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  1. i don't know anything about the airvpn gui lots of info online about openvpn ssl cheerz
  2. good to meet ya, yer first post aaahhhhh the ssh joyz, i still get them myself easiest way to get help with your ssh is post up some logs use verbose blur out anything don't want others to read or copy paste and use 'xxxxx' sumthin like that here's a link to help with troubleshooting but back to your question first it could literally be a number of things why the logs will help so can at least narrow it down for myself a lot of the times yeah it was permissions and i had my permissions set wrong another time i forgot i had my firewall to allow only xyz ip addy and that was on my own network, i literally spent a few hours 'troubleshooting' my own security i set in place tbh what i basically did when starting out on ssh was dial into the box next to me and just kept tweaken it till i got the security settings i liked and the configs i liked one time i forgot to turn ssh on on the other box so can be many things sometimes it'd work for me other times not you can copy id and it's automagical anyway here's a link to help in the meantime: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Configuring cheerz
  3. https://airvpn.org/topic/20725-dd-wrt-tls-handshake/ if yer dialing in from ssh blah blah you can run the commands # nohup stunnel "airvpnserver.ssl" --auth-nocache & wait a sec then hit enter # nohup openvpn --config "airvpnserver.ovpn" --auth-nocache & to check if stuff is purren do a curl or nslookup or ps aux | grep stunnel/openvpn plus search the forums here for your iptables firewall i'm not kidding and i know this is kinda lame but i literally struggled with ssh for a while getting the server and vpn goin was fine, a bit of a curve but for some reason i kept brain farting on ssh, plus i forgot to mention if your server has a domain name to it like yer on a vps off your local you'll have to config a couple of things in there, i used to remember what it was, zhang told me one time haven't done it in a while but it helps point the domain name to your server if it's behind the vpn i used to run as example 'inbredbrainfart.com' and had it behind airvpn can't even remember which hosting company had at the time, anyway yeah there's some stuff to fiddle with in there to get it to 'forward' the domain name to your airpvn ip which is parked at your hosting company's ip, think i said that right anyway hope this helps hang in there and just keep googling and searching the forums here, every day i learn something from here cheerz
  4. i set my local to static and went with an open source router
  5. for my ddwrt config went from the ispz cable modem to the ddwrt router, i set the boxes to static meaning all computers phones etc each static and using their own vpn server, i set the dns in the ddwrt, shut off the dhcp server, assigned the ip addresses from the router, used iptables on the boxes and the openvpn app on the phone what i like about this config is basically got zero net unless using openvpn a real kill switch
  6. yeah vlc might work for ya
  7. did same thing totally relate with your post safe happy holidays cheerz
  8. if ya still can't get deluge to work i noticed this on diff distros and tbh not sure why trying using a diff torrent app one distro qbitorrent is good other distro meh another thing to consider is using ssl/openvpn pipes everything to your vpn server encapsulated meaning just looks like stock ssl traffic all the way to airvpn from your box, with that i didn't have to do any port forwarding etc on my router i get stupid speeds never use what i have and i'm on old junk hardware which i do adore hope this helps cheerz
  9. 99% of the critters on this little blue dot are extinct
  10. started adding funds to the bitcoin account gonna keep an eye on this, appreciate your updates cheerz
  11. yeah it's all about reselling the same product over and over again one day i was thinken about just the amount of money i've spent on commercials alone basically i just hop around the servers till i find something that works i know i'm tired of reality tv shows from my area
  12. To me one of the best things that can be done Oldkrow and you already did it is just saying hello. I had been with a few other vpn providers and straight up they were all fine. Some had live chat others didn't. Some supported the linux terminal others didn't etc. Sometimes xyz server was good other times it had a bad day. And then to agree with what LZ1 stated my bad linux day can turn into a bad customer day. That's the simple truth. If yer techy and ya like tweaking boxes well there ya have: 'what's this button do'? I live a very loner style life and don't hang too many places. Just had a death in the family about a month ago and not handling it well at all. Add to that dealing with the VA and blah blah yeah, not always happy with myself. All I want and need from my vpn provider is one thing: that they have my back even when I don't. And I got that here. That's not something you can pay for, not something you can sell in an ad anywhere. It's a gut level thing. I like yer nic and hope to read more posts from ya. Good to meet ya. Thank you for your post. cheerz
  13. if ya look at life in general, whether a fish or critter on land, everything has a 'den' or 'home' a place to 'hide' or go to for safety without that, life wouldn't not be able to survive, at all without 'privacy' critters wouldn't have a safe spot to eat, feed their young etc ya look at any animal in captivity, no matter how well kept, and it hurts the heart they have no privacy, at all if ya were to ask me the biggest threat to mankind besides an asteroid i'd say lack of privacy
  14. 120416 saw yer comment zhang all i did on this thread zhang is like i've done on many threads, try to either promote other's good posts like bigbrosbitch post originally on hardening firefox all i did was add some updates to that original user.js i don't like forum bullies zhang, been online 20+ years got no problem someone not liking me or my country even as a few in here seem to not care for America didn't even make a comment on that, someone calling American citizens stupid in a signature and a few other posts went back redid the posts i took down, figured right thing to do if it helps others, wasn't right for me to take stuff down like that whether i stay a customer or not won't happen again in the two decades been online rarely had a problem with anyone i'll go out of my way to avoid problems but maybe you should redirect your comments to the other guy lets take for example this thread shall we? i posted up like mentioned before someone else's hard work (don't want to be a copyright troll ya know) and added some current configs i use for the user.js another member steps in, tells me how to post as that person does a lot of that with others also after months of it it gets old so not sure what to say really, if i got a bit vulgar my bad on that sometimes i still think every place is a combat zone or my ptsd flares up i'll put airvpn ahead of myself on this one, here's the deal, if it's better i go just close my account and give what days i got left to someone else new i'll find another vpn place to roll my packets cheerz note: yeah the about:config 'url' is a good one, back up your directory before removing too many at one time as it can brick the browser, also search for 'remote' 'media' 'update' etc all the main search engines of course plus even the social media stuff, they are in there also
  15. http://home.epix.net/~ircadmin/advanced/dcc.html hope that helps
  16. cm0s

    Fake News

    hey glad yer hangen in there i've been keeping an eye on the currency thing doin a little better pulling out of some stuff in life, all i can say on it i don't always play well with others but i'm tryen i do care about the folks here even tho might not do it the best way at times all i know is when i'm stayen in touch here, reading posts etc my life seems better i can't explain it, probably don't need to or figure out the 'why' like the dude in the matrix right got under neo's feathers when he didn't know why plus he had a hot rocken french babe with him, AND made good pie ok, back to my bubble world cheerz
  17. cm0s

    Fake News

    what LZ1 said totally nailed it i love my country man but yup like the rest of the world she's got problems when i was a kid, if you saw something on the news or in a newspaper you could pretty much bank on it not always but most of the time i literally do not know what to trust any more with the news basically stopped watching it the other side of the coin on it too is i'm exhausted from just seeing continuous bad news on folks i know bad news sells, i get that but in the end i don't like the way it started to have me look at the world or people add to the fact most of it is celebrity junk today look, attagirl for the kardashians man, glad they made uber money, doin well, good to see some gals haven some biz power for a change, but holy shit man, every day on google news all ya see 'kim farted at 5 0 clock, kanye in distress' or something equivalent to be really blunt about it (LOVE the 420 slang) i trust folks out of the states basically 'street level' or 'net level' whatever you want to call it than anything else i can't stand 99% of what's on tv don't even have tv once in a while i'll grab a torrent like pbs nova or frontline etc it just seems it is more show biz today than anything else it wears ya down too, too much info, xyz person in a scandal really? like no shit i'm not a bieber fan but he's another good example look, at that age, you gave me a few million dollars and world wide fame yeah, lets just say some interesting things will most likely occur just seems like it's always tearing people down people do a lot of good, they never make the news either heck i didn't even know about the fake news thing with fakebook till after the election, think i read it somewhere online well, i got lots of BS myself man so if someone needs an author for fake news and you pay well, hey, keep me in mind i can come up with any kind of lie you want as long as your check clears lol thanx for topic cheerz
  18. if yer on irssi: airvpn xmpp used as example.../load xmpp/load otr/set timestamps off/set use_msgs_window off/set autocreate_query_level none/set autolog off/set window_history off/xmppconnect sumfuknic@xmpp.airvpn.orgenter pass/join lounge@conference.xmpp.airvpn.org/clear/n/q userz_nik/otr init userz_nikto gen key.../otr genkey sumfuknic@xmpp.airvpn.orgto set secret question.../otr authq [who farted ?] u_didto auth with secret answer/otr auth sharedanswer/otr trust/otr finish/wcleave channel/partshow prints:/otr info check stuff/otr contextsirssi_scriptz--->>>show loaded scripts:/scriptload a script:/script load xyz.plunload a script:/script unload xyz.plrun script once:/script exec xyz.pl had help from another member here with that myself so credz to the anon
  19. yeah not sure why he posted 'shady' on his site
  20. cm0s

    Why AirVPN?

    i'm done here had enough i don't trust the company any more cheerz
  21. do appreciate the posts tho, did a lot of googling
  22. i remember when bitcoin came out, put it this way, if i'd purchased a couple grand of it at that time...
  23. yeah some of the servers get blocked don't forget in about:config network.http.sendreefer header set that thingymajigger to '1' then when off the craigslist put her back to '0' cheerz
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