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  1. I'm so glad I have never used netflix or anything like it. Seems to me they are pushing people into using alternative sources which is idiotic since it is proven to succeed
  2. It isn't We have Echelon in Uk, Usa, Italy, etc..., we have NSA in Uk, Usa, entire World..., there is a "strange" us "surveillance" in Italy from Yalta (1945!!) and so on... ask to Moro... So... It isn't ... Correct, it isn't weird at all. This has been discussed many times over a period of years and if you read through some of those threads you will find various reasons why Air do not have servers in certain places - usually because datacentres cannot meet Airs stringent requirements. Staff are sometimes more specific about the reasons why.
  3. Therein lies a very simple solution, hardly a brain cell needed for those wondering about it.
  4. Why not ask if there is going to be a 'get it for free' day several times a year, then Air could tell us all and no one would ever have to pay at all ever again.
  5. Certainly the Tor Browser will recognize its connection has been lost and will just reconfigure itself so your real IP will not be seen over Tor. If you have network lock on then Tor won't be able to connect to anything anyway, including Tor!
  6. Ever heard of using the search facility like @Khariz did?
  7. We know about trust else none of us would be here. 'Simply build your own VPN server' - what nuts is that, as if everyone knows how to do that or has the resources?
  8. I can't see why it is required in the ToS for any reason. Air have it all covered already.
  9. Was I rude? Sorry if I was. You wrote the stuff and it was not just a question. Ho hum.
  10. NO ONE AT ALL here would condone any criminal activity anywhere at any time. WTF and where do you think this goes - it is about freedom this, not policing ffs.
  11. This is not something Air would be 99% sure about, they would be 100%, so why are you saying anything assuming what Air's stance might be?
  12. The DNS it shows will be Airs internal DNS as in 10.something not an external DNS Has the constant switching stopped now
  13. It is unusual but I wouldn't worry for now, keep network lock on and keep an eye in here as I'm sure we will get an official announcement if there is some general problem. If the problem persists or if you think it is something else then get back of course.
  14. Thanks, switching to TCP actually worked. Not a perfect solution but everything is still fast enough to worry about other things for now Good, I thought it might be the TAP driver; all that stuff gets (re)directed to our TAP expert now
  15. I've not been re-set or noticed any disruption but I do have a lot of 'Updating systems & servers data ...' entries in the log which I have never noticed before. Thats it though
  16. is the IP Entry address of the Air server you are connected to whereas is the IP Exit address of that server, the one the world see's.
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