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    Zero Days

    itz all about the pup treatz....
  2. cm0s

    Website Behind VPN

    easy to get lost in diff hosting companies admin areas got it goin appreciate the help
  3. yeah just flash any opensource firmware to it and for me personally i don't like using a router for the vpn stuff
  4. old hardware = happy happy joy joy cheerz
  5. shut off all dhcp dnsmasq junk etc set your local to static doesn't matter if arch or ubuntu or what not don't use network mangler yer good then to go
  6. a lot of streaming sites get noticed basically due to the amount of traffic they generate so if yer fav goes down just keep googling using different servers around the world and search engines or ya can just torrent yer show
  7. all the sticks and drives get encrypted
  8. i thought this was omninegros thread ? not sure what mohr info ya want giganerd that 'find a url you don't want in about:config' and remove it that's all over google and how to use addons and extensions is really all over google i like a good spoon feeding myself once in a while, enjoy my diaper at times but wow, kinda over kill right ? i mean, i do have mohr respect for the folks here than thinking they are so stupid that they can't figure a google search out! lol if you need mohr explicit instructions yourself giganerd get a hold of me, i'll share my binky and play pen hahahahaha we can poo our britches together and dance through google search land see if you can help spoon feed me on my conky post giganerd, i'm feeling white trash lazy on that one that goes into awk and all that cody stuff jibber dribble blah blah punctuation kinda thingymajiggersdoflickyz know what i mean right ? glad ya came back gigglez, cheerz
  9. cm0s


    # arch_conky_nvidia # splif edit 061817 # background no use_xft yes xftfont sans:size=12 xftalpha 0.5 update_interval 1 double_buffer yes total_run_times 0 own_window yes own_window_transparent yes own_window_type override own_window_hints undecorate,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager default_bar_size 0 6 maximum_width 285 minimum_size 285 draw_shades no draw_outline no draw_borders no draw_graph_borders no alignment top_left gap_x 15 gap_y 20 no_buffers yes uppercase no cpu_avg_samples 2 net_avg_samples 2 override_utf8_locale yes use_spacer none default_shade_color 2E2E2D default_color 606060 color0 606060 color1 4E7A79 color2 8A7C3E color3 4A8754 color4 53A5B8 TEXT ${color2}${font :bold:size=11}s1stm ${color0}${hr 1} ${font :size=11} ${color0}${font :size=12}KERNL:${color1} ${alignr} ${kernel} ${color0}${font :size=12}ONLINE:${color1} ${alignr} ${uptime} ${color0}${font :size=12}TIME:${color1} ${alignr} ${exec date +"%H:%M"} ${color0}${font :size=12}DATE:${color1} ${alignr} ${exec date +"%A %b %d %Y"} ${color0}${hr 1} ${color1}┣━pr0cz${alignr}%cpu ${color1}┃ ${if_match ${top cpu 1} < 1}${color2}${else}${if_match ${top cpu 1} < 2}${color3}${else}${if_match ${top cpu 1} < 4}${color4}${else}${if_match ${top cpu 1} < 8}${color5}${else}${color6}${endif}${endif}${endif}${endif}${top name 1}$alignr${top cpu 1} ${color1}┃ ${if_match ${top cpu 2} < 1}${color2}${else}${if_match ${top cpu 2} < 2}${color3}${else}${if_match ${top cpu 2} < 4}${color4}${else}${if_match ${top cpu 2} < 8}${color5}${else}${color6}${endif}${endif}${endif}${endif}${top name 2}$alignr${top cpu 2} ${color1}┃ ${if_match ${top cpu 3} < 1}${color2}${else}${if_match ${top cpu 3} < 2}${color3}${else}${if_match ${top cpu 3} < 4}${color4}${else}${if_match ${top cpu 3} < 8}${color5}${else}${color6}${endif}${endif}${endif}${endif}${top name 3}$alignr${top cpu 3} ${color1}┃ ${if_match ${top cpu 4} < 1}${color2}${else}${if_match ${top cpu 4} < 2}${color3}${else}${if_match ${top cpu 4} < 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xargs}} < 2.1}${color3}${else}${if_match ${eval ${execp echo '${top_mem mem 2}' | xargs}} < 4.2}${color4}${else}${if_match ${eval ${execp echo '${top_mem mem 2}' | xargs}} < 8.4}${color5}${else}${color6}${endif}${endif}${endif}${endif}${top_mem name 2}${alignr}${top_mem mem_res 2} ${color1}┃ ${if_match ${eval ${execp echo '${top_mem mem 3}' | xargs}} < 0.5}${color2}${else}${if_match ${eval ${execp echo '${top_mem mem 3}' | xargs}} < 2.1}${color3}${else}${if_match ${eval ${execp echo '${top_mem mem 3}' | xargs}} < 4.2}${color4}${else}${if_match ${eval ${execp echo '${top_mem mem 3}' | xargs}} < 8.4}${color5}${else}${color6}${endif}${endif}${endif}${endif}${top_mem name 3}${alignr}${top_mem mem_res 3} ${color1}┃ ${if_match ${eval ${execp echo '${top_mem mem 4}' | xargs}} < 0.5}${color2}${else}${if_match ${eval ${execp echo '${top_mem mem 4}' | xargs}} < 2.1}${color3}${else}${if_match ${eval ${execp echo '${top_mem mem 4}' | xargs}} < 4.2}${color4}${else}${if_match ${eval ${execp echo '${top_mem mem 4}' | xargs}} < 8.4}${color5}${else}${color6}${endif}${endif}${endif}${endif}${top_mem name 4}${alignr}${top_mem mem_res 4} ${color1}┃ ${if_match ${eval ${execp echo '${top_mem mem 5}' | xargs}} < 0.5}${color2}${else}${if_match ${eval ${execp echo '${top_mem mem 5}' | xargs}} < 2.1}${color3}${else}${if_match ${eval ${execp echo '${top_mem mem 5}' | xargs}} < 4.2}${color4}${else}${if_match ${eval ${execp echo '${top_mem mem 5}' | xargs}} < 8.4}${color5}${else}${color6}${endif}${endif}${endif}${endif}${top_mem name 5}${alignr}${top_mem mem_res 5} ${color2}${font :bold:size=11}n3twrx ${color0}${hr 1} ${font :size=11} ${color1}wan: ${color0} ${alignr} ${execi 60 curl https://ipv4.icanhazip.com/ | tail} ${color1}lan: ${color0} ${alignr} ${addr eth0} ${color1}dns: ${color0} ${alignr} ${nameserver} ${color1}tun0: ${color0} ${alignr} ${addr tun0} ${color1}wlan0: ${color0} ${alignr} ${addr wlan0} ${color1}mon: ${color0} ${alignr} ${addr wlan0mon} ${color1}gateway: ${color0} ${alignr} ${gw_ip} ${color1}essid: ${color0} ${alignr} ${wireless_essid wlan0} ${color1}AP-mac: ${color0} ${alignr} ${wireless_ap} ${color1}signal: ${color0} ${alignr} ${wireless_link_qual_perc wlan0} ${color1}mode: ${color0} ${alignr} ${wireless_mode wlan0} ${color2}▲ ${color1}UP: ${alignr} ${upspeedf eth0} ${color0}k/s ${color4}${voffset -14} ${alignc} ${upspeedgraph eth0 10,80} ${color2}▼ ${color1}DOWN: ${alignr} ${downspeedf eth0} ${color0}k/s ${color4}${voffset -14} ${alignc} ${downspeedgraph eth0 10,80} ${color2} ${font :bold:size=11}nmap ${color1} ${hr 1} ${font :size=11} ${color0} ${font :size=11} ${execi 120 nmap -sP | awk '/Nmap scan report for/{printf $5;}/MAC Address:/{print " ➜ "$3;}' | awk '{ printf "%-15s%-20s%s\n",$1,$2,$3}'} ${color2}${font :bold:size=11}n3tstat ${color0}${hr 1} ${font :size=11} #${color0}${execi 120 netstat -e -p -t | grep ESTABLISHED | cut -c45-68,80-86,102-140 | rev | column -t | rev} ${execi 60 netstat -ept | grep ESTAB | awk '{print $9}' | cut -d: -f1 | sort | uniq -c | column -t} ${color0}${hr 1} # --------- can start it with: #!/bin/sh # starts conky # 040817_edit # chmod +x startz.sh # ./startz.sh # sleep 2 conky -q -c ~/.conx/conxarch & exit # #
  10. sounds like he's a republican prolly got a job offer over at fox newz fair and balanced ya know
  11. i'm just here for the puppy treats tbh
  12. i'm just here for the pup treats
  13. wipe all yer boxes move to linux set your local to static harden yer browsers make yer dns airvpn only via iptables shut off all dhcp on your local drink waayyy too much coffee
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