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  1. oldy but goody https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/how-to-install-arch-linux-with-full-disk-encryption/ another oldy ttps://theblogpirate.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/full-disk-encryption-using-ubuntu-in-most-secure-mode-with-aes-xts-plain64/ same deal https://www.unixmen.com/encryption-methods-linux/
  2. cm0s

    Discount ?

    plus a year's subscription to 'Pup Treatz International'
  3. cm0s

    Discount ?

    they gave me two extra pup treats
  4. well hope to see ya back i know i've had my moments and it's just the forum thing in general nuthin to do with this spot or any forum specific when ya are used to yer own pages yer own site really hard to adjust at times regardless hope ya do well and keep yer powder dry
  5. hope this helps https://www.onmsft.com/news/create-windows-go-usb-drive-running-windows-10
  6. it ain't nuthin for an employee or contractor at an isp to pull xyz up on their screen especially if they already know what to look for and under what contact info what i'd do is grab toss away hardware, build some linux boxes off your lan, never associate that hardware to your local same with any phones, keep what ya got but grab toss away and just send txt with whatever passes and keys keep your current hardware and keep the use about the same so nothing looks out of the ordinary snag some alfa cards and borrow the farthest local you can (with permission of course) do not log into any accounts from your toss away full disk encrypted blah blah box set up an email account maybe countermail and use calyx institute's xmpp server for chit chat via ssl/openvpn/tor, forgot to mention, i wouldn't use the same vpn account on the toss away hardware
  7. good to meet ya every network is diff just keep googling and try to mod for your threat model
  8. np, i brought my fox newz consent forms before sniffen any butts
  9. cm0s

    pfSense and OPNSense

    yeah man guard the pup treatz
  10. i'm googling the word 'dummy' be back in a bit...
  11. i concur, it was either snort the blue pill or mainline the red one pressure pressure....
  12. k, just curious, why aren't ya 95.2% sure?
  13. totally concur, as if the fbi needed a backdoor
  14. removed like a fired fbi director in the no spin zone
  15. don't drink decaf and yer good to go
  16. thank you for the post
  17. down yer configz set your router to not use dhcp flush netmangler anything else ya use in /run find dhcp stuff clear that out reset resolv.conf set your netctl eth0 or whatev to static config iptables rules are on the forum here for airvpn and their dns only
  18. flush network mangler and kali roll yer own plus one tool at a time set your local to static and blah blah grab oodlz of wify cardz also slap anyone drinken decaf for their own good don't charge them tho they don't understand ya did a public service thingy
  19. they ruined that distro and did ya a favor install arch
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