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  1. So, in short, what the author/tester is saying is that you can't be totally secure unless you have a Mac using iVPN. Bull ...
  2. I've been with Sky for a while (not fibre) and get around 15Mb/s down at best which is as was promised with very little reduction using Air; I rarely have problems streaming live HD TV or anything else. I've never received any correspondence regarding usage of AirVPN or noticed any throttling no matter what, how much, or the source of data is. Unlimited appears to be truly unlimited. Reliability is almost 100%; I've lost the connection only a handful of times over ten years or so.
  3. England is not spreading anything, this has been picked up as if it will affect the world which it won't. It is a simple small change in UK law for the UK only. The fact that the BBC iplayer's current overseas blocking can be circumvented has nothing to do with any of this. No one is being extorted; 99.99% of viewers pay for a TV licence with no problem and always have, it is because of this that the BBC exists and does what it does. No one is being asked to pay more!? Most people pay 10 times more for satellite TV/Internet/Comms lines on top of the TV licence.
  4. It is total nonesense and insanely hilarious. These vans used to troll about all over the place in the 1960's/70's picking up signals given off by TV sets. To say they can use anything similar today is ridiculous. Not a massive amount of thought has gone into any of this unless the BBC and civil service executives are even more incompetant than previously thought.
  5. None of this will affect internet access in any way (yet!); it is all to do with the UK's TV licence. It is a requirement in law to have a licence to watch ANY live television broadcast in the UK but the payment goes only to the BBC (this is how the BBC is funded). In recent years more and more people have not been buying a TV licence and using the defense that they only ever watch catch up TV or equivalent and never the live programmed output of any broadcaster. This is what will change - the licence will be required for ALL TV broadcasts over any media type, live or not. How this will be policed is not yet known but it has nothing to do with how the iplayer will work at the moment.
  6. I did not say I would be deleting myself , Air is too good. I won't be answering or contributing. As Snapz kindly pointed out, I am not dead, yet. I have closed down normal forum notifications but my account will be open for as long as.... and I have been getting lots of personal stuff (all good so far!) and that is the reason for me signing in, its only been 2 days for goodness sake. Plus there are plenty of other reasons for signing in - I am messing with OSMC on a Pi 2 for instance so signing in means zilch. Ask Air if you want to really know why I ain't bothered answering pillocks anymore.
  7. I do not need the hassle or anything, I am out of the forum, all the best to all, God Bless, M
  8. must be true then
  9. AirVPN client will not run on Pi, it is not x86. Openvpn however can be used, I am trying with it myself, successfully so far. Just have not got it running using osmc automatically as yet. I have limited time I can try so its bit by bit almost literally
  10. The next time anyone wants to ask when a discount might be available, why not ask why it is that most of us are too proud to ask because these people run a business not a charity. I cannot afford loads since I was disabled nearly 20 years ago but I pay my way and do not ever go begging for anything. If an offer is there I will take it. To ask is being a begging shit.
  11. Slightly unorthodox but welcome to the community
  12. I was new once, I searched first before asking a thing. It all depends on what you are asking, like I said, search first and if you had either before or since you would be aware this is not worth a new thread???????????
  13. I would like to see an AirVPN server on Mars since it is obvious no one would be able to geolocate the server and be totally anonymous to not only this planet but the Universe, since we assume we already know most of what the universe is. Ooops,a problem there cos we don't know what the universe is but scientists say they do anyway and thats ok cos they are allowed to change their minds. Well, since Faraday, Newton, & Einstein et al, the recent scientists can change their minds as much as they like. <deleted, reason: sterile ad personam attacks - Staff>
  14. You are doing a great job LZ1, I'm sure giganerd would not mind if you copied his how to link
  15. If you had bothered to search the forums here or anything on the internet regarding Netflix you would know that the same questions are being asked. All you need to say to be part of it is 'add me to the list' then you will be a fully fledged member of the Netflix Pissed Off Society. Air are well aware of this problem and if there is a way around it they are the only ones who will be able to overcome it IMHO. So visit the forum and search rather than ask questions already asked.
  16. Do we need anyone else to repeat the same thing over and over?
  17. Ridiculous nonesense.
  18. You don't necessarily have any anonymity. I don't know what DNM is but any site you sign in to still has to know it is you! Your real IP and DNS requests are hidden but once your packets leave the exit node the data is open to the world as normal. Using https of course will give you end to end encryption but you still need to exersize due dilligence to remain anonymous - never feel you are 'safe' or unseen just because you are behind a VPN, Tor, or anything else.
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