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Found 10 results

  1. I've seen a lot of threads here and elsewhere about how Paypal is not private and people should pay with Bitcoin to maintain anonymity when using AirVPN. But if one is connecting directly to AirVPN is there really any advantage? My ISP (and by extension anyone with a warrant) could see that I'm connecting to the AirVPN servers and easily surmise that I'm an AirVPN user. So what does it matter if I paid anonymously using Bitcoin and Bitcoin mixers, etc.? I saw one person at the Wilders Security Forums say that if AirVPN got raided, authorites would potentially then have a list of AirVPN users, from the record of Paypal payments. So even if one was not a target, one could get caught up on some watch list that way. Is that really a concern? Does AirVPN keep records on its servers of how people paid, once the payment has been accepted? (And couldn't authorities get a list of AirVPN users that paid with Paypal directly from Paypal anyway?) I guess I still don't totally understand the advantages (if any) of Bitcoin, when connecting directly to AirVPN servers. (I do understand that full anonymity can be achieved by using Tor with AirVPN or multiple VPNs, etc.) In addition, what's the value of knowing simply that someone is an AirVPN users, if it's not possible to find out anything else about one's internet surfing once it has been anonymized through AirVPN?
  2. I think someone else asked this question but perhaps didn't phrase it succinctly: What happens if you make payment by bitcoin but it takes more than an hour to confirm for some reason? Also is it safe to navigate away from the "Waiting" page before payment is confirmed?
  3. Hello, I know payments past 3 days are automatically recurring once that time period is up. I've seen advice on how to stop this using PayPal's own site, but nothing on other payments? My question is, I bought 3 months with Bitcoin, is this recurring? If so, how do I cancel this, please? I've searched my settings here, but can't find a thing, so I imagine like PayPal it's done within the payment site's settings? I used Coinbase. Will I find something here? (It's just I like to know/need reminders what money is going where, or I'll forget) - I don't think I'm in the right section here, but didn't know where else to post.. Thanks for any info!
  4. In the past I have bought a Visa Debit Prepaid card in US to link to Paypal and use for paying Air subscription. It was rejected a few weeks ago - apparently Paypal is becoming more strict on international transactions. Avangate also failed. What suggestions do Bitcoin users have for getting started with using Bitcoin (in US) to pay for subscriptions? Thanks
  5. I'm just starting to look into Zcash. It will be released on Oct 28. Its available in beta right now for testing. It sounds potentially amazing: a completely anonymous alternative to bitcoin (bitcoin is great but isn't anonymous). Maybe some others here have been following it and can share their thoughts about it....? I'd love to hear from some of the seriously tech-savy geeks and/or staff that hang here Anyone looked at Genesis mining....they're selling mining hash power on their servers in Iceland....Zcash will be available initially only by mining, but its not clear what the ROI might actually be....thoughts ??? One of the intents of the creators of Zcash was to make asic mining difficult so it would not be dominated by wealthy folks with enough money to have a custom asic built, but would also be equally accessible to the average user. I like that attitude.
  6. I'm trying to buy the 12 month deal for 40.50 euro before it expires, but when I scan the QR code it's rejected by both Mycelium on Android and Electrum on Windows with an "certificate has expired" error. I assume this is AirVPN's merchant certificate with the Bitcoin payment processor? I have submitted a support ticket but as it's the weekend and the deal ends today I would like to reach out to anyone that can assist. Thanks.
  7. I notice that bitcoincodes no longer exists and it appears that the new polular way to purchase a subscription via bitcoin is by using Coinbase. After reading a few threads I am a bit confused on how to use this service. Is there a tutorial on how to best use Coinbase with as many layers of anonymity as possible?
  8. Hi guys, So I tried to buy a subscription for €15 with bitcoin but it did not get trough even tough it had 1 confirmation well before the timer went. Is there by any chance to still get the plan? Thanks!
  9. Hi All, I would like to buy anonimously some bitcoins but could not find any trustworthy information on which is the safest way to do it. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! Cheers, Slogy
  10. I need to set up port forwarding in order to run a Bitcoin client (Bitcoin Core). The default port for Bitcoin is 8333, so I tried using that number for the local port and a random number for the remote port. Unfortunately in this case I get only 8 connections (a symptom that the port is closed). If I use a random number for both the local and the remote port I get an higher number of connections (a symptom that the port is open), but after several hours the total uploaded data is not significantly higher than the downloaded data (a symptom that I'm not really contributing to the Bitcoin network). What can I do? Also I'm using Gufw as my firewall of choice. In this case which port should I allow? The local or the remote one? Thank you.
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