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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am having trouble setting up a Minecraft game server using AirVPN. I have used AirVPN's port forwarding service and successfully forwarded and opened up a port of my choice and selected the games local port of 25565. I checked this using canyouseeme.org to test this was the case, it was up. I booted up the server and found that i couldn't connected via the port / public exit IP and it just lead to a weird timing out on the ping and leading to a lack of connection for the server. I knew the server was up as i had a local connection to it which showed it was up. I wondered if there was an issue with packets getting lost / dropped so I did a tracert to see if i could see where the connection was going and that worked fine with no issues at all. Then I checked to see if there was anything going on with AIrVPN or maybe my internet provider was being overly strict so i changed to SSL applies caps or blocks lower ip ranges etc. Same result no connection, I tried multiple ways of setting it up and always got the same result of it timing out. Maybe it was my software so I disabled all firewalls / everything and tried it across multiple machines with fresh hardware and on different operating systems. Same issue nothing was working. Tried multiple ways and getting the local connection via ipconfig on my adapter and binding the IP to the minecraft server interface. Still nothing, tried changing the ports of the server interface still nothing. I gave dynamic DNS a go to see if i could circumvent this issue completely with it and still not working. I am really at a loss and have no clue how to fix this any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading. Additional Details: - All internet works fine with/without airVpn. - Yes i am connected to a airvpn server and have tried multiple of their servers. - Yes I have restarted / shutdown pc's after installing to give it a "chance" - Yes the port is up and i can see its up via canyouseeme.org - Yes i gave time for the dynamic dns to change and update its entries. - I have tried three different operating systems including Linux. Windows server and desktop. - Connecting via Ethernet cable. - No problems connecting to airvpn servers. - College/University wifi.
  2. Hello all, I have read all the information here: airvpn.org/topic/9161-you-provide-remote-port-forwarding-what-is-it/ And I have done other digging within the forum. It just seems that these posts are not helping me fix my issue so I am coming to you pros for help! My issue: Trying to forward ports 6112 and 6113 on TCP/UDP [both], for a game I play. So: I go to the port forwarding section in the Client Area, and I put 6112 in as the LOCAL PORT. I click 'Add' -- it then generates another port number for me such as 9898. In theory, that's all I need to do - according to other forum posts and the link I posted above. What is the relevance of this 9898 in the grand scheme? I know for bitorrent, I can use the '9898' as my incoming port so torrent works properly. And I already did that. But for the game it doesn't work. However, it's still not working when I play the game. Any ideas? If I'm not on VPN, the way I do this is: Go to my router, forward ports 6112 and 6113 on both protocols and set my internal IP. And then go to port triggering and put that in the router too (I have a linksys router). And that's it - works beautifully this way. Is there something I am missing?
  3. Hello, I have this problem which is not going away since I installed Eddie. It occurs with stable Eddie 2.10 and the new 2.11.3 beta. Installed new windows 10 x64, no anti-virus software whatsoever, only windows firewall and windows defender (I somehow can't deactive windows defender) I did not changed windows firewall settings. The mainboard got only 1 ethernet port. Router is working with no errors. I did not configure the router - just installed and it worked 100%. Cut to the chase: Case 1: - My internet connection is only working, when Eddie is running and I'm connected to an airvpn-server. Whether Windows firewall is running or not, doesn't matter. Whether network lock is enabled/disabled doesn't matter. With this, I can do everything: browse internet, listen to internet radio stream, play online games. http://www.pic-upload.de/view-31678207/working.png.html Case 2: - Eddie is running but not connected to an airvpn server, network lock is deactivated; windows firewall enabled/disabled The tap-windows-adapter V9, which was installed during the Eddie installation, is disconnected (windows diagnosis: Ethernet cable is not connected). I can't browse website, listen to internet radio BUT I can play my online game unreal tournament 2004. Peculiar: I can't browse or whatsoever, BUT whenever I try to load a website, the orange mainboard LED (ethernet port) begins to blink - this means it's up and working. The green LED is always on, indicating that the hardware is working. http://www.pic-upload.de/view-31678297/notworking.png.html Case 3: - Eddie is closed, windows firewall enabled/disabled. Same result as in case 2, except again: UT2k4. Eddie is starting with windows. Even when I disable autostart and windows starts without eddie, I get same result as in case 2/3. As I already mentioned, there is one strange exception: it's the online game I play, u2k4. In case 2/3, I start the game, I go to the ingame tab "Servers" and the game is showing me the ut2004-servers, up and running, so I can connect to them and play online. But the even strager thing is: case 2/3 with network locked disabled (ofc. I need to disable network lock when Eddie is up and running, or else every traffic would got blocked). I start the game, go to "Join Game" and the "news feed" is showing me that the game can't connect to the "UT2k4 Master Server" -> "Querying Master Server: The UT2004 master server could not be reached. Please try again later." This normally means that I'm offline and can't connect, but as already mentioned: In the other tab, servers are shown to me and I can play online. So I thought that windows firewall/eddie set up some strange internet connection rules. I checked the windows firewall setting and reseted them to the default settings, but nothing changed. I checked HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\FirewallRules, there are ~100 registry keys. But as mentioned: I did not change anything. I think this is not how this Eddie is supposed to work. thanks in advance
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