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  1. Did you use Eddie with Network Lock on? If so, I don't think it's sufficient to simply restart the Firewall, as it has to be reset to its default settings. Keep in mind that you're also able to submit a support ticket .
  2. Hello! It's nice but it might have a significant impact on the battery. We need a careful evaluation. Eddie makes your battery live so much longer than "OpenVPN for Android" thanks to a maniacal care for each method draining battery. Kind regards Hello! Could it be an option under settings perhaps? "Show download/upload on notification menu" or something. If checked, a small pop-up appears saying "Warning: This will likely drain your battery faster" or such. Thus by default Eddie still maintains a high standard of care, while still allowing each user to choose what's important.
  3. Hello! Try to reset your DNS and/or Firewall settings.
  4. Hello! Of course it disconnects if your Mac is sleeping and nothing is running. If you use Network Lock, you shouldn't experience any leaks however, which is what you're worried about I presume. Why do you want it to stay connected if your Mac is asleep and not in use?
  5. Hello! Absolutely not. For several reasons, including: It's probably not harmonious with AirVPNs mission to make the Web as free as possible for users to experience, both good and bad. It's outside the purview of what a VPN is supposed to do. If users can't reasonably secure their own computers/browsers, then a VPN will be useless for them anyway. It adds another layer of complexity. Besides mainly being a marketing ploy, used by some of AirVPNs competitors, to give the impression of higher security and privacy. It's simply unnecessary and undesirable, for what is probably the majority of AirVPNs userbase, as such people can easily and would rather control this themselves. It's sort of a stated design goal for Eddie, that it isn't filled with any bloatware.Fortunately, nothing prevents you from installing something precisely like Ublock Origin, ticking off a few desired blocking lists and being on your merry way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts however. As this topic has appeared a few times before, I think it's fair to lock this thread.
  6. I think it's best we lock this thread, as OP hasn't posted during the weekend which OP said he would and that weekend is long gone now. So let's not keep people waiting for nothing. OP, if you decide to post your results, you can either PM me and we'll unlock this thread or you can start a new thread.
  7. Hello! Welcome to AirVPN! You can refer to the guide in my signature for most general queries. Wherein you can also find guides to torrenting like this one: https://airvpn.org/topic/14949-help-with-port-forwarding/?p=30873 So: Download AirVPNs Eddie client and enable Network Lock. Download qBittorent. Then read the first link and adjust the settings. Download test torrent and see if it shows an AirVPN IP. It shouldn't show your IP. (Remember to always start the AirVPN client before the torrent client) then Torrent. I would recommend that you switch to qBittorent and thus away from Utorrent. For convenience and perhaps added security. That's your choice however. In regards to torrenting, it doesn't matter much if you're using Windows or not and it's not a lengthy process to setup the AirVPN client (Eddie) nor the torrent client of choice .
  8. Really neat. Any news for when Eddie App for iOS will be released? Eddie for iOS isn't on the table at all, due to restrictions put in place by Apple. More information can be found in the guide in my signature.
  9. Hello! Welcome to AirVPN! Some countries and ISPs have blocks on AirVPNs site. Try https://airvpn.org/ and see if that works . If you need further assistance, you can either post here or submit a support request. If you've got an Android phone, then keep in mind that there's also an Eddie client for Android, so you can avoid such blocks in the future .
  10. That's great - I did say it wasn't too hard . I personally doubt it, but I can't give you a firm answer. For the average user, I think the answer is no. But now that you know how VMs work, you can always try out the different VM software suites yourself . Now you can go mix and match. Create more VMs and have them at the ready, try out different settings - especially the Guest Additions. Have fun: VMs are a playground, where if you break something, you just reload. Experiment with different operating systems if you desire. It's a great way to test Linux distro's before the real install on your PC for example. Also, for good measure, do check ipleak.net once in a while.
  11. Hello! That's great news . Staff, maybe you should put ProMINDs changelog in a spoiler. He does a lot of work apparently . As far as I can see, you won't be using the term "Network Lock" in Eddie Android, is that correct?
  12. It just depends on how many resources you allocate to the VM. If you have a system with for example 8GB RAM, on newish hardware, it's possible to play games with a VM open. It depends on the games too of course. Otherwise it's just a case of Downloading a Linux .iso file. (You can pick Linux Mint or Ubuntu if you're new to it)Following the aforementioned link to download the VM software and set up a VM.Point the VM to the downloaded .iso file.Start up the VM and install Eddie in it.Then take a snapshot - which is like saving your progress. Then when you want to torrent, you start the VM software, load the saved snapshot and start torrenting.Inside the VM where Eddie is running, you'll have an AirVPN IP address. This is the guest OS. While your Windows system that you used to install the VM software on, is the host OS. Here your IP isn't being hidden when you browse the web. Even if it looks like a long process, it becomes super quick once you know it. I can firmly recommend getting to know VirtualBox and how to do the above mentioned things .
  13. Hello! Have you tried Eddie for Android? It has the DNS setting I believe you're looking for . Maybe that's the altogether simpler option you're looking for.
  14. Hello! If Eddie works fine, why not just run it in a VM? Then you can still reach whatever sites you want on your host OS, while the guest OS is exclusively for torrenting; with an added layer of security thanks to the VM. Maybe this is more harmonious with your goal. Also, don't forget: Doing remote port-forwarding on this site.You don't need to go to torrent sites with a browser, but can use the built-in search function in qBittorent. View > Enable Search Engine > Go to Search tab (appears next to "Transfers).If you don't want to use Eddie because of site access issues, then don't forget it's possible to make some sites go outside the VPN tunnel: Eddie > Preferences > Routes. (From point 2 onwards).You're also able to view the other torrenting guides available. You can check the guide in my signature for that. . It seems to me you should try Eddie again, unless you specifically want to use OpenVPN only, as Eddie is just an OpenVPN wrapper anyway.
  15. Hello! Please try using the TCP protocol in the Eddie client. Preferences>Protocols>TCP>Save>Re-connect to a server. Please also remember to use a spoiler tag next time .
  16. Hello! That's brilliant stuff, Staff. Suggestion: Why don't you just add a separate button next to the first plan, called Request Free Trial or Request 3 Day Free Trial, which links to https://airvpn.org/contact/ page, instead of putting it on the same button as the 2 euro plan? Because I think it's potentially confusing - if the user wants a free trial, they'll click the 2 euro plan and proceed to checkout and then wonder why they still need to pay.
  17. Have you tried different servers and the TCP protocol?
  18. Hello! Did you uncheck "Check Air DNS" too, in addition to "check if tunnel works"?
  19. If you've just downloaded it from: https://airvpn.org/macos/ Then as you can see, it's version 2.16.3. Under the nearby Other Versions link, you can download the experimental client if you wish.
  20. Hello! Which Eddie client is this? I'm not sure how it works on Mac, but if the Stable release doesn't work, you could try the Beta client. Instructions can be found in my signature .
  21. Hello! Moved to the correct sub-forum. Discussion of other providers is allowed in this one. Good luck with your tests . It'll be good if you remember to include your testing methodology in addition to the results.
  22. Hello! This sub-forum hasn't seen any activity since its creation and perhaps it's because most don't understand the purpose of it and therefore how to contribute. AirVPN supports FOSS software because compared to the closed world of proprietary software, it's more harmonious with AirVPNs Mission. An example of FOSS is AirVPNs Eddie client. The AirVPN Mirrors Project FOSS projects can be difficult to run, because they're often done on a volunteer and therefore free basis. So they often have little or no income to pay for the upkeep of servers/mirrors, to distribute their potentially fantastic and important work. Thus the Mirrors Project allows the community to suggest projects that AirVPN will support. If granted, AirVPN will cover the cost of X amount of "mirrors". Which allow the software in question to be downloaded. In addition, there can also be some benefits in terms of reliability, security, ease of access and general anti-censorship for the supported project. Which are desirable things for AirVPNs Mission. To see all of the projects AirVPN currently supports, please visit the Mission page. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask .
  23. Hello! It has been discussed before by you OP. As well as elsewhere: https://airvpn.org/topic/14997-security-of-airvpn-account/ https://airvpn.org/topic/21471-suggestion-add-multifactor2factor-authentication-mfa2fa-for-online-logins-and-eddie/ TL;DR: It's probably not very necessary/useful and there's other ways to secure your account. Staff may have it noted down as a distant thing on their to-do list, but AFAIK it's not a priority due partly to the answers in the above links .
  24. Hello! Welcome to AirVPN! I don't know how OpenVPN does it, but Eddie is an OpenVPN wrapper and does it like so. Not in Eddie, AFAIK. I'm actually not sure if it makes much of a difference.
  25. Hello! You don't usually need to make content and server location correspond. Due to the micro-routing feature. You don't need to configure anything. Just run Eddie. You can try enabling Network Lock and then all your traffic will go through AirVPN. You may also try the Eddie experimental client, if there's specific issues with Eddie. Instructions can be found in my signature. You can finally try to share your Eddie logs with us or perhaps go to the blocked sites sub-forum, if that's relevant . Instructions for logs are also in my signature.
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