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Found 10 results

  1. I got Airvpn wireguard working on OPNsense using this link. It works fine except I can't access the sites in the title. They time out. I imagine there are others but these are the only three I have found so far after approximately one week of usage. I have tried different servers and for duckduckgo I tried the ip address but no results. I am currently using the northamerican server. I have tried canada and a particular Toronto server with the same result. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks. Bill Dika SOLVED: I got this working using a detailed rule for MSS clamping by setting the it to 1300. Firewall --> Settings --> Normalization --> Disable Interface Scrub --> Create Detailed Settings Rule --> Set max mss to 1300.
  2. As the title says i can't resolve any domains when i'm connected to airvpn servers via wireguard. It worked fine a few weeks ago, and open vpn works fine too. I tried an other vpn service with wireguard, and it didn't had any problem, so i think this might be a configuration problem on the config generator's part.
  3. Hello, For the past week, I've been unable to connect to Minchir over Wireguard. Trying to connect through either ports 1637 and 47107 will result in a handshake timeout. I don't believe my ISP is blocking me since I have no problem connecting to Minchir through OpenVPN using the "1" entry IP address, which makes me wonder if there is a server issue. Could anyone else check if Minchir is connectable over Wireguard? Someone reported a similar issue here, but unfortunately that thread is a dead end. I'm using Eddie 2.21.8 on Manjaro Linux. Here is Eddie's system report.
  4. I purchased my first GL.Inet product and first thing I did was setup my AIRVPN OpenVPN on it - works flawlessly. My only question is Wireguard is supported and since the firmware of the router is based on openwrt, it has alot of configuration. Has anybody have success on having AirVPN on Wireguard on this router? If yes, what is the easiest setup to do?
  5. I have (finally) got he Wireguard setup to AirVPN working (thanks to those that answered) - it was essentially fat fingered syndrome on my part + a bit of a misunderstanding. All good. So second question - can I do multiple tunnels. If we look at the AirVPN config file: [Interface]Address = 10.xx.yy.zz/10, ipv6 addressPrivateKey = AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADNS =, fd7d:76ee:e68f:a993::1[Peer]PublicKey = BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBPresharedKey = CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCEndpoint = =, ::/0PersistentKeepalive = 15 The bit that has me slightly worried is the Address under Interface. Its the same in all the AirVPN Config files. Is this likley to cause an issue with having two tunnels on the same network?
  6. I have the following set up: ISP Modem --> Protectli(OPNsense-AirVPN Wireguard) --> Netgear R7000 Access Point(Fresh Tomato) --> My Lan (of which there is one hardwired computer running an apache webserver) I have a nextcloud instance running on the apache webserver. I want to be able to access the nextcloud instance remotely. OPNsense has an option available for various Dynamic DNS (DDNS) services. I had the DDNS service for duckdns working and I could access my nextcloud server remotely before I changed to AirVPN as my VPN (I was using Mulvad). Now I want to accomplish the same thing with AirVPN without using duckdns but by using AirVPN's DDNS. The problem is that I cannot even get started. When I go to the AirVPN ports page, click on "Request a new port" and then click on "Test open". The connection times out (110) for TCP but seems to work for UDP (at least I don't see any error for UDP). This happens regardless of whether I leave the local port empty, fill in the local port with the same port number as the assigned port or use port 80 for the local port. Also it doesn't matter if I fill in the xxxx.airdns,org or not. "CanYouSeeMe" reports the ports as closed for for all my attempts. I have tried this on my local internet as well as on my cell phone data plan without any difference. I feel like I am missing something fundamental but have no idea what it is. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. bdika
  7. Hi I am unable to connect using eddie with wireguard protocol on my Mac mini, openvpn works fine, but if I activate fireguard protocol Eddie keeps reconnecting every 5 seconds without success. this is the log, what should I do? I 2022.02.10 15:16:43 - Session starting. I 2022.02.10 15:16:44 - Checking authorization ... ! 2022.02.10 15:16:44 - Connecting to Gorgonea (Canada, Toronto, Ontario) . 2022.02.10 15:16:44 - Routes, add for interface "en0". . 2022.02.10 15:16:44 - Routes, add for interface "en0", already exists. . 2022.02.10 15:16:44 - WireGuard > Setup start E 2022.02.10 15:16:45 - WireGuard > Error: Failed to configure interface 'utun1' . 2022.02.10 15:16:45 - WireGuard > Stopping . 2022.02.10 15:16:45 - WireGuard > end ! 2022.02.10 15:16:45 - Disconnecting . 2022.02.10 15:16:45 - Routes, delete for interface "en0". . 2022.02.10 15:16:45 - Routes, delete for interface "en0", not exists. . 2022.02.10 15:16:45 - Connection terminated. I 2022.02.10 15:16:48 - Checking authorization ... ! 2022.02.10 15:16:49 - Connecting to Enif (Canada, Toronto, Ontario) . 2022.02.10 15:16:49 - Routes, add for interface "en0". . 2022.02.10 15:16:49 - Routes, add for interface "en0", already exists. . 2022.02.10 15:16:49 - WireGuard > Setup start E 2022.02.10 15:16:49 - WireGuard > Error: Failed to configure interface 'utun1' . 2022.02.10 15:16:49 - WireGuard > Stopping . 2022.02.10 15:16:49 - WireGuard > end ! 2022.02.10 15:16:49 - Disconnecting . 2022.02.10 15:16:49 - Routes, delete for interface "en0". . 2022.02.10 15:16:49 - Routes, delete for interface "en0", not exists. . 2022.02.10 15:16:49 - Connection terminated. I 2022.02.10 15:16:52 - Checking authorization ... I 2022.02.10 15:16:53 - Cancel requested. ! 2022.02.10 15:16:53 - Session terminated. Thanks
  8. I created each wireguard config for my Linux Desktop, and iPhone. I connect to AirVPN with `wg-quick` on Linux, and Wireguard app on iPhone. When i connect to same AirVPN server (both devices are connected to Singapore-`Luyten` server for example), internet on one device slow down/or not able to visit websites What can be causing this issue?
  9. I have 3 computers. Desktop, NAS, and Laptop. All of them installed Windows 10 21H2 and Eddie Version 2.21.2 beta. They are connected to same router, but only Laptop is connected via WiFi. This problem happens only on Desktop and NAS. Exact same setting, but Laptop is fine. Without VPN connection or when using OpenVPN, there is no problem accessing to DuckDuckGo and ProtonMail. There were also few other websites I could't access, but I don't remember them. I just need my DuckDuckGo back. Things I tried to solve the problem: Use other web browser (Chrome, Edge, IE). Change VPN server (same country&different country). Exit Eddie and relaunch. Reboot computer. Change WireGuard port 1637 to 47107. Change DNS address to and fde6:7a:7d20:4::1. Change DNS address to VPN server's gateway IP address. Change DNS address from AirVPN's local one ( to Cloudflare ( Delete (at Control Panel, remaining setting files (USERNAME\AppData\Local\Eddie), network adapters and drivers) and reinstall Eddie. Nothing solved the problem.
  10. Hey guys, I was wondering now that your other competitors are actively integrating Wireguard into their offerings, when do you think you'll have something ready for your customers?
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