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  1. Hello! And now after an interesting exchange, it got a little too interesting, with insults. Locked. Goodbye!
  2. Why not try an alternative client then, simply?
  3. Hello! As much risk as there is, willfully bypassing a security measure
  4. Hello! And to add to this, remember to re-connect to a server each time, for the changes to take effect.
  5. Nadre, you may be able to achieve something similar, if you go to Browse>My Activity Streams>Create New Stream>Then tick the boxes associated with seeing topics and including everything. Then your custom stream will show up under My Activity Streams.
  6. I could not agree more. It's especially bad if one isn't even using a valid e-mail address - as AirVPN allows - thus one won't get notifications as much presumably. @NoiselessOwl There are some bugs and they're being worked on :). I actually just experienced what you described, when I posted, clicked "multiquote" then edited my reply. But I can't immediately reproduce it. This was in Chromium. I also see my post count went from 2002 or so to 1990. Hm. Well the 90's were great anyhow πŸ˜„
  7. Have you tried using a different browser, such as Chrome? It also appears I'm not getting notifications of replies, even though it should be enabled.
  8. Indeed, there's audio. But it seems like it's no longer possible to simply "Follow" a thread and get a notification. Now it's only via email, unless one starts or replies to a thread.
  9. Indeed. But luckily my signature remained the same, structurally. It's just not very colorful now. I just noticed we can now not only "Like" but append a specific emotion. "Like", "Sad", "Thanks", "Haha" and "Confused". I think that will be mildly hilarious around here. Whatever Staff says, there will be 10 newly registered users clicking the heart icon and choosing "Confused" πŸ˜‚. But now likes can also be removed. But you made me sad giga, so you get the sad icon attached. I don't know how this will factor into your Like count though, haha. It will factor in independently. So your likes are separate from your sadness score. Oh dear.
  10. Hello! After scheduled downtime, the AirVPN website design has changed substantially. What are your thoughts about the new design? I can definitely say there's some fancy new additions that make some things a little smoother, even if it's tempting to want an "old.airvpn.org" siteπŸ˜„. Possible to "Recommend" posts and not just mark them as the solution. The design is more flat and the colors seem brighter overall. There's some tags which no longer work in signatures, but still in posts. There's now a reminder for unregistered users that they'll need to have their posts approved, before their posts are visible. More captchas it seems. The location of various information has been moved, such as with the top bar and your sign-in location. More use of drop-down menus. Profile settings options have been moved around, but seemingly remain largely the same. Some better moderator UI facilities. Apparently the AirVPN support departments like "Support", "Feedback" and others, have been combined into one single unit. Everything in the Client Area is now a top-down sort of affair. The FAQ sub-forum was changed, so that it has its own place under the "Home" menu.
  11. Hello! Have you checked out the stickied/pinned threads? You might also want to append some Eddie logs. Instructions in my signature.
  12. Hello! Welcome to AirVPN! Have you tried changing to the appropriate servers? Their site at https://play.hbogo.com/ doesn't work unless you're using an AirVPN server based in the US. So go to the Eddie client that you presumably downloaded>Servers Tab>Double-click a US server. Then start whichever HBO app or website in question. It's also good to point out, that if HBO doesn't work after everything has been tried, you may have more luck with Netflix, where GoT is also available. I'm sorry the guide isn't very clear. I've been meaning to change it for some time now.
  13. Hello! You don't need to touch your router if you're just running the Eddie client locally on your PC, unless you have a specific setup in mind. You mentioned trying protocols: but did you try SSL/SSH and also remember to click "OK" and re-connect to a (nearby) server, after each change? Have you been through this stickied guide to Virgin? Have you tried these options for desktop Eddie? You don't need a profile/config generator by the way. Did you remember to update qBittorent and/or port-forward it? Please remember that there's guides to torrenting in my signature. Speedtests don't always tell the truth, so remember to test multiple times, controlled conditions, etc. etc. You don't really need to deal with the TAP issue any longer, if you've installed the latest Stable client or Beta. Remember to download the test-torrent from ipleak.net when you're done, to ensure you're not leaking.Your age isn't a problem.
  14. Hello! Thank you. It's a subject of frequent frustration, so I've highlighted past threads which should help spread the word. I can recommend reading Staff's post and the one immediately after it, regarding servers supposedly being marked.
  15. Stickied, locked and solution marked, to clarify AirVPNs position on this issue. Note that as with any other site, whether it's Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer or something else, it's sometimes possible to get through and sometimes isn't. By stickying these threads, we can hopefully help make the Blocked Sites forum a little more readable and useful.
  16. Hello! Pinning this and marking giganerds answer as the "solution" for convenience, as it's important we make as many people as possible aware of the issue of running exit nodes in this fashion. Further interesting and clarifying messages include: From giganerd: One of a few Staff posts: Hopefully that'll help make more people aware of the issue. Locking for now, as I believe most of what could be said, has been said already.
  17. Hello! Many good IT horror stories start precisely like this :D. It would be good if: You check you're using the latest AirVPN and qBittorent clients.Check ipleak.net and also download the testtorrent to check for any leaks. Use an OS which doesn't force you to do things you don't want to. Then you can always dual-boot with Windows or run it in a VM when it's needed.
  18. Hello! Which client version are you running and do you have any logs you can share? No.
  19. No problem. If that fails, there's other things you can try. Similarly, submitting a support ticket is also possible if that's more convenient for you. .
  20. Hello! This *may* be resolved if you try update to the experimental/beta version of Eddie. Instructions can be found in my signature. It's possible that behavior happens if after the black/whitelisting, that Eddie isn't closed via its own menus, but I'm not sure.
  21. Hello! You can run AirVPN on many devices simultaneously. If you have an Android phone, AirVPNs Eddie software is available for it. Please check the FAQ in my signature. While if you want to run AirVPN from your computer, you're welcome to check the other guide in my signature, where many additional questions are answered .
  22. Hello! Here you go. Select iPad in the top-right corner. Otherwise there's no Eddie iOS yet, only the regular desktop Eddie for MacOS and Eddie Android. Check my FAQ for more on that.
  23. There hasn't been any news and since it seems to be a rather big set of changes, an ETA is likewise very hard to come by. So as annoying as it is, there's "news when there's news" and not before. If a given version of Eddie isn't working for you, please remember that under "Other Versions" on the download page you can download previous versions too. I see 2.15.2, 2.14.5 and 2.13.6 are available for MacOS. Besides the 2.17.2 beta.
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