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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I just started tonight with airvpn, installed and got running without issue eddie-ui_2.12.4_windows-7_x64_installer it is running at slow speeds, about 50kb/s, corresponding to my browser usage, which does go through the VPN, but then not for my other traffic : - filezilla doing big FTP work at 30 Mb/s - utorrent upload ing at 20-30 Mbits/s these high speed compared to that displayed by Eddie shows that that trafic does not go through the vpn - emule at slow speed, but without "low id" whereas I haven't opened any port yet on the vpn, so it also does not go through the vpn. (for info: I always disable Windows Firewall and do use instead Comodo with rules and authorisations). Could you please tell me what I may have done wrong and what to do to have all my traffic through the VPN? Thank you
  2. I am running a seedbox (Ubuntu server running Transmission) on a hetzner server and, since I'd like to use it for public as well as private trackers and the host is not friendly with users who receive DMCAs, I'd like the seedbox to use AIRVPN for its connections. The problem is that as soon as I tell AIRVPN to connect, I lost the ability to connect to the server/seebox via SSH or S/FTP- or via remote transmission. The connection simply times out and I have to send a hardware reset signal through my host's control panel to get back into my server/seedbox (fortunately, I did not set AIRVPN to automatically start/connect, since I wanted to confirm that it worked first) . How can I configure AIRVPN to still allow these inbound connections (which will originate from a mobile device and a home, both with dynamic IP addresses)? The server has a static IP address for administrative purposes.
  3. I have been working on setting up an FTP server on my RPi box (Debian Jessie/Openvpn-2.3.4-5). I followed the instructions found in the forums to forward a port to the listening port 21 and then open a range of high ports for Passive connections from the server to the clients. My understanding is that in passive mode, the connections are all initiated by the server and so should pass through the standard Iptables firewall rules established by Eddie. It all seems to be working but when testing a download, I get occasional disconnects, that reconnect an the following message in the FTP client: Server sent passive reply with unroutable address, using host address instead Is this a problem? The client seems capable of recovery and there is no sign of issues (except IPV6 rejects) in the server logs.
  4. I am using filezilla as FTP Client and while i am connected to an airvpn server, I can't connect to any ftp servers. Without airvpn it works fine. Help please?
  5. Hey guys, I'm having another VPN issue, this time regarding FTP upload speeds. I followed this guide and it worked perfectly to connect to my FTP server, but trying to download something from the server is absolutely impossible. The first moment of connection will yield somewhere between 20 kB/s and 5 megs a second, but will deteriorate seemingly exponentially. I've let a connection run for half and hour or so, just to see what will happen, and the speed reaches a plateau at around 100 bytes a second. Obviously, I refuse to believe the VPN is at fault for this; I assume it's my ISP. I've checked out others with similar problems, but I haven't found any solutions. In total, I have tried to download the file via my own IP, a DDNS pointing to the VPN server, the VPN server's exit IP, and the LAN address. From the LAN address, everything is as expected - a speed that is normal for me, about 3 megs. When connecting through my WAN IP through port 21 (which is correctly forwarded), I get a connection timeout error (Something I need to investigate). When connecting through the VPN or the DDNS, the problem I described above plagues me. Below is what I monitored by eye when trying to download a file: 3.42 MB/s 19 kB/s 14 kB/s 12 kB/s 10 kB/s 9 kB/s 8 kB/s 7 kB/s 6.9 kB/s 6.4 kB/s 5.5 kB/s 4.8 kB/s 4.3 kB/s 4.02 kB/s 3.65 kB/s 3.21 kB/s 2.98 kB/s ... (it continues to fall, but I stopped the connection there) And here is the log that it gave. I don't know if the information will be useful, though, since I prematurely terminated the connection. If anyone can give me a hand, I'd really appreciate it!
  6. Hi All, I am new to AirVPN and wish to access my FTP from outside my network while the AirVPN client is running in home tomato router. I've read articles on this forum where we take out forwarded ports from the client area but still I am a bit lost. I've generated 10 forwarding ports from the client area of AirVPN, and i've mapped these to 10 internal ports within "Port forwarding" of my router e.g. Vsftpd config is pasv_max_port=11100 pasv_min_port=11090 And assigned these to the ports airvpn have issued to me. Where do I go from here? I need help with setting up the IP table rules and using my android phone as the connecting device to the ftp, do I use my real IP as the server address or do I use the VPN as the server address. Additionally, for port 21 In my router under port forwarding I've set (Ext port) = 22xx (Int port) 21 (int address Note, If I kill the VPN it all works... but I guess you knew that. Thanks for any help
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