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Found 4 results

  1. A german IT security blogger recently discovered that NordVPN's official android app transmits personally identifiable information to NordVPN and a few third parties. The checked version of their app is v3.9.8 which seems a few versions behind the current branch but still fairly recent. The blogger discovered that a user's Google mail address along with the advertising ID and a bit of other info are sent to Iterable, AppsFlyer and Tune along with some Google services like Analytics - all seemingly without the user's consent and even without mentioning it in the app's ToS. Of course customer support has been asked as well. Their answer was not satisfactory: Everyone interested in some of the HTTP POSTs discovered can look at them in the article linked above. The article itself is German-language, but it doesn't contain more info than this, only a bit of the writer's opinion which I share: It's very questionable that a "no-log" or even "privacy-centered" VPN provider like NordVPN is bold enough to state "marketing reasons" as their justification to track users of their Android app. Even worse that this tracking is performed by third parties who will most likely use this data in cross-referencing... Try to avoid NordVPN. Searching for "NordVPN" in this forum alone will yield more than enough reason. One in three newly created threads is about them.
  2. I'm personally not a huge fan of it. Don't get me wrong it did need abit of an update but imo it looks to android like now and I seem to have tap more to get to where I want such as see the statistics.
  3. Im running Airvpn on Linux Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS 64Bit. But i cant see the software or app anyware after i login to the program?
  4. It would be nice to see a mobile app of Eddie for Android/IOS. The OpenVPN app is not really easy to use for non technical people. Air did make a great job to make a simple manual, but altough people with less technical skills only want to push a button to connect. Some friends of mine even don't have a computer and use only tabelts and there smartphones. Because they don't understand how the Openvpn app works and don't want to read a manual they use other VPN vproviders like Nordvpn, ipvanish or even betternet because it's free an simple to use. Has Air any plans to develop a mobile app?
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