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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am in search of Usenet Providers that are compatible with AirVPN, and that also have "Block" Accounts - A fixed quota of downloads, that do not expire, for a once-off payment. I used to be a happy subscriber at the Astraweb Usenet Provider, enjoying one of their block accounts. In recent times, unfortunately, Astraweb, have been comprehensively blocking the AirVPN nodes, and Astraweb has become unusable. Since I have no intention of moving away from AirVPN, consequently I am in search of a new Usenet Provider. My Astraweb Block account was ideal for my usage patterns, which is a bit of interaction in a few technical Usenet text groups, and uploading to Usenet Binaries Newsgroups (uploads were not metered in the Block account), I rarely download anything - consequently my Astraweb Block account was near immortal. This is the topic thread in the blocked websites sub-forum: https://airvpn.org/topic/23447-astraweb-from-nl-servers/ Any suggestions most gratefully apprised, thank you. Best regards,
  2. Hello! I just downloaded AirVPN, and as I tried to log in with my newmade account, it said my account wasn`t active yet, and that I had to wait a minute and try again. I have waited for an hour or so, and still got the same problem. Can somebody help?
  3. So, the question here is threefold. (The first being more a matter of opinion, the second two being technical questions.) 1.) Say Joe Schmoe mistakenly logged into his personal email while connected to the VPN server and also while using Popcorn Time, or another similar Bittorrent service. The result is that Joe COULD be connected to the VPN use and therefore the P2P activities, but the question is whether or not this should be cause for true concern? 2.) Port-Forwarding: In what scenario would this be a good idea to use? I previously thought that it would increase privacy, but I realized that this is not the case. So, should I stop port--forwarding to become more anonymous? 3.) Finally, what does it mean to "open a port on your router?" Is that simply the same as port-forwarding, or is it a different situation? Thank you to anyone who can respond to this for me! In my experience, these forums are incredibly useful and I very much appreciate any help that I am given. Please note that I am still in the learning stage when it comes to the more technical aspects of VPN use, but I am a fairly quick learner, so I do not discourage the use of more technical jargon, but I may need to ask for an explanation. Also, if it helps the discussion: OS: Fedora 22 Network Lock always enabled in the Eddie client. Virtually always connected to VPN, unless I need to use personal accounts.
  4. Hello, I'm already some time here but I still can't find out what todo against this error: Can someone help me?
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