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  1. it sounds like when you go to restart remote that you are locking yourself out due to eddie gui not allowing you to regain access after a restart if i understood you correctly i think if that is what you are stating yeah i've done that with ssh into a vps build, forget to turn xyz back off before exiting thereby locking myself out via ssh and have to access my server through the hosting company's admin area
  2. no they are not in the privacy business
  3. i'm tellen ya, userstyles dot org really messed their site up, not sayen that to just complain, they really goofed up a good thing
  4. haven't tried nord but have tried few others not too many doin the openvpn/ssl the way air does
  5. appreciate the updates on Waterfox and I do wish the developer success and giganerd, again, i am so happy you are on linux, i really am sincerely, splif aka cm0s
  6. have you tried linux ?
  7. yeah what pr1v said i've been around linux a few days and i still can't handle network-mangler that's the first thing i do on any distro i remove that app before it sends me into a rehab or mental institution cheerz
  8. cm0s

    Looking At Traffic

    thanx LZ1
  9. cm0s

    Looking At Traffic

    There's a lot of questions on the forum about an ISP looking at traffic, different vpn protocols etc. Often there is a description and an explanation. A reply you made to a post somewhere on here zhang888 answering another member's question about dpi, how to hide tor traffic from an ISP got me thinking about trying another way to 'show' others what the traffic looks like through a gui. Along those lines there is usually questions about 'leaks' and thought maybe letting others know another way to look at their traffic is using the app Wireshark. One of those apps that honestly I don't use enough of myself. I just looked at tried the QT version on linux and really impressed with it. As for the mac, macchanger. I was reducing the jpgs in size with gimp and pushing them back up to the server. That might have been why the pings failed, not sure. For Windows users you can grab Wireshark here: https://www.wireshark.org/#download A short tutorial on it: http://www.howtogeek.com/107945/how-to-identify-network-abuse-with-wireshark/ cheerz
  10. A couple days ago i read a post on here about deep packet inspection and the tor browser bundle. Basically the OP was curious about if the traffic could be exposed or not. I'll be the first to admit as much as I play around with this stuff and think about it I couldn't tell you exactly what deep packet inspection really is or if stunnel is the exact same thing as https traffic. And the OP's post got me thinken about an app i got on my box every day and rarely use: Wireshark. For as long as I have been a happy airvpn customer I have never fired up Wireshark and did small pcap captures of my own traffic. So that's exactly what I did. I tried to find the original post to put this there but as usual got lost. So what I did was i went to my router, turned on dhcp, made my boxes dhcp, meaning disabled the static and opened up firefox to browse to airvpn. Then did same thing same config with tor browser bundle. From there I went back to the router, disabled dhcp, set my box to static, ran my firewall script and yep, opened firefox browsed to here, closed it, opened the tor browser bundle and browsed here then closed it. And that's really it. But truth is, for as much as i can blab about my love for encryption it wasn't really until i looked at something, besides a terminal, looked at it and went 'oh ok, that's my encryption...' And that was the motive for myself and the goal, to hopefully show others what the difference is with and without openvpn/ssl and differences of both browsers on both dhcp and encrypted. I tried posting pics up here and thought maybe i had them too big and what not i'm probably just goofing up the buttons or something using my css, i dunno. Thing is and i've seen this on a few vpn forums, always a concern about tbb, connection issues etc and i'm guilty of it, i don't post logs, rarely look at logs (they remind me of manuals) and yeah the admins on most forums answer the same type of questions a million times. And Wireshark is something that works solid on both Windows and Linux. That's the other good news. You can look at the photos at digiroast dot net/trafik.html Happy Holidays
  11. hey thank you and happy holidays to you also i enjoy the holidays but am totally glad when they are over just seems like folks are a bit more relaxed and 'back to normal' i did have a chat with Santa tho and he told me i should go ahead and buy another wifi card, maybe a dual band Alfa, that would go good with my parabolic, see if i can find one that has a blue light on it the blue light is important, it has nothing to do with specs but just looks really cool Santa also stated he was now accepting bitcoin along with the usual cookies and milk that folks leave out, i agreed, very good idea he asked about encryption blah blah i stated 'airvpn bruh, duh ??' well, ok, i'm gonna go drink too much coffee and double up on some meds cheerz
  12. hey KelDG a happy and safe holidays to you was curious on this myself not sure if i found the answer but i did some searching found one post on the forum see if it helps you out at all... https://airvpn.org/topic/20853-the-remote-name-could-not-be-resolved/?hl=%2Bremote+%2Bname+%2Bcould i'm trying to learn 'troubleshooting' logs you know more about windows, eddy your config than i do it does sound like something is goofing your dns up obviously i'll keep checking on this just to see if ya get things fixed if you do please post up your fix coz saw others online same error sincerely, cm0s
  13. a sincere and happy/safe holidays to you and your loved ones don't know windows nor am i a log reading guru but did some searching for you see if any of this helps, not sure if dns is supposed to be in your logs here are some links... see if setting 'obtain dns auto' helps, don't know if eddie has that or windows https://airvpn.org/topic/15261-i-just-upgraded-to-windows-81-and-i-have-not-been-able-to-connect/ here's one giganerd did alot of replies to... https://airvpn.org/topic/14129-random-disconnects/ sincerely, cm0s
  14. well, my two cents on it without reading the manual is any time ya got less 'tracker' duh better
  15. sometimes switching servers has sped things up if ya can make sure you are using openvpn/ssl port 443 and not picking on windows but yeah, maybe put together a linux torrent box, and sometimes, not sure why different torrent apps seem to work diff on each distro no idea why on that one
  16. keeping the logs isn't a good thing that stuff usually leads to mohr data mining of sorts and totally agree with durkasmurk
  17. spookygoy nailed exactly what i did, localbitcoin i made that account totally legit, sent in my id blah blah that's my 'public' account, from there you can then do whatever and however you want to move things around lots of guides and tuts online i know some of the guides online have titles like 'how to buy xyz online anonymously' and yeah most folks know what that is meant for but truth is that's also a good way to move xyz around and have a 'backup' for a rainy day this is one of the things i learned from this forum and can't say thanx enough on coz even tho been around tech a bit lots of areas didn't venture into, btc is one of them and i'm really glad i did happy safe holidays to all if it applies sincerely, cm0s
  18. i got zero clue why but often if i switch servers seems to make a diff
  19. have zero experience with that i'll keep checking the posts
  20. cm0s


    haven't used that one
  21. i got about 3 sentences into that article then wanted to call my doctor to see if he 'd give me shock treatment for x-mas cheerz
  22. hope things work out i know my ddwrt has more options than i use
  23. i'm on the giganerd super deluxe hardened edition
  24. cm0s

    Aaron Swartz

    to say the least after watching that i was just in awe of his raw talent especially at such a young age, in some ways he was a kid and in some ways making real long term adult descisions, it takes a lot to walk away from large sums of money, straight up, no way i could do that my respects to his family and friends didn't know ya Aaron, but in the short time you were around you made the net a better place splif
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