, I've had this issue consistently on ubuntu 20.04 (both amd64 and aarch64) running airvpn suite 1.1.0. Without changing the symlink, --recover-network does not work. Maybe this should be moved to different topic, since my post was unrelated?
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    Best news in a long time!
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    Server replacement (UK)

    Hello! Our first 10 Gbit/s lines dedicated only to our servers were used for the first time in Dallas, Texas, several years ago. One line is for the VPN servers and another one for the Tor nodes by Quintex. Then we had four (now six) 10 Gbit/s lines in the Netherlands. Each line was and is shared by 10 or 11 of our servers. Then Xuange came, in Switzerland, that was the first one with an exclusive 10 Gbit/s line. Ain then followed and has been the last one at the moment. As @OpenSourcerer says, prices in some locations (such as Tokyo) are too high for 10 Gbit/s and at least 600 TB traffic per month for a single server (2 Gbit/s 24/7 means you generate 600 TB in a month). Moreover, in order to beat the usual 1 Gbit/s full duplex, more powerful hardware is needed and a different software approach too. Even so, on Xuange and Ain we could not manage to squeeze more than 3-4 Gbit/s (in total, up+down) when more than 150 clients are connected, and even the most powerful CPUs available on the market, running one OpenVPN instance per virtual core, suffer. The whole system get choked if we go up to 300 clients, which would be the minimum amount required to run those servers without losing money. Wireguard might help but it's uncertain and anyway many core customers of ours don't accept it for the notorious privacy problems, other customers can't use it for UDP blocks/shaping and so on, so we can't and we won't drop OpenVPN in any case. EDIT: it's not only a pure AES/CHACHA20 processing power issue, but also a conntrack and packert mangling huge queue related issue, which gets intertwined with pure encryption/decryption processing power problems. - pj For us, the cost per user to be provided with high bandwidth is remarkably higher with dedicated 10 Gbit/s single server lines, because we experimentally see that we can not put on such a server 10 times the users a 1 Gbit/s server can handle (unless we wanted to lower the quality of service, which is not on the table). Therefore, if we want to keep the same prices and at the same time we don't want to oversell, offering an infrastructure all based on a 10 Gbit/s line per server for 2.75 EUR/month (the current price for 3 years subscriptions) is not realistic. Remember that year after year prices of AirPVN went down or remained unchanged, and today AirVPN is probably the less expensive VPN around (ruled out the free ones, as they profile you or do worse things too). Maybe in the future, or maybe with a different pricing, migration to all "10 Gbit/s servers" could be pursued. We're not "over-cautious" but realistic: in the last 5-6 years, while other VPN services accumulated important debts surpassing tens and tens of USD millions (think about PIA mother company, which went down for more than 30 millions in just 3 or 4 years; and other big ones, which are forced to oversell and continuously pay for favorable bogus reviews hiding overselling in order to survive) AIrVPN never ever had debts. Who would be interested in paying more (probably x3 or even x4) to have access to 10 Gbit/s dedicated lines (one line per server) on a wide variety of AirVPN locations with the usual AirVPN quality? We might start a survey to know. Kind regards
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    Possibly meaning shit's real, and these findings are becoming credible. The servers probably were in a certain location at provisioning time. Then got moved later when M247 combined some locations. My theory. M247 is one of the few providers that had actually been mentioned in the forums in the past, and among all the mentions by far the most common one. At least it stands out to me, having watched the forums for eight years (not trying to brag, just putting it on a timeline). Usually you'd have more or less random problems with this and that server, varying by ISP. But the counterpoint is, is there an alternative? You know, recently another data center in the UK was ruled out, servers partly replaced by M247. DCs seemingly are tired of being bombarded with abuse reports, and want to appear more genuine to the world, like "we don't support media piracy" or something. The playing field might just be shrinking for the "choosy" VPN providers, and M247 is one of the few global ones remaining which are still "compatible".
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    Hm. So we can establish that the argument "we only adhere to the laws of our country" is quite weak in Europe, given that you apparently can ask investigators of your target country over Europol. It's actually a good instrument if you think about it because if a German criminal goes into hiding outside Germany, he's not out of German authorities' reach, to some extent.
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    Server replacement (UK)

    This. I feel the need for provider info on the status page and in the API responses, similar to Mullvad for example.
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    Eddie Desktop 2.21 beta released

    @Staff Is there anything new regarding the WireGuard beta-test?
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    Your system, your router or your ISP started limiting UDP traffic. You could also try other ports with UDP to see if it's a general UDP thing or limited to port 443.
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    Neither fully wrong nor fully correct. Eddie overrides all your iptables rules and uses its own exclusively. Before doing that the current ruleset is saved. This is reversed upon disengaging NetLock. There's no "alongside". Again, not fully wrong but not fully right, either. There's no "personal" firewall, so nothing is "yours", and there is no firewalling going on inside Eddie. That task is outsourced to something that is much closer to the system core than a user space program like Eddie and is therefore much more "stable": For you on Linux this would be iptables or nft, whichever is available. But yes, there are other rules active preventing connections which are not going to any AirVPN server. This on the other hand is fully correct. It'll be eight years on Aug 31. Guess I know my way around it a little.
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    Server replacement (UK)

    UPDATE 27 Aug 2021 VPN servers Alathfar and Carinae switch has been completed. Minkar will not be replaced at the moment and will cease operations on 03 Sep 2021. Kind regards
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    Hello! Note that the original plan was about GTK#, not GTK, therefore Eddie's GUI would have remained anyway based on Mono.. All the AirVPN Suite for Linux and Hummingbird for Mac were born to provide a software completely unrelated to Mono. In Linux you also have a real daemon, Bluetit, capable to offer a strong basis to develop any AirVPN client, even from third-party developers. In the past third-party AirVPN clients developers faced the formidable barrier of the undocumented bootstrap servers and undocumented "manifest" file format. No more problems of that kind now, as you probably know if you have checked Bluetit developer's manual. Kind regards
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    edit: fixed it with revo-uninstaller and reinstalling again. I tried the beta client and ticked the option something like 'optain elevated priviliges' to test things out. And now I can not start Eddie anymore. Uninstall and reinstall an older version did not work. Several reboots did not work. Portable does not work. I tried the common fixes deleting the service stuff (this does nothing) and furiously uninstalling/rebooting/installing and trying to find any config file to get rid of that elevated stuff.... This is crazy how hardcoded this is. Any ideas?
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    After 6 days with 2.5 alpha 1, nothing to report. I haven't noticed any difference regarding battery life and performance.
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    Of course not. I wrote this topic in hope that some dev from AirVPN checks this forum.
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    Thanks for the response! It's more clear to me now. So the problem in Poland are the data retention laws for which you could suffer process costs - if you'd challenge them based on CJEU ruling. Otherwise it's you or the datacenter that have to provide metadata upon request from legal entity. I saw some other VPNs (located in EU) saying that they don't have to collect any data because they are not a internet service provider (and they have servers is Poland), but I don't know how this pertains to datacenter level collection. This may be a marketing trick/talk as you say. Unfortunately, I'm not a lawyer so I cannot point you to a current paragraph in Polish law. I found this article that mentions new law that was passed in 2016 (link). I don't know if it's relevant to datacenters or VPNs but it says that the metadata retention period is 12 months. And this (PDF) report, page 31. I will try to post here if there find any news of this laws changing in the future Best regards
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    @blueport26 Hello! First and foremost we must say that we have not updated our knowledge on Poland data retention legal framework. Our old information tells us that it's NOT compliant with the latest decisions of the CJEU which forbid Member States to put any obligation on any provider of service in the information society for pre-emptive, blanket, indiscriminate data retention. All that follows is therefore based on our not up-to-date knowledge. Feel free to point us to the relevant laws if we base our decision on no more valid knowledge. Now, we can actually ignore the EU Member States legal frameworks on data retention where they clearly infringe the EU Court of Justice legally binding decisions, because in a casus belli we can challenge, or defend against, the rogue Member State with high likelihood of winning. At the same time, we must carefully decide which legal battle fronts we want to open, because legal costs for cases which must be brought up to the highest courts may easily become very high. We are already challenging Spain legal framework on Data Retention, and, given AirVPN size, it's not wise to challenge multiple Member States simultaneously. That's the main reason we do not operate VPN servers in France and Italy, other Member States whose data retention framework is in flagrant violation of the legally binding decisions of the CJEU. We're not like those marketing fluff based VPNs which lie to you and in reality perform Data Retention in the countries where it is mandatory: you have plenty of examples from the press to prove what we claim here, when VPN customers identities and activities have been disclosed because of that very same data retention the VPN providers claimed not to perform. When we say we do not retain data and metadata of your traffic we really do it, that's why we must carefully evaluate the countries legal framework we plan to operate servers within. Kind regards P.S. Ukraine does not oblige dacenters and VPN providers to any data retention.
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    Article on VPN traffic tracing

    Personally, some of AirVPN's policies/procedures are a little concerning, some examples: 1) Keys are not renewed automatically, this needs to be done manually (at the moment). All keys should expire every 90 days (or a custom timer set by customer). 2) API keys should also rotate frequently. 3) I'd like a feature to generate 10 random keys with random names and automatically rotate them 4) I'd like to be able to destroy a user account entirely (as if it never existed) and remake a new one with my subscription balance every so often (similar to Mullvad in this regard). 5) Using "all activity" the usernames of each new account that registers is uniquely published and can be scraped. 6) Using the login/register flow you can check emails that may or may not be registered to an account. this was disclosed to staff but not considered - staff should remove email field altogether due to possible abuse. 7) Eddie (all platforms) should be able to frequently rotate connections (countries) and keys (randomly). This is a feature I've wanted for years but doesn't seem to be coming (so I'll probably need tot make it myself, although an API for this would be appreciated). No VPN provider seems to allow their software to automatically connect to a new server automatically every so often (not sure why really, in theory it would help?) 8) Other providers have "double hop" where you enter/exit via different countries which...feels more secure/safer but probably arguable. Thing with VPNs is that you need to define clearly your threat model and tolerance - truthfully at some point you will become uniquely identifiable. The Staff mentions you should use BTC but in the EU they are going to tighten it up so you have to provide PII to purchase the coins. Mainly for me VPN is used to hide traffic from ISPs and public networks - of course if you use a VPN to login to your online bank then they will tie your access to the VPNs IP - they will know you use a VPN (or other anonymity technique) purely based on IP alone, which again, falls into your threat model.
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    Server replacement (UK)

    Not only Latency.. They also fake geolocations and AirTeam still not admits this. For example Berlin Location is not Berlin but actually Frankfurt. Barcelona is not Bareclona but Madrid..
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    The big Port Forwarding Airvpn Topic

    @Obvious Hello! Incoming packet forwarding is a server side matter. It makes no difference whether the VPN connection is handled by OpenVPN 2,. OpenVPN 3 or Wireguard. In Linux and macOS, Eddie can run both OpenVPN and Hummingbird, which is an AirVPN software based on OpenVPN3-AirVPN library. You can tell Eddie to run Hummingbird and not OpenVPN by ticking "Use Hummingbird" item in Eddie's "Preferences" > "Advanced" window. On a client settings equal footing, packet forwarding behavior discrepancy between VPN servers should be investigated server side too. From your description it is possible that you're just wasting time as it appears that you're investigating incorrectly: please open a ticket. The support team can, first and foremost, ascertain whether packets are actually pre-routed and forwarded to your node or not. Kind regards
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    Fact: Exactly 1024 ports are inforwardable, 1-1023, that makes 64511 ports free to be forwarded by anyone. People can forward up to 20 ports. This applies only if you assume every user forwards five ports. I'd say the vast majority of people use 0-2 ports and a vast minority is above the 5 ports mark, simply because there are so little use cases for more than five ports. Most people want to torrent, that requires one port. All this renders the extrapolation somewhat difficult and needs some mathematical function to describe that is by no means linear, unlike the one you're trying to plot. That would make the feature unnecessarily difficult to manage. Besides, OpenVPN does not come with a feature like this, and neither does Wireguard. So such a feature would be limited to AirVPN clients, robbing everyone of their freedom to choose the client software. Warning: Two or more sessions are connected to the same server. The same IP+Port can't be mapped to multiple destination. Client area. It is a limitation, yes, but I think it is impossible to deny an OpenVPN client the connection if such a situation is encountered. OpenVPN does not know AirVPN's infrastructure. So if you see that two connections of yours are pointing towards the same server, reconnect with one of them and port forwarding should work again. It is never lost, it's always there. It just isn't possible to provide that feature in situations like above. I'd say, check your own setup first before pointing fingers at others. Likely there's something happening with your OS.
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    @56Kmodem Thank you, it's probably the configuration file "default.profile" which is not removed by the uninstaller (correctly, because it's an uninstall and not a purge) and which is not upward compatible. It remains to be seen why the problem arose in the first place with 2.21 beta. The very first time you had the problem, were you testing beta 1 or beta 2? What is your exact Windows version? Kind regards
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    Static port forwarding is one of Air's best features. My port-forwarding application would collapse completely if it were dynamic per connection. Because so few providers offer static port forwarding, those who need it often end up on Air.
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    Eddie Desktop 2.21 beta released

    I confirm an issue with Windows build with Network Lock activated, will be fixed as soon as possible, thanks
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    PIA's dedicated IP feature

    no way. then they couldn't truthfully say to law they don't know who did what from a server IP because they know it belongs to you.
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    @cellulosa I would still contact them so it ends up somewhere in the system. While above is valid, a truthful point for VPN usage is public Wi-Fi hotspots that you should use a VPN on, hence justifying your attempt to access their website via AirVPN.
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    Companies that offer transactions often block VPN access, you can reach out to Sainsburys directly and ask them to whitelist or remove the AirVPN exit nodes from their blacklist but I suspect they won't be interested. Using a VPN to mask your identity with a service that you log into and that has your home address to deliver to is usually not valuable.
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    Eddie Desktop 2.21 beta released

    After the testing, our Config Generator will be able to create WireGuard .conf file, usable without Eddie (wg / wg-quick or any official WireGuard app).
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    Thanks for that. That helped me too
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    Network lock not active

    @SeUbHS Hello! Yes, set your blocking rules as default rules while Eddie is not running and has just exited cleanly. Remember to allow local network, and special destinations such as in order not to block DHCP (at bootstrap etc.). Since you run iptables you can simply enforce DROP policy to the OUTPUT and INPUT chains of the filter table, and then set a few rules jumping to ACCEPT for local subnet, localhost and A very simple startup script (it's only an example, you must modify it according to your needs and the features of your network, and you can also use iptables-save to make rules permanent - also specify the correct path to iptables): iptables -F iptables -P OUTPUT DROP iptables -P INPUT DROP iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT iptables -I INPUT -s -j ACCEPT iptables -I OUTPUT -d -j ACCEPT iptables -I OUTPUT -s -d -j ACCEPT iptables -I INPUT -s -d -j ACCEPT iptables -I INPUT -s -d -j ACCEPT iptables -I OUTPUT -s -d -j ACCEPT When Eddie enables Network Lock, you can communicate with AirVPN infrastructure only. When Eddie disables Network Lock (including when it quits) it will restore your blocking rule, so your machine will be isolated from the Internet. Kind regards
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    What's your e-mail provider?

    I've summarized 8 pages of this thread. Email providers sorted by order of appearance, I've only included those people seemed to use themselves (personal recommendations or vouches). Some links to particularly interesting contributions Uh the links got automatically converted to embeds. Whatever PS: I think this last forum message is targeted spam, but the links here don't count for search engines so whatever.
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    RSI LIVE (SWISS TV) Blocked

    Thanks, I'll try right now.
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    RSI LIVE (SWISS TV) Blocked

    Hello, I tried to connect to RSI Live content at the address: https://www.rsi.ch/play/tv/live/la-2?tvLiveId=livestream_La2 with a swiss VPN server. I logged to this site many times in the past and it worked, with a swiss VPN server connection. This time, instead, I had the message: "This content can't be played". Trying to solve the problem, I found on the RSI site a help page where it's clearly specified that all connections behind a VPN will be blocked. Please fix this issues, if possible!
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    Bitwarden has been my go to for awhile. I think some others may say Keepass.
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    Entry ip

    1 is the default 2 is the same server setup as 1 but a different entry IP in case the default IP is blocked by your ISP 3 is tls-crypt 4 is the same server setup as 3 but a different entry IP in case the 3 IP is blocked by your ISP
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    i have the most recent version eddie (experiment), my client isn't showing any score or latency on any server or location. it's hard for me to pick which server is best for my gaming needs or browsing needs. i have already connected to 5 servers which come out to be awful on latency and speed. i really need the scores and latency checks on the eddie client, anyone? i added two images to the attachments, one of them are my router firewall configuration, am i missing something? cheers!
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    I too find Mono to be a bit misplaced in the world of GNU/Linux. Eddie 3 will have a GTK-based GUI, though.
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    Ad and maybe malware blocking?

    What do you mean by technically impossible? There are other VPN providers out there (I can name a couple that I have previously used) that do it: you have an option in their connection tool that you can turn on or off: when it is on, they block ads, when it is off, you just get everything. I find that very handy. We are not interested in traffic inspection, not even to block ads. Traffic inspection has profound effects and legal consequences: it's contrary to our policy and mission, it weakens remarkably the anonymity layer, it opens the doors dangerously to logging and monitoring and affects in both major and subtle ways the mere conduit status of a service provider in the information society (exemption of liability for users of the service behavior is reduced when the provider selects the content to re-transmit, as past jurisprudence in the EU has widely shown). About traffic discrimination on your end (in your system) you can of course do as you prefer, there are many tools around which meet your needs without overloading our software with options unrelated to our mission or (even worse!) making it become bloatware. Kind regards
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