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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I have a little problem. I try to tell it with my terrible English. So i like to setup this VPN(airvpn client) >>> SOCKS PROXY>>> Browsers and others, virtual machines etc... (all socks traffic over vpn). The host os is linux.
  2. Hi everbody, I wanna use VPN over TOR but there is no Internet traffic after successfully VPN connection. Besides VPN connection disconnects almost after 1 minute because of TCP connection timeout. I've configured proxies from Advanced section of NetworkManager and I'm using SOCKS protocol as proxy type. I'm using Linux OS and NetworkManager to manage my network interfaces and VPN connections. My OpenVPN version is 2.3.0. I've already read this manuel but I couldn't find any solution. Is there any suggestion to overcome this problem? https://airvpn.org/tor/ Solution: - Use Eddie client, - Enable control port and cookie authentication in your torrc file as described at this URL https://airvpn.org/tor/ - Set Tor as connection mode in AirVPN -> Preferences, don't use TCP + Socks Proxy as me (my first mistake) - Be careful with the port numbers; because default port numbers in manuel and Eddie client are respectively 9150 and 9151 but in my torrc file they are 9050, 9051 and it's very easy to overlook for example my situation. (my second mistake) - You can export ovpn configuration file which is special for "VPN over TOR" from Eddie client, so you can use that file to connect VPN from command line using openvpn command. For me it's more easy than using Eddie client.
  3. Dear support, I want to connect to AirVPN-Servers via SOCKS5 Server which supports UDP packets. So I added the line socks-proxy sockshost 1080 login.txt basic to my AirVPN-OpenVPN configuration file. Connection to SOCKS was successful, but not to your OpenVPN server: Wed Dec 16 10:44:55 2015 us=732339 UDPv4 link local: [undef] Wed Dec 16 10:44:55 2015 us=732453 UDPv4 link remote: [AF_INET] WWWWW Do you block incoming SOCKS connections (perhaps from common SOCKS ports?) to your OpenVPN-Servers?
  4. Hi, I got a problem when connecting the AirVPN clinet through the Tor Browser Bundle 3.5.4 (Windows). First, I got the following error message: Attempting to establish TCP connection with [AF_INET] TCP connection established with [AF_INET] socks_handshake: server asked for username/login auth but we were not provided any credentials SIGTERM[soft,init_instance] received, process exiting Failed to start. So I have replaced the port setting in the torrc-defaults file to: SOCKSPort PreferSOCKSNoAuth Now the error message looks like this: Attempting to establish TCP connection with [AF_INET] TCP connection established with [AF_INET] recv_socks_reply: Socks proxy returned bad reply SIGTERM[soft,init_instance] received, process exiting Failed to start. What should I do now?
  5. I've readed almost every post in this forum about it and outside too but didn't managed to resolve. The problem is, i select Socks at config on AirVpn; Host :; Port 9150, then i start Tor, select the socks5 put the host and port and connect. But when i try to connect the AirVpn (Using TCP) it gives me this error everytime. 20/12/2013 - x:21 Login... 20/12/2013 - x:21 Login success. 20/12/2013 - x:21 Contacting service... 20/12/2013 - x:21 Connecting... 20/12/2013 - x:21 OpenVPN 2.3.2 i686-w64-mingw32 [sSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [PKCS11] [eurephia] [iPv6] built on Aug 22 2013 20/12/2013 - x:21 Socket Buffers: R=[8192->8192] S=[8192->8192] 20/12/2013 - x:21 Attempting to establish TCP connection with [AF_INET] 20/12/2013 - x:21 TCP connection established with [AF_INET] 20/12/2013 - x:21 socks_handshake: server asked for username/login auth but we were not provided any credentials 20/12/2013 - x:21 SIGTERM[soft,init_instance] received, process exiting 20/12/2013 - x:21 Failed to start.
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