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Found 5 results

  1. I have a dual boot system with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 and Windows 10 Pro 64. With the latest OpenVPM and TAP, and Eddie 2.10.3, everything works perfectly on Windows 7. Great speeds, no connection lag. However, with the EXACT same setup on Windows 10, the client will sit in an infinite loop trying to Check Route before failing. This is with Preferences->Advanced->DNS set to Automatic. If I manually set my Ethernet and Tap adapter DNS server to, and set Preferences->Advanced->DNS to Disable, and enter in the server list there, the client will connect, but DNS lookups take 30+ seconds and frequently timeout, and leak tests reveal that my ISP DNS is being used, probably as a fallback. Is this a known bug with the Eddie client and Windows 10? Is there any way to solve this?
  2. Hello, I'm using Archlinux with Privoxy as my proxy. I downloaded the config file for the terminal and set it up so that port 8118 is used for proxy (which is the one Privoxy uses). I am using TCP-443. At first glance everything seems to be in order, but I have never been able to connect in the past few days. I also have good wifi signal. In anycase, the logs suggest to me that the problem lies with the server. But I can not be certain. I am dumping the logs here, can you make any sense out of them? What do you think is the problem? Many thanks!
  3. Hi, I have a problem with Airvpn + voip. My setup goes as: Android with OpenVPN (in config is selected best latency server and UDP option) > Zoiper android VOIP app which connects to callwithus.com voip service. I choosed airvpn for best speed recommendations. VPN I had before was slower and I could not call with vpn/voip. Voip is configured well (I guess, maybe needed some options for VPN) because if I turn off VPN, voip works just fine. Anyone has experience, suggestions, solutions how to make this setup working? Because for now it just dead silence - connection speed is too low I guess. Thanks, criminaldamage
  4. Hi guys, So I tried to buy a subscription for €15 with bitcoin but it did not get trough even tough it had 1 confirmation well before the timer went. Is there by any chance to still get the plan? Thanks!
  5. I have noticed since yesterday that if I try to connect to Tauri server - Checking DNS fails everytime: I 2015.08.14 14:48:09 - /etc/resolv.conf renamed to /etc/resolv.conf.airvpn as backup I 2015.08.14 14:48:09 - DNS of the system updated to VPN DNS (Rename method: /etc/resolv.conf generated) I 2015.08.14 14:48:09 - Flushing DNS I 2015.08.14 14:48:09 - Checking route I 2015.08.14 14:48:10 - Checking DNS W 2015.08.14 14:48:29 - No such host is known ! 2015.08.14 14:48:29 - Disconnecting I have "Check if the tunnel use AirVPN DNS" checked in my Eddie (for Linux) settings. No such problem on other servers I use to connect.
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