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Found 5 results

  1. I have a computer connected to AirVPN using openvpn. I forwarded a port into the "Client Area configurations" and if I check the port by click on "Test open" I receive "Open!" for both ipv4 and ipv6 protocols: my computer is listening the open port correctly on both IP protocol. If I use another computer connected to internet out of AirVPN and I check the open port using ipv4 protocol: nmap <ipv4_of_AirVPN_device> -sV -Pn -p <port_to_check> -4 I receive "open" but if check using ipv6 protocol: nmap <ipv6_of_AirVPN_device> -sV -Pn -p <port_to_check> -6 I receive "filtered". I also can't use the service listening on that port unless I force the use of the ipv4 protocol. What could be the problem? Why is my ip not correctly forwarded despite the AirVPN check being successful?
  2. I have the following set up: ISP Modem --> Protectli(OPNsense-AirVPN Wireguard) --> Netgear R7000 Access Point(Fresh Tomato) --> My Lan (of which there is one hardwired computer running an apache webserver) I have a nextcloud instance running on the apache webserver. I want to be able to access the nextcloud instance remotely. OPNsense has an option available for various Dynamic DNS (DDNS) services. I had the DDNS service for duckdns working and I could access my nextcloud server remotely before I changed to AirVPN as my VPN (I was using Mulvad). Now I want to accomplish the same thing with AirVPN without using duckdns but by using AirVPN's DDNS. The problem is that I cannot even get started. When I go to the AirVPN ports page, click on "Request a new port" and then click on "Test open". The connection times out (110) for TCP but seems to work for UDP (at least I don't see any error for UDP). This happens regardless of whether I leave the local port empty, fill in the local port with the same port number as the assigned port or use port 80 for the local port. Also it doesn't matter if I fill in the xxxx.airdns,org or not. "CanYouSeeMe" reports the ports as closed for for all my attempts. I have tried this on my local internet as well as on my cell phone data plan without any difference. I feel like I am missing something fundamental but have no idea what it is. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. bdika
  3. Hi everyone, I purchased AirVPN recently to use it with a p2p file sharing application SoulSeek. I'm very new to this stuff and really in need of some guidance. I was able to add my 2 ports in the "client area" section of the AirVPN website. Then I ran a TCP test check and recieved the message, "Not reachable on server IP over the external port #####, tcp protocol. Error 110 - connection timed out". I'm not into torrenting, I just want to use this VPN for Soulseek. I haven't done anything to my router since I'm not comfortable messing with the settings on it. Also when I check the ports on SoulSeek it also says the ports are closed. Any guidance is most welcomed! -Nub
  4. Hi i have problem with start qbittorrent. Connection works fine, for webbrowsing, but qbittorrent have no connection. I created forwarded port (testing always have: 110 connection timeout), I updated this port in my bittorrent settings (port used for incomming connections), I disabled all firewalls for test (windows and comodo), I disabled upnp and nat-pmp in qbittorrent,In bittorrent i have yellow circle: No direct connections. In airvpn site, when im testing forwarded port i have always black circle with 110 error). PROBLEM SOLVED : i think trackers was blocking me, i generated new torrents and works fine, thanks
  5. Hello, I'm having an issue where I cannot download torrents since I did port forwarding. I forwarded my port through the website because qBittorrent had a yellow "connection status." I set the port in qBittorrent, and now the "connection status" is green, but torrents are not downloading. I did this yesterday, and when I initially forwarded my port, it was working just fine, and today it's not. Also, I was able to run the "TCP Test" and got a green light yesterday. I ran it today, and it stays gray. Not sure what that means, but figured I should include that info. Any suggestions? Thank you, all
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