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  1. Hello! You don't need to touch your router if you're just running the Eddie client locally on your PC, unless you have a specific setup in mind. You mentioned trying protocols: but did you try SSL/SSH and also remember to click "OK" and re-connect to a (nearby) server, after each change? Have you been through this stickied guide to Virgin? Have you tried these options for desktop Eddie? You don't need a profile/config generator by the way. Did you remember to update qBittorent and/or port-forward it? Please remember that there's guides to torrenting in my signature. Speedtests don't always tell the truth, so remember to test multiple times, controlled conditions, etc. etc. You don't really need to deal with the TAP issue any longer, if you've installed the latest Stable client or Beta. Remember to download the test-torrent from ipleak.net when you're done, to ensure you're not leaking.Your age isn't a problem.
  2. Hello! Thank you. It's a subject of frequent frustration, so I've highlighted past threads which should help spread the word. I can recommend reading Staff's post and the one immediately after it, regarding servers supposedly being marked.
  3. Hello! Stickied, locked and solution marked.
  4. Stickied, locked and solution marked, to clarify AirVPNs position on this issue. Note that as with any other site, whether it's Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer or something else, it's sometimes possible to get through and sometimes isn't. By stickying these threads, we can hopefully help make the Blocked Sites forum a little more readable and useful.
  5. Hello! Pinning this and marking giganerds answer as the "solution" for convenience, as it's important we make as many people as possible aware of the issue of running exit nodes in this fashion. Further interesting and clarifying messages include: From giganerd: One of a few Staff posts: Hopefully that'll help make more people aware of the issue. Locking for now, as I believe most of what could be said, has been said already.
  6. Hello! Many good IT horror stories start precisely like this :D. It would be good if: You check you're using the latest AirVPN and qBittorent clients.Check ipleak.net and also download the testtorrent to check for any leaks. Use an OS which doesn't force you to do things you don't want to. Then you can always dual-boot with Windows or run it in a VM when it's needed.
  7. Hello! Which client version are you running and do you have any logs you can share? No.
  8. No problem. If that fails, there's other things you can try. Similarly, submitting a support ticket is also possible if that's more convenient for you. .
  9. Hello! This *may* be resolved if you try update to the experimental/beta version of Eddie. Instructions can be found in my signature. It's possible that behavior happens if after the black/whitelisting, that Eddie isn't closed via its own menus, but I'm not sure.
  10. Hello! You can run AirVPN on many devices simultaneously. If you have an Android phone, AirVPNs Eddie software is available for it. Please check the FAQ in my signature. While if you want to run AirVPN from your computer, you're welcome to check the other guide in my signature, where many additional questions are answered .
  11. Hello! Here you go. Select iPad in the top-right corner. Otherwise there's no Eddie iOS yet, only the regular desktop Eddie for MacOS and Eddie Android. Check my FAQ for more on that.
  12. There hasn't been any news and since it seems to be a rather big set of changes, an ETA is likewise very hard to come by. So as annoying as it is, there's "news when there's news" and not before. If a given version of Eddie isn't working for you, please remember that under "Other Versions" on the download page you can download previous versions too. I see 2.15.2, 2.14.5 and 2.13.6 are available for MacOS. Besides the 2.17.2 beta.
  13. Hello! This is just a short FAQ for Eddie Android, which is developed by AirVPN and first launched in 2018. I'll expand upon the FAQ as needed. Make sure to keep an eye on the News & Announcements forum for the latest updates. How do I fix an issue I'm having with the Master Password Feature or can I disable the Master Password? You should be prompted for a new password if you re-install the app. But as of writing, it's not possible to disable the Master Password. Why is a Master Password even required? It's meant as a security feature, so as to encrypt sensitive data locally on your phone/device. Will Eddie be available for Apple iOS? Not until Apple changes its restrictive policies. But Eddie for desktop is available on MacOS/Macbooks otherwise. This is due to mobile and desktop systems being different. Does it have a Network Lock/Killswitch/Leaks prevention feature like desktop Eddie? As with the Master Password, it's a possibility that being able to opt-out of this feature will be a possibility, despite the security pitfalls for the user. Note that enabling "Pause VPN when the screen is off" will NOT cause leaks. Not in the same way as desktop Eddie, no. Because mobile operating systems work differently and so it's not called "Network Lock". But it does try to prevent leaks, but this is rather "best effort". Where can I download Eddie Android from an AirVPN source and how do I configure it? When downloading from AirVPNs own repositories, keep an eye on which version you're downloading. Look here for a short tutorial for how to do it and where to download. It's possible to download the app from Google Play as well as AirVPN's own repositories. If I run into an issue, how can I report it? AirVPN has a bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure program for security issues. From within the app you can share your logs.[Technical] You may also attempt the use of logcat if the app has crashed.You can also try to submit a support ticket. Of course posting in the forums works too. Can I use Eddie Android with a different VPN provider? Yes absolutely. It's usually just a matter of downloading their .ovpn files instead of the AirVPN ones and then importing them. Eddie Android doesn't work on... Note that Eddie Android is otherwise stated as being supported on Nvidia Shield, Android TV and other devices. Sony Bravia Android TVs. Further ideas, thoughts, questions and suggestions are of course welcome as always. Please be aware that answers about AirVPN or desktop Eddie can often be found in the guide in my signature.
  14. Hello! It's pretty "normal" that ISPs will throttle. So please try out protocols like SSL in Eddie>Preferences>Protocols>Uncheck "automatic">SSL 443>OK>Re-connect to a server. In principle you can always provide logs, if you don't know how to do actual testing. It may or may not be useful. Instructions in my signature for where to find your Eddie logs . You can change your account settings to get notifications when you get replies: Top-right corner>Click your username>My Settings>Notifications & Options. Also instructions in my guide in my signature.
  15. Hello! Did you also try disabling Check if Tunnel works, in addition to Check DNS? Preferences>Advanced. Then re-connect to a server.
  16. Hello! It has been thought of yes, but I think it's unlikely to change at this stage, because: Eddie Android is still in the early phases of development and so, fixing other things first is likely a priority. It's a major design choice and a carefully thought through one at that. Which refers back to the first point too.
  17. Hello! I think it falls into the "only looks good" category for most other VPNs. While AirVPN already provides "real" multi-hopping. Good luck translating Staffs post .
  18. Hello! Please contact support.
  19. Did you use Eddie with Network Lock on? If so, I don't think it's sufficient to simply restart the Firewall, as it has to be reset to its default settings. Keep in mind that you're also able to submit a support ticket .
  20. Hello! It's nice but it might have a significant impact on the battery. We need a careful evaluation. Eddie makes your battery live so much longer than "OpenVPN for Android" thanks to a maniacal care for each method draining battery. Kind regards Hello! Could it be an option under settings perhaps? "Show download/upload on notification menu" or something. If checked, a small pop-up appears saying "Warning: This will likely drain your battery faster" or such. Thus by default Eddie still maintains a high standard of care, while still allowing each user to choose what's important.
  21. Hello! Try to reset your DNS and/or Firewall settings.
  22. Hello! Of course it disconnects if your Mac is sleeping and nothing is running. If you use Network Lock, you shouldn't experience any leaks however, which is what you're worried about I presume. Why do you want it to stay connected if your Mac is asleep and not in use?
  23. Hello! Absolutely not. For several reasons, including: It's probably not harmonious with AirVPNs mission to make the Web as free as possible for users to experience, both good and bad. It's outside the purview of what a VPN is supposed to do. If users can't reasonably secure their own computers/browsers, then a VPN will be useless for them anyway. It adds another layer of complexity. Besides mainly being a marketing ploy, used by some of AirVPNs competitors, to give the impression of higher security and privacy. It's simply unnecessary and undesirable, for what is probably the majority of AirVPNs userbase, as such people can easily and would rather control this themselves. It's sort of a stated design goal for Eddie, that it isn't filled with any bloatware.Fortunately, nothing prevents you from installing something precisely like Ublock Origin, ticking off a few desired blocking lists and being on your merry way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts however. As this topic has appeared a few times before, I think it's fair to lock this thread.
  24. I think it's best we lock this thread, as OP hasn't posted during the weekend which OP said he would and that weekend is long gone now. So let's not keep people waiting for nothing. OP, if you decide to post your results, you can either PM me and we'll unlock this thread or you can start a new thread.
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