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  1. yeah, the way Staff handled this whole thing wasn't correct. they need to be slower to come to a conclusion, and ask questions if there are still unknowns.
  2. I've noticed that too. most likely a geolocation database problem.
  3. Hello, how can you know whether the other provider provides connections to the same ports with the same ciphers and same protocol tried on our servers by ddrnewb or not? And even if it did, you can't assume that ddrnewb tested exactly under the same conditions both services. Actually ddrnewb did not specify anything about that, so it's not correct to make such an assumption. And as you can see from the results he/she posted, we were right, either his/her ISP is performing traffic shaping or it's his/her system to do that. Kind regards I didn't assume as much as you think. 1) the OP says he doesn't like TCP, so I deduced that he would NOT have used TCP for the other VPN provider. 2) from what I can see IPvanish employs no special obfuscation techniques. 3) I think it's a big assumption to say that the speed difference shown is due to protocol. it could just be because of the different time of day and all the many other things that determine internet quality. I believe that point is made in the third speed test posted, where the speed is back down to being similar to the first even though it was an SSL tunnel test.
  4. Staff, I don't usually disagree with you but what about the point of the fast speeds to another VPN provider?
  5. I understand route check failures will cause the Eddie client to abort the connection. try disabling route checking and then test the connection. it may actually be working.
  6. If what Staff says is true regarding your OS and use of tunnelblick, that it ignores the DNS push from AirVPN (no reason to doubt it), then it means that if you set nicproject DNS manually in your OS you'll still be using nicproject DNS even when connected to VPN. this isn't a bad thing. All DNS requests will go through the tunnel, but will go to nicproject servers, not Air DNS.
  7. somebody that uses that OS needs to reply here with the real answer. but, I believe you should be able to use opendns when not connected to VPN and have the DNS servers switched automatically to use Air once connected by VPN. Have you tried the Eddie client that Air provides?
  8. easy to just start up perfmon.exe and see what process has network activity.
  9. you can't use AirVPN DNS servers unless you are connected to one of their servers via VPN. It sounds as though you aren't connected.
  10. if you can see that you're downloading something you should be able to see where from, no? for anybody to provide help we need to know your OS.
  11. It's not true that you need the Eddie client to do SSH or SSL. On capable OSs you either need to run the script to create the SSH tunnel or use stunnel to create the SSL tunnel. Then use the corresponding ovpn config in your openvpn client which will connect to the listening port on your machine and tunnel through to Air.
  12. DNS servers have nothing to do with download speed. they only resolve domain names.
  13. Air will assign you a random port that will be forwarded to you: client area > forwarded ports > click the add button. Insert that port into your P2P client in the listening port area. And go. Simple as that. Of course, you must be connected to an Air server and you must be running the P2P client for the port check to say the port is open. Turn UPnP and NAT-PMP and randomize port off. You can turn UPnP off on your router too unless you need it for something else.
  14. were you connected to a USA server and were you using Air DNS?
  15. I know of a VPN provider that prevents P2P problems in America and other countries that disagree with it by using a sort of proxy so that when torrenting you appear to be at one of their gateways that's in a country that DOES allow it.
  16. I'm guessing the P2P allowance that Air insists on has soured the relationship.
  17. Yes or use, for your torrent client, any other port like 16622 that is closed in your router but you had set it to forward in AirVPN config. You don't have to open any port in your router for p2p when you are connected to the VPN, just set it on port forwarding to be clear, if you are using an openvpn client, such as AirVPN's eddie, on your computer, then it's bad to open ports on you router. but, if you run VPN from your router, then you do need to forward ports in the router.
  18. I run VPN on my router and the config files have always had "comp-lzo no" for as long as I've been a customer. In fact, I just ran a test to see if I could enable it but the server push message turns compression off.
  19. for an asus router merlin asus firmware is the way to go http://asuswrt.lostrealm.ca/
  20. perhaps you should specify NW as your desire because Air has servers in Los Angeles and Fremont California.
  21. https://localbitcoins.com/ you can probably find a person in your area who will sell for cash.
  22. A buddy actually does that for gaming because his isp's routing is really horrible. He gets better pings by jumping to a nearby vpn then to the game server. I would love to see some downloadable configs for a simple 2 server hop though. Its easy to do with a vm but being able to ssh/ssl -> vpn -> vpn would make me smile. Air has some good tricks that most other VPN don't have (SSH and SSL and great config generator) but maybe they will implement the chains as a way of keeping a step ahead of the pack.
  23. I know of another VPN provider that has VPN chains as part of their service. You can build your own. The way it works is that you connect to the gateway that's the start of the chain on a unique port. Once connected you appear to be at the end link of the chain. They sell it by saying it increases security or anonymity. However, I think the more important use of the chains is to take advantage of better routing. For example, I can connect to USA servers directly. But, it might be faster for me to chain through Singapore, then USA.
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