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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I have tried this service a little bit now, and it seems to work fine for my needs. However I now have two obstacles that I can't seem to overcome with my current setup: 1. All supported vpn-clients seem to require admin privileges (Windows) each time I connect to AirVPN, but for my work laptop I need to request admin privileges each and every time (and say why I need them), so it is not feasible in the long run. 2. Even if I have my phone or laptop connected to VPN, when I try streaming to my TV using Chromecast (1st gen) it doesn't work, because Chromecast actually performs the http requests itself (ie outside the VPN). The only proper solution to these two problems, as far as understand it, is to have a router with the VPN connection, and then connect both my laptop and Chromecast to this router (using wifi). However, when browsing the forum, many people talk about most standard routers out there having too little CPU power for this. But having a dedicated server for this is out of the question for me, since I need a simple and easy setup, suitable for travel. On the other hand, I don't need "amazing" speed. My current internet connection is 10/1 Mbps, and I think if it drops down to 4-8 Mbps when using a standard DD WRT router setup I still can watch Netflix and similar at decent quality. Anything faster then that would of course be nice, but nothing I am prepared to pay extra for, or spend extra time setting up (unless we talk like 30 minutes extra). So, can someone recommend a decent router that could handle this? Would I need something like Netgear Nighthawk R7000, or can I get away with something cheaper? Preconfigured routers from an online shop is not an option for me, since I am in Thailand at the moment and don't trust the postal service here, also I basically want to find something that I can start using like today or tomorrow. So a list of recommended routers would be really helpful, then I can go to some local IT shop and check what they have and compare to that list. Also, I see that the main reason for the VPN putting so much strain on the router CPU is the encryption and decryption of the data. But is there no way to disable this encryption when not needed? What would be the reason for encrypting my Netflix traffic, for example? I know that the "main" feature of an VPN usually is considered to be privacy of some sort, but in cases when it really isn't needed there should be a way to optimize for speed, right? Because, if encryption could be disabled, surely a much cheaper router would work, and still give good speeds, I am sure... Regards /Jimi
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