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Found 9 results

  1. The essence of my question is whether anybody's had issues with an iPhone on iOS12 suffering very poor VPN speed on LTE? Some background.... iPhone 6s Plus. On iOS10 with the prior generation (v2.x) of OpenVPN, things worked great. I moved to iOS11, still with the prior generation of OpenVPN. The VPN aspect seemed to work well for me, but the overall phone performance was lackluster enough to motivate me into an update to iOS12. In a short period of time, I moved my phone to iOS12 and changed my plan type -- still AT&T -- from an ancient to a modern plan. Also the update to iOS12 required me to update OpenVPN to v3.x (3.0.2 -- 894 presently). The VPN connects quickly, no issues there on both LTE and Wifi. But once connected, I often do not get data access via LTE. The graph shows the Y-axis in BYTES per second. It seems I can sometimes close then reopen OpenVPN and it improves, or switch to airplane mode & back, or reboot the phone...but at best I get a day or two, often only a matter of minutes, where I get data. I am looking for help to diagnose the issue. I am inclined to believe it's a phone issue, because sometimes it seems to get stuck in some loop where the phone battery drains very quickly while also not providing data access. But when it *does* work, it works like I expect and battery usage is fine. I see nothing odd in the logs when it's burning battery. I backed up the phone and did a full DFU restore, and for 2 days it was bliss. Now I'm back to the same issues. Any thoughts/help?
  2. Hi I need help getting connected on my iphone with ssl or ssh I have followed the steps on this page https://airvpn.org/ios/ it connects but I dont have access to the net. Im connecting from china so ssl or ssh is needed thanks in advance
  3. When using configuration generator, is there a recommendation for what location to choose? I see a footnote recommended to choose by continent, how does this work, especially when using iOS. I'm mainly concerned with performance.
  4. Hi there, I often find that my iPhone has disconnected from AirVPN during the day. Looking at the dashboard, it appears that it's failing reauthentication because of the 3 connection limit. However this occurs even when my phone is the only of my devices connected to AirVPN. This typically happens when handing over from a mobile data connection to wifi, but also happens periodically when just using mobile data -- I guess when I temporarily lose connectivity or fall back to 3G. I've seen that other people have reported the same problem. AirVPN support suggested that I use TCP, rather than UDP, to aid detection of disconnections -- but I'm doing this already, to no avail. In my OpenVPN client I have the following settings:Seamless tunnel: on.Connect via: any network.Reconnect on wakeup: on.Protocol: adaptive.Compression: full.Connection timeout: none.Network state detection: active.Force AES-CBC ciphersuites: on.Google DNS failback: on.Layer 2 reachability: on. By design, the OpenVPN client doesn't attempt a reconnection after it's informed of an auth failure, which is what the AirVPN network sends if you exceed the maximum number of connections. I've suggested that it might be useful for AirVPN to have a 1-2min grace period on the max connection cut-off, which should fix this problem. Has anyone found a work-round in the meantime? Many thanks,Stuart.
  5. Hello, i am not aware if anyone else experiences this issue, but when i lock my phone when i am not using it, and wake it up again some minutes later, even with full network access my client fails to re connect to the tunnel. Below i have attached my log file and the view i get from the app after unlocking my device. Any help the user base could provide would be much appreciated. I also have a support ticket regarding the matter but they seem to be clueless as to the cause. OpenVPN Log File.txt
  6. Will it ever be possible for us to hide our connections to AirVPN on our mobile devices using OpenVPN over SSL and SSH in the future via Eddie or some other mobile solution?
  7. Whenever VPN disconnected o iPhone it doesn't connect back. Is there a way to creat an "Always On" or "Connect on Demand" profile for the AirVPN? Thank you
  8. Hello all, Hoping you guys can help me. I was able to install on my iMac easy enough but when I try to install on my iPhone I get an authentication failed message and obviously does not connect. I followed these steps: https://airvpn.org/ios/ I chose: iOS > Europe > Direct Protocol UDP port 443 (As well as trying TCP afterwards). I get to step 6 in the above link and then cannot connect. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance
  9. recently upgraded my phone to the new iPhone 5s iOS 7.0.1. The problem I am having is the connection times out. Ad no problems with my android device configuring or connection. I have follow the instructions multiple times, search the forms and googled with no luck. A bit unfamiliar with this maybe someone can help, have tried. Thank you UDP and TCP 2) Solve the problem at its roots by generating .ovpn configuration files which contain only IP addresses (and not names) in the following way: - in the Configuration Generator tick "Advanced Options" - tick "Resolved hosts in .ovpn file" - tick "All servers for area or region" Using AirVPN with iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) Screenshots: iPhone - iPad
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