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Found 16 results

  1. i try to buy plan vpn 3 month, i pay and the site send that : Payment pending, waiting for approval.Please wait... Please help me moderator .. i have this message since 15 minutes ..
  2. I have paid twice to renew my subscription and on each occasion it remains pending, the first time was two a day wait, so I cancelled the payment. I have used two different cards. Is there some issue with the payment system, I have been using AirVPN for years now and never had a problem before.
  3. Hello, I purchased a 3 year plan on 31 October 2020 and received a confirmation email, from 2checkout support, that the payment has been received. However, in the client area under orders it states that it has expired. Please can you inform me as to what this means and for it to be corrected as the amount (64.35€) has left my account.
  4. Hello, I've somehow been charged two seperate times for my €13.50 purchase on Sunday 27th Sept. How can I go about getting a refund for the duplicate payment? Kind regards.
  5. I think someone else asked this question but perhaps didn't phrase it succinctly: What happens if you make payment by bitcoin but it takes more than an hour to confirm for some reason? Also is it safe to navigate away from the "Waiting" page before payment is confirmed?
  6. Hello, I know payments past 3 days are automatically recurring once that time period is up. I've seen advice on how to stop this using PayPal's own site, but nothing on other payments? My question is, I bought 3 months with Bitcoin, is this recurring? If so, how do I cancel this, please? I've searched my settings here, but can't find a thing, so I imagine like PayPal it's done within the payment site's settings? I used Coinbase. Will I find something here? (It's just I like to know/need reminders what money is going where, or I'll forget) - I don't think I'm in the right section here, but didn't know where else to post.. Thanks for any info!
  7. Hi air Team, i recently saw that you accept verge for payment. Maybe you know, verge is growing fast in popularity. Why dont you write to the admins @vergecurrency on twitter that you accept verge too. verge has listed all their payment partners on their website. maybe verge doesnt know you accept verge. it would be a win / win situation when air gets listed on the verge homepage. air gets popularity and verge too. greetings
  8. I'm currently not familar with crypto currencies so I'd try to order by credit card. But I'm wondering why I have to type in a Real Name and Address when ordering by credit card (on the left side of the form). Typing associated name on credit card whould be needed for payment. But no more. How are this private data are stored and used and why they are asked for? Are they requested to get the payment token from payment provider and will be deleted after success? Or will this data be stored anywhere else for a longer time?
  9. 56rohrschach2u


    Did AirVPN get an email as well from PayPal? Now it starts to get me really p*****. – Not only that i am already under general suspicion violating copyrighted content and/ or being a terrorist because of using an encrypted way to access the internet (aka using VPN), now PayPal also starts to generalize every attempt to secure my privacy as being a direct violation of their terms and policy. Next will be credit card companies. https://torrentfreak.com/paypal-starts-banning-vpn-and-smartdns-services-160205/
  10. Hello hopeful member here, I'm having trouble purchasing a subscription. I have tried the credit card method with a prepaid mastercard as well as through paypal both resulting in errors. With the credit method it banned my card (even with a zip attached to the card) and with paypal it just keeps coming back as "Sorry, we cannot complete your purchase at this time." along with a few other errors because of the seller email? I've tried just about everything to no avail and these are my only options of payment at this time. Any help would be appreciated. Side note I'm in the U.S. ~cheers~
  11. There should be an option in the Client Area to choose a prefered currency, this way we'd see how much things cost in our native currency instead of just Euro. I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult, you could use something like https://openexchangerates.org/ to get the up-to-date currency conversion rates in JSON and have Javascript do the rest. It's not a huge deal, but it would be a pretty cool feature, and make it easier for members.
  12. Hi, im trying to add my Paypal account to Google Payments. Everything looks to be going ok > it redirects to Paypal for you to login and confirm > then i get an error message: Uh oh. There was a problem.Something went wrong. There was an issue adding your PayPal account. Please select a different payment method. anyone know what i need to do? All i want is to add Google credit to my account and pay via paypal
  13. Hi AirVPN Team, I have had a 6 month subscription to AirVPN, and your service is amazing. Anytime in the future will you be adding a Lifetime subscription option? I definitively would be willing to pay $200-400 dollars for a lifetime subscription, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is interested in this either. Thanks
  14. Yes I am requesting that AirVPN start accepting DarkCoin as a payment method. It is supposed to be more anonymous then bitcoin is due to the darksend mixing. Thanks M0rph
  15. Every time I try to renew my subscription via paypal after entering my card number and clicking continue the page just refreshes asking me for my card number again, I get no error message but cannot continue. I have tried 10 times using different browsers, computers and even cards but nothing works. Can anyone help?
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