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  1. It does not. I control which apps I install. Any app, xposed or not, could inject code to run as root but for it to do anything to the system or look at personal details or to mess with privilged settings, I would have to allow it.
  2. Just FYI, I've rooted all my phones for years and run xposed most of the time. I know most devs do not like xposed but for me it has never caused any problems; OpenVPN Connect works flawlessly on my S5 with AICP 6.01 at the moment. It all depends which xposed modules you run against whichever ROM so I would disable modules one by one if there was some problem, before removing xposed completely.
  3. Everything could be relevant. You haven't even told us which server you are using. How do you expect anyone to know anything? The log is under a tab called 'Logs'.
  4. The logs tell us much much more than that.
  5. Everything is on the home page; there is a button to 'Get AirVPN' which takes you to a page where you select an operating system and then you can download the client (Eddie!) and further down the home page on the right it says 'AirVPN Client - Eddie' quite clearly, with a screenshot. The NETWORK LOCK is controlled from within Eddie, not the website.
  6. Posteo, ever since @giganerd mentioned it ages ago + gmail - brill spam filter!
  7. For what its worth I use msecure because it was the only one that ticked all my boxes at the time - mainly because it works on Windows & Android and synchronizes automatically using dropbox or wifi. It isn't open source. I wasn't using Linux then and unfortunately there isn't a Linux version. So I run Win7 in a VM solely for the purpose of running msecure and it syncs through dropbox perfectly and quick.
  8. Thanks for that @S.O.A. It pretty much matches my usage. Tend to use Tor Browser by default.
  9. Try using spoiler tags, people would be more likely to respond. Uninstalling/Reinstalling software is almost always a waste of time, a backward step, solves nothing. I would open a support ticket unless anyone can spot something here ?
  10. https://myaccount.talkmobile.co.uk appears to be blocked from all but UK servers, while the rest of the site isn't !
  11. Examine current processes and what is due to run at startup. As @ɹoɹɹǝ wrote too. Edit: I do not require anyones input, I know what I am doing thanks very much.
  12. Airs client software (Eddie) will display what the fastest overseas servers and connections are from your location. Air do not log anything anywhere, so it cannot be law to keep them. When you disconnect, any traces of your usage dissapear from RAM and thats it.
  13. The config generator will pick the IP of the recommended server from those chosen. If you don't tick the box for 'Resolved hosts in .ovpn file' then the ovpn will contain a DDNS address which will effectively do the same at runtime if I understand it correctly.
  14. Yes I can verify it. It happens mainly on Android if the URL begins with airvpn.org!
  15. All you require can be found using the links provided by LZ1 in his signature.
  16. Try searching the forums. I came up with this in seconds.
  17. Your ISP will still know and log your IP no matter how you set up your router or anything else - the point here is that using a VPN makes your real IP irrelevant since the outside world only sees the Air Server exit IP. I use Linux these days so I don't know what the options are for Windows right now - others will - I don't remember Eddie doing anything with DHCP settings, yes it does but should restore them when you disconnect. If your DNS or DHCP settings aren't returning to their original setting after exiting Eddie normally then I would open a support ticket. Others here know far more than me about networks in general so I'll leave further help to them. There is an option in Preferences>Advanced to remove the default gateway, perhaps that is checked?
  18. Yeah I know what it is Air have already written somewhere regarding this.
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