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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I purchased AirVPN recently to use it with a p2p file sharing application SoulSeek. I'm very new to this stuff and really in need of some guidance. I was able to add my 2 ports in the "client area" section of the AirVPN website. Then I ran a TCP test check and recieved the message, "Not reachable on server IP over the external port #####, tcp protocol. Error 110 - connection timed out". I'm not into torrenting, I just want to use this VPN for Soulseek. I haven't done anything to my router since I'm not comfortable messing with the settings on it. Also when I check the ports on SoulSeek it also says the ports are closed. Any guidance is most welcomed! -Nub
  2. Hi i have problem with start qbittorrent. Connection works fine, for webbrowsing, but qbittorrent have no connection. I created forwarded port (testing always have: 110 connection timeout), I updated this port in my bittorrent settings (port used for incomming connections), I disabled all firewalls for test (windows and comodo), I disabled upnp and nat-pmp in qbittorrent,In bittorrent i have yellow circle: No direct connections. In airvpn site, when im testing forwarded port i have always black circle with 110 error). PROBLEM SOLVED : i think trackers was blocking me, i generated new torrents and works fine, thanks
  3. Hello, I'm having an issue where I cannot download torrents since I did port forwarding. I forwarded my port through the website because qBittorrent had a yellow "connection status." I set the port in qBittorrent, and now the "connection status" is green, but torrents are not downloading. I did this yesterday, and when I initially forwarded my port, it was working just fine, and today it's not. Also, I was able to run the "TCP Test" and got a green light yesterday. I ran it today, and it stays gray. Not sure what that means, but figured I should include that info. Any suggestions? Thank you, all
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