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  1. Hello! Which Eddie client version were you using? I believe that's an outdated issue. Have you tried the experimental client?
  2. Hello! I assume you mean the Eddie lock feature. Staff somewhat answered that here. I'd recommend looking through the above link, as Staff posted further helpful replies.
  3. Hello! You can either try upgrading to the experimental client by following the link in my signature or you can try the below solution: Eddie>Preferences>DNS>Uncheck "Check Air DNS">Save and Preferences>Advanced>Uncheck "Check if tunnel works">Save. Then re-connect to a server. Sometimes you only need to uncheck one of them.
  4. Hello! Using Eddie with Network Lock enabled would also prevent WebRTC leaks .
  5. Hello! This is most likely just another issue with MalwareBytes. Which is potentially also the cause of the inaccessibility of some sites, in your case. Possibly relevant exceptions list for MalwareBytes.
  6. Hello! Yes, assuming your laptop is running Eddie and with Network Lock as well, then the devices connecting through your laptop will also be using the VPN. At any rate, you could for example try to go ipleak.net from your iPad to see the IP address.
  7. Already answered here.
  8. Hello! If there's no option to use forgotten password, you could try submit a support ticket.
  9. Hello! Have you tried airvpn.info? Have you tried using different browsers? Have you tried reading some of the other Amazon-related threads? Have you tried some of the points written in the stickied thread? Have you tried using the latest version of Eddie? Are you using Eddie at all? The plugin you're referring to seems to be totally unnecessary and I'm not sure what purpose it serves. There's guides to setting up torrent clients, in my signature.
  10. Hello! That's certainly interesting. Thank you for taking the time to post it here and making it available in English . I completely agree that the choice of justification is very poor in this regard. Moved topic to the proper forum.
  11. You could uninstall OpenVPN and Eddie. Then you can check the guide in my signature, for instructions on how to download the beta/experimental client.
  12. Hello! Perhaps this thread can be slightly helpful.
  13. But which version of Eddie are you using? That's why I suggested trying the beta version of Eddie.
  14. Hello! Sorry, but this is an English-only forum, so can you please use English?
  15. Hello! Are you using Eddie or OpenVPN directly? You could try the experimental client, as well as going to Preferences > UI > Check the exit prompt option.
  16. Hello! I don't think it has been mentioned, so I thought it would be relevant to point out that AirVPN doesn't require the use of a valid e-mail account in order to sign up.
  17. Hello! Which version of the Eddie client are you using? If it's the latest Stable, then do try the Beta client. Instructions can be find in my signature. You don't need to change between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows .
  18. Indeed, which was why I suggested it. May I suggest trying to upgrade to the Beta client if the issue persists?
  19. Hello! Have you tried completely restarting the client?
  20. Nope, no update. I keep thinking about how to do it however.
  21. Hello! You could check out some of the links near the bottom of this thread, regarding speed.
  22. I can access both amazon.com and goodreads.com. Did you try different servers? Have you tried the routes tool?
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