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  1. Yes. I also set the MTU to 1320, because that's what the AirVPN conf file said. if that isn't working or the 1280 as Staff suggests you can also try setting MTU and MSS directly on the wireguard interface instead of the LAN interface. I'd suggest 1280 for both MTU and MSS on the wireguard interface and test the sites that aren't working for you. Then try higher values and see if there's a value at which sites stop working again.
  2. Did you complete the guide's instructions on setting MSS on the LAN interface?
  3. the config generator doesn't create keys. it creates configs using the keys you've made in the key gen section. https://airvpn.org/devices/
  4. It very well might be. Years ago pfsense came out with native wireguard but there were problems so they quickly removed it with a patch. Then somebody who knows what they're doing made a wireguard package which people have been using since then.
  5. Wireguard would likely be faster. I can't say much more about updating because I use pfsense+ and I'm using a wireguard add-on package. You seem to imply that by updating wireguard is native? I followed a video guide on wireguard setup years ago. I'm not up to making one myself but you might find it by searching the web and the pfsense subreddit which is often helpful.
  6. and if somebody did change from tls-auth to tls-crypt you'll need to change a few things in the openvpn config besides updating the certs. sha512, tls encryption and authentication, different remote IP off the top of my head.
  7. Are you able to change the protocol to TCP and try? You should be able to just flip the option in dd-wrt and nothing else needs to change.
  8. sha1 being used which is for old tls-auth configs but only staff can quickly say if the entry IP is 1 or 2 and not 3 or 4. that is to say, I'm guessing you and several others are getting tls-auth and tls-crypt things mixed up. edit: Ok I see your post below mine that shows you used a tls-auth config.
  9. They're also living under the assumption that government is benevolent and righteous. Have they forgotten that the government of the very thing they detest (nazism) made illegal many things...was it ok because the government made them illegal?
  10. If you need to change the certs you can add them the same way you added the the others you've been using and then update the openvpn config such that it uses the new certs instead of the old ones (simple drop down selection). If you, like alanm, are trying to use entry IP 3 or 4 then you'll need to adjust for tls-crypt usage. However, I do wonder if your old version of pfsense has a new enough version of openvpn to even support tls-crypt.
  11. Are the servers moving to a different datacenter?
  12. 1) management: client disconnected is not the VPN client disconnecting. it's pfsense's openvpn management client that's disconnecting from...managing it I guess. 2) otherwise the log shows very little. after the line UDPv4 link remote: [AF_INET] usually you'd see something about initial TLS packet. If you're not getting any response from the VPN server then perhaps something's blocking it, like a local firewall or your ISP.
  13. pfsense warned me last month that some old certs were expiring so I'm not surprised that some people are seeing this results. It's unfortunate that software (eddie) or this web site didn't warn people they were using certs about to expire.
  14. LOL thanks. I forgot I could use the config generator to narrow down the list. 😳
  15. Hello, is Marsic the only server that supports DCO or have more been added to this test? Thanks.
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