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  1. 40% usage means they have 300mbits/s available to send to you. That's causing buffering with youtube?
  2. but things can change in the route. it's likely that your ISP lost a route that was used. maybe it'll come back after some maintenance or maybe they found a cheaper network to use to reach the network that the VPN servers use.
  3. A change at the server level (which most likely didn't happen) cannot affect latency from your location. Also, if Air did something to cripple their Netherlands servers, as you propose, you would not be the only one to notice and complain.
  4. LOL, "decent". You will not get significantly speedier than that because you're at the limit of the server already!
  5. Just for clarity, here's the same service giving info on the correct IP. https://dnslytics.com/ip/
  6. please note the IP address is NOT
  7. 40mbit/s is actually a really good result with that router. The CPU is limiting.
  8. If somebody isn't knowledgeable enough to examine the code for themselves (to see if it's OK) then they aren't knowledgeable enough to write about how it's not a good idea to use.
  9. i'm new to air, and possibly a little slow... how do you do this..? in Eddie , preferences>routes
  10. yes, public is required to be allowed because the network connection created for openvpn is determined as public by windows.
  11. when installing qbittorrent it should ask if you want it to create windows firewall rules. so, yes, there do need to be windows firewall rules to allow incoming connections to qbittorrent.
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