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Found 57 results

  1. Lately I get a lot of "netsh" errors, cannot connect to several servers (Canada).
  2. I have noticed that AirVPN has had no presence in France for quite a few years now I recall a previous post by Staff explaining that they withdrew their French servers because of the legal framework on data retention, however many other VPNs such as Mullvad, Proton, TorGuard, etc operate French servers and that isn't a problem for them. Additionally I think OVH would be a great provider since their have presence in France, are a reliable hosting provider which I personally have used for a while, they have great DDoS protection for no extra charge, and OVH has spoken in the past about it's support of privacy rights. For this reason I think a new server in France is long overdue and hopefully can be opened soon.
  3. https://offerup.com/ is blocking the Dallas server Ran. This is the message that shows up: "Error 1020 Ray ID: 4b48bc0d4d19c80c • 2019-03-08 23:54:29 UTC Access denied What happened?This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Cloudflare Ray ID: 4b48bc0d4d19c80c • Your IP: • Performance & security by Cloudflare" 1. The AirVPN Route Checking tool shows "green" in all of the columns for the Ran server as well as all the other Dallas servers and almost all other servers. The Atik server is showing "red" in the "Ping" and "HTTP" columns. 2. I tried several other servers in Toronto and other Dallas servers and they connected just fine. 3. ipleak shows only airvpn ip addresses for both the IP & DNS address fields. 4. I checked the other steps listed in "Things to Try First" in the "Is a Website Blocked? Then Check This Guide First" topic and they all checked out okay. When do I get my bonus points?
  4. IPv6 IS NOW WORKING AGAIN. 1. Does anyone have an IPv6 address with Lich? I can get one normally with other servers but not Lich. I've messaged support, they said (on December 11 or earlier) that the datacenter had one business day to reply to them about the problem and they confirmed issues with it. But they seem to be ignoring my responses. So do you have IPv6 with this server? 2. Why does IPLeak.com say the long, lat is 0 , 0? I mentioned that in the above mentioned support ticket and it was completely ignored. Dnsleaktest.com says unknown as the location and not United States or something.
  5. Hi, is there any way of setting eddie up so that it will change severs for me automatically every hour or 3 hours or to a schedule that I choose? Thanks.
  6. How do I manually change servers? Thank you.
  7. I'm looking to run AIrVPN on my router as it supports OpenVPN. Since the VPN configured on the router will be fixed, I'm looking for a server that doesn't have too much packet loss, low ping and consistent. What server would you guys recommend for gaming which will also enhance matchmaking?
  8. Hello, I am writing to request a new server or servers in Estonia. A server in Estonia would be a great addition, as Estonia has excellent online freedom. Please see the links below for more info. 1 2 3 4 5 6 What are your thoughts about my suggestion? Feel free to reply and/or answer the poll.
  9. Just a short question to the admins here. I would like to use the AirVPN DNS servers on my VPN routers. The manuals (DD-WRT and Tomato) are referring to the Specs Page but I can't find them there anymore.
  10. Well, I have siged up for another year! <accepting congratulations>....And I am paranoid.It seems to me the servers I usually connect to are about double the latency they used to be. These are Toronto and Vancouver servers....Why would my latency change?Of course my wireless (laptop) is much worse, but also much worse than beforeI noticed this around November of 2017Thoughts? Suggestions?Am I am being Kim Dotcom'd?No, I don't do a lot of unusual ...mostly gaming, watching videos...gone from 25ms to 70ms on average...Thanks,Mr. V
  11. I normally use AirVPN with openvpn in my computer, with openresolv to allow openvpn to connect to the server then change the DNS so it is tunnelled through the VPN connection. The openvpn config file I downloaded specifies a country, not a particular server, so DNS resolution is needed initially to make the connection. However I am interested in putting the VPN inside a router instead, and I have been experimenting. Looking at the instructions for ddrwt and here: https://airvpn.org/topic/14378-how-can-i-get-vpn-servers-entry-ip-addresses/ it seems it will not be possible to continue using my existing per-country configuration, as I need to give a specific IP address, ie choose just one server (and edit the .ovpn file accordingly). At the moment, I am using an OpenNIC DNS server in parallel with the VPN one instead, but I'd rather not continue to do this. Am I right in thinking each query goes to both DNS servers (rather than using the second one only if the first doesn't return an IP address)? Is there a way to select a country or region, rather than a specific AirVPN server, in this situation? I want to continue using openvpn manually as I understand and trust this method. I am also more familiar with the command line (ssh into the router) than LEDE/OpenWRT, which is new to me.
  12. Hi everyone ! Where are the servers you had in France ? do you plan to re-open them soon ? much appreciate ! thanks
  13. Hello, I am having trouble setting up a Minecraft game server using AirVPN. I have used AirVPN's port forwarding service and successfully forwarded and opened up a port of my choice and selected the games local port of 25565. I checked this using canyouseeme.org to test this was the case, it was up. I booted up the server and found that i couldn't connected via the port / public exit IP and it just lead to a weird timing out on the ping and leading to a lack of connection for the server. I knew the server was up as i had a local connection to it which showed it was up. I wondered if there was an issue with packets getting lost / dropped so I did a tracert to see if i could see where the connection was going and that worked fine with no issues at all. Then I checked to see if there was anything going on with AIrVPN or maybe my internet provider was being overly strict so i changed to SSL applies caps or blocks lower ip ranges etc. Same result no connection, I tried multiple ways of setting it up and always got the same result of it timing out. Maybe it was my software so I disabled all firewalls / everything and tried it across multiple machines with fresh hardware and on different operating systems. Same issue nothing was working. Tried multiple ways and getting the local connection via ipconfig on my adapter and binding the IP to the minecraft server interface. Still nothing, tried changing the ports of the server interface still nothing. I gave dynamic DNS a go to see if i could circumvent this issue completely with it and still not working. I am really at a loss and have no clue how to fix this any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading. Additional Details: - All internet works fine with/without airVpn. - Yes i am connected to a airvpn server and have tried multiple of their servers. - Yes I have restarted / shutdown pc's after installing to give it a "chance" - Yes the port is up and i can see its up via canyouseeme.org - Yes i gave time for the dynamic dns to change and update its entries. - I have tried three different operating systems including Linux. Windows server and desktop. - Connecting via Ethernet cable. - No problems connecting to airvpn servers. - College/University wifi.
  14. So I have a decent amount of knowledge of networking, but I still lack some knowledge at some points. I'm wondering if it's possible more as a technically of understanding to use a cellphone for say an FTP server on mobile data. Normally, a computer that was behind a NAT Router on a landline connection you would simply forward port 21 or whatever port the FTP is using to the Local LAN IP 192.x.x.x and bam it works. On cellphones using mobile data for example T-Mobile inbound connections are blocked because the phone is behind a bunch of mobile complex NAT routing etc. That said, certain applications like Teamviewer for example (which allows remote support on your Android phone) still work much like an inbound connection. Using Teamviewer as an example, it appears this works because a connection Tunnel/Bridge occurs on Teamviewers servers. In other words let's say a person is working on your mobile phone from their home PC connected as landline connection. I've done this before, so what is happening is YOUR PC -> Connects To Teamviewers Server <- Cellphone Connects to Teamviewers Server which establishes a connection and Teamviewer is acting as a sort of proxy so to speak. Couldn't the same thing be done using AirVPN? I set my cellphone up with an FTP server for example hosting files on the phone, and then it connects to AirVPN's private server (you can use the port forwarding options) and on my PC far away I connect to the public WAN IP on the VPN which then goes to my phone. Would this work? Am I understanding how this works correctly or is there an easier way? I really appreciate the help, and I'm always trying to learn more about networking etc.
  15. This is not really a problem nor complaint, per se, but more of an observation. The location listed in the "Eddie" interface is not necessarily where you pop out of the VPN tunnel. I was on Octans, presumably in Atlanta, GA, USA, however if I do an internet speed test, it picks up my location as being in Arizona! "Chameleon" really lives up to the name as it says "Dallas, TX," but instead I'm getting out in Los Angeles, California! As long as the speed is working well, it should be fine, but I think it would be better to have the Eddie list match the actual locations, rather than some probably historic one. Sometimes one wants to have the tunnel as close to the source website as possible - streaming a local television station, for example, that may not have the best bandwidth over longer distances. Being a few hundred, or a thousand or so miles off from where you think you are could make the difference.
  16. Hey all, So I am trying to run my own server for friends to connect to. I have read as much material as possible but still couldn't have my minecraft server reachable by my friends, so i asked for AirVPN's help but they said everything was perfectly fine as far as they could see. I really have no idea what could be wrong: I use windows 10, I don't port forward from the router, I'm port forwarding using AirVPN's service, the local address and port match the server properties in the file server.properties, I give my friends both the address of my public I.P(the AirVPN server) and the DDNS server name and port number but methods make no difference, I even turn my firewall off to see if it makes a difference but alas for nought. Yet the server works when not using AirVPN, I know because I test it on canyouseeme.org. And yes I do use the TCP test in the port forwarding section of my client area but it will always say error '110 Time out'. But if anyone has any other suggestions on what I could do, or even where i could read up more please, please do tell me. I've been trying to do this now for months. So much thanks in advance if you can help me get this project to work.
  17. I have subscribed so that I could attempt to host a minecraft server, as my other attempts had failed. Even following the specific AirVPN instructions have been unsuccessful. My situation: I live at an apartment complex, I am under the impression that the apartment complex I am at has a router they use to act as an ISP for the complex, because when i check what my external IP is on google, it is different than what my own personal router reports is my external. So port forwarding would not work as there is a second router or switch stopping the traffic for the server before it gets to my personal router. The regional ISP has stated they are not blocking the ports i would be forwarding. My current setup now that I am using AirVPN is that my server computer connects by ethernet to the wall, no router, and i have setup eddie, remote port forwarding, and the minecraft server to be what should be connectable from external IPs. Is this hosting even possible without creating a virtual LAN or working with the secondary routing system in place at the apartment complex? Thanks for any help.
  18. I would like to see an AirVPN server on Mars since it is obvious no one would be able to geolocate the server and be totally anonymous to not only this planet but the Universe, since we assume we already know most of what the universe is. Ooops,a problem there cos we don't know what the universe is but scientists say they do anyway and thats ok cos they are allowed to change their minds. Well, since Faraday, Newton, & Einstein et al, the recent scientists can change their minds as much as they like. <deleted, reason: sterile ad personam attacks - Staff>
  19. I'm using two AirVPN servers: Persei and Heze. According to the configuration tool and the server status pages, both of those servers are in Fremont, CA. If I go to www.ipleak.net or other IP information sites, Persei shows up in Fremont, but Heze shows up near Wichita, Kansas. Am I missing something, here? Where's Heze? https://ipleak.net/?q= From the Heze OVPN file: # -------------------------------------------------------- # Air VPN | https://airvpn.org | Thursday 27th of April 2017 03:54:03 PM# OpenVPN Client Configuration# AirVPN_US-Fremont-California_Heze_UDP-53# -------------------------------------------------------- clientdev tunproto udpremote 53....
  20. Hello everyone, I am TheDarkOnyx. That aside, I am facing problems with connecting with SSL to any server, for that matter. In my case, my school has a hefty firewall that has DPI recently, and it has been effective. I have since been using STunnel and I am using SSL port 28439, and oddly enough, it has been resetting connection by peer by almost every single server available except the Dheneb server. Is there something I should fix? Thanks.
  21. hello, is it possible to view the server use per server but over an extended time period. with this i mean when you look at server usage in the client area it is the usage now. but to be able to compare server usage it would be interesting to see how it is used over a weeks or a months time. This way you can compare it to the other local servers and connect to the best at average. Kind regards Matt
  22. Hi, First of all, I'm very happy with the service. AirVPN is simply the best VPN service out there and I am glad to have found you! Running AirVPN on my desktop machines (Win, OSX, Linux) works like a charm either with plain OpenVPN or one of your clients. However, I'm not really sure how I can also use your service on my Linux server to which I connect via ssh. The issue is that as soon as I run openvpn with sudo openvpn --config your_config_file.ovpn naturally the existing ssh connection - as well as any other means to reach my server - gets interrupted. So my use case is that my server should stay reachable publicly as before, but ideally I would like to open a single shell session that gets routed through your VPN for occasional casual browsing or processes which I prefer to use anonymously.. Can I somehow restrict the VPN to only one process? Do you see any other solution for my use case? Best regards!
  23. Hi all, I tested the new PIA south Korean server, and it sucks........ Many websites are blocked because of the South Korean government. Torguard and Ipvanish have the same problems.. So my simple question issss, Why does this VPN companies use censored servers? A VPN supposed to be used to unblock this kind of sites? So Air and mullvad are the only REAL (Uncensored) VPNS? (Why I use PIA? :lol: Funny story, only for the mobile app haha)
  24. Hello, Is there a way to rotate servers on a schedule or random basis - automatically, while staying online? While I know this would disrupt service (or could be made seamless) - I think this is a good way to even be more secure from anyone requesting logs. You would get an incomplete history. Is this possible? Or is this just wrong thinking? Thanks, Mr. V
  25. Hey all, today I encountered a problem with my airvpn. Whenever I try to connect, the application says connecting to [server name] and then starts flushing dns. I've tried reinstalling and manually connecting to a different server. Neither of these things worked. Can anyone help me?
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