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Technical Specs
We provide ONLY protocol/servers.

Recommended daemons (client >=2.4) (not yet supported in all servers)

Compatibility daemons (client <2.4)

Available port/protocols

Multiple entry ports (53, 80, 443, 1194, 2018, 28439, 38915, 41185), native OpenVPN tcp/udp or with additional tunnel layers (SSL, SSH).

Assigned IP

Servers support both IPv4 and IPv6 tunnel (exit-ip), and are reachable over IPv4 and IPv6 (entry-ip). Currently (2018/01) not all servers support IPv6 tunnel yet.
DNS server address is the same as gateway, in both IPv4 and IPv6 layer.

IPv4 Local Address chosen: 10.{daemon}.*.*, Subnet-Mask:
IPv6 Unique Local Address (ULA) chosen: fde6:7a:7d20:{daemon}::/48.


VPN DNS Server


Web Server - airvpn.org

Servers online. Online Sessions: 16028 - BW: 52179 Mbit/sYour IP: Access.