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Found 3 results

  1. The CyanogenMod forum prevents Menkib's users from viewing anything. Even the home page. Sorry, you don't have permission for that!
  2. Hello, I signed up for an account and am trying to get it working with an old CM7 based Android device. Please do not tell me to upgrade my device unless you are willing to send me a better device yourself. I don't have the money. That out of the way, I can't find OpenVPN for Android on Play (and I think it wouldn't work anyway, since CM7 is 2.x.x), and OpenVPN Connect is "not compatible with my device." CM7 does have a built in VPN menu. I'd like to use UDP if possible but as long as my privacy is protected on random wifi I'll be a bit happier than not. The options are: Add PPTP VPNAdd L2TP VPNAdd L2TP/IPSec PSK VPNAdd L2TP/IPSec CRT VPNAdd OpenVPN VPN (OpenVPN SSL VPN)The OpenVPN settings want a server, a user authentication checkbox, a CA certificate, a user certificate, and a DNS search domain. When I tap the cert items, they bring up an empty dropdown box so I'm imagining I'd need to add the certs to my device through a different part of the settings menu. Any help?
  3. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it (if not, message me, say "we delete it now", and delete it).. but I am currently looking for invites to buy me a OnePlus One (OPO). For those who never heard of it, OnePlus One is one of the first mobiles whose stock OS is CyanogenMod which in turn is a Custom ROM developed for various phones by various developers around the world. The OPO was considered a flagship killer back when it first got released. Despite some minor flaws.. The thing is, you can't just walk into your favourite shop and take it with you. OnePlus introduced a highly uncommon invite system to "allow" friends of the buyers to buy a OPO. People are struggling to get those invites through social media. Most of the buyers start funny competitions, just like OnePlus does from time to time on their webpage. The amount of submissions is extremely large, so large that the probability of me getting an invite is equal to 0 at the moment. I'd probably get one when the OnePlus Three is released in a few years, and that's counterproductive. So, if anyone of you have an invite left to share, please let me know. In return I will share some invites I was given only with the AirVPN community. Thank you. Two weeks ago OnePlus announced the Pre-Order system which I will take advantage of. Thread is obsolete.
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