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Found 45 results

  1. Tutorial: SSH-Tunneled VPN on Stock Android 0. Notes - no proprietary / commercial apps required. FOSS only! (Free and Open Source Software) - no root / custom ROM required - tested on Android 4.4.4 - minimum requirement: Android 4.x 1. Required apps - OpenVPN for Android - ConnectBot (any advanced SSH client will work, ) - CyanogenMod File Manager (or pick any file manager you like) I highly recommend installing all of these apps via F-Droid, a Free Open Source Software platform: https://f-droid.org/ In order to install F-Droid, you may need to temporarily "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources" in Android's security settings. 2. Generate config files Use the AirVPN Generator (https://airvpn.org/generator/) to create SSH config files for Linux (not Android). Only pick one specific server. Screenshot #1: http://i.imgur.com/FWcuXH2.jpg 3. Transfer config files We only need 2 out of the 3 generated files: - sshtunnel.key - the .ovpn profile Screenshot #2: http://i.imgur.com/p2L7T0l.jpg Transfer both of them to your Android's sdcard. Also, open the .ovpn file in a text editor and look for a line that starts with "route", it contains the server's IP - we will need it in step 5. Example: route net_gateway That's the IP we will need. 4. Import key file in ConnectBot Launch ConnectBot. Go into menu and "Manage Pubkeys". Screenshot #3: https://i.imgur.com/uGT3UgC.jpg Import the sshtunnel.key file. Screenshot #4: https://i.imgur.com/ZPYhI6V.jpg 5. Configure SSH connection in ConnectBot Go to ConnectBot's main screen. At the bottom of the screen, enter: sshtunnel@ (Notice, that's the IP we took note of in step 3). Screenshot #5A: http://i.imgur.com/ludTDgv.jpg If the default port 22 is blocked, you can try an alternative port by appending it at the end: sshtunnel@ or sshtunnel@ - Press Enter on your keyboard. It will try to connect and ask you to continue. Choose "Yes". Screenshot #5B: http://i.imgur.com/UJNpB9n.jpg - Cancel the connection, we need to configure it now. Long-press the newly created connection and choose "Edit host". Screenshot #6: https://i.imgur.com/n3OtM2D.jpg - Change "Use pubkey authentication" to "sshtunnel.key". Screenshot #7: https://i.imgur.com/CwfFSoO.jpg - Disable the option "Start shell session" Screenshot #8: https://i.imgur.com/l2niHqG.jpg - Consider enabling the option "Stay connected". 6. Configure SSH port forwarding - Go to ConnectBot's main screen. - Long-press the new connection again, but this time choose "Edit port forwards". "Add port forward" with the following values: Type: Local Source port: 1412 Destination: Screenshot #9: https://i.imgur.com/TBnsKQx.jpg - Press "Create port forward". Configuration of the SSH connection is now complete. - Go back to ConnectBot's main screen and tap the connection entry to establish a connection. Leave the ConnectBot app using your "home" button. 7. Import OpenVPN config - Launch "OpenVPN for Android" - Tap the folder icon. In the "Open from" dialog, choose "File Manager" Screenshot #10: https://i.imgur.com/Nhc6fDa.jpg - Pick the AirVPN_...SSH-22.ovpn file - OpenVPN will present you with an "import log", tap the "Save" file to accept. - You may want to dive into the new profile's settings, go to "ROUTING" and enable "Use default route". - in the ALLOWED APPS tab, find and select ConnectBot to exclude it from OpenVPN's routing 8. Start OpenVPN connection - In OpenVPN's main screen, tap the VPN profile to establish the connection. - Provided that the SSH connection is still running, OpenVPN will be able to connect. Congratulations 9. How to connect / disconnect from now on When establishing a connection, always - start the SSH connection first - then launch OpenVPN When disconnecting, always - disconnect the OpenVPN connection first - then disconnect SSH in ConnectBot 10. Thoughts on reliabilty and firewalling If avoiding network leaks is important to you: be careful on Android, especially on unreliable mobile or WiFi networks that might cause the connection to collapse quite often. I don't have a solution for this potential issue on stock Android, but if you're on a rooted device, you should absolutely consider installing AFWall+ (available in F-Droid). AFWall+ allows you to firewall individual apps, restricting their network access to VPN-only. (You have to dive into its settings to enable VPN mode). Finally: Good luck!
  2. I would like to be able to ssh to my Ubuntu Server while eddie-cli is connected, but I have not been successful in doing so. I have looked at a few posts here but have not been able to fix this issue. I have tried to put -n off when initiating the connection and tried to add iptable rules for this, but this has not helped. Frankly I am a bit disappointed that unlike AirVPN's competitor Mullvad's cli tool, eddie-cli does not have any easy way of excluding services or programs from being tunneled through your VPN. I wish this could be added as a feature so one would not have to fiddle with iptables which at least I am personally not very experienced with. Setup is as follows: Ubuntu Server in VLAN 1 Client trying to SSH is in VLAN 2 SSH works just fine when the server is not connected to the VPN so I just need to be able to exclude SSH from it somehow. Something I also don\t understand is how other services on this very same server are accessible through my client, just not SSH. Other things such as the self-hosted streaming service I have running on the same server works just fine.
  3. hey guys , i recently bought airvpn and so far im happy with it , my only concern is the android app , im from iran and internet is very restricted , especially mobile data , while using mobile data you cant use the vpn without using tcp ssh or tcp ssl , but these protocols are not available on the mobile app. does that mean i cant do anything about the restriction , or is there a setting or a way to use the vpn while using mobile data with the phone. please note that i dont have any problem while using wifi , i connect to internet with udp and normall tcp and its very reliable , i just want to know if there is anything i can do about the mobile data when im using the android ( like i said , i can use tcp ssh on windows and use the mobile data , but i cant do that with the android app) sorry for my bad english , thanks for reading
  4. I have a python script running on a android phone which needs to be behind a VPN connection. I can connect via ssh to the phone but over the public VPN address which is very slow. I would like to connect directly over the local network. The problem is that the current Eddie app don't support wlan connections (System->Exclude local networks from the VPN, exclude local networks except mobile networks... which I suspect to be all wlan networks). Is there a way to allow local IP/Port addresses somewhere else? Perhaps with Custom Directives? Edit1: Eddi version 2.5 (VC27) Edit2: mobile networks are not WLAN connections (misunderstanding on my part), theoretically WLAN should work on a mobile phone if connecting to local ip address. It is not working in my case with AirVPN on, only if AirVPN is turned off on the mobile.
  5. Hi I need help getting connected on my iphone with ssl or ssh I have followed the steps on this page https://airvpn.org/ios/ it connects but I dont have access to the net. Im connecting from china so ssl or ssh is needed thanks in advance
  6. Hello. I’m trying to figure out how to import and use SSL or SSH on iOS and Android using the OpenVPN client. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I can’t even get a connection to any server. any ideas on how to get this working?
  7. Hi, I am seeking some help with an issue that I have. I have airvpn set up and install on my ubuntu machine that I am using as a file/media server. I have gotten plex to work remotely perfectly. Before installing airvpn, I would connect to this media server using my windows machine by putting in the domain name that I assigned to the media server into putty on the windows machine and I would connect and do whatever I needed to do via the command line. After installing airvpn and running it on the ubuntu machine (media server) I can no longer connect via putty from the windows machine to the ubuntu machine (media server) Can a staff or admin provide me with some kind of help on this topic so I can fix this issue. Thank you.
  8. Hello! I have been using AirVPN at home like a charm for months now, however when I am on a certain network away from my house I cannot seem to get it to work. When I use all of the non-SSL and SSH protocols, it fails to connect. When I use SSL or SSH I get an error in my logs: "Squid does not support some access protocols. For example, the SSH protocol is currently not supported." How can I fix this so I can use SSL or SSH?
  9. Hi, When I am connected to AirVPN under Linux NetworkManager with OpenVPN configs, attempting to SSH to other Linux clients on the LAN has intermittent 10-20 second lockups. This is not true of Eddie connections under Windows or when not connected to AirVPN. Does anyone know what could be causing this and how to fix it?
  10. Hi all I've noticed a slightly strange effect associated with my new Virgin cable connection which I'm trying to explain. If I connect to Airvpn using the Eddie client from my MacBook, default settings - 443 UDP, I get almost my full connection speed (200mbit). Happy days. However I have just set up my Linux server and if I connect using openvpn from the command line to 443 UDP I get about 10% of my normal speed. About 20mbit. However, if I connect to port 80 through SSH, I get the full 200Mbit again. Exactly the same happens when I connect my openwrt router - 20Mbit through UDP 443. It looks like Virgin are throttling VPN connections, which wouldn't surprise me, and pushing my connection through SSH gets around this. My question is - why is Eddie able to get full speed through UDP 443, whereas my server can't? Is Eddie doing something clever to get around the traffic shaping and if so, can I tweak my openvpn settings to make my server do the same? I'd rather not be pushing everything through SSH if I can avoid it. Anyone got any bright ideas? Thanks R
  11. I have been unable to connect to any exit server for longer than a few minutes today. I have used the Eddie client (2.10) on both antergos linux and windows 7 on a desktop via cable and a linux mint laptop wirelessly. The disconnections generally occur fastest when using the vpn over SSH, then longer connection periods I find occur when using SSL and I just recently tried using plain TCP and the issue persists. There does not need to be any substantial traffic to cause the disconnection as it has happened within seconds of connecting to an exit point. These logs are all from running Eddie on Windows 7. The logs when the disconnect occurs over SSH often contain lines similar to the following ! 2017.05.27 19:12:57 - Connected. . 2017.05.27 19:12:57 - OpenVPN > us=268989 MANAGEMENT: Client connected from [AF_INET] . 2017.05.27 19:12:57 - OpenVpn Management > >INFO:OpenVPN Management Interface Version 1 -- type 'help' for more info . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - SSH > Received disconnect message (protocol error) . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - SSH > Disconnection message text: Packet corrupt . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - SSH > Server sent disconnect message . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - SSH > type 2 (protocol error): . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - SSH > "Packet corrupt" . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - OpenVPN > us=39120 Connection reset, restarting [0] . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - SSH > FATAL ERROR: Server sent disconnect message . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - SSH > type 2 (protocol error): . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - SSH > "Packet corrupt" . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - OpenVPN > us=40120 TCP/UDP: Closing socket . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - OpenVPN > us=40120 SIGUSR1[soft,connection-reset] received, process restarting . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - OpenVPN > us=40120 Restart pause, 5 second(s) ! 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - Disconnecting . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - Management - Send 'signal SIGTERM' . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - OpenVPN > us=53121 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'signal SIGTERM' . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - OpenVPN > us=53121 MANAGEMENT: Client disconnected . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - OpenVPN > us=53121 Assertion failed at misc.c:779 . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - OpenVPN > us=53121 Exiting due to fatal error . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - OpenVPN > WRWWWWWRRRRWRWRWWWWRWRWRRWWRWRWRWRWRWRWRWRWRWRWRWRWRWRWRWRWRRRRWWWWRRRRWWRRWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwrWrWRwrWRwrWrWRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwrWrWRwRwrWRwrWRwrWRwrWRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWRwrWRwrWRwrWRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWRrWwRrWwRwRrWrWwRwRrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWwRrWwRrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWwRrWrWrWrWrWrWrWwRwRrWwRrWwRrWwRrWwRwRwRrWrWwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRrWrWwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwrWRwRwRwrWrWrWRwrWrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwRrWwRrWrWwRwRrWwRwRwRwRwRrWwRrWwRwRwRwRrWrWwRwRwRwRwRwRwRrWrWrWwrWrWRwRwrWrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwrWRwrWrWRwRwRwRrWwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRrWwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRrWwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwrWRwrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRrWwrWRwrWrWRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRrWwRrWwRwRrWwrWrWrWRwrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRrWrWrWwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwrWRwRwrWrWRwRwRwrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRrWwrWRwRwRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwrWRwrWRwRwRwRrWwrWrWrWrWRwrWRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWRwRwrWRwrWrWRwRwrWrWRwrWRwrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwrWRwrWrWRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRrWwrWrWrWRwRwrWrWRwRwrWRwrWrWRwrWrWRwrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwrWRwrWrWRwRwRrWrWwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRrWwrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWRwrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRrWwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWRwrWrWrWRwrWrWRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwrWrWrWRwrWRwrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwrWrWrWRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWRwrWrWRwrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRrWwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRrWwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwrWRwrWrWRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRrWwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwrWRwrWRwRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRrWwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwrWrWRwrWRwRwrWrWRwrWrWRwRrWwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwRwRrWwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWrWrWRwRwrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWRwrWrWRwrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwrWrWRwrWRwrWRwrWRwrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwrWrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwrWrWRwrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwRwrWrWrWRwrWRwRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwrWRwrWRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWRwRrWwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRrWwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwrWRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRw . 2017.05.27 19:13:16 - Connection terminated. While using SSL . 2017.05.27 19:35:40 - SSL > 2017.05.27 19:35:40 LOG3[0]: SSL_write: Connection reset by peer (WSAECONNRESET) (10054) . 2017.05.27 19:35:40 - OpenVPN > us=614025 Connection reset, restarting [-1] . 2017.05.27 19:35:40 - OpenVPN > us=614025 TCP/UDP: Closing socket . 2017.05.27 19:35:40 - SSL > 2017.05.27 19:35:40 LOG5[0]: Connection reset: 296060 byte(s) sent to SSL, 6451623 byte(s) sent to socket . 2017.05.27 19:35:40 - OpenVPN > us=614025 SIGUSR1[soft,connection-reset] received, process restarting . 2017.05.27 19:35:40 - OpenVPN > us=614025 Restart pause, 5 second(s) ! 2017.05.27 19:35:40 - Disconnecting . 2017.05.27 19:35:40 - Management - Send 'signal SIGTERM' . 2017.05.27 19:35:40 - OpenVPN > us=696030 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'signal SIGTERM' . 2017.05.27 19:35:40 - OpenVPN > us=696030 MANAGEMENT: Client disconnected . 2017.05.27 19:35:40 - OpenVPN > us=696030 Assertion failed at misc.c:779 . 2017.05.27 19:35:40 - OpenVPN > us=696030 Exiting due to fatal error . 2017.05.27 19:35:40 - OpenVPN > 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. 2017.05.27 19:35:40 - Connection terminated. And with vanilla TCP . 2017.05.27 19:37:21 - OpenVpn Management > >INFO:OpenVPN Management Interface Version 1 -- type 'help' for more info . 2017.05.27 19:37:35 - OpenVPN > us=247582 Connection reset, restarting [-1] . 2017.05.27 19:37:35 - OpenVPN > us=247582 TCP/UDP: Closing socket . 2017.05.27 19:37:35 - OpenVPN > us=247582 SIGUSR1[soft,connection-reset] received, process restarting . 2017.05.27 19:37:35 - OpenVPN > us=247582 Restart pause, 5 second(s) ! 2017.05.27 19:37:35 - Disconnecting . 2017.05.27 19:37:35 - Management - Send 'signal SIGTERM' . 2017.05.27 19:37:35 - OpenVPN > us=321586 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'signal SIGTERM' . 2017.05.27 19:37:35 - OpenVPN > us=321586 MANAGEMENT: Client disconnected . 2017.05.27 19:37:35 - OpenVPN > us=321586 Assertion failed at misc.c:779 . 2017.05.27 19:37:35 - OpenVPN > us=321586 Exiting due to fatal error . 2017.05.27 19:37:35 - OpenVPN > WRWWWWWRRRRWRWRWRWWWWRWRRRWWWRWRWRRWWRWRWRRWWRWRWRRWWRWRWRRWWRWRWRWRRWWRRRRWWWWRRRRWWRRWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWRwrWrWRwrWrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwrWrWRwrWRwrWrWRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwrWrWRwrWRwrWRwrWRwrWRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWRwrWrWRwRwRwRwrWRwrWrWrWRwrWRwrWrWRwrWrWRwrWRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwrWRwrWrWRwrWrWrWRwRwRwRwrWRwrWrWrWRwrWrWRwRwRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRrWwRwRrWwRwRrWwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWrWrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRrWwrWrWRwRwRrWwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwrWrWrWrWRwRrWwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWrWRwRrWwRwRwRwRwrWRwrWRwrWRwRwRrWwRrWwRwrWRwrWrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRwrWRwRwRrWwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRrWwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRwRrWwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWrWrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRrWwRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwrWrWRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRwrWrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRrWwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwRwRwRwRrWrWwRwRwRrWwrWRwrWRwRwRwRrWwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRwRrWwRrWwRrWwRwRwRrWwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwRwRrWrWwRwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRrWrWwRwRrWwrWrWrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRwRrWwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRwRrWwRrWwRwRrWwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRwrWrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRwRwRrWwRrWwRrWwRwRwRwRrWrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRwrWrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRrWwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRrWwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRrWwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRwRrWwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRrWwRwRwRwRwRwRrWrWwRwRwRwRrWwRrWrWwRwRrWwRwRrWwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRrWwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRwRrWwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRrWwRrWwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRrWwRwRwRrWwRrWwRwRwRwRrWrWwRwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRwRrWwRrWwRrWwRwRwRrWwRrWwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRrWwRwRwRwRrWwRwRwRwRwRrWwRrWrWwRrWwRrWrWrWrWwRwRrWrWwRwRrWrWwRwRrWwRrWwRwRrWwRwRrWwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRwRrWwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwRwrWrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwRrWwrWRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwrWRwRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwRrWwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRwRwrWRw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. 2017.05.27 19:37:35 - Connection terminated. Does anyone know what could be causing this error? I can provide longer logs if needed.
  12. Hi, First of all, I'm very happy with the service. AirVPN is simply the best VPN service out there and I am glad to have found you! Running AirVPN on my desktop machines (Win, OSX, Linux) works like a charm either with plain OpenVPN or one of your clients. However, I'm not really sure how I can also use your service on my Linux server to which I connect via ssh. The issue is that as soon as I run openvpn with sudo openvpn --config your_config_file.ovpn naturally the existing ssh connection - as well as any other means to reach my server - gets interrupted. So my use case is that my server should stay reachable publicly as before, but ideally I would like to open a single shell session that gets routed through your VPN for occasional casual browsing or processes which I prefer to use anonymously.. Can I somehow restrict the VPN to only one process? Do you see any other solution for my use case? Best regards!
  13. Hi all, I have a little problem. I try to tell it with my terrible English. So i like to setup this VPN(airvpn client) >>> SOCKS PROXY>>> Browsers and others, virtual machines etc... (all socks traffic over vpn). The host os is linux.
  14. Hi, I hope somebody can assist. I am trying to setup a ssh tunnel in windows using putty to tunnel specific apps only and not everything as with the vpn. I have downloaded the appropriate config in the config generator and run the batch file. Unfortunately, it just sits on "using username..." in the console and does not do anything after. I can also not connect when setting up my browser proxy to (I have tried different combinations of proxy settings and config files from the generator) I can also not seem to get it to work If i try to set this up manually in putty. https://airvpn.org/ssh/ does not exactly give a detailed description on how to set everything up from end to end. Are there any instructions for this or can anybody assist with some? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello, I have a question that maybe someone more knowledgeable can answer. I have a computer at home that runs airvpn client and a remote computer. I want to be able to connect from either computer to another one with ssh. Without airvpn client, everything works (obviously). If I run airvpn without network lock, I can ssh from home to remote (it goes via the AirVPN server) but not from remote to home. I tried to start airvpn with the parameter "routes.custom=my.remote.ip.addr,,out" but it didn't help - the required route was not added to the routing table. However, that problem was easily solved: I added the route separately with "route add -host my.remote.ip.address gw" and all was well: ssh works from home to remote and from remote to home bypassing AirVPN as I want it to do. Now, I enable network lock. This time I need to add "allowed IP" parameter to be able to ssh from home to remote: ./airvpn -cli -connect -netlock -login=**** password=**** netlock.allowed_ips=my.remote.ip.addr But ssh from remote to home is blocked by the firewall. I can't find any airvpn parameter that can be used to create custom firewall rules. So I ended up with adding the required rule myself. Before: # iptables -L -v --line-numbers Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT 0 packets, 0 bytes) num pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination 1 177 16717 ACCEPT all -- lo any anywhere anywhere 2 0 0 ACCEPT all -- any any anywhere 3 93 8963 ACCEPT all -- any any 4 26 4651 ACCEPT all -- any any 5 0 0 ACCEPT all -- any any 6 0 0 ACCEPT icmp -- any any anywhere anywhere icmp echo-request 7 1890 460K ACCEPT all -- any any anywhere anywhere state RELATED,ESTABLISHED 8 0 0 ACCEPT all -- tun+ any anywhere anywhere 9 6 502 DROP all -- any any anywhere anywhere Add the rule: iptables -t filter -I INPUT 9 -i eth0 -p tcp -s my.remote.ip.addr --dport 22 -j ACCEPT After: # iptables -L -v --line-numbers Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT 0 packets, 0 bytes) num pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination 1 182 17197 ACCEPT all -- lo any anywhere anywhere 2 0 0 ACCEPT all -- any any anywhere 3 107 10296 ACCEPT all -- any any 4 41 6945 ACCEPT all -- any any 5 0 0 ACCEPT all -- any any 6 0 0 ACCEPT icmp -- any any anywhere anywhere icmp echo-request 7 1981 480K ACCEPT all -- any any anywhere anywhere state RELATED,ESTABLISHED 8 0 0 ACCEPT all -- tun+ any anywhere anywhere 9 0 0 ACCEPT tcp -- eth0 any my.remote.ip.addr anywhere tcp dpt:22 10 6 502 DROP all -- any any anywhere anywhere Now everything works again, but the question remains: what is the best way to achieve that ? In the worst case scenario, I can just start airvpn in the background, wait a minute or so and then run iptables with my additional rule. But that looks ugly. Can anyone think of a better way ? Maybe some "event.session..." or "event.vpn..." parameter will do the trick ? Thanks for any help.
  16. I am running a seedbox (Ubuntu server running Transmission) on a hetzner server and, since I'd like to use it for public as well as private trackers and the host is not friendly with users who receive DMCAs, I'd like the seedbox to use AIRVPN for its connections. The problem is that as soon as I tell AIRVPN to connect, I lost the ability to connect to the server/seebox via SSH or S/FTP- or via remote transmission. The connection simply times out and I have to send a hardware reset signal through my host's control panel to get back into my server/seedbox (fortunately, I did not set AIRVPN to automatically start/connect, since I wanted to confirm that it worked first) . How can I configure AIRVPN to still allow these inbound connections (which will originate from a mobile device and a home, both with dynamic IP addresses)? The server has a static IP address for administrative purposes.
  17. I am trying to use AirVPN to SSH into a computer. How do I do this? I have tried the .sh file I got from the SSH tutorial, but when I try to connect to the computer running it, I can never log in (permission denied). Trying to use OpenVPN as root with the .ovpn file caused errors about not being able to connect.
  18. Hey, I am using airvpn to hide tor usage. Of course I don't want the network that I am using to know I am using a vpn either... Does the ssl/ssh tunnel remedy this or could the isp still figure out im using a vpn? How can I conceal my traffic as best as possible? thanks in advance
  19. So my girlfriend has recently started her masters in Germany, and her internet provided to her flat is from the University. She wanted a VPN and AirVPN seemed to be the most flexible choice, so we started there. Right off the bat, it seemed that the network was blocking all VPN traffic (it was impossible to connect to VPN, or even authenticate credentials while on the university network, but tethered to my phone we could connect to the VPN with no problems). It turned out to be even worse than that: even VPN over SSH is resulting in timeout errors, which seems to imply that the network is specifically blocking connections to AirVPNs hosts, as opposed to just VPN traffic (though I'll be the first to admit I'm relatively new to this and might be misdiagnosing). It turns out that the University actually had her manually set up her network with a self-assigned IP address, gateway, and manually specified DNS servers. I'm sure that's somehow related, but all I could think to try was adding another DNS (which didn't appear to help, but it also seems that the host names are being correctly resolved anyway). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, I'm rather baffled here.
  20. Hi, Like it says in the documentation, and as is usual, upon the first connection to a ssh server to open a ssh tunnel, the authenticity via the ECDSA key fingerprint is stated. The documentation says to just accept it. But this is dangerous as it allows any intermediate to open a MITM attack. So please compile a list of all servers (with their IPs) and their fingerprints so we can match them on the first connection. Thanks!
  21. Running Fedora 21, KDE I'm in china Trying to connect via SSH. I tried all 4 port options listed. Same error. I know SSH works (I'm using it right now). In the AirVPN client, I authorize, it gets to local forwarding, and then kills. Is this a setting in the client or is something happening with Fedora that's blocking it? I 2016.04.13 15:59:41 - AirVPN client version: 2.10.3 / x64, System: Linux, Name: Fedora release 21 (Twenty One)Kernel \r on an \m (\l) / x64. 2016.04.13 15:59:41 - Reading options from /home/blaze/.airvpn/AirVPN.xml. 2016.04.13 15:59:41 - Data Path: /home/blaze/.airvpn. 2016.04.13 15:59:41 - App Path: /usr/lib64/AirVPN. 2016.04.13 15:59:41 - Executable Path: /usr/lib64/AirVPN/AirVPN.exe. 2016.04.13 15:59:41 - Command line arguments (1): path="/home/blaze/.airvpn". 2016.04.13 15:59:41 - Updating systems & servers data .... 2016.04.13 15:59:41 - Operating System: Unix - Linux localhost.localdomain 4.1.13-100.fc21.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Nov 10 13:13:20 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/LinuxI 2016.04.13 15:59:41 - OpenVPN Driver - Found, /dev/net/tunI 2016.04.13 15:59:41 - OpenVPN - Version: OpenVPN 2.3.8 (/usr/sbin/openvpn)I 2016.04.13 15:59:41 - SSH - Version: OpenSSH_6.6.1p1, OpenSSL 1.0.1k-fips 8 Jan 2015 (/usr/bin/ssh)I 2016.04.13 15:59:41 - SSL - Version: stunnel 5.06 (/usr/lib64/AirVPN/stunnel)! 2016.04.13 15:59:41 - Ready. 2016.04.13 15:59:55 - Systems & servers data update completedI 2016.04.13 15:59:55 - Session starting.I 2016.04.13 15:59:59 - Checking authorization ...! 2016.04.13 16:00:00 - Connecting to Cynosura (Canada, Vancouver). 2016.04.13 16:00:00 - SSH > OpenSSH_6.6.1, OpenSSL 1.0.1k-fips 8 Jan 2015. 2016.04.13 16:00:00 - SSH > debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config. 2016.04.13 16:00:00 - SSH > debug1: /etc/ssh/ssh_config line 56: Applying options for *. 2016.04.13 16:00:00 - SSH > debug1: Connecting to [] port 53.. 2016.04.13 16:00:00 - SSH > debug1: Connection established.. 2016.04.13 16:00:00 - SSH > debug1: permanently_set_uid: 0/0. 2016.04.13 16:00:00 - SSH > debug1: identity file /home/blaze/.airvpn/189e8ed5e7f10a9ac107404f1e5579080d0bbc5c0c91387a7f624295a65dfb4f.tmp.key type -1. 2016.04.13 16:00:00 - SSH > debug1: identity file /home/blaze/.airvpn/189e8ed5e7f10a9ac107404f1e5579080d0bbc5c0c91387a7f624295a65dfb4f.tmp.key-cert type -1. 2016.04.13 16:00:00 - SSH > debug1: Enabling compatibility mode for protocol 2.0. 2016.04.13 16:00:00 - SSH > debug1: Local version string SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_6.6.1. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: Remote protocol version 2.0, remote software version OpenSSH_6.7p1 Debian-5+deb8u1. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: match: OpenSSH_6.7p1 Debian-5+deb8u1 pat OpenSSH* compat 0x04000000. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT sent. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT received. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: kex: server->client aes128-ctr hmac-sha1-etm@openssh.com none. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: kex: client->server aes128-ctr hmac-sha1-etm@openssh.com none. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: kex: curve25519-sha256@libssh.org need=20 dh_need=20. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: sending SSH2_MSG_KEX_ECDH_INIT. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: expecting SSH2_MSG_KEX_ECDH_REPLY. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: Server host key: ECDSA be:eb:33:ee:f6:ee:81:82:bb:46:76:ce:34:af:4b:20. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: checking without port identifier. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > Warning: Permanently added '[]:53' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: ssh_ecdsa_verify: signature correct. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: SSH2_MSG_NEWKEYS sent. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: expecting SSH2_MSG_NEWKEYS. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: SSH2_MSG_NEWKEYS received. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: Roaming not allowed by server. 2016.04.13 16:00:02 - SSH > debug1: SSH2_MSG_SERVICE_REQUEST sent. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > debug1: SSH2_MSG_SERVICE_ACCEPT received. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > debug1: Next authentication method: publickey. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > debug1: Trying private key: /home/blaze/.airvpn/189e8ed5e7f10a9ac107404f1e5579080d0bbc5c0c91387a7f624295a65dfb4f.tmp.key. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > debug1: key_parse_private2: missing begin marker. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > debug1: read PEM private key done: type RSA. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > debug1: Authentication succeeded (publickey).. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > Authenticated to ([]:53).. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > debug1: Local connections to LOCALHOST:25316 forwarded to remote address 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > debug1: Local forwarding listening on ::1 port 25316.. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > debug1: channel 0: new [port listener]. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > debug1: Local forwarding listening on port 25316.. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > debug1: channel 1: new [port listener]. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > debug1: Requesting no-more-sessions@openssh.com. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - SSH > debug1: Entering interactive session.. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - OpenVPN > OpenVPN 2.3.8 x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu [sSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [EPOLL] [PKCS11] [MH] [iPv6] built on Aug 4 2015. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - OpenVPN > library versions: OpenSSL 1.0.1k-fips 8 Jan 2015, LZO 2.08. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - Auto retry with another port.. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - OpenVPN > MANAGEMENT: Socket bind failed on local address [AF_INET] Cannot assign requested address. 2016.04.13 16:00:03 - OpenVPN > Exiting due to fatal error! 2016.04.13 16:00:04 - Disconnecting. 2016.04.13 16:00:04 - Connection terminated.I 2016.04.13 16:00:07 - Checking authorization ...! 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - Connecting to Cynosura (Canada, Vancouver). 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > OpenSSH_6.6.1, OpenSSL 1.0.1k-fips 8 Jan 2015. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: /etc/ssh/ssh_config line 56: Applying options for *. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: Connecting to [] port 53.. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: Connection established.. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: permanently_set_uid: 0/0. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: identity file /home/blaze/.airvpn/a4efbef29b08d78051b928fdfcca999aa03a9d699b425841ab069cdce4a06957.tmp.key type -1. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: identity file /home/blaze/.airvpn/a4efbef29b08d78051b928fdfcca999aa03a9d699b425841ab069cdce4a06957.tmp.key-cert type -1. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: Enabling compatibility mode for protocol 2.0. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: Local version string SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_6.6.1. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: Remote protocol version 2.0, remote software version OpenSSH_6.7p1 Debian-5+deb8u1. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: match: OpenSSH_6.7p1 Debian-5+deb8u1 pat OpenSSH* compat 0x04000000. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT sent. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT received. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: kex: server->client aes128-ctr hmac-sha1-etm@openssh.com none. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: kex: client->server aes128-ctr hmac-sha1-etm@openssh.com none. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: kex: curve25519-sha256@libssh.org need=20 dh_need=20. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: sending SSH2_MSG_KEX_ECDH_INIT. 2016.04.13 16:00:08 - SSH > debug1: expecting SSH2_MSG_KEX_ECDH_REPLY. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > debug1: Server host key: ECDSA be:eb:33:ee:f6:ee:81:82:bb:46:76:ce:34:af:4b:20. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > debug1: checking without port identifier. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > Warning: Permanently added '[]:53' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > debug1: ssh_ecdsa_verify: signature correct. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > debug1: SSH2_MSG_NEWKEYS sent. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > debug1: expecting SSH2_MSG_NEWKEYS. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > debug1: SSH2_MSG_NEWKEYS received. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > debug1: Roaming not allowed by server. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > debug1: SSH2_MSG_SERVICE_REQUEST sent. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > debug1: SSH2_MSG_SERVICE_ACCEPT received. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > debug1: Next authentication method: publickey. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > debug1: Trying private key: /home/blaze/.airvpn/a4efbef29b08d78051b928fdfcca999aa03a9d699b425841ab069cdce4a06957.tmp.key. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > debug1: key_parse_private2: missing begin marker. 2016.04.13 16:00:09 - SSH > debug1: read PEM private key done: type RSA. 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - SSH > debug1: Authentication succeeded (publickey).. 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - SSH > Authenticated to ([]:53).. 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - SSH > debug1: Local connections to LOCALHOST:38586 forwarded to remote address 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - SSH > debug1: Local forwarding listening on ::1 port 38586.. 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - SSH > debug1: channel 0: new [port listener]. 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - SSH > debug1: Local forwarding listening on port 38586.. 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - SSH > debug1: channel 1: new [port listener]. 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - SSH > debug1: Requesting no-more-sessions@openssh.com. 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - SSH > debug1: Entering interactive session.. 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - OpenVPN > OpenVPN 2.3.8 x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu [sSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [EPOLL] [PKCS11] [MH] [iPv6] built on Aug 4 2015. 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - OpenVPN > library versions: OpenSSL 1.0.1k-fips 8 Jan 2015, LZO 2.08. 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - Auto retry with another port.. 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - OpenVPN > MANAGEMENT: Socket bind failed on local address [AF_INET] Cannot assign requested address. 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - OpenVPN > Exiting due to fatal error! 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - Disconnecting. 2016.04.13 16:00:10 - Connection terminated.I 2016.04.13 16:00:13 - Checking authorization ...I 2016.04.13 16:00:14 - Cancel requested.! 2016.04.13 16:00:14 - Session terminated.
  22. Will it ever be possible for us to hide our connections to AirVPN on our mobile devices using OpenVPN over SSL and SSH in the future via Eddie or some other mobile solution?
  23. Hi, As the title says, I can only connect with the SSH or SSL tunnel. I'm on Windows 10, using the Eddie client, trying to connect to a Dutch server. When I try to connect with UDP over port 443, it times out at the "Checking Route" stage. Honestly, I don't really mind because I tunnel over SSH or SSL anyway, but I'm curious if this is a known issue with a solution. Thanks for any help!
  24. Hi guys My problem is the following: I have port forwarding enabled on my airvpn, and I can ssh without problem with the command ssh -p myport user@myhost.airdns.org from home or from my cellphone. Now the problem is that at work myport is locked by the corporate firewall, and for all I can see all the other useful myports are... Port 22 is instead open... is there a way to go around the firewall? Please let me know. Thanks a lot
  25. I have been up and down old guides to set up my pi to run a seed box, but each source is a little confusing and has a few steps missing/different/outdated. Can anyone please link or type up a proper set up guide to get the Pi on Rasbian set up quickly and painlessly, along with how to auto boot the config with no leaks in plain English? A Linux built client for ARM processors could do wonders in this department. Thank you!
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