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    dunno connecting fine on this end cheerz
  2. anything can be compromised
  3. yeah like others sayen your dsl is really itz own thing here just plug that into whatever router you want then from there to your boxes config your vpn and local however ya want i like static but that's not for everyone good luck
  4. i'm not even close i type a certain way dox myself half the other time and always tweaken the local bricken boxz
  5. https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Dev/Leak_Tests malwaretips.com i do this for firefox... // 2001: Disable webRTC user_pref("media.peerconnection.enabled", false); user_pref("media.peerconnection.use_document_iceservers", false); user_pref("media.peerconnection.identity.enabled", false); user_pref("media.peerconnection.video.enabled", false); user_pref("media.peerconnection.identity.timeout", 1); user_pref("media.navigator.permission.disabled", true); user_pref("media.navigator.enabled", false); user_pref("media.navigator.permission.disabled", true); if you want you can grab a copy of my user js here i took what i found on the forum from here and tweaked it further here's the js i use for linux users after the first connect to vpn i disconnect and check the /etc/resolv files then i chattr the resolv.conf that locks in my dns because after a week i have went back and seen my isp put their shit in there, even tho i had settings locked on my router askapache has one of the best tools i've used so far their january blog article talks about the net getting bloated to go back to your netflix/vpn situation, i just ran into same thing myself and why bigbrosbitch post with firefox really helped, one of the best posts i've read on any forum coz it nails it, the browser is where the 'rubber meets the road' plus in my opinion it's even harder for Microsoft software users, who knows what all is leaking or being sent out via their operating systems, same deal in my opinion with some of the linux distros out today, they are all getting 'packaged pretty' and that's fine but end of the day, i don't trust pre config operating systems even on arch i do my best to shut a lot of crap down, another tool you can use to check stuff and it's also available if anyone is on windows is wireshark, do a dump of your traffic for say 15 minutes, that'll tell you exactly what is going on if i'm online i'm doing a wireshark dump, that way if something happens coz of my fault or an error at a site etc i got something to look at, wireshark is one of the most powerful network diagnostic tools out there, you don't have to be a guru to use the basics of it i like watching tv from Canada, The Nature of Things, haven't done it lately but yeah like netflix i have to make sure my stuff is ok in order to vpn up to Canada and be fine on their site, last but not least when i'm just doing general browsing i shut java off and don't accept cookies, for most sites that's fine if you don't know how to add the user.js file and you are on windows, right click your firefox icon, think it's add the -p and create a profile, stock one should show auto, if you got plugins, bookmarks etc already good make sure you copy that original set up first tho then paste your backup copy into the new profile, remove all created ones first, meaning launch firefox first so it gives your new profile a custom id, then close it, copy your old files back over, add the user.js to that new folder after you remove the 'stock' firefox files, this gives you a duplicate copy of your fav config then add your user.js to that folder this way your tweaks will kick in and you shouldn't have any leaks, it's trial and error, i'm always googling something on firefox coz there's always something i can do further to make browsing online a little better
  6. clodo keeps staring at me....
  7. cm0s

    Cleaner Webs

    yup ublock is nyce with noscript etc
  8. this kind of stuff pisses me off and here's why: we buy the same shit over and over again, you pay for cable tv, someone else tells you when you can watch it unless you pay extra for dvr, then you got a boat load of commericals to skim through, so even then, bad way to go, next you pay for it on dvd/bluray, or you pay for it like netflix then they hammer you on geo, forcing ya to basically get a server of your own online from xyz location just to tag it and stream down, i'm from the states and i can't stand half our programming, the couple shows i do like are filmed across the pond anyway, but you think of how much money they make on just reselling xyz show in different formats, that's the thing that isn't fair at all, average neighbor where i live pays over a hundred a month, that's about 1400 bucks a year with taxes, service charges etc and a lot of that is commericals and when you do dvr, you get a boat load of restrictions on how you can handle that file, so my reply is get a server online, whatever country you want to watch from and even at x amount of dollars per month, you can get the video url, direct from whatever server they pipe it from, down it we got the friggen kardashians and junk like that, makes me want to puke, that kind of stuff would make fungus committ suicide, there are sites online you can use to grab direct video urls, some work on some sites some on others, but in the end it's worth it just to be able to have control of your content, watch it how you want when you want and such, netflix doesn't play with linux well either took me a while figure that out for a friend coz they know it's 'open source' via chromium, which i don't use but still, it's always something to control ya and resell their shit back at ya over and over again, we buy the same thing multiple times, unreal i know this, hollywood's biggest threat isn't a torrent, most of their stuff isn't even worth it why i watch tv from other countries, at least bbc has some kind of science stuff on there
  9. cm0s

    Cleaner Webs

    yeah man you can snag stylish extension for firefox google around for style sheets for the sites you visit pastebin has some nyce global dark css on it that can be modded java is just getten out of hand man all the junk folks are putting on their platterz
  10. good read thank you
  11. cm0s

    My little Review

    i concur cheerz
  12. sorry to hear about your OS being winNOT10 cheerz
  13. did a lot of rom flashing modding rooting etc xda developers nyce site don't miss it either
  14. cm0s


    airvpn is good to go cheerz
  15. cm0s literally came from my motherboard i have out on the desk had no idea what to nic myself with so looked around there it was changed the o to 0 and the rest is history.... cheerz
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