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  1. This is already addressed here. Network Lock uses firewall rules to keep traffic inside the VPN tunnel which is only possible if you are connected to Air servers first at the moment.
  2. If you know the IP of the site(s) that you wish to exclude from the VPN tunnel then got to AirVPN->Preferences->Routes->Add
  3. An evaluation? Route what to what & where? Are you nuts
  4. me.moo@posteo.me


    Glad to hear it worked out well
  5. Its just different hardware configs I think. My Dell lappy for instance hates a lot of the latest drivers for certain components, sometimes failing altogether, so we have to stick with the originals in most cases.
  6. A BitCoin voucher woudn't make a good Birthday or other such gift then?
  7. What may I ask makes their teens different? Are they artificially drug induced human clones with inbuilt decryption genes?
  8. This is all bluff, double or tripple bluff, smoke, mirrors, plus trap doors and dog poo. What is it with 'Apple' encryption that might make it breakable as opposed to 'other' encryption that we use?
  9. I rather think @giganerd knows this already! as do most of us. Most of us also know 'every little bit of information we put out there only works against it'. So what is it you are trying to add that is unknown to the whole community?
  10. If you're sending cash in the mail, well, it's entirely at your own risk. The receiver (AirVPN?) has no responsibility or culpability if it doesn't arrive. Again, I used to use a vpn for several years that allowed cash payments by mail. Their rates were much higher than Air. So the envelope had a fair bit of moola in it, sent to a country far far away....never had a problem) I only later learned that that far away address was merely a cash drop/forwarding point for the payment which eventually found its way to a European vpn. I imagine quite a lot of people who appreciate privacy and anonymity must have used the cash payment option and I never once (in several years) saw a complaint in the forums about people's payment not being received. Again when you assume a risk like mailing cash, the risk is entirely your own not the recipient's and you would have no credibility complaining about loss in a forum. OF course I'm not suggesting cash be the only option, just that it be an available option for those many vpn users who want as much privacy as possible. Air have already stated that this is not an option, never has been, and will not be, ever; so why pursue it here because you will not alter anything. Lastly and somewhat discomfitingly, since AirVPN has to approve every post before it reaches the discerning eyes of forum readers, one assumes such uncreditable complaints would not be allowed "all over the forums"; for your thoughtful consideration I don't find Air approving forum posts in the least discomforting. Complaints of any kind are allowed and answered. If anyone is so paranoid they feel they cannot trust their VPN service provider then where is there left to go? Rather than that, Air's position on this only strengthens my trust in them, & that they have made and will continue to make the best decisions.
  11. were already on medium-low, switch to m-high, messed about, switched back to m-low, it worked. Thanks mdf,
  12. Settings in what, nothing changed? Is already whitelisted.
  13. It's considered a mental disorder. I personally consider living like this is unhealthy. Are you mad
  14. Something I noticed earlier and still seems to persist is that I can't sign in to Twitter using the Tor Browser. AirVPN is working as normal as is everything else, and I can sign in using bare bones Firefox without doing anything special. Just find it odd and irritating at the mo and have other things on my mind...........
  15. I just love everything Windows does automatically for me, it must have ESP
  16. I don't have the answer but it sure isn't everyone. We would need far more info than Windows version, see loads of recent similar questions or FAQ's
  17. And thats why I use those tests. I do not have to constantly look everything up, its not difficult to keep abreast of everything, no need to do it minute by minute as some companies would have us believe. What sites do you use that need such heavy metal defenses?
  18. Not one AV does perform well enough, never has. I haven't the strength to argue any other points, that one is enough.
  19. No, I didn't. More like another proverb or quote I read somewhere. I don't know if it was Linus Torvalds or someone else; something along the lines of "If something is good/worth the money, let's pay for it." And of course this does not only apply to FLOSS Lol. Not sure about it being a proverb but mine would go more like 'No need to pay loads of leeches to get the job done'. If there is a job to be done then it should be done well, I can go along with that and paying for quality. However Giga my mate, you haven't addressed what I feel is very important - It takes more than one product to give complete security, so are we all to pay for two, three, four, or more products to al get their hooks in and conflict for rescources bla bla. My way is I get to choose on a daily basis and keep up with stuff and it cost me nothing.
  20. How did you create the account, have you paid already or is it a trial you have requested or what?
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