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  1. There's almost nothing on these servers useful for identifying you - or what you did. good then no one will ever find out of my impersonation of "Buffalo Bill" dancing scene. Ah come on, provide us with a link
  2. I could go down to any public house right now and find someone to buy drugs from and initiate any kind of illegal activities. Does that mean the world shuts down all public meeting places? It is a ridiculous situation that so called clever people have got themselves into. A bit like Darwin trying to explain evolution without any fossil evidence, of which there isn't.
  3. Do not mind me, I just annoy people for no reason while i wait for nothing else to do. Try this https://airvpn.org/forum/11-troubleshooting-and-problems/
  4. try reading stuff, try doing stuff, make backups, don't always be a leach, contribute, do things, bla bla, want me to say more?
  5. Spoilers? - never mind, let ev1 else search for answers, its easier
  6. You can recommend all you like, who cares?
  7. Well written Embers. However, to be asking such stuff only points to the fact that this questioner is a Tosser Tosser? Tosser = Wanker = Nob End = Twit = A person who has done very little to find out for themselves when plenty of rescouces are available
  8. Well written Embers. However, to be asking such stuff only points to the fact that this questioner is a Tosser
  9. How pig ignorant and incompetent can authorities get?!?
  10. Is it not obvious that at least some software is required to do the encryption/decryption and to do all the comms management of it?
  11. Have you enabled and tried using the hidden admin account? I keep forgetting that safe mode does not automatically provide it anymore!
  12. I buy in six month chunks normally, whenever I feel like it. Previously at some point I had about 550 days remaining. Some people have had over 900 or more. It doesn't matter about years, the transaction is when you make it!
  13. Try starting up in Safe Mode with Networking then install and run Eddie. No need to change any settings (Eddie) at this point, just see if the connection stays put for however longer than a 'short time' is! You may not be able to change settings anyway in Safe Mode. If it stays connected then restart normally, run Eddie (not as admin), change settings as required, see how it goes. I tried this albeit using a Win7 VM, experimental Eddie. It installed TAP I've never had any problems with the TAP so I don't usually follow closely what the problems with it are. It is possible that the problem is not the TAP driver. Good luck.
  14. The 'OpenVPN Connect' application has a seamless mode (network lock) feature which appears to work pretty well. I don't know if others have anything similar.
  15. I don't think it ever auto renews. You can pay for however long you like whenever you like and the corresponding amount of days are added to your account. If yours days run out then your service will stop, so don't let them
  16. or buy a spaceship and believe evolutionary crap that life springs from inanimate material and go live in Andromeda or surrounding areas
  17. I have not installed Win 10 by the way and never will on any current systems. I dual boot and use Mint 18 for everything apart from gaming, Win 7U bare bones for gaming. I always read the T&C's, mainly to see what it is I am not going to adhere to! AirVPN T&C's excluded of course
  18. They could put whatever they like in the T&C's such as 'you must wear a silly hat in bed', it certainly would not mean I would comply or agree with anything, just that I wanted to upgrade and had no choice but to tick the box. It goes against what most of us here stand for surely? Some people can't afford an Enterprise licence and why should anyone to be forced to compromise their privacy just because they want to run software that is unfortunately going to be the popular or default choice? I think we have every right to complain/comment and to do whatever we can to defend our stand point.
  19. If you can find out the IP address used for the online services, add it to the 'Routes' table (Preferences>Routes) to route outside the tunnel.
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