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Found 14 results

  1. The hated one , latest video about facial recognition. Experiences from the past ,about using tech in general,and what is already going on,makes me worried. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri9vkrlNiU4&pbjreload=10 At the end the mass decide ,how we going to use this technology.
  2. Hi, Application Version: 2.0.1 Could someone please try to change the port or protocol settings within the Android Eddie Client as I seem to change the settings then when trying to connect and it just connects using Port 443 and UDP. This seems to be a bug for me and I would like to confirm it with someone else. Thanks.
  3. Hi, The Problem: Testing my connection speed outside of the VPN results in speeds of circa 50-75Mbps, however, in the VPN (through the Eddie client and a standard OpenVPN application) results in speeds of circa 5-10Mbps. Test conditions: Software: Android 9 Device: Oneplus 6T Network: EE (Max plan) Attempted Solutions: Changing to a wide range of servers (different countries and different servers within the same country)Changing the portChanging the Encryption methodologyChanging Phones (seems to have the same issue with a Samsung S7 edgeI am open to suggestions as to why I seems to be throttled only when on my mobile connection as when I'm on my home Wifi the connection is near enough the smart regardless of the VPN. Thanks.
  4. I am using the Eddie for Android latest version, and with the IPv6 setting set to "request", and when I connect to one of the IPv6 enabled servers such as Capricornus, I do not have IPv6 connectivity, only IPv4. ipleak.net only shows the VPN IPv4 address, and I am unable to view IPv6 only sites such as ipv6.google.com. how can I fix this and be able to use the VPN'S IPv6 address?
  5. Hi all, i have some issues with my openvpn for android client. i followed the instructions in the how-to section to setup openvpn for android. everything worked fine but: first issue: i get reconnects every few minutes and second issue: when i check for dnsleaks on ipleak.net everything looks smooth. no leak. i see airvpn exitip and airvpndns. but when i visit airvpn.org i see on top of the site my real ipv6 address. someone can tell me how to solve this errors? regards
  6. So I have a decent amount of knowledge of networking, but I still lack some knowledge at some points. I'm wondering if it's possible more as a technically of understanding to use a cellphone for say an FTP server on mobile data. Normally, a computer that was behind a NAT Router on a landline connection you would simply forward port 21 or whatever port the FTP is using to the Local LAN IP 192.x.x.x and bam it works. On cellphones using mobile data for example T-Mobile inbound connections are blocked because the phone is behind a bunch of mobile complex NAT routing etc. That said, certain applications like Teamviewer for example (which allows remote support on your Android phone) still work much like an inbound connection. Using Teamviewer as an example, it appears this works because a connection Tunnel/Bridge occurs on Teamviewers servers. In other words let's say a person is working on your mobile phone from their home PC connected as landline connection. I've done this before, so what is happening is YOUR PC -> Connects To Teamviewers Server <- Cellphone Connects to Teamviewers Server which establishes a connection and Teamviewer is acting as a sort of proxy so to speak. Couldn't the same thing be done using AirVPN? I set my cellphone up with an FTP server for example hosting files on the phone, and then it connects to AirVPN's private server (you can use the port forwarding options) and on my PC far away I connect to the public WAN IP on the VPN which then goes to my phone. Would this work? Am I understanding how this works correctly or is there an easier way? I really appreciate the help, and I'm always trying to learn more about networking etc.
  7. First of all, I would like to declare that I read and implemented this post: https://airvpn.org/topic/11476-using-airvpn-with-openvpn-for-android/ On OpenVPN, I imported the config file that I generated through AirVPN, and when it comes to activating that config file, I just cannot confirm the dialogue box showing up. It is displaying that there is a connection request and OpenVPN for android wants to set up a VPN connection that allows it to monitor network traffic. I just cannot click OK when this dialogue box pops up... I tried all kinds of things that I thought would affect the result without any success such as giving storage permission to OpenVPN, generating the config file as both UDP and TCP, selecting platform as both Android and Linux, as well as selecting various servers. Don't know what else I can do. I even tried to directly connect to VPN without OpenVPN through Android VPN settings. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. I was reading the locked thread about AirVPN updating their server-side in response to the article about security vulnerabilities in OpenVPN, and was wondering how a user of, say Windows, or a user with OpenVPN on their mobile device would go about updating in a way that would maintain the settings they're currently using for AirVPN? The aforementioned thread does include a way to update in Linux, but doesn't say anything about other OS systems.
  9. It would be nice to see a mobile app of Eddie for Android/IOS. The OpenVPN app is not really easy to use for non technical people. Air did make a great job to make a simple manual, but altough people with less technical skills only want to push a button to connect. Some friends of mine even don't have a computer and use only tabelts and there smartphones. Because they don't understand how the Openvpn app works and don't want to read a manual they use other VPN vproviders like Nordvpn, ipvanish or even betternet because it's free an simple to use. Has Air any plans to develop a mobile app?
  10. Hi all, I recently went from 1Mbps service to using my cricket wireless via usb tethering which is 8Mbps (not fast but best i can get where i am). I want to use AirVPN to hide the fact that I am tethering since on the "unlimited" plan they don't let you tether (I am not rooted but am using Foxfi to bypass this). my problem is that I have downloaded OpenVPN for android and installed it on my phone while following the instructions on this site, but have no knowledge of how to port forward anything, the few instructions I have tried to follow as well as multiple google searches have produced nothing but aggravation, I'm sure it's something very simple that I'm not doing or configuring correctly. Any kind of assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Hi there, I often find that my iPhone has disconnected from AirVPN during the day. Looking at the dashboard, it appears that it's failing reauthentication because of the 3 connection limit. However this occurs even when my phone is the only of my devices connected to AirVPN. This typically happens when handing over from a mobile data connection to wifi, but also happens periodically when just using mobile data -- I guess when I temporarily lose connectivity or fall back to 3G. I've seen that other people have reported the same problem. AirVPN support suggested that I use TCP, rather than UDP, to aid detection of disconnections -- but I'm doing this already, to no avail. In my OpenVPN client I have the following settings:Seamless tunnel: on.Connect via: any network.Reconnect on wakeup: on.Protocol: adaptive.Compression: full.Connection timeout: none.Network state detection: active.Force AES-CBC ciphersuites: on.Google DNS failback: on.Layer 2 reachability: on. By design, the OpenVPN client doesn't attempt a reconnection after it's informed of an auth failure, which is what the AirVPN network sends if you exceed the maximum number of connections. I've suggested that it might be useful for AirVPN to have a 1-2min grace period on the max connection cut-off, which should fix this problem. Has anyone found a work-round in the meantime? Many thanks,Stuart.
  12. Hi there, I recently had to travel for business for some weeks through Poland and while using AirVPN in Hotels over WiFi worked great, I noticed on two different airports that I did not get a connection to any of the servers. While being at the airport, I switched to the public/free WiFi, opened up my OpenVPN app (I am using iOS 8) and noticed that it get's stuck while "waiting for server" (see attached screenshot). Since I've had this issue now on two different airports (Warsaw/Poland and Berlin/Germany), I am eager to know why this is the case. Could it be that the port is blocked on the airport WiFi? The DNS resolving for the server seems to have worked if I remember correctly.
  13. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it (if not, message me, say "we delete it now", and delete it).. but I am currently looking for invites to buy me a OnePlus One (OPO). For those who never heard of it, OnePlus One is one of the first mobiles whose stock OS is CyanogenMod which in turn is a Custom ROM developed for various phones by various developers around the world. The OPO was considered a flagship killer back when it first got released. Despite some minor flaws.. The thing is, you can't just walk into your favourite shop and take it with you. OnePlus introduced a highly uncommon invite system to "allow" friends of the buyers to buy a OPO. People are struggling to get those invites through social media. Most of the buyers start funny competitions, just like OnePlus does from time to time on their webpage. The amount of submissions is extremely large, so large that the probability of me getting an invite is equal to 0 at the moment. I'd probably get one when the OnePlus Three is released in a few years, and that's counterproductive. So, if anyone of you have an invite left to share, please let me know. In return I will share some invites I was given only with the AirVPN community. Thank you. Two weeks ago OnePlus announced the Pre-Order system which I will take advantage of. Thread is obsolete.
  14. Does anyone know if using a vpn will bypass the tethering limit (2gb of 'unlimted data') on the UK Three mobile network?I want to upgrade my phone however i use it for tethering daily and will blow through that limit in a single day. Thanks
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