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  1. I think in android in the settings you select TLS mode as tls-crypt. That's the same as entry IP 3 or 4 I was talking about. You definitely want to try to use UDP either way.
  2. On my Shield TV the difference in speed was a matter of 45mbit/s vs 35mbit/s. Not that significant a speed increase with chacha20. This using the same speedtest server, same VPN server, same port and protocol. Only thing that changed was stream cipher. AES-256-GCM vs chacha20. But, perhaps my speed from that VPN server just never will be that high anyway.
  3. I've got pfsense working to redirect all DNS requests to but still roku and shield tv Netflix does not work on Equuleus. Apple TV netflix does work. Somehow they are sniffing things out and I've confirmed that no DNS requests other than to are sent by looking at my states table.
  4. TCP causes too much latency. Try UDP ports but using Entry IP 3 or 4.
  5. Is the ubuntu tracker updating, giving you seeds and peers?
  6. Do you have any data to report on ChaCha20 performance on CPUs that *do* support AES-NI? That is, AES-256-GCM accelerated by AES-NI vs ChaCha20? The following site suggests that those of us with AES-NI CPU should stick with ciphers that are accelerated by AES-NI. Do you concur? https://calomel.org/aesni_ssl_performance.html
  7. Looks like pfsense openvpn directives. They really have nothing to do with being unable to torrent. If the VPN works properly with other activities then there's surely just something wrong with your torrent client setup. Even if port forwarding isn't setup properly you should still be able to download.
  8. It doesn't matter if the assigned IP are internal. Keep in mind that security must not only be for network attacks but against physical seizure as well. If any records exist on a server that can be tied to users it is a serious anonymity breach.
  9. I've wondered the same thing! Just posting so that I get notified of any real answer.
  10. Well, you could connect to Tor but the same websites that don't like VPN probably don't like Tor either.
  11. Try moving your static key into the static key section, not tls-auth section, especially since you're not using tls-auth but tls-crypt.
  12. download the most recent apk to a network drive then install it using x-plore. https://airvpn.org/external_link/?url=https%3A%2F%2Feddie.website%2Frepository%2Feddie%2Fandroid%2F2.3beta1%2Forg.airvpn.eddie.apk
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