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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, This is my second Day with AirVPN. I'm merely testing the water so I've signed up for 3 days. Initially I was drawn by the famous Network Lock, however right now it seems to be causing me trouble. Anyway, here's what I want to do. I would like to use tunnel only on certain sites. Therefore, I have been using the "Routes" option in the Eddie preference tab. From there, I've set the "Note Specified Routes go:" to Outside of Tunnel. All the sites that I want to be accessing through the tunnel are added to the list with the Action "Inside the VPN Tunnel". Everything works as expected and I've been testing with Ipleak.net to make sure. From there, I noticed the little message that says "Ip in 'Outside of Tunnel' are also unlocked When Netowrk Lock is active'", which according to my understanding means that even with NL active, if a certain ip is set to be Outside the Tunnel, it will remain accesible. Correct me if I'm wrong. Therefore, with my current setup, every single site should still be accessible with NL on, and only the sites that are specifically listed to "Inside Tunnel" should lose their connection upon VPN failure. Correct? However, it seems that when I turn on NL. I lose Access to every single site, whether they be Inside or Outside the Tunnel. Is this a bug, or I'm I just massively misunderstanding this. I could go with regular windows Iptables, but I'd rather use Eddie as it's much more user friendly. Thanks in Advance!
  2. Greetings, First off i'd like to thank the AirVPN support staff for their personal responses to my emails and not some form letter they could have copy pasted like most company's do now a days ( they actually have intelligent people on the other end who are willing to provide you with support ) and secondly YOU the brave people who have chosen to Encrypt their data rather then allow their ISP/Government free open access to YOUR data ( give them an inch and they'll take a mile things are only going to get worse ) This will be a quick and dirty method of how I got the latest version of Stunnel and OpenVPN working with AirVPN for Windows 10 incase your ISP is like mine and throttles OpenVPN UDP/TCP traffic and SSL Tunneling is the only solution you have remaining. Now onto the HOWTO: ** For the purposes of this HOWTO the path to Stunnel will be known as " Stunnel folder " which is located at C:\users\YOURUSERNAMEINWINDOWS\appdata\local\Stunnel in Windows 10** 1) Download the latest version of Stunnel https://www.stunnel.org/downloads.html < stunnel-5.28-installer.exe > is the version if you want for windows. 2) Download the latest version of OpenVPN https://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source/downloads.html < openvpn-install- 2.3.10-I601-x86_64.exe > is the version if you want for windows 64bit. 3) Install Stunnel and OpenVPN from their .exe files 4) Goto the AirVPN website and download a config with SSL enabled under advanced to your favorite AirVPN server, once you've downloaded the .zip version or all the files independently place them in your Stunnel\Config folder located at Stunnel folder also copy all the contents of the Stunnel\bin folder into your Stunnel\Config folder ( ya I know its sloppy but it worked for me ) 5) Edit the Stunnel.conf file and remark out all the Gmail code with ; at the begging of each line: Example: [gmail-pop3] client = yes accept = connect = pop.gmail.com:995 verify = 2 CAfile = ca-certs.pem checkHost = pop.gmail.com OCSPaia = yes Should now look like this:;[gmail-pop3];client = yes;accept =;connect = pop.gmail.com:995;verify = 2;CAfile = ca-certs.pem;checkHost = pop.gmail.com;OCSPaia = yes One this is done edit your AirVPN .SSL file that you downloaded and copy the code into the bottom of the Stunnel.conf file once done save. 6) Run Stunnel and you shouldn't receive any error messages like " can't load config file " you should see something like this Threading:WIN32 Sockets:SELECT,IPv6 TLS:ENGINE,FIPS,OCSP,PSK,SNIReading configuration from file stunnel.confUTF-8 byte order mark detectedFIPS mode disabledInitializing service [openvpn]Configuration successful 7) Copy the downloaded AirVPN config files into your OpenVPN\Config folder mine was located in C:\Program files\OpenVPN\Config once this is done and you have your Stunnel connected to AirVPN's servers open the OpenVPN GUI right click on the icon and select your AirVPN profile and hit connect ! Hopefully this quick and dirty HOWTO will help others who may want an alternative to the AirVPN client ( theirs nothing wrong with the AirVPN client I just wanted an alternative ). Cheers ! Ps, if you found this HOWTO helpful and you wish to show your appreciation kindly think about making a nominal donation to your local animal rescue shelter in the form of dry/wet food or volunteering your time with the lost / sick and abused animals.
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