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  1. this is my experience but @Staff seems to be saying this isn't the way it works. 27183 mapped to 32400 on Air's servers, pfsense is instructed to forward port 32400 on the VPN interface to my laptop:32400 where plex is listening. I have to instruct plex that the actual public port is not 32400 but 27183. Note that by manually specifying public port plex does not change the private port it listens on - it's always 32400. I could make the port forwarding rule on the Air web site 27183-27183 and then change my port forwarding rule in pfsense to VPN interface:27183-laptop:32400 and that would work also. So, you can see why I say what I say. I'd have to look more into behaviors when the VPN client is on the same device as the plex server but one thing holds true, I know : plex always listens at localhost:32400. https://support.plex.tv/articles/200931138-troubleshooting-remote-access/ So I really see it as impossible that a port forwarding rule 2***7 forwarded to 2***7 works unless somewhere else in the chain 2***7 forwarded to 32400.
  2. Maybe being signed in is the problem. I can assure you that remote port 39196 and local port 32400 is perfectly fine. Plex always listens at 32400 on localhost/LAN, but typically we cannot reserve 32400 with the AirVPN system. So we create the rule with 32400 internal, and tell plex what external port we've been assigned. Plex accommodates this with the "manually specify public port" option for these cases where default 32400 is not being used on the WAN.
  3. I don't know what you're seeing regarding TCP and UDP for the port forward, but it's testing both TCP and UDP according to the images. Also, plex always listens at 32400 but an external port of 39196 mapped to 32400 internal is probably what the user has setup and that should work. That's why you must instruct plex that the external port opened is 39196 and not the default 32400.
  4. no need to do anything on your router so remove what you did there for security. your image of plex remote access settings shows that remote access is working. if you click the "test open" button what happens?
  5. what other VPN is headquartered in Italy?
  6. I'm sure your lawyers understand this much better than I do but I'm not really understanding why this applies to you anyway considering you don't have servers in Italy and such blocks should be made at the ISP level. Any blocking you would do to adhere to these edicts would be done on servers *outside* Italy. Am I misunderstanding something?
  7. I'm thinking the speed increase is coming from some other change in the OS that's coincident. That's unfortunate that you can no longer control the buffers for the openvpn connection.
  8. That makes openvpn not add routes to the system table automatically which requires you to do policy routing via firewall rules. That's great, the way I do it on pfsense. But just make sure you're actually using the VPN and the speed increase isn't because you're not actually using the VPN
  9. Glad it seems to be working for you. Yes, the default gateway should be WAN.
  10. https://nguvu.org/pfsense/pfsense-multi-vpn-wan/
  11. yes, you can have multiple clients and use the firewall rules choose which one gets used or create a gateway group with the 3.
  12. start with entry IP 3 or 4 using openvpn UDP. if that doesn't work try TCP. If that doesn't work try using SSL or SSH.
  13. Maybe I need to edit my post, but I'm talking about what's "best" as described on this web site, looking at the servers info. There's no way they know anything about latency there.
  14. It seems to me that the "best" server for a location is determined by absolute usage rather than % of total bandwidth. And this is something more important than just info on the web site. My understanding is that DNS resolution of location general domains changes to reflect what the system thinks is "best" at that moment. So if best is determined in a flawed manner people may be connecting to a server that is not best Anyway, I'm noting that for Zurich the 10gigabit server (Xuange) is the least used by % of total bandwidth, but is not listed as the best server. My opinion is that it should be.
  15. are you using eddie? if so, you don't need to do anything on your router. also, if plex says remote access is up but it's not reachable via the port forwarding test on this web site then plex is using another route to the internet.
  16. first verify what I've said - that the configs are made for a newer version of openvpn than is on the machine. maybe there's a choice of configs or you can make a slight change and it'll work
  17. That's an old pfsense (with an old version of openvpn in it) but you may be downloading a config that's made for newer versions of openvpn.
  18. It's not an official subreddit - there isn't one. But it is moderated by a mod from here. I haven't seen them active lately so it's possible they're busy or away on holiday so can't moderate things.
  19. Anybody is obliged to cooperate with the proper authorities but if there are no logs then.... All this really tells you is that this VPN service keeps logs.
  20. I thought I was clear enough in my posts....I'm *in* Egypt and I'm using openvpn no problem. That's why I stressed to the OP that it should be working and there are other problems causing the issue.
  21. I did over a year ago. The ticket is still open.
  22. I asked kindly about a year ago. Still not fixed. Maybe this kind of post will light a fire under somebody? Or maybe they'll just delete it for being unkind.
  23. I'm connected with pfsense right now and just tested a config in openvpn connect on iOS and it worked too.
  24. it's working for me right now so no idea what's happening for you or with what Flx said.
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