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  1. like my ddwrt router but yeah itz not a full config like a pfsense box
  2. what zhang888 stated one of the best ways to quickly config firefox plus you can check on the forum for 'hardening firefox' think there is a user.js file ya can add into the tor headless config
  3. cm0s

    Viber +1

    concur threema is nyce
  4. cm0s

    Viber +1

    keeps the pup treats fresh
  5. i like having the routers just route traffic and handle the firewall from the boxes
  6. cm0s

    Viber +1

    any time any company puts some encrytpion in the the soup itz a good thing
  7. yeah it'll pull out of the loop basically set your local to static, same with router config no dhcp blah blah use iptables to hit your vpn server now, at this point, launch tor this pipes all your traffic over the vpn i like this coz yer biggest threat at this point is of course the isp so less they know when ya hit a tor network betterz from there ya can route to the clear however ya want one habit i got with tor is this: once in tor stay in tor so if i'm gonna google sumthin out of tor network or hit a non tor url i'll actually use another box if yer threat model is little higher than this typical roll well yer not even doin anything from anywhere near your local cheerz
  8. it all depends on the school themself tbh plus the state and county they are in technically any time ya reroute traffic over someone else's local well there ya go, whether good or bad etc ya modified their local
  9. cm0s


    clodo is still staring at me tho....
  10. after i make sure i'm not being logged i'll go on facebook and tell the world via my windows OS cheerz
  11. yeah just used to the commands netctl start blah blah stunnel blah blah openvpn blah blah
  12. looks good i'm just used to the terminal cheerz
  13. cm0s

    Encryption On Linux

    encrypt all the iotz
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