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  1. Quote from AirVPN Home page - No traffic limit...No maximum speed limit, it depends only on the server load (See here).Minimum allocated granted bandwidth: 4 Mbit/s download + 4 Mbit/s upload Every protocol is welcome, including p2p.
  2. Seems to me you mention four downsides to PIA, two of which are rather crucial when relying on a VPN for privacy i.e. reliability and functionality
  3. Excellent. Thanks for posting
  4. Well that IP address is the only way through your VPN tunnel.
  5. Enter 'Chrome WebRTC' or similar into the Search box and press Enter. The answers are all over the place such as here
  6. Yep, just the exit IP address, nothing else. This is how it was three or four months ago when I first tried it.
  7. It worked for me (in UK ATM) - came up with AirVPN exit IP address almost immediately
  8. I wouldn't bet against the 3rd Reich trying to do anything. We may all be better off and have more freedom if we moved to North Korea.
  9. I doubt I shall be installing Win 10 anytime soon, whatever software is compatible or not; shall be watching how things develop first
  10. I don't see ipleak not being able to always resolve my DNS ip address as being an AirVPN problem. DNS lookups within the VPN tunnel work fine; why is any fix required? The DNS address when shown is the same as the VPN exit IP address, which is as expected and isn't an issue.
  11. It can be over five mins but more usually anything up to a minute (I use NL servers too mainly).
  12. I didn't try hard enough - HTTP Nowhere was blocking it without telling. Thanks
  13. I get this too sometimes but it normally resolves if I leave it long enough - the flashing dashes get progressively narrower until it finishes and it always comes up with the same IP as the exit; so no leak. @zhaang888 - where did dnscrypt.org go to?
  14. Try searching or even reading some of the forum content before posting something that many already have. Begin here or here or here
  15. What if you an operation that you didn't want to be interrupted was in progress at 'automatic disconnect time'? Or, for various reasons, reconnecting may take quite a while and may be will need some manual intervention. It only takes a few seconds to click on the servers tab and connect to something at the top of your whitelist
  16. The point of offering a one year plan is that it is cheaper overall to pay in advance for it. You can pay monthly by using the monthly plan.
  17. Love those NL servers twice as much now
  18. Wishing all a Very Happy Birth(yester)day at AirVPN. Very happy to be here. M
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