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  1. That CPU does have AES-NI which is important for good speeds with openvpn. But running it in a VM may keep AES-NI from getting used? I don't know. You could try to use the chacha20 data cipher option that AirVPN supports if your client supports it. It's usually faster on weaker devices.
  2. It's probably a bottleneck on your CPU but without knowing what the CPU is in the device I can't say for sure.
  3. does check.airservers.org only resolve if we're using AirDNS?
  4. Still having problems with packet loss on these servers. I'd like to see them more reliable. I use them for everything everyday so when they go down I notice and it is disruptive to whatever I'm doing.
  5. You may have a typo if I'm understanding your intent correctly.
  6. Looks like things were only out for about 6 minutes assuming the outage I see was the fix. Thanks. nevermind, now the fix is happening.
  7. https://www.asuswrt-merlin.net/about I strongly encourage you to use Merlin firmware on an Asus router. With that you'll get actual options in your openvpn client setup, including an option to use the VPN DNS exclusively. That should prevent leaks. Even better is the policy routing capability.
  8. They did not say they wouldn't add more M247. They said they had no plans to. That was some time ago and plans change.
  9. no way. then they couldn't truthfully say to law they don't know who did what from a server IP because they know it belongs to you.
  10. I'm already running wireguard client on my pfsense box to another VPN provider. If you need anybody to be testing from that environment give me a shout.
  11. It's a good chance your ISP is traffic shaping when your upload is faster than download. Try TCP for transport protocol (not UDP) and see if that helps.
  12. AirVPN uses the same CA for their whole network same as Windscribe did and does. Windscribe have updated theirs now due to this incident and now nobody would be in danger from this incident unless they haven't updated their manual configs...and in that case they wouldn't be able to connect to Windscribe's network Individual server certs are different and my understanding is that those are unique to each server for AirVPN and Windscribe. P.S. what did Windscribe omit in the current damage control?
  13. If in the openvpn config page you are selecting exclusive or preferred to the option to use VPN DNS then while connected to VPN the router automatically obeys the push message from the VPN server as to what DNS to use. That'll override the DNS settings you enter in the WAN setup page.
  14. Yes, as the others have suggested a pfsense machine will do the job. But the reason i suggest the AC86 is because it and a few others routers have a CPU that has AES-NI for fast openvpn. So you have a little more user friendly way to get pretty good speeds.
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