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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I just downloaded Eddie for windows xp but there is 7 antivirus programs detecting it as trojan in virustotal, kaspersky included . is Eddie trojan or what?
  2. I'm looking for the best anti-malware protection on my windows 10 computer, HP. What would you all recommend? I'm doing a general setup for tightening security. I'm bought the VPN through AirVPN, Email through StartMail Search engine through Startpage (utilizes Google search but sends anonymous queries through their server, under Dutch Law) Thanks.
  3. ( wasnt able to post in How to section ) You need to disable all SSL Scanning ( even if you DONT use a SSL tunnel via air vpn ) else you get alot of Disconects ( atleast i did ) First Set all Open VPN and AIR VPN Processes like this up Now Allow the following Processes OpenVPN Daeomon openvpn.exe AirVPN - Windows UI Now the next step is to Disable SSL Scanning dont worry you wont harm your security as Kaspersky told me there are Multple layer that will still cover you ! Then Click here All done ! mine now works 1 hour straight ( before these settings it was disconecting every 4 min approx ) Works even with other clients and or vpn . Sorry for my english. Have fun !
  4. Just to let folks know that AVG gets upset with stunnel.exe and is reporting as a threat because it is an "Unknown Application or File". This is reported by the "Identity Protection" element. Whether there is actually a problem? I doubt it, but it would be nice to get confirmation here one way or another. If this is a real issue, please post a reply. Thanks, Spronky AVG Version: 2015.0.5941 Virus Database: 4342/9781 15 May 2015 07:56 LinkScanner Version: 2665
  5. Hi everybody, At the moment i am using Comodo internet security 8 and i like it.I have not noticed any security problems whilst using it but from reading some of the comodo forums its not as secure as CIS 7. I have used Airvpn's guide to block everything outside the VPN which is mainly why i use it. I would like to know some of the views from Airvpn and its users on what the best firewall and antivirus solution is.Also recently with the privdog issue bundled with comodo 6 and 7 and also its browsers i'm less sure that security and privacy is really their top concern.I have not been able to find a decent explanation about the privdog issue from comodo so am looking for an alternative. I am not a wreckless googler clicking on anything but i worry with the bugs in 8 i may not as secure as i thought. Some of the videos i've seen about how easy it is for those who know how to bypass its security make me wonder if comodo is still the best option for me. What do you guys think and recommend. This is the link about comodo 8 issues ( https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/do-you-still-think-that-comodo-v8-is-safe-to-use-t108660.0.html )
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