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  1. You're using the wrong entry IP. You're setting up to use tls-crypt so you need to use entry IP 3 or 4 and make sure you have a tls-crypt config for the proper tls key. For Triangulum that's and I'd also leave key direction at default, use AES-256-GCM, set comp-lzo yes though compression will be turned off via the push from the server, turn on UDP fast I/O, turn on explicit exit notify, and increase the send and receive buffers from default.
  2. ha! No need to explain. I do the same thing in pfsense. I just have never heard of it being done in windows and I didn't know you could run multiple instances of wintun.
  3. What is "side-by-side triple mode" ?
  4. I've seen different routes to servers in the same datacenter. Are you sure they're the same? When you're comparing mullvad vs Air are you using the same VPN protocol at the same port?
  5. I wish I could help but I have no idea.
  6. That stunnel.crt is actually a CA. But it's a good question I'd like to know the answer to as well.
  7. PIA is pulling out of HK. If they do, then surely Air will.
  8. Solid wifi performance does not equal solid openvpn performance. If you want good openvpn performance get the asus AC86 (eighty six) and install Merlin firmware. It's got an AES-NI CPU so it'll rock openvpn.
  9. Could this be firefox using it's built in DNS over HTTPS?
  10. I think you'll need to give some details on the way you use qbittorrent and AirVPN. Are you keeping AirVPN running 24/7 ? Are you using the network lock?
  11. I know this. What I'm saying is that removing TCP doesn't make UDP faster but that's what you imply. People who complain about openvpn being slow have already tried UDP as that's the default protocol with AirVPN and every other VPN I've tried. They're typically only using TCP if their network requires it.
  12. Saying that wireguard gained performance by eliminating TCP is like saying my car got faster because I removed low gears. Physically impossible and it's just silly. Wireguard is supposedly faster because of its modern protocol and the fast chacha20 data cipher and that's comparing UDP vs UDP.
  13. You'll probably need to SSH into the router to paste the proper iptables according to the above guide. With stock asus you'll have to do this every reboot of the router. If you got merlin asus you may be able to automate this using scripts saved in jffs .
  14. If you're connected to a server with plenty of bandwidth left and you get intermittent good speed then any speed fluctuation is your ISP. I see it too and it's all down to my ISP changing routes or something along the way being congested.
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