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  1. I run VPN on my router and it was able to see VPN and ISP IP addresses. :-(
  2. oh, since you have an asus ac68 you need to also use the forums at http://forums.smallnetbuilder.com/forumdisplay.php?f=42 to get information. And look through merlin's wiki to learn how to install optware https://github.com/RMerl/asuswrt-merlin/wiki once optware is installed you should be able to install stunnel with 'ipkg install stunnel' unless you're in a place that requires an SSL tunnel to masq openvpn (China) or your ISP throttles openvpn you'll probably only see a decrease in performance.
  3. can you please explain more about a firewall setup that would prevent them from seeing the WAN address?
  4. See https://diafygi.github.io/webrtc-ips/ without noscript this site did indeed see my real WAN IP address. I you're using Firefox, set 'media.peerconnection.enabled' to false to prevent it.
  5. more likely just coincidence with regard to being able to access the site from one server and not the other. I'm sure the datacenters have routing problems here and there. regarding private trackers, they block a lot of VPN. just use DHT and peer exchange. you don't need the private trackers.
  6. Seems they've lost the plot here a little bit when it comes to Tor. They won't compromise on their position of not discriminating against any protocol, etc. However, when using that protocol discriminates against other users, Air needs to step in and make sure that all users are able to do what they want in a fair manner. They would probably tell you to find another server for now.
  7. the point is, with DHT and peer exchange, you DON'T NEED public trackers.
  8. this gets asked a lot. you should try searching the forums. just enable DHT and peer exchange and rock on.
  9. VPN between you and your buddy with just the routers. Don't need Air for that. One of you create a server, the other be the client. To remote access while connected to Air: 1) setup port forwarding in your client area; 2) configure your server to listen on the port that Air assigns you; 3) access via the exit IP of the Air gateway.
  10. what do you mean by "everyone else on the network"? are you speaking of your LAN?
  11. does it matter what DNS you are using maybe?
  12. This is pure speculation. Until the staff says otherwise, I don't think AirVPN is under attack. Yep, "I wouldn't be surprised if" means speculation. Any reason why you felt you needed to protect people from my LACK of statement of fact? And I went on to say the "datacenter", not AirVPN. You do realize the datacenter houses a lot more than just Air, right?
  13. if you can install optware or entware on the router (eg on a usb memory stick attached) then you should be able to install stunnel I am doing so on my Asus AC68 with merlin firmware.
  14. no doubt there is a lot of internet terrorism going on. ddos attacks and such. one of the private bittorrent trackers I use has been pretty much offline for a couple weeks now. Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if datacenters that Air uses are under attack.
  15. in my experience this happens when my MTU settings are incorrect. When I just leave it alone, no problem. I run VPN from router, BTW.
  16. 99% chance this is a routing change with your ISP. sorry about that. I'm in Asia too. Since Antares came online routing from my place has been horrible until the last week. Suddenly it's good. I guess we traded luck.
  17. yep, that's a 560mhz MIPS chip - not up to the task at all. I recommend something with an ARM chip running at least 1000 mhz.
  18. wow, scumbags using DPI to throttle what they can't spy on.
  19. sounds like a DNS problem to me. have you tried pinging an IP address or just an unresolved name?
  20. I have the ac68 with merlin firmware and can get 35mbit/s which is my ISP connection max. Looking at the CPU usage, I'm sure I can go significantly faster. Perhaps it's because you are using shibby tomato? Of course, it also depends on what server you are using and your ISP's bandwidth from that server back to your computer.
  21. the guide is wrong. you need to enable extra HMAC auth. outgoing and then it should work.
  22. yeah, disabling no script was needed, not simply allowing scripts was enough. Thanks!
  23. I have a 1 month subscription with seedboxes.cc. But how safe is a seedbox? I feel much safer downloading/seeding from my home connection while connected via AirVPN. Before I was always using the usenet. But sharing the files with others is much more fun. sign up for seedbox with a fake name, pay with bitcoin you bought with cash, and keep using VPN to retrive stuff from seedbox.
  24. I get an error for the in-tunnel test "0 - error - ". Any idea what the problem is?
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