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  1. I am having difficulties installing the eddie-ui_2.13.6_linux_x64_debian.deb file on my Kubuntu 18.04 install as it gives the error message "Cannot satisfy dependencies". I've searched the forums but there's been no solution to this problem. A screenshot of the installer showing the error message has been attached to the post. How can I fix this? https://i.imgur.com/EbsKYlM.png
  2. I'm looking to run AIrVPN on my router as it supports OpenVPN. Since the VPN configured on the router will be fixed, I'm looking for a server that doesn't have too much packet loss, low ping and consistent. What server would you guys recommend for gaming which will also enhance matchmaking?
  3. I've been able to resolve the issue which was a mistake on my part. After choosing the .opvn file, I clicked on 'ok' instead of 'upload' before clicking on 'ok'. The solution was uploading the .opvn configuration file before clicking ok.
  4. Hi, I just purchased the ASUS RT-AC66U B1 router and intended to configure it to work with AirVPN. I visited the client area to download the configuration file for routers and also followed the asuswrt guide but it doesn't seem to work as I lose connection. Can anyone please help me as I have already updated the router to the latest firmware. Thanks.
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