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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I am new with setting up openvpn on routers. Actualy it is my first time with VPNs. I followed the 'How-to' section for setting up the AirVpn on DD-WRT but it didn't work. What I mean is even though I filled in all the boxes like in the tutorial "https://airvpn.org/ddwrt/" nothing happened. I am still connected to the internet with the IP given by my ISP. Nothing seems to have changed. My ISP cable is connected directly to my personal router's WAN port. Connection type PPPoE. Router model: TP-Link WR1043ND v2 The maximum speed from my ISP is 300Mb/s. Attached are pictures with my settings. I searched on the forum for a similar problem but I couldn't spot it. If I missed it please let me know. If you need more details just tell me how to get it. Thanks
  2. I recently switched from Comcast cable broadband to CenturyLink fiber over PPPoE. I used to get decent (~24 Mbps down) speeds when connected to AirVPN while using Comcast, but since switching to CenturyLink my speeds are horrendous. My most recent speed test showed 2.4 Mbps down and 5.4 Mbps up. I've tested from multiple computers/operating systems, and I've replaced the CenturyLink router with an enterprise firewall; speed issues are consistent regardless of the equipment I'm using. The problem is the same regardless of the server I connect to or the protocol that I use. I'm aware that the MTU is lower over PPPoE than standard Ethernet, and via testing have determined that outbound pings from my computer fail if the size is greater than 1464 bytes (pinging directly from my firewall confirms that the MTU on that end is 1492 bytes, as I'd expect from PPPoE). I've accordingly set the "mssfix 1424" OVPN directive in my AirVPN client properties, but this doesn't seem to have had any effect. I've tried a variety of other MSS sizes, and also tried using the "mtu-test" and "tun-mtu" directives, but again, no joy. So what should I try next to get decent speeds again? Has anyone else run into this problem? Results of speed test from AirVPN site, for reference: Down: 3.025 Mbit/s Out, 2.127 Mbit/s In (70%), 20MB - Up: 5.965 Mbit/s Out, 5.580 Mbit/s In (93%), 20MB - Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2016 23:19:35 GMT - Buffers: 20MB/20MB - Laps: 3, Time: 292.55 secs
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