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Found 17 results

  1. I have noticed that AirVPN has had no presence in France for quite a few years now I recall a previous post by Staff explaining that they withdrew their French servers because of the legal framework on data retention, however many other VPNs such as Mullvad, Proton, TorGuard, etc operate French servers and that isn't a problem for them. Additionally I think OVH would be a great provider since their have presence in France, are a reliable hosting provider which I personally have used for a while, they have great DDoS protection for no extra charge, and OVH has spoken in the past about it's support of privacy rights. For this reason I think a new server in France is long overdue and hopefully can be opened soon.
  2. Hi, Currently in europe connected to UK server via VPN. Confirmed by ipleak.net showing all ok. However, website such as BBC reverts to .com version (rather than .co.uk version) and various apps (sky, iplayer) won't work. Checked location (was ok) and even turned it off- all to no effect. anybody any idea what I am missing? Using Samsung Android tablet. all suggestions gratefully received! Thanks.
  3. IPv6 IS NOW WORKING AGAIN. 1. Does anyone have an IPv6 address with Lich? I can get one normally with other servers but not Lich. I've messaged support, they said (on December 11 or earlier) that the datacenter had one business day to reply to them about the problem and they confirmed issues with it. But they seem to be ignoring my responses. So do you have IPv6 with this server? 2. Why does IPLeak.com say the long, lat is 0 , 0? I mentioned that in the above mentioned support ticket and it was completely ignored. Dnsleaktest.com says unknown as the location and not United States or something.
  4. This is really weird. Suddenly, Facebook thinks both my wife and I are logging in from Kuwait. We're in the US going through AirVPN's Aquila server (which is in Fremont, CA). Ipleak.net confirms the only location information is the Aquila server exit point in California. The IP address Facebook is showing for those Kuwait logins is that of the Aquila server. I assume this is a Facebook issue and not an AirVPN issue. But, I thought I'd check here.
  5. Hello, I am writing to request a new server or servers in Estonia. A server in Estonia would be a great addition, as Estonia has excellent online freedom. Please see the links below for more info. 1 2 3 4 5 6 What are your thoughts about my suggestion? Feel free to reply and/or answer the poll.
  6. This is not really a problem nor complaint, per se, but more of an observation. The location listed in the "Eddie" interface is not necessarily where you pop out of the VPN tunnel. I was on Octans, presumably in Atlanta, GA, USA, however if I do an internet speed test, it picks up my location as being in Arizona! "Chameleon" really lives up to the name as it says "Dallas, TX," but instead I'm getting out in Los Angeles, California! As long as the speed is working well, it should be fine, but I think it would be better to have the Eddie list match the actual locations, rather than some probably historic one. Sometimes one wants to have the tunnel as close to the source website as possible - streaming a local television station, for example, that may not have the best bandwidth over longer distances. Being a few hundred, or a thousand or so miles off from where you think you are could make the difference.
  7. Hi there I am new to using VPN services in general, and I was wondering whether geographic location plays a role in choosing what VPN provider to use. Does one's location have an impact on the speeds experienced when browsing on the web? I know the internet is global (obviously), but from what I understand, to access the internet, requests must first be served from my PC to an ISP (which is local) and then to the outer Web. Thanks in advance for your help
  8. I'm using two AirVPN servers: Persei and Heze. According to the configuration tool and the server status pages, both of those servers are in Fremont, CA. If I go to www.ipleak.net or other IP information sites, Persei shows up in Fremont, but Heze shows up near Wichita, Kansas. Am I missing something, here? Where's Heze? https://ipleak.net/?q= From the Heze OVPN file: # -------------------------------------------------------- # Air VPN | https://airvpn.org | Thursday 27th of April 2017 03:54:03 PM# OpenVPN Client Configuration# AirVPN_US-Fremont-California_Heze_UDP-53# -------------------------------------------------------- clientdev tunproto udpremote 53....
  9. Hi,
 Since a few weeks I get the wrong location from Google, after typing 'My location Now' in the search field.
 When connected through AirVPN I get Kassel as my current location. That is Germany! I live in the Netherlands; When connected without going through AirVPN I get the correct location in the Netherlands.

 So, I can only conclude that something goes wrong when connected via AirVPN.
 Is there a solution?
 My configuration:
 All consumer devices are Mac's and IOS;
Router: Netgear R7000 with DD-WRT (Firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r30910M kongac (12/02/16));
Router is configured as explained here: https://airvpn.org/ddwrt/;
OpenVPN is configured with servers based in the Netherlands only.

 Looking forward to a solution.
 Regards, G.
  10. Hi, I wondering if it was possible for you, to add a exit airvpn IP in Russia & Ukraine ? There is some website on those country offering the access on it only if the IP come from their respective country Thanks !
  11. Hi, I have a suggestion for a possible location for new servers in the United States. I think that AirVPN should add: At least one server in Virginia At least two servers in Arizona At least one server in Washington, D.C At least one server in Seattle If some (or all) of these servers were added, U.S. customers would have a much broader range of locations and it would be great! (Please note that AirVPN does not have to do any of these things, this is just a suggestion, not a demand )
  12. Block you geographic location in Chrome. A work around for the Block WebRTC. If you download the plug in uBlock Orgin. Use uBlock ORGIN not uBlock without the Orgin after it. There is an option in the options that says "Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP address" click the circle next to it.
  13. Hello, I would like to request additional server locations in the US. Four geographic regions I'd like to have (more, perhaps 1-3) servers are: The northwestern region (such as Seattle WA; Spokane WA would be even better)The southeastern region (such as Atlanta GA or Birmingham AL would be great)The intermountain west region (Salt Lake City UT, Denver CO)The southwest region (Austin TX, El Paso TX)Thanks. Looking forward to this implementation. Please update this thread when you have more details on this subject (such as launch date, location, number of servers). Best regards, anonym
  14. Hi, I've been using your service for a year or two now without any major problems. Sometimes I run a quick 'what's my ip' check to make sure things look ok, but today I noticed something strange, and worrying. If I check here: http://www.whatsmyip.org/more-info-about-you/ my true location is shown on the map, accurate to a few hundred meters But if I check here: http://www.whatismyip.com/ the location of the airvpn server I'm connected to is shown. Both sites listed correctly show my airvpn exit IP, not my real IP. The airvpn connection is made on the router with dd-wrt so all connections in my home should run through the VPN, except for one exception I set up for my partner's computer. How can this happen?
  15. Hey @all, I'm running AirVPN on my dd-wrt router through server x in location y, and want to change locations/servers for certain websites by running openvpn on windows with a different server/location. I can establish a connection, but the final server/connection remains the one I set on dd-wrt. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance Kind regards
  16. Hey Guys, When using AirVPN, will I be able to choose the location of the IP address? Like, can I pick whether I want to appear from Russia, Germany, USA etc. ? Thanks
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