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Found 13 results

  1. I have installed and got AirVPN working great on Windows 10. I have a Plex media server on the same pc but the Plex remote connection goes through the VPN. I want it to go outside the VPN and all other traffic on the pc go through the VPN. I have been able to get Plex to connect when the VPN is disconnected and I have also been able to get Plex to connect while VPN is connected but traffic goes through the VPN. I want to be able to connect to the VPN but all Plex traffic to travel outside the VPN. I need help!
  2. Hi, I bought this VPN for my brother back in China. AirVPN works properly on my computer BUT doesn't connect to any server on his. Every time while connecting, the client says 'Checking authorization...' 'Installing tunnel driver 0901' 'Restart in 3..2..1..' and goes back into the loop. I saved the log file on his computer if anyone can help with this problem. Thank you
  3. Am trying to setup up qBittorrent with my AirVPN app to prevent the bittorent app from working when AirVPN isn't active. I read from this post here that it's possible to set qBittorrent to use the tun0 interface or activate the network lock using Eddie. In the settings of my Eddie app, I see my VPN interface is called utun1 and see this same option under the advanced settings of the qBittorrent app -- as well as options for utun0, utun2, and utun3. Lastly, is it better to just use Network Lock instead?
  4. A friend of mine is sending me a fairly beefy router which supports the latest builds for all versions of DD-WRT. While I wait, I was reading up on this page, and found myself curious as to whether stunnel is built-in as well, or if there is any way to do SSL tunneling for OpenVPN as in the AirVPN client?
  5. Hello. I installed the latest version of Eddie on Ubuntu 16.04 a few days ago and noticed that my IPV6 address was visible to a website I visited, (Extratorrent.cc). When I checked a few "What's my IP websites" like this one - https://whatismyipaddress.com/ - it identified my country location. Some other "What's my IP Address" websites did not identify my location but displayed the the IP address and location presented by Eddie. I am not tech savvy so I do not know how this is happening. Any thoughts? I have two other PCs running Windows 10 and they are working OK.
  6. I want to chrome to connect w/ outside-tunnel and inside-tunnel for Transmission (a Mac Bittorrent Client) and Firefox. Is this possible? thanks in advance!
  7. I have a 151% download speed due to tunnel. What does that mean, exactly? I know that the download speed isn't any faster, but it seems like web browsing is quicker on the VPN than without it. Is that what this metric implies? If so, what is the cause? Is this a sign that the ISP is doing some sort of throttling or packet sniffing that adds latency when not on a VPN? I'm not very network savvy, and I would love to learn more about what exactly is going on here. I attached my screenshot of the speed test below. Thank you!
  8. Hi Forum, I am new to the AirVPN Service. It got my attention because it is one of the few service offering many alternative connection options if an ISP, Admin or Firewall blocks VPN connections. One of which would be the SSL Tunnel for Port 443. Using the recommended server option this connection works but I tried to connect to a server in Europe, for example all German servers as well as one in Austria and the connection failed. Switching to one in Canada the connection worked flawlessly. Now even some servers in Canada do not work. What can cause this issue? I have attached my log files. AirVPN_20160621_122918.txt
  9. Goal: get https://github.com/jishi/node-sonos-http-api to find my local Sonos devices Mac: running AirVPN, Local IP: Sonos: IP: When AirVPN is not connected, and I run the node server from the URL above, the server quickly finds the Sonos speaker and connects. However, once I connect to AirVPN, the server endlessly loops with: scanning for players in ip scanning for players in ip <-- AirVPN IP If I go to AirVPN --> Preferences --> Routes --> "Not specified routes go: Outside the VPN tunnel," it works. However, I know that effectively stops the benefit of AirVPN. So, if I set AirVPN --> Preferences --> Routes --> Not specified routes go: Inside the VPN tunnel, and set an IP Range of, it does NOT work and endlessly loops scanning. Am I understanding the routes table correctly? I'm so not privy of CIDR formats, but I think I understand that means -, correct?
  10. Hi Everyone, I am currently trying to run AirVPN through an SSL Tunnel on port 443 as my default setting; however I don't show that port as open on my machine. It shows AirVPN running on port 50080. Is there a problem? Why isn't SSL Tunnel working? Thanks
  11. Hi, Is there any development going on to enable SSH or SSL tunnels on Android to avoid DPI in China? Some other providers already have this service on Android. Thanks,
  12. I've been messing around with quite a few different options, and it seems to me that this would be the easier one? The service I use would only be going through one port, 119, although I have a bunch of other things I still need to access remotely, plus keep up their speeds. Instead of using a VPN on my entire server and port forwarding a bunch of things, wouldn't it be better to tunnel/encrypt traffic for just that one port? If so, how would I go about doing that?
  13. Hello, I saw that when I am connecting through air over shh, in the Client Area it is not shown my real ip. Why is that?
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